My Daoist Life – Chapter 57


Another chapter here for you all to enjoy.

Chapter 57

Translator: Void
Editor: Pandamonic


My Daoist Life – Chapters 54 & 55

Hey guys,

First and foremost, let’s get the chapters out of the way.

Chapter 54

Chapter 55

It’s been some time since I used this website in all earnest, but my reason for doing so now is not nostalgia, rather it is because I wish to make an announcement.

I will be shifting all three of my novels which were being hosted on Liberspark back onto, aka, this site. This includes My Daoist Life, Post-80s’ Cultivation Journal, and Emperor of Tomorrow.

The reasons are many but more or less personal. To be honest, I know that I had been messing up on my release schedule (politely speaking), but to be speaking frankly, I didn’t have a release schedule. The novels and the readers were the ones which suffered the most. This is something that is becoming harder for me to fix than I expected. I won’t promise you regular releases, rather I will try my best to do so in actuality.

I have decided to reorient myself into focusing back onto my core novel, My Daoist Life, which basically means more chapters for readers of MDL (atleast for now). The other novels will be given a backseat (again, for now).

Since, I am starting afresh the chapters would likely suffer from a lack of a dedicated editor until I find one suitable for the job. Do mail me if you see yourself doing that task. However, do keep in mind one caveat. Editing is more than grammar/spellcheck, it is also about changing/re-arranging/re-wording sentences to improve the flow/readability of the sentence/para/chapter.

P.S. I have uploaded and updated the index pages for all the novels and you can see them through the menu bar above.

Reaching to the Sky – Chapter 1


This is Void back with another novel that I kinda sorta found interesting enough to translate a bit. I will be putting these kind of novels on my personal wordpress site instead of PoT so as to not lead people into believing that I will be going full-steam on these things.

Please understand these novels for what they are, side-projects which may or may not become main projects one day. Releases will be inconsistent but I will try my best to ensure that the quality doesn’t suffer.

Since, this novel doesn’t take as many chapters to kick off into action, just sit back and relax (at least until more chapters are out).

Chapter 1

Translator/Editor: Void

[EIF] Everlasting Immortal Firmament – Chapters 10-13

Hey Void here,

Just wanted to release a few chapters that were lying in my Gdrive which I hadn’t gone editing.

This was primarily due to the project being picked up by someone else. Anyways, I am dumping all the chapters here that I had translated till date for archival purposes and for anyone who might be interested in reading them.

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13