[Not a Chapter] New home for My Daoist Life

Hello friends,

It’s me again. Sooner than you expected? This can’t be good? Oh what will he say now?

All valid thoughts of yours. Let me get straight to the point.

I have decided to join the guys over at Path of Translation. Consequently, all new chapters of My Daoist Life will end up being posted over at http://www.pathoftranslation.com

As for the reason for this sudden change, there are a variety of reasons with most of them being personal. I feel like this direction is the direction that I must take. I don’t want another Xian Ni-esque event to happen. I really want to stick to the novel for much longer, because that is not only beneficial for you guys, but also for me. Much moreso than you might imagine.

Joining with Path of Translation relieves me of quite a bit worries that I was beginning to have. With that said, all that changes is the address/bookmark. I will continue to put out the same if not better quality of MTL for you all to cherish and enjoy, with the same Editorial team complemented by the Editors over at Path of Translation.



P.S. No I won’t be shutting down the website. The site will remain.

My Daoist Life – Chapter 21 & 22

Hello, friends. Hello. Void Here.

We meet again. Finally, I bring you these chapters, and hope you enjoy it disregarding the delay. I am trying to set it up so that these chapters go up regularly, and I hate to sound like a broken record, but things keep happening that keep coming in the way.

Anyways, find the links below:



Translator: Void
Editor: Robin

P.S. Robin says hi to everyone, so everyone can please direct your pitchforks towards him…. 🙂


My Daoist Life – Chapter 19-20

Hey everyone! PewDiePie here, I hope you’ve all had a great weekend, here are two chapters that will hopefully either make it even better, or perhaps lighten up what might have been slightly boring ^^
These two chapters (in my opinion) were kind of rushed, so there’s a chance I might have missed a few things (talking about editing) so please feel free to point out any mistakes if you find them!

Also my girlfriend told me to say hi to all of you 😀

Chapter 19
Chapter 20

Translator: Void

Editor: Robin

(Don’t expect another update today, I’m tired as fuck <3)