Xian Ni Chapter 150 – Kill

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TL: Void
TLC: NomYummi, Crazylovedbsk
Editor: Cheesy McBreezy
Editor’s Editor: MeTaL MaX


As soon as Limu Wan saw that figure, she instantly relaxed and her soft body leaned against the wall. At this moment, a cold arm passed through her armpit. To her surprise, her body immediately took off with great speed.

Smelling his familiar scent, Limu Wan felt a bit more secure in her heart. Looking at the dense fog rolling in, she was about to speak, when Wang Lin’s voice sounded out faintly in her ear. Continue reading


Xian Ni Chapter 149 – Jie Dan (6)

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Translator: Void
TLC: NomYummi, Crazylovedbsk
Editor : Nahtaivel

Wang Lin sitting in meditation doing breathing practice, would from time to time open his eyes to look around in the cave, his eyes twinkling with cold light. Gradually, a sweet scent flowed out from the Alchemy room. Wang Lin after taking it in a few deep breaths, opened his storage bag and rearranged the things inside one by one.

When he took out the Dragon Tendon, his eyes narrowed. This Dragon Tendon function as a magic weapon was not that good, though it may spread into numerous branches, may envelop myriad of things, but if it encounters a sharp flying sword, this Dragon Tendon would still be cut. Continue reading

Xian Ni Chapter 148 – Jie Dan (5)

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Translators: Void, Crazylovedbsk
TLC: NomYummi
Editor: Nahtaivel

While fleeing, Wang Lin swept inside his body with his divine consciousness, he found that the ice flame inside the dan embryo had it’s color getting lighter. If it were to be used more times, then it was bound to influence the dan embryo and even affect the success rate of attaining Jie Dan stage. Continue reading

Xian Ni Chapter 147 – Jie Dan (4)

ObligatoryTLNote: The Plot Thickens. Also for those who didn’t notice, Dan Furnace is now known as Alchemy Furnace. Also, it would help if you guys can answer the poll.

Translator: Void, MeTaL MaX
TLC: NomYummi, Crazylovedbsk
Editor: Cheesy McBreezy, Nahtaivel


“Damn you!” From the cover of darkness another man spoke gloomily as he extended a wretched dried-up hand from the fog, covered in a trace of black qi, to slap Wei San.

Wei San’s face paled immediately and he plopped down to his knees as he shook and trembled. “Disciple…..what Disciple said is true, except for maybe making a mistake in guessing his cultivation, disciple……” Out of excessive fear, his words had become incoherent.

All around, the fellow sect members of the Dou Xie Sect remained expressionless. Several even revealed an expression of schadenfreude, and upon seeing them, the chill in Wei San’s heart grew heavier. As the dried-up hand came down, his mind flashed and he immediately shouted loudly: “I…..I remember that he asked the Refining Pavilion’s shop assistant about whether or not they have an Alchemy Furnace of the fifth grade or higher!” Continue reading

Xian Ni Chapter 146 – Jie Dan (3)

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