Xian Ni Chapter 88 – Blue Skinned Weird Person

ObligatoryTLNote: For those wondering, the chapters are indeed longer than they were before, i reckon at least double the normal size. Enjoy it while you can. P.S. Chapter 91 is four times the normal size.

Touching his lower abdomen, Wang Lin muttered: “Abyssal Ascension Method, I finally know why it is called that name!”

The so-called Abyss is the state of the body which must be brought to the verge of death, and when the person is about to enter the gates of hell into the abyss, it is at that point that its body is suited to absorb the Yin Cold Qi. But even the slightest of mistakes can very much lead to death.

This Abyssal Ascension Technique, in fact, not many people in the Sixth Ranked XiuZhen Country have the courage to practise, Situ Nan was on the few successful practitioners. According to the Sixth ranked XiuZhen Country Devil’s Way, this Abyssal Ascension Technique is also known to be quite devious.

It is called so, precisely because of its strange changes, while these changes benefit some people enormously, some others lose their cultivation and die.

In this manner, Wang Lin settled here, breathing the cold qi every night, and in a short while, a month passed.

This month, Wang Lin in addition to practising Abyssal Ascension Method, also gained another important finding, that the mysterious stone bead was also able to form dew, and the dew formed contained cold qi instead of LingQi.

Hence, Wang Lin also gained some understanding of the stone bead.

So, Wang Lin began to accumulate the cold qi dew, especially around midnight, when the cold qi was in its strongest state, cold qi dew could easily form.

After taking the cold qi dew, Wang Lin found it to be full of cold qi, but comparing to the lingqi dew, not to the same scale.

Comparing the Cold Qi dew and LingQi dew to the same quality benchmarks, then the effect of Cold Qi dew could only be equated to LingQi melted snow, and well below the LingQi dew.

Wang Lin knew that this Abyssal Ascension Technique, plainly looked at the fact as to how much the body can absorb the cold qi in the air, the more it absorbs the greater the power, so during the day, Wang Lin entered dream space to practise with Cold qi dew, and in the night did breathing practise.

Over time, the Cold qi in Wang Lin’s body gradually increased, each time he breathed the cold qi was as if it had merged into one organic whole making no distinction with its surroundings. Everytime his heartbeat would slow down and he would almost faint.

There were a few times, where even his heart stopped, but he stuck with it.

One early morning, waking up from the dream state, Wang Lin took a deep breath, and muttered: “More and more yin cold qi has gathered in the body, should be time to awaken the first point.”

Suddenly he turned at the fog emitting from the formation, and his eyes changed colour. Then he tossed his sleeves, and the fog suddenly spread to the sides, revealing a path.

Wang Lin came out of the formation, and saw at a glance, several long footprints, extending deep into the ruins. He recalled that yesterday, that a few beasts could not wait until they approached the light and died due to blood loss.

But now, the corpses of the beasts were missing, apparently they were dragged into the depths of the ruins.

“Are there people inside the ruins?” A sudden chill entered Wang Lin’s heart. Last night, somebody dragged away the bodies of the dead animals, and he didn’t notice at all?

Wang Lin’s colour changed, he immediately began to look around his house, there was nothing abnormal and no signs of the formation getting attacked.

He touched his chin, then maintaining his composure, he immediately rushed into the jungle, not long after, grabbed two beast corpses, after dropping them to a side, returned to the formation, and used some hand seals, releasing a white light, immediately the surrounding fog became dense and the sound of thunder could be heard.

Having done all this, Wang Lin was still restless, in his heart there was always a shadow, after a long time, he regained his calm state of mind, spread out his soul, he drank the yin cold qi dew, while absorbing it through breathing maintained vigilance.

As night came, Wang Lin did not absorb the yin cold qi, but quietly sit down, spread his soul over a large area, he could feel any trouble within a hundred meters area.

Especially the place where the two beast corpses were, Wang Lin attentively watched them, he wanted to see what kind of thing was living in these ruins, who comes here in the night.

Time passed and shortly midnight approached, the yin cold qi was at its extreme, Wang Lin holding his breath, closely watched his surroundings.

And within the area of his soul sense, there was silence, the two beast corpses by this time had been saturated by the yin cold qi, and marks of frost appeared on them. Besides that, even outside the ruins, in the jungle there was no sound, as if it was the calm before the storm.

This wasn’t the first time that Wang Lin had sent out his soul to sense at night, but even in late nights, there would be some noises made by wild animals and insects, from time to time. So calm, this was the first time!

Suddenly, Wang Lin moved his eyes, he could sense with his soul in the direction of the ruins, it was as if the yin cold qi was boiling and dancing as it surged on.

His eyes flashed, the corners of his mouth turned upwards, as he looked on calmly.

From the ruins, along with the rolling yi cold qi, a murky shadow appeared quickly. It was too fast, Wang Lin through his soul could only see a black flash, as several animal corpses strewn on the ground vanished.

Wang Lin was shocked, for a moment when he appeared, he was able to see the appearance of the person, it’s whole skin was glowing blue and humanoid shaped.

Strange symbols were covering each and every inch of his skin, in addition to that there were nine, half inch long yellow papers posted at several parts of his body. This horrible and strange appearance, caused Wang Lin to be bewildered.

At this time, this weird person stood outside the formation of Wang Lin, his face revealing him to be in deep thought.

The weird person took back a few steps, looking puzzled at the fog formation, his face revealing slight hesistance, after looking around a bit, rapidly turned around.

Wang Lin was preoccupied staring at the weird person, did not rush to attack, he wanted to see what that person’s objective was.

Soon, the weird person circling around the fog stopped, his eyes revealing a curious expression. Suddenly, moving his body, he charged into the formation.

The moment he entered the formation, Wang Lin’s eyes flashed with killing intent, using hand seals with his right hand, emitted a white light, which launched into the formation, the dense fog rolled as if it was boiling.

Then came a loud banging sound, as the rocks within the formation cracked, and the formation weakened, and the fog grew more and more light.

Wang Lin without hesitation spit out a green light from his mouth, the green light flashing rapidly, gained lightning fast speed immediately. Boom, from the fog came the roar of the weird person, followed by an enormous thrust from within the formation and a huge shock wave spread outwards, countless stones were thrown into the air and turned into dust.

The fog dissipated immediately, the weird person suddenly saw Wang Lin, his revealed bloodthirst as he moved forward grinning.

Wang Lin remained calm, signalling with his right hand finger, suddenly a green light flashed, and appearing directly behind him a sword directly penetrated from his chest to the heart, letting out blue blood.

The blood that appeared, became ice upon falling to the ground.

The weird person grunted and immediately stepped back, his face revealed an expression of horror.

Wang Lin’s heart sank, that weird person even after receiving the flying sword’s attack was able to move, a cold light flashed in his eyes, from his storage bag, suddenly flew out an ancient sheath.

The green flying sword pierced through the sheath reaching about two-fifths before it stopped, after which its colour immediately changed from green to blue, and blue to black, and then suddenly the green sword coming out from the sheath chopped towards the weird person.

The weird person seeing the flying sword became afraid, was about to dodge when he saw a red flying sword piercing his chest, while at the same time, black light flashed and stabbed him, letting out a few muffled roars, the weird person’s body was severly thrown back like a kite with a broken string.

The blood stained flying sword was stuck in the weird person’s body, no matter how much Wang Lin tried to move it, it didn’t budge, even teleport failed.

Shocked, Wang Lin’s killing intent got stronger, looking closer, he saw that the strange symbols on the weird person’s body were flashing simultaneously, apparently it was some mystical technique that he used to resist his attack.

He grabbed his storage bag, and took out the Jade talisman that he got from Zhang Hu and quickly chased. Suddenly, Wang Lin’s pupils contracted and saw that the weird person mid-air turning at an impossible angle, immediately fell to one knee, his chest had a wound the size of a bowl, from which massive amounts of blood was flowing out.

The symbols outside the body were flashing fast, and in consonance with the flashing symbols, the weird person’s wounds were also healing fast.

Wang Lin without hesitation sprayed out LingQi from his mouth, using a paper talisman, as it broke suddenly spontaneously combusting up distributing out rich black light, which flashed as it hit against the weird person’s chest wound.

The weird person roared miserably, as his body was pierced through.

“It has not died!” Wang Lin’s heart sank, the weird person received fatal injuries, but still hasn’t died! But giving him a slight peace of mind, that after the paper talisman attacked, the flying sword which was stuck to the body of weird person, with its black light flashing finally broke out and circled back.

The weird person’s face revealed an expression of struggling, suddenly lifting his head he tore down one of the nine yellow papers on his body, after the yellow paper was torn, a green gas emerged from his body from every position at once, enveloping him.

Wang Lin looked gloomy, did not hesitate to signal with his finger, as the flying sword immediately returned back to the sheath, sinking to three-fifths location! The flying sword rapidly changed colour from black to red.

Three-fifths into the Sheath was the current limit of Wang Lin, according to his analysis, with his current strength, at the early Foundation building stage, even if he reaches middle Foundation building stage, he would increase his limit by one.

At this point, the blue gas outside the weird person’s body rapidly shrunk, melting fast back into his body, and as he appeared again infront of Wang Lin, his chest appeared smooth without a trace of any scars.

He stared at Wang Lin, his eyes showed his resentment, but he also felt a deep fear of Wang Lin, and looked horrified at the flying sword.

“Who are you!” Wang Lin did not rush to attack the weird person who has those yellow papers, tearing off one of which he could recover even from his deathly state, this way, the battle would not reveal a winner any time soon.


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