Xue Ying Ling Zhu Chapter 1 [Teaser]

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Blasphemy Chapter 1 [Teaser]

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Teaser Project #1: Blasphemy

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VoidTranslations Going on Hiatus [Not a Chapter]

This is it guys, the day has arrived when we go into closed-door training for one and a half month, I talked to the others and since our breaks are coinciding we have decided that the whole group shall be taking the hiatus together, that means no Xian Ni dosage for one and half months probably.

Just to remind you, this is something unavoidable and we feel just as much regret as you guys.
Especially knowing the things that are up ahead, especially that thing about the Ancient God…. oh wait I wasn’t supposed to spoiler you guys. Well nvm, pretend I didn’t say anything. I would really like to emphasize that absolutely do not try to MTL read up on the arc after the next arc, it would absolutely ruin your enjoyment of one of the best arcs so far. [Chapter 140 was the last chapter of the previous arc]

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Xian Ni Chapter 140 – Sea of Devils

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Also, Devil Sea is now known as Sea of Devils, actually it is XiuMo[Devil Cultivator] Sea/Ocean, but seeing the context and it’s background we decided to go for Sea of Devils.

Translator: Void
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Wang Lin’s face changed after hearing that the nationwide sealing array had been broken. It was very bad for him. Once these fire beasts rush in, they would definitely lock their targets on him.

Remembering the scene where the fire beasts chasing him had completely blotted out the sky, Wang Lin felt uneasy. He soon made up his mind : he had to get the map fast, and as for the Heavenly Li Dan, he couldn’t wait for the end of the month.     Continue reading

Xian Ni Chapter 139 – Fake Dan Realm

ObligatoryTLNote: A refresher for those who might not remember, Fake Dan realm is the state when one has reached the peak of Foundation building stage and is ready to break through to the next stage (Jie Dan stage) so it’s Fake Dan…. get it? 😀

Also, the upcoming chapters maintain the same length as this chapter, so…. RIP Translators.

P.S. I can sense the heavenly tribulation arriving for me soon, I guess next chapter might be the last one before hiatus. So, you guys better start preparing.

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Although the sword lights were fast, Wang Lin’s Earth Escaping Technique was incomparably profound. Keeping a fair distance from the hundred people, he watched the cultivators pierce through the air. He instantly rushed forward a great distance to arrive at the location of the spiritual vein.

There were great spiritual force fluctuations here. The ground was uneven and full of broken limbs and skeletons. A strong scent of blood would assault one’s senses whenever a light breeze blew. Continue reading

Xian Ni Chapter 138 – Heavenly Li Dan

ObligatoryTLNote: Much thanks to NomYummi for swooping in and helping me finish translating this chapter, otherwise, this chapter would have been delayed another day. Much thanks to Cheesy for his great editing as always.

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From the Luo He YuanYing cultivators, a skinny old man wearing a black robe came out. With a face full of wrinkles framing his dark and lifeless eyes, he turned his eyelids and said: “Every month, the individual who kills the most people in battle will be allowed to receive one Heavenly Li Dan!”

Heavenly Li Dan. These three words were well known to Wang Lin, as well as to all of the surrounding cultivators, who all began to breathe heavily as if they were short of breath. Continue reading

Xian Ni Chapter 137 – Country Wide Sealing Formation

ObligatoryTLNote: I know you guys are confused as to why chapters are delayed. Well that is more or less due to me unable to spare much time to translation these days. The team has been highly supportive over the past few days, and I can’t even think about what would have happened if I had to do this all by myself. The release schedule would have been way worse than it currently is (Think one chapter a week or worse). Without further ado, I pray for better times for me and you. Enjoy.

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Wang Lin gave a look of surprise as caught the jade talisman, and quickly thanked the middle-aged man. However, after having thrown the jade talisman, he no longer paid any attention to Wang Lin, and instead flew into the five-coloured phoenix chariot to whisper to Feng Luan.

Wang Lin was also quite tactful. The moment the middle-aged man flew into the phoenix chariot, he asked to be excused, and flew out of the chariot to join the rapidly advancing army of cultivators. Continue reading