My Daoist Life – Chapter 11 – 16 (Unedited)


Here we are again. Thanks once again to the wonderful people that always help me when I am in trouble (Including but not limited to Aran, Sugar, Razorace, Scrya, ScarletZ, kookie, etvolare, GGP, Deceptioning).

Unfortunately, my Editor has been unable to edit as of yet because of time constraints and RL engagements, but he will get on it as soon as possible. I didn’t want to delay the release any further, so I have dumped the raw unedited chapters for your perusal. I will try to get them edited eventually, however till that time feel free to sate your thirst with these chapters.

Do let me know in the comments on unedited chapters in case you have any suggestions on changing sentences, or even if you want to volunteer as an Editor also.

Anyways, without further ado:

Translator: Void

Chapter 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16.


P.S. I won’t be posting these chapter update on Reddit till they are edited, so consider this dump as my offering to you all.

Also, Chapter 16 marks the end of the first arc, so there’s that. Enjoy.


My Daoist Life – Chapter 7 & 8

All right, All right, All right.

I know I am pushing my luck here with these delayed releases, but sometimes delays are inevitable. And they can be for the most stupidest of reasons and as such shall not be named as excuses here. But even so for those who were expecting the chapters earlier. I apologize.

From now on, I shall only be making two posts per week, one at the start, and the other likely at the end. With one-two chapter each post. With that said, let’s move onto the credits:



Translator: Void (Obviously)

Editor: Robin

Much Thanks to Scrya, Sugar, Sove, Deceptioning, ScarletZ and OvertheRanbow for helping out with difficult terms. (Sorry if I missed out anyone)