Xian Ni Chapter 81 – Seizing Foundation (1)

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There was an ancient sword that was too blurry to distinguish clearly, and carried a devilish aura around itself, making people simply unable to stop getting engrossed in it, after a long time, Wang Lin regained consciousness, his eyes flashed as he seemed to have realized something.

Three days later, Teng Jia city bloomed, there were many cultivators coming and going, Zhang Hu and Wang Lin had long left the inn and were wandering the city.

Zhang Hu was going to sell the ginseng and after discussing it with Wang Lin, had left alone.

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Chapter 79 Refining the Flying Sword

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Zhang Hu put all the sweet potatoes in his hands, into his mouth, after swallowing them he said: “Teng Jia city, is a relatively large XiuZhen clan, it is said to have YuanYing experts, if any XiuZhen person wants to enter the city, then he has to give up a low-grade LingShi, and if he decides to reside there, then has to give up one lingshi every month. Over the years, I secretly scraped some LingShi together, should be enough to live for six months.”

Wang Lin rubbed his chin and said: “Zhang Hu, will this Teng Jia city have trade fairs?”

Zhang Hu nodded and said: “Ah, every month a large-sacle trade fair is organized, all the nearby XiuZhenists come, are you going to exchange something?”

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Xian Ni Chapter 77 – JiMo Old Man

ObligatoryTLNote: Finally, our MC is unable to go one-punch man mode, so we get to see a real fight. Enjoy the chapter and keep up the support.

Wang Lin frowned darkly, he was about to take back the snake-like whip, when suddenly from the small red flying sword emerged a shadow, surpassing the main bod’s speed, it chopped down in a flash.

The snake-like whip, divided into two turned back into blocks of black wood, as they fell from the sky.

The middle-aged man revealed his killing intent, flipped his right hand, shooting out a red light, then merging two fingers, pointed at Wang Lin, suddenly the flying sword turned, aligned it’s tip towards Wang Lin, and emitting an eerie chill, instantly rushed forward.

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Xian Ni Chapter 76 – Weird Flying Sword

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Liu San jerked back, gnashing his teeth he said: “You really are a spy!”

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Xian Ni Chapter 75 – Meeting again an old friend

ObligatoryTLNote: 8 out of 10 people will be able to guess who the person is, but even so, please don’t spoil it for those who aren’t able to guess it. And yes, unfortunately, the text is often times too unwieldy to yield good results from MTL, so if you find the text to be poor quality occasionally, then it’s only because I couldn’t make sense of the raw text.



Liu San hesitated, he had never seen such a look on the middle-aged scholar’s face, Liu San with his eyes flashing and rubbing his hands, slightly moving to Wang Lin’s position, said in a sinking voice: “Sir, what will happen to little brother? Whether he is also involved in this plague of blood?”

Wang Lin looked calm, didn’t say anything, looked indifferently at the middle-aged scholar, when he heard Situ Nan’s calm voice.

“This little kid is amusing, this technique of face reading maybe mysterious to mortals, but for me and others engaged in XiuXian, appears as someone showing off with meagre skills, this Old man just a moment ago, transmitted to his consciousness memory of huge slaughters, hehe, this is what he is unable to bear.” Continue reading

Xian Ni Chapter 74 – Plague of Blood

ObligatoryTLNote: Yeaah, let you all gonna read and make your own impressions. Btw in case someone does not realize, Plague of Blood is a euphemism for mass slaughter.

Liu San carefully studied Wang Lin’s face, then suddenly asked: “Are you a student going to give the exam?”

Wang Lin remaining neutral, shook his head and said: “Not for exam, but to learn some craft, going to the TianShui city to make a living.”

Although Liu San looked a bit slow, but this question that he asked had big implications, the time for final exams for approaching, student candidates from surrounding villages and towns would often flock to the city, however, they would usually be carrying writing tools in boxes, although this person infront of him didn’t look like a martial artist, but if he had admitted to being a student, then he would have needed to pay extra attention.

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Xian Ni Chapter 73 – Tian Shui City

ObligatoryTLnote: Nothing much I have to say, move on and enjoy the chapter. But this chapter was hell for me. So many new terms, I definitely think I got a lot of them wrong, so wait for me to confirm them later.


Wang Lin took a deep breath, in the past four years, he had reached the completed the fifteenth layer of Concentrating Qi in the second year itself, the next two years he had tried to break into the Foundation building stage, but unfortunately did not succeed.

But his body due to the repeated attempts to dash into Foundation building stage, the otherwise disassociation between his original cultivation and his dream state body gradually changed, and now he no longer seemed to be on the third layer, and now instead appeared to be on the eight layer. [TLNote: Emphasis on the word “appeared to be”]

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