My Daoist Life – Chapter 6

This chapter marks the last of the collaboration between Sove and Me. So, enjoy the pure MTL from hereonafter.

Anyways, let’s give the due credits:


Translators: Void, Sove

Editor: Robin

Godlike Translation Support: Scrya, Razorace, Rancerqz, Sugar, Deceptioning

P.S. I am switching up the schedule so there will be two releases in a week which might have anywhere between 1-2 chapters per release. So some weeks you might have four (+bonus chapters if I feel like it) but a minimum of 2 chapters a week in any case.


My Daoist Life – Chapter 3,4 & 5

Hello everyone,

A bit quiet week, eh? Let’s make it a bit more lively then. The last time I announced that a new translator Sove would be joining me in TLing this series. Well, he managed to snag his own series “My Wife is Outrageous” hosted over at Moon Bunny Cafe, so…. more lonely time for me then. Anyways, enjoy the backlog chapters:-


Translators: Void, Sove
Editor: Robin
Godlike Translation Support: Scrya, Razorace, GT, Rancerqz, Sugar, rei


PS: I don’t really have a fixed schedule btw,

My Daoist Life – Chapter 2

Hello fellow drug addicts,

Here is the much awaited second chapter of VoidTranslations’ new series “My Daoist Life”.

As always a BIG thank you to Sugar, Razorace, Rancerqz, GT, Sove and others for helping me innumerable times with paragraphs, sentences, basically anything which was too difficult to MTL.

Anyways, a good news is that Sove has decided to join in to help translate My Daoist Life which is a MAJOR boost for the series because he actually knows the language unlike me haha /sadface.


Translator: Void

Editor: Robin

PS: I have decided to change how I translate names, and where names used to be Huang Jing Yang, now it will be Huang Jingyang.

PS2: A Fun fact, google instead of translating Daoyou as fellow daoist, translates it as drug addict.

My Daoist Life – Chapter 1

Hello my friends,

As promised, here is the first chapter of my new series. Since Xian Ni (Renegade Immortal), I have learned much and have continuously tried to improve but MTL has its limits and as a consequence, I would like to give a big thanks to Taffygirl13, Sugar, Razorace, Rancerqz, GT for helping me pass safely through many many stumbling blocks that I faced ((aka Stuff that I couldn’t make head or tails of) along the way while translating this novel.

Anyways, I too have decided the adopt the format that most translators use for the sake of a better reading experience. So, here’s the chapter:-


Translator: Void
Editor: Robin

Since it’s the first post, I might as well put the other links here:


Official Qidian Link

[TL] Update Post!


In case you all have been wondering why there has been no chapter release ever since I announced my return. Well it’s because during the time between this post and the previous one, I underwent some major revelations:

  1. The Series I that I had said I would try doing had an already translated Teaser on GravityTales which was vastly superior in quality (well duh).
  2. After I read tried actually MTLing that series, I realized that without a dedicated TLCer doing that series is too tedious.
  3. I read ahead in the raws and found the story development not to my liking.
  4. In the process, I discovered a new series which intrigued me much more than the other series.
  5. Back to Square one, in terms of progress.

The new series is tentatively called My Daoist Life. It has chapters the length of Xian Ni, in other words, very very long chapters. It is a Modern XianXia, and focuses more on Dao rather than going full cultivation fantasy. I think with the first chapter itself you would be able to understand the flow of the series (which I know is not for everyone).

The first chapter will be released tentatively on Monday, 15th Feb 2016.

Till then,


[TL] A New Project?

Hello everyone,

Void here, It’s been some time since I made a post on this website, but I have been following the translation scene and I have been really grateful for all the support that you guys had been putting out for Xian Ni and the folks over at Fiverstarspecialists (Congrats to them on joining WW btw).

Anyways, I realized that translating Xian Ni was just having a very bad influence on me which was definitely not helped by the fact that I was going through a very depressing phase of my life. It was primarily due to that that I decided to stop there and then. I wasn’t sure if I would ever want to get back into the game or not, so I had announced the end of Void Translations.

Over the past few months, I have recovered my psyche for the most part and finally decided that it would be good if I got back into the action and started another project. This time I am planning on translating it like a teaser till 10-15 chapters before deciding if I want to make it a main project. The pace of release would be 3-4 chapters a week. This would be a slow pace when compared to chapters not being really that long, however I am trying to put more effort into it in order to make it more palatable for the readers.

The story’s name is “A Sword Flying Immortal” and the raw link is:

It is different from the standard XianXia, it has an interesting setting and a bit more Fantasy/RPGish elements. I honestly haven’t read much far ahead in this one so can’t vouch how it would turn out, but let’s see how it goes.

Also, any Editors and/or Translation Checkers interested in joining for this story, please be sure to send an email at

P.S. I would have the first chapter out as soon as I am done editing/qc, which should be done in a few days.