Reaching to the Sky – Chapter 1


This is Void back with another novel that I kinda sorta found interesting enough to translate a bit. I will be putting these kind of novels on my personal wordpress site instead of PoT so as to not lead people into believing that I will be going full-steam on these things.

Please understand these novels for what they are, side-projects which may or may not become main projects one day. Releases will be inconsistent but I will try my best to ensure that the quality doesn’t suffer.

Since, this novel doesn’t take as many chapters to kick off into action, just sit back and relax (at least until more chapters are out).

Chapter 1

Translator/Editor: Void

[EIF] Everlasting Immortal Firmament – Chapters 10-13

Hey Void here,

Just wanted to release a few chapters that were lying in my Gdrive which I hadn’t gone editing.

This was primarily due to the project being picked up by someone else. Anyways, I am dumping all the chapters here that I had translated till date for archival purposes and for anyone who might be interested in reading them.

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Xian Ni Chapter 141-145


Quite a few people were worried over not being able to find Xian Ni Chapters 141-145. That is quite reasonable since the site seems to have gone kaput.

Fortunately, Waybackmachine seems to have gotten a copy of the pages and you can all read the pages from there. I have also reuploaded the chapters on my site so you can read from whichever place you guys prefer.

Chapter 141  Waybackmachine
Chapter 142  Waybackmachine
Chapter 143  Waybackmachine
Chapter 144  Waybackmachine
Chapter 145  Waybackmachine

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My Daoist Life Chapters 31-35


I guess I have been lacking in updating this site while making releases over at Path of Translations.

So, here are the missing chapter updates:

Chapter 31
Chapter 32
Chapter 33
Chapter 34
Chapter 35

I would again request those of you who haven’t done so, to kindly update your bookmarks/means of release notification so that you are notified of chapter releases at Path of Translations.

Thank you all for your continued support.