Xian Ni Chapter 174 – Devil Mutation

ObligatoryTLNote: And now the answer to the question you have all been waiting for, “What really happened with the second devil?”.

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Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a chilly radiance, staring intently at the Little Altered Beast Devil. His Ji realm Divine Consciousness suddenly parted from his body, transforming into a gigantic Scarlet Aquatic Dragon and roared while facing the Little Beast Devil. Continue reading


Xian Ni Chapter 173 – The Second Devil

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Wang Lin had no plans on disposing these tiny creatures, instead he wanted to force them apart. As expected, under the impact of the storm of flying swords, the small beasts began yet again to spread out. Wang Lin saw his chance, immediately flashed and rushed through the gap between the small beasts, moving towards the Black Pagoda. Once outside of the black pagoda, Wang Lin halted, all those several hundred flying swords turned mid-air and returned back into his storage bag. Continue reading

Xian Ni Chapter 172 – Earth Domain

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He had already spent a large amount of time at the place, following the direction of the movement of the conical stones, all of which had now started to spiralling up. Wang Lin, after half a month of flying, had at last arrived at the top along with the stones. Continue reading

Xian Ni Chapter 171 – The Jade Strip left behind by Li Mu Wan

ObligatoryTLNote: Ze Plot is Coagulating…

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It was clear that bypassing would not be feasible, so the only way to leave this place was to rush straight through!

Wang Lin inwardly sighed, then pointed his right hand towards the flying sword, immediately the flying sword flashed back and repeatedly cut apart the stones behind Wang Lin. Slowly there appeared an increasing number of crushed stones. Wang Lin pulled them together forming a ring of crushed stones around him. Continue reading

Xian Ni Chapter 170 – Breaking off from the party

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A crashing sound could be heard, all flying swords were pointed at a single spot and stabbed in succession. The membrane shook intermittently, it’s lustre weakened, gradually, against the resistance of the flying swords, a depression appeared on the membrane. Continue reading

Xian Ni Chapter 169 – Obtaining the Marrow

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The current scene was to everyone as if the heavens were falling down, a surge of wind suddenly came down from the roof. Wang Lin without hesitation slapped his storage bag and pulled out a lot of defensive Jade talisman. He had many such jade talisman, after looting those whom he had killed, the quantity of such low level magic-weapons could not be said to be few. Continue reading

Xian Ni Chapter 168 – Land of the Ancient God

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“Even if this old hunchback dies, he would bury the entire Giant Devil Race alongside him!” A hoarse voice, came unhurriedly from the sky, sounding enormous and powerful. As it increased in intensity, a huge green toad appeared on the distant horizon. Continue reading