Xian Ni Chapter 163 – Shen Dao Technique

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Wang Lin looked up at the Old man, and said one word at a time: “Senior rest assured, Wang after reading Shen Dao technique, will leave and after that will not come back again.”

The red-faced Old man looked at Wang Lin, after a long time flipped his hand, on his palm appeared a Jade talisman, as he patted the Jade talisman, white light immediately spread out from it, followed by a glittering light appearing on the walls, gradually becoming more and more concentrated, finally turning the cliff as if into a mirror. Continue reading


Xian Ni Chapter 162 – Reaching an Agreement

ObligatoryTLNote: Wang Lin the master of avoiding questions.

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As the Blue robed Old man was speaking, all of a sudden, made a large hand come out to grasp, and the lightning thunder light fused together and condensing in all directions, surrounding Wang Lin in an instant, to form a sturdy cage of lightning.

Wang Lin with a gloomy look on his face, stopped and staring at the Blue robed Old man, said coldly: “What matter does Ancestor have in the end!”

The blue robed Old man stared at Wang Lin for a long time, then said: “I want to use your Death Curse Technique.” Continue reading

Xian Ni Chapter 161 – Octopus Divine Consciousness

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One body and three clones, sitting in the four extreme corners, connecting together their Divine consciousnesses, had completely locked the Xuan Wu Country.

All cultivators who wanted to go in or out of Xuan Wu Country must travel through this divine consciousness blockade, this way, the Ba Ji Devil Lord had complete control over everything. Continue reading

Xian Ni Chapter 160 – Cultivation Dan

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The doubt in the Old man’s heart became increasingly heavy, after pondering a little, he moved, vanishing from that place, and passing through Huo Fen Country at a breakneck speed, from the border of one country reached another country which neighboured Huo Fen Country, —Tian Mao Country.

His goal was the Tower of Babel located in the center of the Tian Mao Country where the Envoy from a higher ranked XiuZhen country resided.

Not all third ranked XiuZhen countries have Tower of Babels, for instance, there is no tower in Xuan Wu Country, that’s why Huo Fen Country had chosen to invade Xuan Wu Country instead of Tian Mao Country.

Wang Lin in the Heaven Revolting space, continued his closed door training, as time wore on, in a blink of an eye, hundred days had already passed in the outside world.

On this day, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes interrupting his breathing practise, the giant bloody “PUNISH” word, was slowly growing pale in color, and eventually completely losing its color, became white.

All around invisible layers of fluctuations formed, pushing between them everywhere, the elongated luminous bodies in the heaven revolting space which originally used to exude a soft light, at this time were shining brightly. As the fluctuations spread, a growing number of luminous bodies of the heaven revolting space began shining brightly, the light grew brighter, this phenomenon continuously spread, until all the luminous bodies in sight were all lit up.

Wang Lin stared at the scene unfolding, as shock filled his heart.

Shortly thereafter, the “PUNISH” word atop his head began shrinking, a huge spiritual force fluctuation appeared in the heaven revolting space, with the fluctuation increasing, gradually a gray coloured fist-sized Dan appeared out of nowhere.

Above the spherical Dan, there appeared a trace of flame, slowly spreading, slowly flowing. Wang Lin took a deep breath, reached out with his right hand, and the spherical Dan immediately fell and stopped one inch from Wang Lin’s palm.

Wang Lin swept with his Divine Consciousness, and the Dan contained within it Spiritual force fluctuations. It was precisely the sum total of that Mid Jie Dan cultivator’s cultivation. Li MuWan had once explained to him in detail about the Ten Thousand Demons Hundred Days Killing Warrant, and Wang Lin after pondering a little, didn’t ingest it immediately, instead put it in his storage bag.

This Cultivation Dan, Wang Lin had intended to take it when he is about to form the Ying, presumably the success rate would be greater, the success rate of forming Ying is countless times smaller than that of Jie Dan. Wang Lin knew that when he had succeeded in Jie Dan, it was greatly affected by his decision to continue with the Abyssal Ascension Method and secondly the Heavenly Li Dan obtained from Li MuWan. [TLNote: Ok “Forming Ying” or 结婴 is a thing I wasn’t sure how to translate, I could have written it as Jie Ying but I felt I should go with more literal translation since otherwise people would get confused regarding the stages of cultivation again, basically Jie Ying can be understood to be the act of pushing from Jie Dan to Yuan Ying, which essentially requires one to form a (Yuan)Ying]

If either one of these two was not present, then the chances of success would remain unknown. He was aware that there was a possibility that he could have remained stuck at peak Foundation building stage, and although has succeeded in Jie Dan stage, in the future there is an even more difficult threshold, the Yuan Ying stage.

The difficulty of forming Ying is too great, Wang Lin considered that even with the latent talent of Ma Liang’s body, there is only a very slim hope of being able to form Ying, unless one can find some legendary fabled dan medicine as told by Li MuWan which increases the possibility of formation of Ying, but almost all of such kind of medicines are held by fifth ranked XiuZhen countries, and they rarely reveal them.

“Forming Ying……Forming Ying…. even with the Heaven revolting space, probably would not be able to succeed even in a hundred years….. now the most important thing is to choose a practice method, the Abyssal Ascension Method has reached its limit, Situ Nan hasn’t regained consciousness, so I can only depend on myself.” Wang Lin muttered, after reaching Jie Dan stage, now he must first choose a practice method.

Choosing a practice method is actually quite difficult, although Wang Lin is in possession of many of them, mostly obtained from killing, among them some are Jie Dan stage cultivation methods, but these practice methods are of various kinds, and it is very difficult to determine which one is good and which one is bad, making choosing all the more difficult.

This was not the focus however, Wang Lin’s focus was on finding a method that can help improve the chances of forming Ying, thinking of this, his eyes blinked a few times. According to Ma Liang’s memory, it seems that the War Shrine’s Shen Dao technique has something to this effect.

However, this made Wang Lin feel puzzled, if War Shrine’s Shen Dao really had such a power, then it would have been captured by the other greedy countries, even fourth and fifth ranked XiuZhen countries wouldn’t have left it alone.

According to Ma Liang’s memory, Shen Dao of War Shrine never drew the attention of the higher ranked XiuZhen countries, which puzzled Wang Lin.

But now the only thread left was this Shen Dao method, Wang Lin had inwardly made up his mind, must definitely get his hands on this Shen Dao. The Shen Dao in Ma Liang’s memory is a fake one; it had been revised countless times through successive generations. What Wang Lin wanted was the original Shen Dao technique.

For Wang Lin all of this was to ensure the success of forming Ying in the future, only if he prepares ahead in time, will he not fall short and would he be able to greatly increase the success rate.

But with just a practise method, Wang Lin didn’t feel secure in his heart, forming Ying cannot be compared with others, it is known that for second ranked XiuZhen countries to become third ranked XiuZhen countries, any one of their nation must form Ying, so it can be seen how difficult it is.

Wang Lin sighed in his heart, closed his eyes to meditate again, after doing breathing practice for a few days in the heaven revolting space, he was ready to leave.

Before he left, he went to the place where Situ Nan’s Yuan Ying and his parents were, standing silently for a long time, his eyes became even more resolute, and with a flash, he left the Heaven revolting space.

Somewhere deep underground, a seven coloured facula flashed, as the intangible condensed into reality, Wang Lin appeared in an instant and immediately began using Earth escape technique to fade away into the distance.

Meanwhile he spread out his divine consciousness, closely observing his surroundings, at this time it was the middle of the night outside. Wang Lin after pondering a little, he made his way towards Huo Fen Alliance mountain.

However he had not gone far when he sensed extreme danger through his divine consciousness and without giving a second thought he immediately used earth escape technique to its limit, sinking down three hundred feet, continuing on without reducing speed.

“This Old man waited for ninety-seven days for you, kid!” A hoarse voice sounded out in Wang Lin’s divine consciousness.

Wang Lin’s scalp went numb, as the hairs on his body stood up, staying silent and with a gloomy expression on his face, he continued to swiftly escape, thousand feet, two thousand feet, three thousand feet, four thousand feet….. up to ten thousand feet, Wang Lin had went down in a straight line, as he felt a huge resistance coming from the depths of the earth, Wang Lin as soon as he felt it changed direction immediately, continuing to escape in a diagonal direction.

“Hey Hey, luckily this Old man borrowed an Earth Travelling Boat, otherwise if you fleeing to the outer fringe of the core, it would have been difficult to catch you due to the resistances.” The voice still came in a casual tone.

Wang Lin still remained silent, as he suddenly changed direction again while travelling, this time he went straight up as he instantly began to rise up ten thousand feet, immediately coming out from the ground with the Huo Fen Alliance Mountain peak present in front of him.

The instant that he came out, Wang Lin directly went towards the mountain, there was a light curtain on the mountain peak, and the moment Wang Lin hit the curtain he took out the Jade talisman which had been issued to him for identification, and rushed inside without any impediment, after entering he stopped and looked back.

At this time the ground swelled up really high, as a triangular black wooden boat, jumped out from the ground, the Blue robed Old man was standing on it, as he looked at Wang Lin standing behind the light curtain, he nodded and said: “Yes, the Divine Consciousness is indeed very strange, although the body fits, there is a trace of lack of coordination. Presumably the body is possessed, kid, you come with me, this cannot protect you.”

Wang Lin looked sombre, sneering without a word.

The corner of the Blue robed Old man’s mouth moved, revealing a strange smile, as he lightly touched with his hand, the light curtain making a ka ka sound, within a blink of an eye it broke into pieces, sending shockwaves through the entire mountain and raising countless amounts of dust.

Huo Fen Alliance’s Yuan Ying cultivators all flew out in panic.

Wang Lin’s pupils narrowed, then he turned and again sank into the ground, using Earth escape technique again.

The blue robed Old man sneered, was about to give chase, when at this time in mid-air Xie Mo Sect’s Yuan Ying cultivator clenching his teeth, shouted: “Daoyou, why did you ruin my Mountain Protection Great Formation!”

These days, the other party had stayed in the vicinity for over three months, usually pretty quiet but his Divine Consciousness would sweep back and forth, as if looking for something. The other party’s divine consciousness is very strong, even Huo Fen Alliance’s Yuan Ying cultivators felt shocks in their divine consciousnesses.

Huo Fen Alliance’s Yuan Ying stage cultivators, had all this time been covertly observing the movements of the other party. Although they saw a disciple of the Alliance enter into the formation today, they didn’t have the time to check up on him, as they were stunned to see the Mountain Protection Great Formation broken by the other party.

If this is ignored, then Huo Fen Alliance would no longer have any face left, coincidentally today it was Xie Mo Sect who was in charge of protecting the mountain, therefore the Yuan Ying cultivator had to ask, regardless of whether the other party’s answer he had formed his own opinion, if the other party is willing to answer then he will listen, if not then he won’t pursue an answer.

The Blue robed Old man staring at the Huo Fen Alliance’s Cultivators, said only two words: “Fuck Off!”

These words as soon as they came out, turned into surging waves, spreading violently, the air around these waves became rough as violent shockwaves in form of ripples began to emerge.

Moreover, the echo had caused the various cultivators’ ears to explode, as the echoes formed layer after layer unrestrained.

After the voice dissipated, the blue robed Old man had already disappeared without a trace, the various cultivators looked at each other, some had bleeding ears while some bled from their mouth, in their confusion nobody spoke.

But soon, the blue robed Old man came back, this time his complexion was as murky as water, as he stared at the mountain, he closed and suddenly opened his eyes. A huge divine consciousness emerged sweeping across the tens of thousands of people living on the mountain even those under the ground were not left off. After which he frowned, and then flashed, from one he became two and again with a flash, the two became four.

All the four looked exactly the same as the blue robed Old man and they scattered around, their divine consciousnesses overlapped each other but they couldn’t find anything. The Blue robed Old man stamped his feet, and he along with the three clones, teleported out of there, going to the four directions of Xuan Wu Country, each finding a place to sit down cross-legged, then connecting their divine consciousness formed a blockade.

“Just three years remaining, Kid, in these three years, if I the Ba Ji Devil Lord, even if have to refine this whole Xuan Wu Country, will find you…. Oh, if it had not been for the fact that that place requires Death Curse Technique to pass through, this Old man wouldn’t have been working so hard to capture you!” [TLNote: Well at this stage I am taking “Ba Ji Devil Lord” to mean the name coupled with a self-imposed title, raw describe it as 八极魔君 Ba(八) = Eight, Ji(极) = Extreme, Mo(魔)= Devil, Jun(君) = Lord/Ruler; ofc I may change it later if I feel my interpretation ends up wrong]

Xian Ni Chapter 159 – Blue Robed Old Man

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The Blue robed Old man sitting on the gourd, looked up at the horizon, patting the gourd with a flat look. Suddenly his look changed, as his right hand moved and he clasped between two fingers a glittering light, he sneered seeing it but soon his laugh became a bit sluggish. [TLNote: This Glittering light is Wang Lin’s flying sword] Continue reading

Xian Ni Chapter 158 – Sea of Mists

ObligatoryTLNote: The plot thickens….or is it the mists?

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All of a sudden, the whole inn immediately quieted down, all eyes immediately came onto the blue robed Old man, the Old man pinched the youth and coldly swept his glance around in a circle.

His eyes were like electricity, these words appeared the hearts of each and every cultivator who looked at them and could feel a sudden chill in their body as their inner feelings were revealed.

Continue reading

Xian Ni Chapter 157 – A Sad and Beautiful Complexion

ObligatoryTLNote: And another Arc comes to an end with this chapter. Wondering why my speed slowed down even further. I could tell you the same old boring reason that its due to my RL, but that wouldn’t satisfy you, so here’s an alternative look at it. I believe that the closer I am coming to “that arc” the more impediments I am facing. As if something is preventing me from reaching “that arc”. I will leave you to your imagination, but know that arc referred above will be starting soon after the intermission arc that starts with the next chapter. Also before I leave, a quote that has been stuck in my mind since a long time now.

“That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die.”

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The Devil immediately frowning, forced itself to take out a milky white soul sphere from its body, after spitting out more than 40, its gold dan was already on the brink of collapsing

Wang Lin waved his hand, 43 soul spheres one by one pushed through his forehead, entering his Sea of Consciousness. He lined them up along with the souls from the Jie Dan cultivators from the time they declared war against that Xuan Wu Country.

His Ji Realm Divine Consciousness sent out lightning to the middle of the soul sphere, devouring it, with the soul sphere disappearing, Wang Lin felt his soul strengthened a bit.

Devil inwardly relaxed a bit, helplessly watching Wang Lin, murmured in his heart, “Too excessive, those were all won from when I scrambled with that fucking flying sword. One of these days, I say I’ll fight you, humph, just you wait till I cultivate to Yuan Ying.”

He dreamed after reaching Yuan Ying Realm, right as he was thinking how he’d like to punish Wang Lin, Wang Lin grabbed his body and threw him back in the Dragon Tendon. He stifled a couple sighs of resentment, and his thoughts of rebellion in his head resurfaced again. But thinking it over, even if he staked his life, with his shattered Gold dan it’d be hard to achieve his goal. He wilted in gloom again.

Drinking several mouthfuls of LingQi Liquid, a bit after sitting down in meditation, Wang Lin thought back to the formidable power of Xie DongLai’s Sword Cultivation. Pondering slightly, he promptly took out some Lingshi. He laid over a hundred down and arranging them in rows fitting them close to his body for his own defense, the Tortoiseshell Mysterious Extinguishing Formation. [TLNote: This is the same formation which he used while breaking out of the Foreign Battlefield]

After finishing this, he took a deep breath, patted towards one of the wall. The Dragon teeth immediately erupted a roaring noise, slowly opening. Wang Lin got up and walked out.

Just as he walked out, his line of sight immediately fell on a soft radial beautiful light from a lovely delicate silhouette at the Dragon’s tail. Li MuWan’s looked thin and haggard, but her eyes were shining, lively with spirit, unceasingly marking each scale on the Dragon’s tail.

Shangguan Mo stood on one side, smiling apologetically holding a huge luminous pearl in his hand illuminating the surroundings.

Wang Lin remained silent, his closed-door training hadn’t been for too long, but looking at Li MuWan it seemed she hadn’t left from the time it started, he sighed and floated down from the Dragon’s head, to reach behind Li MuWan.

Shangguan Mo after seeing Wang Lin, immediately brought his mind to attention, pushing hard his spiritual force into the pearl, the light emitted by it became even more brighter. At the same time, he brought out sweat from his forehead to display his seriousness.

Wang Lin looked at Li MuWan’s focused face, on this picturesque beautiful face there was a frown, her lips were pursed, as she continued to stare at the Dragon scales, as a wave of fog wind came, it made her hair rise up a bit.

“Come on, I will take you home…..” Wang Lin said gently in a low voice.

Li MuWan’s fingers trembled, as she looked up to Wang Lin and staring into his eyes, after a long while said softly: “Do you really want to send me back?”

Wang Lin avoided looking into Li MuWan’s eyes and nodded.

Li MuWan chuckled, but this laughter had a hint of helplessness. After she stood up and tidied up her clothes, she said: “Give me three days, okay?”

Wang Lin glanced at her then moving onto to the Dragon head, sat down cross-legged.

Li MuWan pulled out a Jade strip from her storage bag, releasing the Dragon scales that she had been holding to her forehead and marking down stripes, she turned to Shangguan Mo and said in a flat tone: “Provide me with a private room.”

Shangguan Mo hastily said yes, while he thought it seemed that the relationship between the Fiend and the Little lady is not as he had previously speculated.

In the Private room, Li MuWan quietly sat down on the floor, in her eyes flashed scenes of the past few years, from the time when Wang Lin had rescued her from the chasing Jie Dan cultivator from Xuan Wu Country, following their escape they attracted the fire beasts, getting surrounded by the fire beasts they rushed into the Sea of Devils, making a stone mansion, her daily routine of refining immortal pills, Wang Lin practicing with his heart and soul….After going out for three years, comes back with an Alchemy furnace for her, chased down by Jie Dan cultivators, Wang Lin after reaching Jie Dan able to kill them successfully, and took our out on a road of bloodshed.

Especially the time when Wang Lin had reached Jie Dan stage, she is a weak woman, in the face of the dozen Jie Dan cultivators was preparing to cut off her own arteries, when Wang Lin suddenly appeared, and the enemy surprisingly tried to escape, this dramatic change was too much for her to handle as she nearly fell, eventually had to be held by him in his embrace.

“Do not move, I’ll take you to kill.” That phrase echoed in the ears of Li MuWan, thinking of them, complex feelings began to emerge in Li MuWan’s heart, and her face reddened, she had recalled those words repeatedly along the way, sometimes she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but the way Wang Lin beheaded, the words like a thousand pounds had been engraved onto her heart.

“I’ll take you to kill…..” Li MuWan mumbled, on her face there appeared a hint of a smile, she took a deep breath and lightly said: “Others look for romantic settings, rose-coloured clouds in the sky in the glow of the setting sun, and he takes me to kill……”

But then she sighed, and said to herself: “Over the years, he had never asked for my name, and I don’t know what his name is, perhaps in his eyes, my name is not important, the only important thing is refining immortal pills…..now that the pills have finished refining, I have lost value…..” That thought had made her mood darker, gradually transforming into a pain in the heart similar to a thorn stabbing into it, a trace of blood shed from her mouth, on her white flawless face, this blood looked quite shocking.

If somebody can be called poignant and beautiful, then at this moment it could be seen on Li MuWan’s face.

After a long time, pursing her lips, she took out a Jade strip from her storage bag, a total of eighteen thousand nine hundred seventy four, that is the number of scales the dragon had in its upper and lower body.

Due to Xie DongLai not having sufficient disciples, all the scales could not be occupied.

These scales, was the effort of half a month of her time, almost around the clock, nearly sleepless, copying them down one by one, it put a lot of strain on her mental state, shortening her life by at least five years…..

Not only that, Li MuWan had unexpectedly picked up the Jade strips, and with rapt attention, had lined them up one by one in a series, while also changing the stripes beneath, portraying a fold.

When she first began, she had nearly twenty thousand Jade strips, by fusing integrated it into ten thousand Jade strips. Subsequently, it turned into five thousand and so on…..

Three days later, Li MuWan with pale skin, and abnormally gaunt body, that seemed as if it would be blown away in the wind, walked out from the secret room while leaning on the wall.

Wang Lin holding onto an object, was sitting on the Dragon’s head calmly for three days, after Li MuWan appeared he put away the thing in his hand, jumped up and arriving to her side, looking at her and seeing her haggard face, Wang Lin frowned and asked: “What were you doing for these three days? Drink this.” Pulling out a Jade bottle from his storage bag filled with three hundred drops of LingQi liquid, he put it into Li MuWan’s hands.

Li MuWan embraced the jade bottle in her arms like a treasure, and whispered: “Thank you, Senior….I’m fine…..let’s go…..” Then her face suddenly became even more red as she leaned onto Wang Lin’s shoulder and whispered again: “Let’s go…..Home…..”

Wang Lin after remaining silent for a while, hugging Li MuWan at her waist with his left hand, took off immediately, the crystal light flying sword flying in front to clear the way, the duo disappeared beyond the horizon in a moment.

At this moment, in a inn in NanDou City, an old man with a crooked nose, and creamish complexion walked in from the door, this man was tall and thin, wearing a blue cambric robe, embroidered at three inches above its bottom, with seven gold plums, and one with a red dot in its center looking like a bright exception.

These plum blossoms looked refined and elegant, of a golden colour, they gave off a coarse feel, but the red dot in the center of one plum, immediately changed the feel of the whole plum, its coarseness became awe-inspiring and it became strangely elegant.

Many cultivators in the inn were softly talking to each other, the moment that old man had entered the conversation had suddenly stopped, as a number of eyes looked onto the old man and then turned back.

After the old man entered the inn, he did not look around much, finding a place to sit near the window and ordering some drinks, and pouring it out from himself, he sometimes frowned and sometimes loosened his wrinkles, his appearance reflecting concern.

At this point, the soft conversations once again resumed in the inn.

On a table, a few cultivators with their faces revealing the tension in their hearts, whispered: “That Fiend’s killing trail, reached Dou Xie Sect’s Dragon Mountain, as he fought with Xie DongLai for three days and three nights, after killing Xie DongLai with a mysterious magical weapon, he spurred on his corpse for seven days and seven nights, hey hey, I think this NanDou City, has a City Lord.”

When the blue cambric robed Old man heard the “Mysterious magic weapon”, his look changed.

“Hey Hey, that doesn’t amount to much, I had personally seen that Fiend too, with thousands of corpses tied to him blocking out the whole sky, dragging behind him forming a dense mass, that fiend was enjoying himself too holding an enchanting young lady to his chest, as he roared past in the sky, that scene nobody can forget in one’s lifetime.” On the side, a round faced cultivator, sighed as he recalled those memories.

The blue robed Old man scowled as he muttered a few words.

“You guys should all shut up, I heard that he has a very ruthless character, he practises the extremely vicious death curse technique, and he is disgusted hearing others talking about him, so be careful, if your talk reaches his ears, you will die without a burial ground.” said a grim looking youth as he sneered while drinking wine.

The blue robed old man after hearing the three words death curse technique, had his eyes light up immediately.

“If you ask me, this person has a ten thousand demons hundred days killing warrant, within the scope of Sea of Devils, afraid that would only be able to live a few days, although at the moment there are no Yuan Ying stage cultivators around NanDou city, but at this time there is no guarantee that they won’t come, If I were him, I would look for a safe place to hide during the hundred days.” Youth sneered and drank some more wine.

“Hundred Days Killing Warrant! ?” The Blue robed Old man’s eyes lit up immediately, as he grasped out with his hand, and that youth who was drinking was seized by an invisible hand by his neck and mercilessly pulled over.

“Kid, this Old man is interested in the person you were talking about, could you spare one or two more details?”