Xian Ni Chapter 87 – Abyssal Cold Dan

ObligatoryTLNote: Ok, firstly Wang Lin is NOT in JieDan stage, he is STILL in Foundation Building stage, I made a mistranslation in the previous chapter. With that said, enjoy the new terminologies.

Wang Lin made a wild guess in his mind, on a seemingly ordinary day, people sitting on tables, when suddenly disaster struck, and before they could even realize it, and the entire city turned into ruins.

At this point, a slight cold qi emanated from the ruins, this air becoming increasingly dense, almost solidified into a substance.

“Looking at the size of the ruins, probably not less than ten million people used to live here, tens of millions dead, surely it is a place negative enough for Abyssal Ascension technique.”

Situ Nan had made a very detailed explanation of the place full of negativity where he must undergo closed-door practise. The places of extreme Yin are further divided into Heaven Yin, Earth Yin, Xuan Yin, Huang Yin. [TLNote: Sorry for dropping all the pinyin onto you, but I just felt this to be better, Heaven Yin is actually Tian Yin, Earth Yin is Di Yin, Xuan Yin = Mysterious Yin, and Huang Yin = Yellow Yin, roughly, where Yin = Negativity = Darkness]

For Huang Yin, they are simply places where a large number of people were killed, the more the number of dead, the better Huang Yin.

Xuan Yin appears with difficulty, and is found in places with extreme cold.

To meet Earth Yin, it requires a great deal of luck, after all, it is the so-called Earth Yin that brings forth the breath from the abyss. [TLNote: Roughly understood this to mean Geysers]

As for Heaven Yin, it is basically impossible, because in order to form it, the Earth Yin, Xuan Yin and Huang Yin, all must combine and undergo change to turn into the Heaven Yin.

The higher the quality of Yin, the better it is for the practitioner.

Wang Lin immediately used hand mudra, murmuring some words, suddenly traces of little red light appeared infront of him, eventually forming a red ball of light.

It is a spell designed to test the type of the place of extreme Yin, according to the colour of the light ball, there can be four types of light, purple, blue, silver, red corresponding to Heaven Yin, Earth Yin, Xuan Yin and Huang Yin the four types of places with extreme Yin.

Further Situ Nan, also mentioned that even in one type of place of extreme yin, they are divided based on quality into four levels Ordinary, Good, Profound Yin, and Absolute Yin.

Further, each level is subdivided into ten grades.

Generally speaking, if the place is above third grade of ordinary yin level, then can cultivate with Abyssal Ascension Technique, if it reaches above the eight grade of ordinary yin level, then the speed of cultivation is accelerated.

After the ball of light appeared, it immediately issued a strong red light, the red light kept getting brighter, and at the end flashed five consecutive times.

Wang Lin touched his chin, his eyes flashed, he knew that the five flashes represented a Huang Yin of ordinary level fifth grade.

Pondering a little, he controlled the ball of light, and went into the ruins. The cold qi around Wang Lin, kept getting more and more concentrated, he even felt like he was walking in water, the air was too dense, just going forward a hundred meters, the atmosphere was already suffocating.

This time, the ball moving along with Wang Lin, reached ordinary level eight grade.

Wang Lin did not stop, kept on moving forward, and after a further hundred meters, he was infront of the wreckage holding the stone bead, he could not move forward, the cold qi was drilling into his body, there was a stabbing pain in his blood vessels, there were implicit signs of his spiritual power slowly getting out of control.

At this time, the red ball with a bang divided into two, while flashing one time, Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, he knew that this represented the quality to be good level first grade.

According to Wang Lin, as observed in the daytime, he knew that the ruins were enormous, for a place like this to appear, he knew that the chances were extremely low.

And the deeper he went, the denser the cold qi got.

“This is definitely a good place to practise!” Wang Lin slowly moved back and stopped at the place where the quality was of ordinary level fifth grade.

This location felt suitable to Wang Lin considering his body after much analyzing, regarding the place of extreme Yin required by Abyssal Ascension Technique, one must advance upwards gradually in proper order, before Situ Nan went into dormancy, he had urged this repeatedly.

Wang Lin pondered a little, then sat down cross-legged, closing his eyes he began meditating, in his mind echoed Situ Nan’s explanation of the Abyssal Ascension Technique.

This Abyssal Ascension Technique is divided into nine layers, every time a practitioner crosses three layers, then an cold dan is condensed, after one practises the full nine layers, the three cold dans fuse together, leading to a chance of directly reaching JieDan stage.

This was what had made Wang Lin resolve firmly to practise the Abyssal Ascension Technique, more so because the chants were known to Situ Nan, and at present it suited Wang Lin along with being quite fast.

Of course there is also a faster way, like Seizing Dan, but capturing a real JieDan expert, as Wang Lin was now, was aking to suicide.

The Abyssal Ascension Technique’s Cold Dan rely on forcefully awakening of three points, this so-called awakening of points is a process that every practitioner must undergo, in the Abyssal Ascension Technique there are three major cavity points, respectively, the dantian, the qi ocean, and the ancestral orifice. [TLNote: I took some major liberties to make it not non-sensical, hope I tled it correctly, if not I will make a note later]

The moment that these three points are broken through, the Cold dan is condensed. After creation of cold dan, the spiritual force in the body undergoes a change, and immediately becomes cold.

The success rate of the awakening of the points is closely related to the quality of the extremity of yin at the place.

Time quickly passed and when Wang Lin opened his eyes again, it was getting light, the cold qi in the surroundings had dissipated quickly, and the moment the sun rose, there was no more cold qi.

Wang Lin stood up, since he had taken the decision to practise here, it was necessary to find a place to live, he looked around and saw a collapsed house not far from that place.

Waving his right hand, the collapsed debris, gravel and other objects all began floating, falling nearby, clearing out a small piece of land.

After he finished, Wang Lin sat down cross-legged within that space, pulling out the thread-bound book from the storage bag, with rapt attention began reading carefully.

This book was the one that detailed deployment of formations which he had exchanged for LingShi two years ago in the Teng Jia city.

At that time he looked at it and found several depictions of detailed formations, complete with diagrams and the variety of the formations was quite extensive.

After memorizing the contents inside the book, Wang Lin closed his eyes and started meditating, occasionally waving his hands, as if unconsciously drawing a picture.

The day passed quickly, and soon it was dusk, Wang Lin sighed as he opened his eyes, and murmured: “This formation method is truly profound, even the simpler formations described in this book, would take me a day or two to barely understand, especially the techniques which it relies on, exact calculation of the spiritual power required, the more one looks the more difficulties could be found.”

But instead of pondering over the research, he looked at the diagram of the formations, and while touching it, used gravity technique to grab some stones and placed them outside the room in the specified manner.

Copying slavishly, is a method often used by an individual confused about the formations.

The formation created was too rough, too crude, didn’t even have a guard flag, looking at the messy arrangement of stones outside the room, Wang Lin smiled, then carefully controlled the formation, adjusting it little by little, and finally got it exactly as specified in the diagram.

Wang Lin took a deep breath, his hands began to move to form the specified seals, quickly moving a finger, suddenly a silent fog appeared, and surrounded the area.

Wang Lin watched the fog, and laughed bitterly, thought inwardly that, this formation would be sufficient to trap mortals, but those who do XiuXian, it is useless, cannot even serve a purpose of deterring

Pondering a little, Wang Lin muttered: “Formation method on its own is not useful, but two formations are definitely out of the question, all the formations in the book have very specific requirements, as a result, that somewhat also plays a role.”

Thinking so, Wang Lin using gravity technique again, controlled the stones all around, and after practising several formations, night fell.

Wang Lin sat down cross-legged on the open ground, the cold qi was rising at the moment, suddenly his both hands fell on to his knees, with rapt attention he focused on his breathing. His breathing was in the length of five ways. The so called long breath, the inhaling time is long, and the shorter five, exhale for only one-fifth of duration of inhaling. [TLNote: You might remember the breathing pattern of the Concentrating Qi stage, if not, just remember that this is a weird breathing technique that even I have difficulty wrapping my head around] With fast speed, the cold qi in the surroundings began to be absorbed into the body.

Strictly speaking, this was the first time after seizing foundation that he was external breathing, in the past two years, the liquid LingQi were being absorbed completely internally.

This cold qi, was actually like LingQi, Wang Lin after breathing in LingQi for so many years, had become a natural at it, but he immediately realized, when in the past he practised breathing in LingQi, it was as if there was a film outside his body, impeding the breathing, not only was LingQi absorption slow, but even after absorption part of it would vanish with the exhale of breath.

But now it was different, it was as if the film had disappeared, just as he inhaled the cold qi, it gushed in overwhelming quantity. Moreover, as if his body had also changed, it absorbed more than half of the cold qi unexpectedly, completely different from how it was in the past.

Wang Lin pondered a little regarding this situation, in his heart, he felt there to be three possible answers, one was that the cold qi and LingQi were not equally efficient to be breathed in. Second, is that after reaching Foundation building stage, breathing has become naturally faster than Concentrating Qi stage. Third, after absorbing part of Teng Li’s spirit roots, his talent has improved a lot.

In the end, Wang Lin didn’t bother finding out which of these answers was correct, but immersed himself into breathing.

Initially, Wang Lin could not adapt very well, because this cold qi was very cold, and after inhaling immediately scattered and drilled into his internal organs, while radiating out coldness, so his body could not help but tremble. This feeling was very different from absorbing LingQi, where LingQi gave a very warm feeling, this feeling was more like entering a frozen icehouse.

As he inhaled more and more cold qi, Wang Lin’s hands and feet became cold, the blood flowing within his body gradually became more viscous, even his heart beat slowed down.

Frost began appearing on his eyebrows, hair, body hair, as the cold qi surging throughout his body penetrated him from within, blending with everything.

Time flew by, the moment that sun rose, the cold qi dissipated, Wang Lin’s eyelids trembled, as he opened his eyes, he exhaled deep white qi, after a night of breathing, in his abdomen loomed a small ball of qi, this ball of qi was silently rotating, and even some traces of cold qi drifted out from it.

The Spiritual power in the body did not reject this cold mass of qi, but stayed away from it, not mixing with it.


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