Xian Ni Chapter 37 – Four Years

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Senior Zhang gave Wang Zhuo a cold glance and said: “The key to this breakthrough actually is highly related to talent, some people may succeed in one attempt, some may need hundreds, some thousands and some cannot break through their whole lives.”

Wang Lin said in a melancholic tone: “Senior Zhang, is it this difficult to break through for all the layers, like the second to third, and the third to fourth? Similar to this?”

Senior Zhang nodded and said: “Yes, the higher the layer, the more difficult it is to break through, especially at the time of third to fourth, and five to sixth, it is very difficult!”
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Xian Ni Chapter 30 – Wang Hao

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“Could it be that they want me to be even more excessive?” Wang Lin in order to get away from the chores office, was ready to throw caution to the wind, he wanted to see where the limits of the Elders lay.

In private, the secret disciples who frequently used the two words trash and shameless, with regard to Wang Lin, added another name “Black Heart Wang”! [TLNote: Other possible translations for the name are Ruthless Wang, Vicious Wang, Wang without a conscience, Hateful Wang, and so on]
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A Status Update


It is with a heavy heart that I am informing you that Xian Ni translation on this group will be going on an indefinite hiatus. Why? Because today the treasure of my life, my pet snake ate my pet rabbit and now I am confused whether to laugh or cry. Maybe it was my own damn fault for putting them together but still. I don’t know if I can sort out these emotions. Worse, my snake got food poisoning because the rabbit had been eating something dangerous.

So, I have decided to take time off until I can see what I can do about it.

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Xian Ni Chapter 19 – By the Door

ObligatoryTLNote: Don’t mind the chapter title, I couldn’t make much sense of it either. But let’s trust the author for now, and move on to the contents. Enjoy.

Sun DaZhu considered the Gourd for a while, still could not feel Qi coming from it, he studied it for a long time from all possible directions, taking a closer look the gourd still looked normal, he even went as far as to hollowing out the gourd including seeds, and filling it with spring water, seeing this several Elder disciples had started laughing.

Wang Lin sneered inwardly, but didn’t let his feelings appear on his face, and said: “I don’t know what is Lingqi, I was just asked to bring back a bottle gourd, and be given Lingshi, can you please tell me, what is Lingqi?”
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Xian Ni Chapter 18 – Bottle Gourd

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Wang Lin went out of the garden, he was wearing the red robe of true disciples, attracting the attention of Secret disciples, these gazes were full of envy, but when they took a clear look and saw who exactly it was, it straight up turned into deep jealousy.

“Yesterday, the Patriarch announced the admission of a new disciple, it must be him! Became a secret disciple by suicide, this time don’t know what method he used to become true disciple, he is really trash.”

“He is used to it, I remember that he got fairly regular meals, must be result of massaging feet of Elders or something, he did all kinds of dirty things, just to receive the favor of Elders to become a True Disciple, ah, this person is too degrading.”
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Xian Ni Chapter 17 – XiuXian

ObligatoryTLNote: Ok, so brace yourselves everyone, the real shit that you have all been waiting for is now here. From here on out, the real journey into the mysteries of becoming a Saint begins. Hope you enjoy it just as much as I do TLing it. Btw for people not in the know,  I consider XiuXian to hold the approximate same meaning as Cultivation from Douluo Dalu or Practice from Stellar Transformations. I will some time use these words interchangeably so don’t be confused. I will add an entry in this regard in the Glossary just in case.

P.S. Can’t wait to see the reactions of people at the end of the chapter.


Waiting in the Garden, Elder Sun was waiting for Wang Lin to come, his heart was burning and his face was ashen, remembering the Patriarch’s words as he spoke to him a moment ago, he even remembered all the mocking words of his fellow disciples, he thought: “After I take all the bottle gourds and refine enough immortal pills, I will be able to vastly improve my cultivation, then we will see who laughs.”

After a while, Wang Lin arrived at the garden, Elder Sun’s mood hadn’t improved and he shouted: “Wang Lin, from today onwards, you are my, Sun DaZhu’s, disciple , you must seriously Xiuxiuan, you cannot let your teacher’s name be blemished! Then he threw a small pouch, adding: “This functions as Disciple’s identity, but it can also function as a storage bag, it can store many things even clothes, book detailing Xiuxian techniques is on the inside, go take a look at it.”
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Xian Ni Chapter 16 – Disciple

ObligatoryTLNote: I would like to take this opportunity to discuss some terms that I have been taking more than the usual liberties with. Well, top on my list is the term for ” 院 “, the mdbg dictionary defines it as courtyard / institution. But seeing as how there were multiple branches of such courtyard / institutions, I decided to name it Academies (For some reason that at that time I saw fit). Relevant Raw: 恒岳派分为五副一正六院,五副分别是金木水火土,各有记名弟子居住

Moving forward, I would like to hear your opinion as to whether I should continue with Academy or change it? Also, on that note, should I refer to the Head of the Sect as Patriarch or just Head of the Sect? I would like to hear everyone’s opinion on it as it helps in keeping inaccuracies to a minimum.

Wang Lin felt as if he was transparent under that Old Man’s gaze, and that he could see both his outside and inside.

The Old Man frowned, he didn’t find anything unusual in Wang Lin, he asked with a heavy voice: “Wang Lin, when did you come back?”

Wang Lin had just met this Old man, but he could already feel his heart beating, quickly said: “Disciple, came back last night, and today early morning heard from Senior Liu that you came looking for me, so I immediately rushed here.”
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