Xian Ni Chapter 135 – Drastic Changes

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TLC: NomYummi
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Without hesitation, Wang Lin stamped one foot and rushed towards War God Shrine using the Earth Escaping Technique. Along the way, he sent out his soul to explore the road, and found that the entire sky was filled with fire beasts. This caused him to become more and more afraid.

He immediately changed directions. Having decided not to look for Lin Tao anymore, he fled towards the border, depending on Ma Liang’s memories to guide him. Huo Fen Country was already done for. Continue reading


Xian Ni Chapter 134 – Nationwide Migration

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Translators: NomYummi, MeTaL MaX, Void, tbc
TLCs: NomYummi, tbc
Editors: Cheesy McBreezy, Nahtaivel

Unfortunately, when he had been chasing Sun Youcai earlier, an unforeseen event had abruptly occurred and he had run into the fire beast. This had allowed the devil to escape. After Wang Lin had finally escaped from the volcano, he had immediately used his divine sense to search for and pursue it. Continue reading

Xian Ni Chapter 133 – Upheaval in Huo Fen Country (2)

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Translators: Void, MeTaL MaX
TLC: NomYummi
Editors: Cheesy McBreezy, Nahtaivel

A blast of hot air immediately surged throughout the earthen sphere as the Fireball drilled directly towards the center. At this moment, the Heaven Revolting Bead suddenly rushed out. The Fireball was startled, and immediately turned around without hesitation.

But it was too late. Ignoring everything else, the Heaven Revolting Bead sliced through the earthen sphere. Lightning pierced through the Fireball as it gasped and struggled. Unable to escape, it was quickly absorbed by the Bead. Continue reading

Xian Ni Chapter 132 – Upheaval in Huo Fen Country (1)

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Translators: tbc, Void & MeTaL MaX.
TLC: NomYummi
Editors: Cheesy McBreezy, Nahtaivel

Sun Youcai trembled as he rapidly fled underground. His intense fear made him feel like he was suffocating. Suddenly, the earth before him began to emit vast amounts of heat, and he cursed inwardly. This Earth Escaping Technique would have been quite easy to use for escape in any other place, but in Huo Fen Country there were volcanoes of all sizes everywhere. They greatly restricted his Earth Escaping Technique. Continue reading

Xian Ni Chapter 131 – Is he the fat sheep?

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Also, XiguFang City is now known as Fang Valley City, so bear that in mind before you start reading this chapter.

For those who keep wondering why the author goes on and on about stuff, and why the chinese webnovels are so excessively descriptive and often have bullshit amount of chapters, you might find the following link interesting: http://www.tealeafnation.com/2013/04/whats-behind-chinas-growing-legions-of-online-readers/

Translators: Void, Nom Yummi
TLC: Nom Yummi
Editor: Nahtaivel, Cheesy McBreezy

Sun Youcai let out a few ugly laughs. Reaching out to pat Wang Lin on the shoulder, he said: “Let’s not talk about her anymore. Brother Ma, there’s a transportation array not far away that will bring us into the valley.”

Wang Lin shrugged, dodging Sun Youcai, and smiled: “That’s good, let’s hurry over so that we can enter the valley early.” As he said that, he flew forward. Continue reading

Xian Ni Chapter 130 – Sudden Arrival of a YuanYing

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Translator: Void
TLC: NomYummi
Editor: Cheesy McBreezy, Nahtaivel


“The three of you can go back. Lin Tao, I will wait for you for ten days.” Having spoken, Wang Lin floated backwards, turned into a rainbow, and flashed away.

Lin Tao hastily nodded. In his heart, he thought that after returning he must have a good talk with his cousin. This was a matter of life or death for him. He absolutely had to get his cousin to copy the map.

Yang’s clothes were completely drenched in sweat. As a breeze blew by, he could not help but shiver as a slight chill rose from the bottom of his heart. He knew that just a moment ago he had stood at the entrance to hell.

Zhouzi Hong glanced dully at Yang Xiong, turned around and walked away.

Wang Lin flew about aimlessly as he pondered in his heart. Before long, his eyes flashed. He must absolutely avoid going to War Shrine. After all, he could not be sure of whether or not the trio of Zhouzhi Hong, Yang, and Lin Tao was conspiring against him. And before YuanYing experts, he definitely wouldn’t be able to hide the fact that he had taken over this body.

“It is very likely that War Shrine’s YuanYing ancestors have already discovered that I have taken over this body from other clues.” As he thought about this, his face suddenly darkened, and he immediately accelerated and sped away.

Wang Lin had considered all of this before, but Yang’s earlier behavior further confirmed these thoughts.

As he continued to fly, a gentle female voice suddenly rang out in Wang Lin’s ears: “Little friend, would it be possible for you to return this temple disciple’s relative’s soul blood?” The voice was mellow and extremely pleasant to hear.
[TLNote: Author abbreviated soul essence and blood into soul blood, I guess]

Wang Lin suddenly stopped. In front of him, mist formed into an enchanting woman coming towards him.

The woman’s steps were light and graceful. She wore an azure temple dress, with a skirt adorned with jadeite. The hem of the skirt overlapped to form a triangle. A cloth tied around her waist encircled the skirt and stretched out below it as a long pennant. The temple dress wrapped around her young body, giving her a quick-witted and elegant appearance.

She looked extremely beautiful. Even without her makeup, her cheeks gave off a glow like rose-coloured clouds at dawn reflecting upon the snow. Her complexion was as white as cream, and her face was as beautiful as lilies and roses.
[TLNote: I make no guarantees of the accuracy of any of the things that were said just now.]

As the woman stepped forward, Wang Lin retreated a bit, keeping his distance from her. At the same time he kept his hand on his storage bag, while looking at her coldly.

Although Wang Lin maintained his usual expression, inwardly he was extremely cautious. He could not ascertain the cultivation of the woman in front of him. She was obviously a YuanYing stage expert.

“This Ancestor’s disciple goes by what name?” Wang Lin asked, staring at the woman.

“This Ancestor’s disciple is called Zhouzi Hong.” A gentle smile appeared on her jade-like face as she replied in a soft voice.

Wang Lin simply nodded and said firmly: “Okay, but you must wait until this Junior has gotten a thousand miles away before I can return the soul blood. Otherwise, even if Ancestor acts against this Junior, the soul blood will dissipate.”

The young woman swept her glance over Wang Lin, and said: “Little friend, don’t be alarmed, I heard from Zhouzi Hong about how you were the reason the three of them were able to return to War Shrine safely. Although you took over Ma Liang, since you brought Zhouzi Hong safely, War Shrine is ready to let bygones be bygones.”

Wang Lin was startled, and looked carefully at the young woman for a few moments to see if he could detect any falsehood. After remaining silent for a while he said: “Ancestor, please don’t take this the wrong way, but you should wait for this Junior to get a thousand miles away, at which point I will the soul blood to you.”

The young woman raised her face, revealing her outstanding looks beautiful enough to make people’s hearts crash. She shook her head, smiling: “A thousand miles……I’m going to call you Ma Liang for the time being. Ma Liang, a thousand miles is merely a few breaths away for War Shrine; if they really wanted to kill you, you would need to escape by ten thousand miles to succeed. But if you must insist, then go.”

Without saying a word, Wang Lin turned into a rainbow and flew away. After about half an hour, he had already flown three thousand miles. Reaching a volcanic crater, he took a deep breath and began moving the spiritual force in his body. Without a word, he pointed his left hand to his eyebrows, and a bright white spot of light came out from them.

Wang Lin quickly left the place without even glancing at it. Along the way he mused to himself whether or not the young woman’s words had been true or false; but in any case, Wang Lin had thought it unwise to offend a YuanYing expert just for the sake of soul blood.

Therefore, he had not had any hesitations in returning the soul blood of Zhouzi Hong.

A few minutes later, in the volcanic crater where Zhouzi Hong’s soul blood had been released, the figure of the young woman suddenly appeared. As she stretched out her right hand, the soul blood of Zhouzi Hong immediately flew to her.

The woman looked at the spot of light and revealed a warm expression on her face. After carefully taking it, she looked in the direction of Wang Lin’s departure, and muttered to herself: “You saved Zhouzi Hong, and returned her soul blood. In return, I will happily take care of that matter regarding you taking over that body.”

Wang Lin continued to fly for two days, except for the briefest moments of rest. As the young woman never appeared again, Wang Lin finally relaxed. Suddenly, however, his eyes focused and he stared at the ground not far from him.

At this time, several sword lights flew in from a distance. After seeing Wang Lin, they immediately changed their trajectory. Seven or eight people could be seen dropping down, quickly surrounding Wang Lin and giving him an evil look.

The most prominent member of the group was a man with a grand appearance and a face as white as jade. His cultivation was at the late Foundation building stage, having entered the Fake dan realm. He wore a purple embroidered robe, and at his feet, green spiritual force fluctuations were emitted by his flying sword and covered his entire body, giving him a noble aura.

Beside him was a red-clad woman, with eyebrows like emeralds that disappeared amongst the red. Her face was pale and simple yet elegant and refined, a sight that would attract attention and leave men breathless with excitement. With her red lips, her neatly ordered teeth, and her bright emerald hair, she was a beautiful woman.
[TLNote: I simply hate these kinds of paras, and therefore, took some liberties here and there, not that you guys care]

A youth stood beside the woman and glared coldly at Wang Lin. He softly asked her: “Wan’er, is it him?”
[TLNote: the ‘er is a term of endearment somewhat]

The woman looked at Wang Lin and gave him an apologetic smile. She quietly responded: “Ge, it’s not him. Although the man is good at the art of disguise, he cannot modify his temperament.”

The youth’s coldness melted away. Turning to face Wang Lin, he quickly cupped his fists in salute and apologized sincerely: “Daoyou, please don’t mind us. I am Luohe Sect’s Li QiQing. I hope Daoyou is broad-minded and forgives me for being rude.”
[TLNote: Daoyou means Way Friend, actually this term was being used since quite since time but I just used “Friend” instead of it, but Daoyou seems better imo; Li Qiqing = Li(Plum) Qi(Strange) Qing(Celebration)]

Wang Lin had looked on casually from start to finish. After hearing what the youth said, he responded flatly: “No harm done. It was only a misunderstanding. How could Wang take it to heart?”

Li QiQing laughed and said: “It looks like Daoyou is also going to participate in Xigu Fang City’s Meeting. Maybe we can meet again then. Today I have some urgent matters to attend to, so farewell for now.”

With that, he cupped his fists in salute once more. Then, pulling the woman along with the six or seven others, he flew away on his flying sword.

After they departed, Wang Lin glanced at the ground and flew forward without saying another word. A short while later, he frowned and patted his storage bag. The iron sheet immediately flew out and hit the ground.

The iron sheet’s speed was extremely fast, and it instantly pounded into the ground. After drilling for twenty meters, a bang resounded, and a pathetic figure came crawling out.

The man looked very ordinary but his eyes revealed a trace of Lingqi. He quickly waved his hands as he shouted: “Daoyou, it’s a misunderstanding! A misunderstanding, ah!” He quickly jumped up and a flying sword appeared beneath his feet, after which he flew towards Wang Lin.

“Daoyou, I am Sun YouCai, I did not intentionally follow you, I was helpless, that vile Luohe Sect Girl is looking to make trouble for me, I am no match for her, I can only hide, ah, now they are searching for me, but if I follow you, Li Qiqing won’t be able to find me!”

Wang Lin looked at him, then flew forward, ignoring him.

Sun Youcai quickly followed. Then, opening his pursed lips, he asked: “Daoyou, which sect are you from, ah, I am a XieMo Sect disciple.”

Wang Lin scowled as he remained silent, and sped up.  As the speed increased, Sun Youcai began to fall behind. Looking at Wang Lin, he sneered inwardly; but maintaining his usual expression, he patted both his legs and quickly leapt forward. Catching up to Wang Lin instantly, he continued to speak: “Daoyou, I am really sorry about this whole matter, that devilish wench is to blame for all this, alas! Daoyou, if you are ready to go to Xigu Fang City’s meeting, you and I are going in the same direction, I have a lot of acquaintances in Xigu Fang City, anything you want I can arrange for you! Even if it is a Lian Zhou Country’s Concentrating Qi Woman’s Pot Furnace, I have ways of obtaining one.”

“Incredible speed!” Wang Lin thought to himself, surprised. As he turned and looked back he suddenly smiled. Sun Youcai suddenly felt a feeling of fear and apprehension. The feeling quickly passed as Sun Youcai shook his head. “The other party is just a mid foundation building stage cultivator, how could he possibly create trouble for a late foundation building stage cultivator such as myself?” Thinking thusly, he said with a smile: “Daoyou, what do you think?”

An expression of ridicule flashed by Wang Lin’s face, as he decisively said: “Good. Thank you for your trouble, Brother Sun.”

Sun Youcai was quite startled. He had not thought that Wang Lin would agree so quickly, and he had already prepared many arguments. Swallowing them back quickly, he nodded smilingly: “No problem, although first Daoyou must help me to avoid the enemies! Daoyou, what is your name, ah?”

“My name is Ma Liang. I am a War Shrine Disciple,” Wang Lin said with a smile. His smiling face appeared quite simple and honest to Sun Youcai, as only Wang Lin knew the true intent behind his words.

Sun Youcai smiled at him and asked in a low voice: “Brother Ma, I heard your War Shrine has a beautiful woman called Zhouzi Wei. I saw her about six months ago and was immediately entranced. She is simply stunningly beautiful! You are a War Shrine disciple, surely you’ve seen her? How does she look now? How much prettier did she get?”

Wang Lin, startled, replied: “Zhouzi Wei? You meant Zhouzi Hong, Senior Sister Zhou right?”
[TLNote: Actual name Zhou Zi Hong, I abbreviated it two words]

Sun Youcai suddenly smacked his forehead and laughed. “Oh look at my memory! Yes, Zhouzi Hong, how does she look?”

Wang Lin nodded: “Senior Sister Zhou is indeed beautiful, but she has a slightly cold attitude. I also haven’t met her more than a few times.”

A New Hope


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