Xian Ni Chapter 86 – Forest Ruins

Chapter 84 and 85 can be found HERE

ObligatoryTLNote: I updated the glossary a bit and put the cultivation stages for those of you interested.

Anyways, without further ado, enjoy the chapter, for the night is dark and full of horrors.

Wang Lin hesitant a bit, pointed with his right hand, fused the Teng Li’s spirit roots and spirit fog, the spirit fog suddenly swelled up, and strangely rolled around squirming in an effort to get up.

Then blood cells suddenly shooting out drilled into the spirit fog, melting it quickly, the spirit fog began to shrink gradually. After that, the ball of flesh and bone, integrates with the spirit fog.

At this time the Spiritual fog had greatly changed its shape, narrowing into a ring, and giving off a soft light, it floated mid-air.

Wang Lin took a deep breath, he realized that the Seizing foundation process has moved onto the next step, then focused his full attention, and willing his soul into a sphere shape, slowly integrated into the ring.

After a long time, suddenly an bright light shot out from a halo, Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, biting his tongue he spit out blood, the blood on coming into contact with the halo, issued out crazy zi zi sounds, and dissipated instantly.

After the halo combined with the blood, it shook violently, the ring emitted pressure intermittently, all living beings within a hundred mile radius, could sense an abnormality.

Several of them catching a whiff of the strong qi, appeared from within the jungle and rushed towards the direction of Wang Lin

Wang Lin without batting an eye, reached out with his hands in summon, and the halo immediately came flying into the chest of Wang Lin, a majestic spiritual force suddenly flooded Wang Lin’s body, his face became red all of a sudden.

Wang Lin took a deep breath, moving his body, shot like an arrow out of the tree-hole, and with a few flashes, disappeared into the jungle.

Not long after he left, a huge python came from the jungle and with his huge head tried to smell the area, with a puzzled expression on his face, shook his head, then turned and crawled away.

Next, a huge ten foot tall Ape came like lightning, with a flash, drilled into the tree hole unwilling to leave.

Powerful animals such as these, came here, but without exception, they all became confused and went away.

Wang Lin was running inside the jungle, strong LingQi had emerged inside his body, from each sweat pore on his body, there was an endless outflow of foul smelling black substance.

A pain akin to tearing unceasingly flowed within his body, Wang Lin frowned, suddenly stopping, after walking in a circle, his eyes flashed, directed his gravity technique towards the ground, surging spiritual force suddenly emerged out from his body.

The soil on the ground, was fast dug out as if by two invisible hands, without realizing it, there appeared a seemingly bottomless pit.

Wang Lin without hesitation, dropped into the pit, following which he rapidly returned the soil back to it’s originall state, and seen from the outside, there appeared no difference.

Sitting cross-legged on the ground, Wang Lin breathing regularly, began to comb through the spiritual power in his body. There were rapid changes appearing in his body, and everything was moving towards building a Foundation.

With the abnormal silence all around, and no one to bother him in these depths of the earth, Wang Lin began his third closed-door practise.

Time flew by, like a song, and in an instant two years had passed.

Where Wang Lin was engaged in closed-door practise, the ground was covered in layer upon layer of decaying leaves, various poisonous reptiles, who had from time to time, drilled in them.

On this day, there was a sudden burst of vibration from the earth, many poisonous reptiles quickly climbed out from the twigs of rotten leaves, then looked around to see the soil moving away, and a dark silhouette emerged from the ground.

After that figure appeared, the reptiles around him immediately screamed in fear, and quickly retreated.

“This Seizing the Foundation, really amazing, finally I got to Foundation building stage.” This figure, was Wang Lin who had just finished a two-year closed door practise.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed like electricity, his whole body was exuding strong spiritual force, as he spit out a green light from his mouth, a small green blade appeared infront of him.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, pointing with his right hand, the sheath flew out from the storage bag, he looked calm, as he muttered: “Within these two years, this sheath has almost been refined, after using it with the flying sword, the effect would certainly be great.”

Putting back the Sheath and the Flying sword, Wang Lin pondered a little, then touching the mysterious bead on his chest, thought inwardly: “Two years ago, Situ Nan used up a lot of his Yuan Ying essence, especially after protecting me from those curses when I went into closed-door practise, caused him to become frail, has been dormant for over an year, do not know when he will wake up, he still totally remembered the Abyssal Ascension Technique, now his next task was to find an extremely dark place, to practise the Abyssal Ascension Technique.” [TLNote: Some clarification regarding the dark place requirement thing, the word used is actually “Yin”, you know from the Yin/Yang thing, it can mean dark, overcast, place, but from the insights gained with this chapter, I believe it would refer to a place full of dark (opposite of light) energy, or negativity in other words, but that is just my assumption for now]

Having made up his mind, Wang Lin took a deep breath and swept away with his soul, he quickly moved towards the north, soon after, came accross a forest river, carefully cleaning himself and washing away the black dirt completely, he felt refreshed and at ease.

Sitting on the river stone, Wang Lin recalled his past experiences, he sighed with emotions, he did not know whether Zhang Hu was alive or dead, in his heart silently prayed that Zhang Hu should have been able to escape.

Sighing loudly, Wang Lin putting away these thoughts, his face revealing an expression of deep thought, he formed his hand into mudra, making a white light emerge which instantly transformed its colour from white to gray, as the colour deepened, at the same time quickly flashing, rapidly flew towards the west.

Wang Lin was startled, this white light spell was a special spell that had been taught to him by Situ Nan for the purpose of finding dark places, the darker the light got the closer it was to a suitable place, when it became completely black, that meant it had reached the dark place.

Wang Lin without hesitation, immediately caught up, following the direction of the gray light, it moved fast inside the jungle, and the light gray colour grew deeper and deeper, and momentarily turning black, the light with a bang, dissipated completely.

Suddenly, Wang Lin stopped, he looked blankly, he looked nearby, was too shocked to speak.

Lying infront of him, were boundless ruins, as far as eyes could see, most of the houses were collapsed, numerous plants coiled and twisted as they spread over the ruins.

Within the weed-covered ruins, animal feces were abound, small animals could be seen running and screaming.

There was a fissure in the ground, that appeared like a bloody mouth, ready to open its jaws and devour life with its snarling face.

Heavy metal wreckage could be seen everywhere, remnants of destroyed buildings, portraying a doomsday style picture, with dull gray entangled with green plants, revealing an atmosphere of despair, startling and shocking people.

Wang Lin, took a deep breath, looking at the ruins, he was shocked to the core.

At the point, in the ruins from a towering wreckage light flashed, followed by a white light, which quickly shot down in an instant.

Wang Lin was stunned, suddenly looked panicked, turned to look to see not far away, saw only a small beast with his whole body dripping with blood, struggling to crawl towards the light, it’s right leg had a wound, bones showed through, as it crawled, it left behind a deep trail of blood.

After a long time, it finally reached the light beam, it screamed out in joy, as his right leg healed at breakneck speed, and with the whole process taking a few seconds, the small animal was restored to pristine state.

Joyfully coming out of the light beam, the figure of the animal disappeared into the distance.

At this time, the light beam still was condensing unceasingly, Wang Lin’s mind shook greatly, looking at the light beam he was unable to speak.

At this time, the light beam turning silver, dissipated. Wang Lin pondered a little, and then stood aside to continue to watch. Half an hour later, the light came again.

And so the cycle repeated several times, Wang Lin observed until the next day, and finally could see some clues.

According to Wang Lin’s judgment, the appearance of this light beam is obviously related to sunlight, although this place turned into ruins, but their still are some magical items which haven’t gone defunct, which after absorbing sunlight, show this magical scene.

And the fact that this light beam could heal was known to many beasts, as Wang Lin saw more than 20 wounded beasts in a day.

It was getting dark, Wang Lin calculated and exactly the moment that the light beam appeared, did not hesitate to immediately come forward, and put his hand inside the beam, a surge of warm qi filled his hands, this qi wasn’t spiritual power, but to Wang Lin, it felt to be very strange kind of substance.

Quietly feeling the Qi, Wang Lin’s eyes flashed as he immediately cut a wound on his arm, and reached out towards the beam again. In the light beam, the wounds heal at the speed of a blink of an eye, and the wound disappeared.

Wang Lin hesitated a little, then without hesitation quickly entered the ruins, and soon arrived at the tall wreckage that was emitting the light beam.

It was a huge cylindrical shape megalithic remains, judging from its appearance, it appeared that its middle part had broken, although most of the supporting pillars had collapsed, but one could still see the old splendour, two giant hands holding a statue of a giant sword to the side, their bodies reaching about 30 meters in length of the tower.

Wang Lin looking at the wreckage, spontaneously images started appearing in his head, a huge imposing tower, a sudden disaster, breaking from the middle, spires standing erect on both sides.

That point where light was coming from was a stone bead about two meters in diameter and on top of a spire.

Looking at the stone bead, Wang Lin hesitated, this thing seemed too big, seemed impossible to take away, and it’s healing powers, he hadn’t fully analyzed it yet, if he forcibly removed it, don’t know if it will lose its effect or not.

Thus, considering it over and over again, Wang Lin did not act rashly, but instead lingered around to observe the ruins. Wang Lin’s face grew progressively weird, he inspected many places, and discovered an abnormality.

It was a completely preserved house in the ruins, and on the ground a complete porcelain set could be seen, and in some of the porcelain, even some black substance seemed to be left over.

At this point, the sky was getting dark, Wang Lin quickly made his way towards the jungle, by the time it was completely dark, he was out of the jungle, as he stood outside, staring at the ruins, his eyes flashed.



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