Xian Ni Chapter 26 – Malice

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Wang Lin was excited at the thought of the three spells, thus, he recited the chant for Flame ball, while pinching the fingers on his hand, but unfortunately, not even the slightest spark appeared for a long time, let alone a proper flame, frowning he tried again.

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Xian Ni Chapter 25 – Concentrating Qi

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In the mountains, time flowed fast, two months later, Wang Lin was in dream space, with his eyes closed doing breathing practice, in these two months, he had managed to thoroughly study the mysterious bead.

Can use the bead to enter dream space three times a day, each time is more than 20 hours, adding up to six days in total. [TLNote: Don’t blame me, I couldn’t figure it out either, I redid this sentence multiple times, but this was the only possible translation I could get. EDIT: Check out possible explanations from lightnoveltank and thefalconhuntsatmidnight, because my brain has gone haywire, heh]
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Xian Ni Chapter 24 – Practice

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Wang Lin fetched a lot of water from the Mountain spring, returning to the room, he started preparing the bead-soaked Lingqi spring water. At night, he locked the door with a rope tied to it, holding the other end of the rope in his arm so that as long as it’s opened, he will be able to immediately detect it.

After drinking large gulps of the bead-soaked spring water, heat began to rise in his body, Wang Lin immediately holding the bead, went into dream space.
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Xian Ni Chapter 23 – Ten Clouds

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Wang Lin opened his eyes, he didn’t know how long he had slept, looking out of the window he saw it was still dark outside, he got off from the bed, tried to move his body for a while, did not feel anything amiss, took out the stone bowl from beneath the bed, found out that the bowl had been emptied of the liquid, he picked up the bead, on a closer look, he noticed, suddenly felt surprised when he saw the tenth cloud at the place which was left blank earlier.

Wang Lin felt his spirit uplifted, took the mysterious bead and looking left & right, put it away, immediately rushed out of the door to go to the Mountain spring and fetched a bowl of water, hurried back to the room and immersed the bead in it.
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Xian Ni Chapter 22 – Scattered Power

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After returning to his room, Wang Lin immediately closed the door, he did not take the four Lingdan, but put them in the bag, instead, he took out the mysterious bead for the experiment.

Carefully taking out the bead and the gourds, Wang Lin hesitated a bit, he was weighing the pros and cons in his heart, the dew is the focus of his practice, if there is no dew then practice will be slow.

But at the same time, the Clouds pattern on the beads was drawing his curiousity, after much deliberation, he thought that dew once finished can be collected again only need to spend some time on it, but once the bead forms the tenth cloud, maybe some change will occur, and maybe it will increase Lingqi concentration to incredible heights.
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Xian Ni Chapter 21 – Gaining Pills

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As for the other Man, he was slightly older, about twenty years old, had a long face, had his chin up high and eyes turned upward and look of disdain on his face when he said: “Junior Wang, you were doing closed door practice and you didn’t know but this has become a joke in our Heng Yue Sect, like Junior Sister Xu said, this Wang Lin using shameless methods became a Heng Yue Sect True Disciple.”

Wang Zhuo hearing this, laughed loudly and said: “I was just startled, so you came in this way, but as far as your talent is concerned, for your whole life you will never even be able to reach first layer of Concentrating Qi, why are you bent on playing the fool and disgracing our Wang clan.”
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Xian Ni Chapter 20 – Nine Clouds

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Wang Lin also happily idled, though expelled from the Academy, heard many Secret disciples ridiculing in private, but he was also ill at ease, he had gained a rough understanding of XiuXian this month. XiuXian is divided into five stages – Concentrating Qi, Base Building, JieDan, YuanYing, and HuaShen.

In the entire Heng Yue Sect, there are only two masters who have reached JieDan stage, they live high in the mountains which have high concentration of LingQi, isolated they don’t bother with routine matters unless it is highly important for the Sect. In the school, even at the Base Building stage, there are not more than ten people, belonging to the core group which enjoy special privelages and unrestricted use of Immortal stones and Weapons.
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