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To be honest, it is with a very heavy heart that I am making this post, but I will tell it to you all straight up front. I will no longer be translating Xian Ni. Actually, I am going away from translating all together. I apologize for the suddenness of this announcement but actually it’s something that I have been pondering over many days.

The Reason? I just no longer find the capability within me, to go on translating Xian Ni. I think it was better that I call it quits before I end up eventually extending the schedule to one chapter a month, because that’s what I foresaw in the very near future.

It’s been a great time bringing this amazing novel for you guys to enjoy. By bringing my role in it to an end, it is like letting go of something that has been very close to me for the past many months. I never thought that it would end this early though.

In the end, I am glad for all the support you guys gave me. By you guys of course I am referring to all the readers who had been refreshing this blog like crazy ever since this project began. Also in particular I would like to to thank everyone who ever had a role to play in this project. So thanks Goodguyperson, Flowerbridgetoo, MeTaLMaX, NomYummi, tbc1230, Nahtaivel, CheesyMcBreezy, them guys over at Snowtime, Crazylovedbsk, Petie and DemonKiller.

Anyways, I do sincerely hope that Xian Ni is able to catch the fancy of some more capable translator(s) who is/are able to take this project forward. So I suggest you guys better get onto finding those translators pronto.

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Xian Ni Chapter 179 – Studying the Restrictions

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After obtaining the best quality LingShi, Wang Lin had actually thought of returning back, but at the time in the first barrier, the circumstances were critical. If he had decided to go back, and without Hunchback Meng in the front rear, then he wouldn’t be so sure if he could safely pass through. And even if he were able to go back through pain and hardships, then the chances of him returning back here, would be close to zero. He definitely wouldn’t be able to be so luckily as to pass the first barrier as he did. Continue reading

Xian Ni Chapter 178 – Mountain of Restrictions

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TL:Void, MeTaLMaX
TLC: Petie
Ed: DemonKiller, Petie


Wang Lin beckoned with his right hand, and the flying sword immediately flew into his hand. Wang Lin controlling it cautiously, very carefully put it in his storage bag, after which he breathed a sigh of relief. He definitely didn’t want to stab himself with the flying sword that he had refined himself, and perish to the poison.

After putting away the flying sword, Wang Lin stood up and stared at the black stone bridge and without saying anything further stepped forward. The flock of hurricane behind him, sent out howling cries, and followed closely behind.

Wang Lin was very careful, as he cautiously moved forward, this “Road of No Returns” seemed very long and after he started walking on it the scenery around him immediately started changing, the length of the black stone bridge in front of him immediately shrunk to only about a hundred feet.

On the other side of the bridge, there slowly appeared a giant vortex.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, after remaining silent for a bit, he suddenly extended his right hand. A small beast immediately came flying and fell onto Wang Lin’s hands. Wang Lin flicked his hands, and the small beast rushed out as quickly as lightning, with it’s target being the vortex on the other side of the bridge.

The small beast had been just flown less than hundred feet, before a purple lightning as thick as an arm suddenly fell from the sky, accurately striking the small beast. In an instant, the small beast was reduced to ashes.

Wang Lin’s expression didn’t change, if not for the restrictions in this place, then would have only needed to accelerate to full speed, and in a few breaths he would have been able to leap across, because of all these restrictions, he can only walk forward slowly, one step at a time, he certainly could not accelerate suddenly. He looked at the path with less than a thousand feet remaining, taking a deep breath he continued forward.

Each step, was made with his full concentration, after he had gone forward a hundred feet, suddenly a dense gray fog appeared in the surroundings. In the same instant, the flock of hurricanes following behind him disappeared.

Along with them, even the Second Devil vanished completely, even Wang Lin’s Divine Consciousness link, as if impeded by an invisible barrier, couldn’t detect them.

Subconsciously, Wang Lin was just about to turn his head back to look, but the moment he was about to turn back, he abruptly abruptly. Wang Lin’s complexion darkened, then after remaining silent for a bit, the corners of his mouth turned to reveal a sneer, as he continue to walk forward.

This walk, continued for another hundred feet.

Suddenly, from behind him came an earth-shattering roar, the bridge’s floor trembled, and Wang Lin immediately stabilized himself. This roar sounded quite familiar, clearly it was the voice of that Wild Beast Red Aquatic Dragon that he had encountered in the passage.

A fishy smelling hot breath, blew across him from behind. Wang Lin closed his eyes and didn’t use his Divine Consciousness to look. Since this place was called the Road of No Returns, then the meaning between the lines is that once one has stepped forward, then under no circumstances can you turn back.

It seemed to be quite simple, but under Wang Lin’s analysis, he determined that this place cannot be as simple as it seems. It seemed very probable that not only one cannot go back, but also one cannot turn their head back to look, and even cannot look through the Divine Consciousness. In short, every thing must be in accordance to the two words ‘No Return’. If there was a mistake, then same as the small beast from before, their fate was to be buried on this bridge.

Although it was not possible to turn back, and one cannot use Divine Consciousness to view, but Wang Lin can imagine it, so feeling the hot smelly breath, there was only one possibility, that the Red Aquatic Dragon has opened his dense ghastly big mouth just behind him.

However, although Wang Lin’s was startled, his expression didn’t become chaotic. It was impossible for that Red Aquatic Dragon to appear here, he thought that this certainly must be some kind of illusion.

At this point, suddenly a red light flashed past his right side. Suddenly, Wang Lin’s pupils narrowed, as the red light was clearly the core. Cold sweat trickled down his forehead, as he squinted to look at his own right shoulder, a thick and viscous object, which seemed to be emitting a strange smell.

Wang Lin took a deep breath, gradually his eyes became calm, his footsteps also became calm, while he gently walked forward. Around his body, the red core spit out more and more frequently, roared out from behind and even exhaled out breath which upon hitting the corner of his clothes made a crashing sound, while a bloodthirsty killing intent could be felt being transmitted from behind.

Wang Lin looked at this clothes making flapping sounds, the corners of his mouth turned to reveal a sneer. If just a moment ago he was uncertain, then definitely after seeing the mucus on his right shoulder, before he was not sure whether it was an illusion or not. But now, after seeing his clothes being blown, he didn’t have even the slightest doubt in his heart, that this definitely was an illusion.

The reason lay in the clothing, if there were really behind him a dignified Wild Beast, and the distance was this close, then with just his breath his body would have flown quite far away, but now it seemed as if, only his clothing was being waved around.

Wang Lin steeled his will, without showing any hesitation continued to move on, leaving behind whatever sound was coming from behind him, he didn’t stop. At this time, from behind a Red Aquatic Dragon’s fierce roar came, as it’s mouth moved to devour him. Wang Lin could see clearly from the corner of his eyes, without even blinking, he maintained his gentle pace and without any fluctuation continued to walk calmly.

The moment the Aquatic Dragon swallowed him, it’s body turned into a lump of gray fog and dissipated, after it dissipated into nothingness, Wang Lin’s figure slowly emerged from the mist.

He had walked all the way up to nine hundred feet, and saw that now there was only a hundred feet remaining, then he would be able to pass through this bridge, but at this time from behind him, a slight coughing sound appeared.

This cough had a very small sound, but when it fell on Wang Lin’s ears it was as if a bolt from the blue, as thunder echoed in his brain. His footsteps couldn’t help stop abruptly, while his body trembled. Two lines of tears flowed down from the corners of his eyes.

That coughing sound continued, Wang Lin knew that these were all illusions, were all lies, but still he had the urge to turn his head to have look.

“Tie Zhu…..Turn around and let your father have a look……”

This familiar voice, came slowly. Wang Lin clenched his fist, closing both his eyes. As he decisively opened his eyes, he took a deep breath and continued to walk forward.

“Tie Zhu…..Mother wants to have a look at her son, how could you be so cruel, without even looking back…..”

Wang Lin closed his eyes once more, his footsteps trembled slightly, but he still firmly walked forward. There was not even a slightest hesitation, he discovered that in this hundred feet, his parent’s voice constantly reverberated in his ears.

The instant that he stepped on to the end, the voice of his parents disappeared, and the shrieking sound of the flock hurricanes once again reached his ears, and he could once again sense the Second Devil.

Wang Lin did not turn around, he remained silent for a long time in front of the vortex, with a light sigh, he took out the Jade talisman given by Li Mu Wan, and after opening it, and wrapping the flock of hurricanes, went into the vortex along with it.

With the purple lightning pulling, Wang Lin disappeared inside the vortex.

When he walked out from the vortex, a towering mountain appeared in front of him, it’s peak was covered in curling mists and simply couldn’t be seen, and standing at its foot, Wang Lin’s figure appeared so insignificant.

The moment he saw the mountain peak, Wang Lin was stumped for words, but very soon, he immediately started analyzing. This Road of No Return he decided was surely not the second barrier, otherwise from the conversations of Gu Di, Duan Mu Ji and others from before, the third barrier that needed Wang Lin’s Death Curse technique had a noticeably different description.

Although he couldn’t make out any sign from his divine consciousness, but Wang Lin looking at the mountain peak standing tall and erect, in his heart had already guessed that perhaps this place, was the second barrier.

He swept away with his Divine Consciousness, and immediately his pupils narrowed, as his eyes were fixed onto the foot of the mountain where it had obviously met with a destroyed restriction, flickering with traces of red light from within.

Wang Lin after pondering a little, walked towards the mountain peak, and not long after, he arrived in front of the place of restriction. This place was obviously destroyed as it revealed a clear path passed by a person.

On both sides of the road, a red aura flashed. Wang Lin looked to examine a bit closer. When he had looked up to see towards the summit, he became extremely cautious. Now he could determine, that on this mountain peak, someone had surely come before him.

This definitely was the second barrier, all around him there was nothing else, obviously this mountain was the key to clearing this barrier, and there was only one path, that was to climb up to the peak.

If an ordinary mortal were to climb this mountain, especially when you couldn’t even estimate the height of the mountain, then it could be said to be a very difficult thing, but for cultivators, it shouldn’t be of any difficulty.

However, if Wang Lin were to judge by his experience, this mountain would certainly also have some restrictions on flight, and one could only climb up by foot, not even with sword-threading.

After remaining silent for a bit, Wang Lin looked behind him at the flock of hurricanes, and waved his right hand. Those over forty hurricanes immediately began to integrate and gradually became a huge hurricane. Wang Lin leapt and rushed towards the hurricane. The instant that he bumped into the hurricane, it split open a passage as if greeting Wang Lin and allowed him to enter.

Standing within the hurricane, Wang Lin moved it with his thoughts, the hurricane immediately began moving forward.

Just after they passed through the restriction, Wang Lin realized through his Divine Consciousness that the restriction was actually slowly recovering, and would soon return back to normal.

Wang Lin’s heart sank, if these restrictions can automatically recover, then he can’t use the method he used in the first barrier of letting other people clear the way for him.

With that thought, the Divine Consciousnesses of the several tens of thousands of small beasts in the hurricane, suddenly condensed together in the same place, recognizing the leadership of Wang Lin’s Divine Consciousness, and taking the Second Devil as a relay, as they swept around on all sides.

He carefully controlled this huge Divine Consciousness, and after investigating it from bottom to top, Wang Lin’s face sank. This place can be said to have a restriction at each and every step, and almost all positions were covered with restrictions.

If this mountain was called the Mountain of Restrictions, then it would not be an exaggeration. Under these restrictions, let alone climbing upwards, if one was not careful and even touched this restriction, then one would end up in a situation of becoming a skeleton with no chance of survival.

Wang Lin probed with his Divine Consciousness, the restrictions were quickly recovering and almost in an instant had recovered to their usual state.

Wang Lin retracted his Divine Consciousness, after pondering a bit, he went out from the hurricane, and took out a storage bag. As he beckoned with his right hand, the hurricane behind him suddenly together with the Second Devil, suddenly drilled inside it. This storage bag Wang Lin had obtained from an insect cultivator, although magic weapons cannot be deposited inside this bag, but for living creatures alone it may be effective, guaranteeing survival and freedom inside it.

After Wang Lin had obtained, it had experimented with the small beasts a few days ago, and indeed it really had the effect, and it could be used to exclusively deposit the small beasts.

After the small beast of the hurricane had entered inside it, Wang Lin tied up the bag around his waist. Then taking a deep breath, he began carefully walking forward, while spreading out his Divine Consciousness, examining his surroundings closely.

Just now when he had swept away with the condensed Divine Consciousness of the small beasts, he had noticed that between the restrictions there were certain locations where the passage was too small, and the hurricane would be simply unable to pass, and with the restrictions all surrounding it, once it touches them, they would be triggered.

Therefore, he gave up on the plan of rushing to the summit with the hurricane.

Xian Ni Chapter 175 – Scrambling for Treasure

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The Second Devil’s eyes flashed red, not saying anything further as it went and charged against it. That other specie was also quite fearless, not only didn’t it dodge, on the contrary its Divine Consciousness jumped out and supposedly welcomed the opposition. Continue reading