I know this post is late by at least a few months and many people would have already guessed or known the contents of this post, but I guess I just couldn’t resist saying some final words. Without further ado, I shall lay down the subject of my post:

I am leaving the CN Translating Scene.

There are various factors for me withdrawing from the CN Translating Scene and the activity of translation in general but if some one were to ask me what was the main contributor, I would reply that I became disillusioned.

I know that Qidian is the favourite boogeyman for the community that everyone loves to blame for all the things that are bad but hear me out first. It all started when Qidian first entered the international scene in general. I saw people celebrating the legitimizing of fan-translations and looking forward to a better and brighter future led by the stalwarts at WW and GT working hand-in-hand with Qidian. It was at that time that I first felt that the whole scene and the community backing it was moving towards a destination that I wouldn’t feel comfortable being in.

It is my personal belief that the scene has become too corporatized which may not necessarily be a bad thing for the people in it, but it is something that has been suffocating me for quite some time. The timing of this combined with the fact that I was finding myself increasingly incapable of focusing on translating. I would procrastinate for weeks on end leaving you, the readers, having to suffer through the chapters being delayed much longer than you guys deserved. Even though I managed to put out chapters here and there but at the same time I felt the same feeling that I had when I stopped translating Xian Ni, “Maybe I am not able to do justice to the novel, It’s probably better for someone better than me to pick it up.”

I tried picking up other novels hoping that I would be able to get some inspiration or recoup my motivation but it was all for nought. In the end, I just let them all go. That would be the 3 month time in which no release was made. In retrospect, I should have come out with a post much earlier, but I was still hoping against hope that I could come back to love translating just as much as I did once.

However, the final nail in the coffin were the actions of Qidian in directly appropriating the translations from WW’s website. Considering my novels originate mostly from Qidian and the fact that I was just a random MTLer with no bargaining capacity (not that it mattered anyways), I felt that it was only a matter of time before my novels were taken from me with my site DMCA’ed and me feeling heartbroken at having my work being taken from me.

Although I could go with non-qidian novels, but like I said I have already lost faith in the translation scene. I don’t want to have anything to do with it anymore. The only reason that kept me trudging on all this time were comments from you loyal “My Daoist Life” readers. Thanks for all the encouragement and I am sorry for having failed you. I truly hope the novel finds a good home whatever the chances of that happening may be.

In conclusion, this will probably be the last post on this wordpress. The site shall remain up and the chapters will not be taken down by me till I get a notice or something.




My Daoist Life – Chapters 54 & 55

Hey guys,

First and foremost, let’s get the chapters out of the way.

Chapter 54

Chapter 55

It’s been some time since I used this website in all earnest, but my reason for doing so now is not nostalgia, rather it is because I wish to make an announcement.

I will be shifting all three of my novels which were being hosted on Liberspark back onto, aka, this site. This includes My Daoist Life, Post-80s’ Cultivation Journal, and Emperor of Tomorrow.

The reasons are many but more or less personal. To be honest, I know that I had been messing up on my release schedule (politely speaking), but to be speaking frankly, I didn’t have a release schedule. The novels and the readers were the ones which suffered the most. This is something that is becoming harder for me to fix than I expected. I won’t promise you regular releases, rather I will try my best to do so in actuality.

I have decided to reorient myself into focusing back onto my core novel, My Daoist Life, which basically means more chapters for readers of MDL (atleast for now). The other novels will be given a backseat (again, for now).

Since, I am starting afresh the chapters would likely suffer from a lack of a dedicated editor until I find one suitable for the job. Do mail me if you see yourself doing that task. However, do keep in mind one caveat. Editing is more than grammar/spellcheck, it is also about changing/re-arranging/re-wording sentences to improve the flow/readability of the sentence/para/chapter.

P.S. I have uploaded and updated the index pages for all the novels and you can see them through the menu bar above.

Xian Ni Chapter 141-145


Quite a few people were worried over not being able to find Xian Ni Chapters 141-145. That is quite reasonable since the site seems to have gone kaput.

Fortunately, Waybackmachine seems to have gotten a copy of the pages and you can all read the pages from there. I have also reuploaded the chapters on my site so you can read from whichever place you guys prefer.

Chapter 141  Waybackmachine
Chapter 142  Waybackmachine
Chapter 143  Waybackmachine
Chapter 144  Waybackmachine
Chapter 145  Waybackmachine

Also, be sure to check out my latest project: My Daoist Life over at Path of Translations.



My Daoist Life Chapters 31-35


I guess I have been lacking in updating this site while making releases over at Path of Translations.

So, here are the missing chapter updates:

Chapter 31
Chapter 32
Chapter 33
Chapter 34
Chapter 35

I would again request those of you who haven’t done so, to kindly update your bookmarks/means of release notification so that you are notified of chapter releases at Path of Translations.

Thank you all for your continued support.