Xian Ni Chapter 145 (Reupload Snowtime)


Chapter 145: Jie Dan (II)

The Three Dan fused into one, successfully forming the Dan Pei. The next step is to fuse it into the body. If there is no rejection, then the Gold Dan will begin to form through the constant bombardment of spiritual force supported by the divine consciousness. This will mark the entrance of the Jie Dan.

The Heavenly Li Dan was crucial to increasing the success rate when forming the Gold Dan, when hit with multiple attacks of spiritual force. Suddenly opening his eyes, Wang Lin noticed small cracks forming upon his forehead. The cracks steadily increased in size and number until, with a burst of ‘ka ka’ sounds, they covered his entire body.

Moving his body, the cracks increased in multitude and his skin slowly sloughed off, falling to the floor. His body trembling, Wang Lin slowly stood up as the flakes of skin were immediately swept away by a gust of wind.

His clothes also peeled off, crumbling into dust as it drifted into the air. The Dragon Armor was the only thing left on his body.

Wang Lin quietly and calmly stood in place with his eyes shut. A substantial amount of time had passed, before he slowly lifted his eyelids, staring directly in front of him. Immediately, a flash of blue energy entered his cold gaze, as his hands gradually tightened into fists. Although he can only be considered having a foot in the Jie Dan realm after the Three Dan into one, it is a considerable accomplishment for his Abyssal Ascension Technique.

Blue flames suddenly emerged from the Dan Pei, flowing through his right hand and out of his fingertips as curls of flame. He slowly gathered the flames, forming a bright ball of flame that floated a few inches above his palm, flickering silently.

Rather than radiating heat, these burning flames emitted cold air. That ball of Icy Flames was the essence of the of the Abyssal Ascension Technique, the Abyssal Flames

The thick layer of crystal blue ice below Wang Lin immediately released steam, showing signs of melting once the Abyssal Flames appeared. Waving his right hand, Wang Lin quickly extinguished the icy flame, revealing a crater at where he stood.

The sheer power of the Abyssal Flames could be easily seen. After changing into a new set of clothes, Wang Lin bored his gaze onto the beast bones, falling into a state of meditation. After the amount of time needed to burn a stick of incense had passed, he sat down with his legs crossed, patted his storage bag, and took out the Aquatic Dragon Skull.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed as he stared at the skull. His next action was to go to Nan Dou City and obtain a reactor, so Li Mu Wan could refine the Heavenly Li Dan pills. Even though 3 years had passed by in a moment, Wang Lin could tell that Li Mu Wan wasn’t in any danger through the Soul Blood connection.

Wang Lin changed his mind after seeing the vast amount of ice bound beast bones around him.  The War Shrine refining technique revolved around the necessity of a reactor.

After the previous failure, Wang Lin no longer had the spirit beast skull. He withheld it from Li Mu Wan as he planned to refine a reactor from it–though that had been delayed for a while due to the fusion of the three Cold Dan. Additionally, Wang Lin was discouraged from his previous failure. Refining the spirit beast skull again always seemed like it took too much effort.

However, after being surrounded by all the beast bones, he was inspired to attempt to refine the furnace once again. Taking a deep breath, he tried to remember the manufacturing methods discussed in the jade strip before taking it out to read it again.

With a clap of his hands, threads of spiritual energy appeared like waves of sunlight from his palms. Wang Lin showing an extremely concentrated face, immediately threw both hands up simultaneously, sending the lines of spiritual energy flying.

Without even batting an eye, Wang Lin crossed his hands again, repeating the cycle over and over. Slowly, in front of him the lines of spiritual energy grew more and more dense, before finally turning into spiritual silk threads while emitting bursts of sparkling light.

After that was done, Wang Lin let loose a sigh. The first step in refining the reactor was complete. Now it was time to test whether the furnace base could withstand the smelting of the spiritual threads.

Rapidly weaving the spiritual thread into a fabric, he quickly wrapped and stuck it around his little dragon skull. Wang Lin breathed out qi and closely observed the strands slowly merge into the skull as the purple color of the skull gradually faded.

But after a short while the skull suddenly emitted a “ka ka” sound and from within the wrappings of spiritual thread a crack appeared. With a final bang, the whole skull exploded into fragments that fell to the ground, leaving behind only the spiritual threads in midair which began to emit fluctuations of spiritual force.

Wang Lin let out a sigh, but his face showed a renewed determination. Sweeping his gaze over, he suddenly jumped up to grab the spiritual threads floating in midair and quickly went to a spot beside a gigantic beast skeleton and pressed downwards. This beast bone was about five to six thousand feet and exuded a grey color. Its skull was also enormous, almost as large as the just ruined Aquatic Dragon skull.

The moment the spiritual threads began to merge, it immediately penetrated this beast’s bone as well. Wang Lin stared blankly and attempted one more time. Nothing stopped the spiritual threads from going through the bone.

Wang Lin stared at the beast bones, eyes flashing. By its outward appearance this beast bone was covered in a layer of blue ice crystal giving the impression that it is made of crystal in general. He used a fraction of his strength with his right hand to grip it. The bones let out a “ka ka” sound but did not fracture.

Wang Lin pondered a little. He waved his hand and from his palm the Abyssal Flame flew out. As these flames just about approached the beast bones, a burst of white gas immediately dissipated from the beast bones. The closer the Abyssal Flames got, the more gas that was dissipated. The layer of blue crystal wrapped around it rapidly dissolved at a rate visible to the naked eye. Once it all finished fading away the ash grey beast bones were exposed.

Without thinking, Wang Lin grabbed hold of the spiritual silk and pressed it down. This time, he wove the spiritual silk directly around the skull.

But after the time it takes to burn half of a stick of incense, the beast bones quickly changed color three times before shattering into ash with a bang! The spiritual silk wafted in the air, having lost some of its spiritual power.

Wang Lin frowned; the difficulty of refining a furnace really was far beyond his imagination. The reason why so few people had succeeded was because of this reaction.

To others, just obtaining a spirit beast skull is already enormously lucky. Making a reactor requires a recently dead spirit beast skull for a good chance and using a powerful spirit beast skull for an excellent chance. If the beast has been dead for a long while, then the odds drop dramatically.

Of course, if you can get a hold of a Rare Beast beast skull no matter if it recently died or not, the probability of succeeding will increase by a large magnitude.

On the other hand, like this the difficulty naturally increases. If Wang Lin began to refine immediately after the Aquatic Dragon died maybe his success rate would have been a bit better, but at that time he didn’t even think about refining. All he thought about was reaching the Jie Dan stage as quick as possible.

Wang Lin softly groaned, looking around at the endless sea of bones. He couldn’t even guess how many spirit beasts bones surrounded him.

“I won’t believe that with this many beast skulls around me, I can’t refine even a single reactor!” Wang Lin eyes flashed and more spiritual threads were drawn out from his hands. When there was enough, he held the spiritual threads and once again, tried it on another beast skull.

An incense stick later, the beast skull once again shattered into pieces.

In this way one after another, even Wang Lin didn’t know how many beast skulls he had shattered. The only thing he knew is that he had already replenished the spiritual threads hundreds of times.

His brows became more and more furrowed; finally, Wang Lin jumped and halted in midair and let his cold gaze sweep around him. Soon after, he released spiritual threads outside of his body and the spiritual threads immediately began to ripple and rotate around Wang Lin.

His hands were constantly together and opened so this way spiritual tendrils were gradually but constantly merging with and emerging from the spiritual threads. The spiritual threads rotating around Wang Lin became faster and faster and, like rain, the spiritual tendrils merged and the size of spiritual threads gradually increased.

The spiritual threads rippling around him also began to grow. Wang Lin showed no signs of stopping and in one breath converted all the spiritual force in his body into spiritual threads. Immediately, he drank a large gulp of Ling Qi liquid to convert again.

Time gradually passed by. The spiritual threads outside his body gradually rippled and increased more and more to the point that it could already cover several hundred meters.

“It’s still not enough!” Wang Lin estimated the amount of bones within this sea of bones, his heart quiet. Soon after, he drank more Ling Qi liquid and it continued to change slowly, the ripples becoming bigger until it could cover several thousands of meters. Wang Lin took took a breath, letting it out as he lifted his pair of hands. His Divine Consciousness appeared and ruthlessly subdued the ripples. At the same time, icy flames bursts forth from him.

Within the continuous “hong hong” sound, his area of control covered within 10,000 feet. The beast bones moved like tremendous rising tides and lifted to become layers upon layers of bone ash. Piece by piece were unendingly destroyed into waves of bone ash. Within this area not a single bone could resist and were turned into ashes and mixed into the bone waves.

Among it all, in this vast area was innumerable amounts of white gas. It truly was an extremely spectacular sight. After the white gas dispersed within this 10,000 feet, nothing remained. Wang Lin gritted his teeth and once again used Ling Qi liquid to change into 10,000 feet of spiritual threads, pushed to cover in a different direction.

The bone tides rolled and the white vapour passed. Wang Lin suddenly saw in the middle of his line of sight, just one ordinary-sized, small beast skeleton, alone in the middle of the empty space of 10,000 feet.

Wang Lin’s face revealed a happy expression, his sank and immediately flew towards those small beast bones. He concentrated a little; this was what appeared to be an extremely commonplace, nothing unusual about it skeleton.

The bone color was slightly white in color, slightly slim, and extremely normal. With flashing eyes, Wang Lin raised his right hand to the sky and spiritual threads weaved together in the form a giant invisible hand, which he controlled to grab at the direction of the small beast skull.

The skull immediately began to change colors, once, twice, thrice…after changing nine times, a “ka” sound was heard. The skull separated from the spine and slowly rose from the ground.

The spiritual threads already completely integrated within, after the color changed nine times the skull shape gradually transformed and changed into a bowl shape as bursts of spiritual power fluctuations flowed from within.

Wang Lin held it in his hands, examining it.

War Shrine refining technique with its unfathomable history, was rumoured to have been discovered at the same time as the Heavenly Dao technique by the War Shrine Ancestors. Afterwards, later generations separated into different practices and a great deal of attention had already been spent on studying this refining method. Finally, it was separated into classes and only now could a set of steps be arranged, among this is a key point regarding the refining of the reactor. It can be divided into 10 ranks.

The higher the rank, the better the quality. The method to distinguish rank is also very simple: the first 15 minutes the reactor is completed the color will changed several times. The number of times indicates the number of its rank.

“Ninth Rank!” Wang Lin muttered to himself, with a feeling of regret. Expending so much effort as well as having this mysterious sea of bones, unexpectedly still did not produce a tenth rank However, ninth rank is better than no rank. Wang Lin took out the refining method jade strip and began to carefully study it one more time.

Wang Lin was completely unaware since the jade strip also did not present in detail, even the palace hall master of the current War Shrine Temple Refinement Palace Hall, that Yuan Ying stage cultivator, just barely obtained a Sixth rank reactor. Of the remaining few reactors, all were Third rank and lower.

The reason why Wang Lin’s was at the Ninth rank was directly because of these seemingly ordinary beast bones. These bones, within this bone sea, were extremely Rare Beast beast bones!

After a Rare Beast dies, its bones show no noticeable difference. Even if a researcher were to directly examine them, they could easily overlook them and be unable to distinguish them.

Wang Lin withdrew his mind from the jade strip, a little bit lost in thought. War Shrine’s refinement technique paid particular attention to three processes. Separately they were: Prepare, Fuse, Combine. Preparing to start, Fusing for a stable form, and Combining it all to complete the process.

Wang Lin focused his qi and, unblinkingly, took out materials from his storage bag which he threw one by one into the skull reactor. These materials were all recorded in the jade strip as refining materials. After having memorized it, he had to pour through his storage bag to find some things.

Bloodstone (mineral heliotrope), it can cause a high temperature after it has been catalyzed by spiritual force.

Amethyst Moon Vine (Chawol Vine), a plant whose role is decomposition once past the Big Dipper Wood catalysis.

Big Dipper Wood, a type of material with wood properties. Its role is corrosion.

Wang Lin had all these materials in his storage bag. He did not have them in large quantities, but enough to use for refining. Before he obtained the refining method from the jade strip, Wang Lin was always confused about these things he took from the battlefield as he did not recognize them. But now, at least, he understood a bit more about refining materials.

Putting the Amethyst Moon Vine into the reactor, every segment he put in, he smashed within the beast bone. Simultaneously, qi was added and melted in. As more Amethyst Moon Vines were added, a viscous purple liquid gradually accumulated within the reactor.

Staring at the reactor, Wang Lin murmured to himself, appearing to calculate something. Not a moment later with his eyes flashing, he added a drop of his own blood within the shell of the reactor.

Immediately after, a few bubbles emerged from within the reactor. Wang Lin calmly sent his Divine Consciousness to condense upon the reactor and spiritual force steadily flowed in.

As detailed in the refining method jade strip’s introduction, the primary purpose of the reactor and this refinement method’s unexpected best use, is for the reactor to act as a medium through which refinement masters can manipulate and transform the material within.

Wang Lin took a deep breath, hesitated some, then quickly took out the Big Dipper Wood and gently crumbled it, sprinkling it onto the other materials within the reactor.

The purple liquid gave off bubbles one by one, emitting a foul odor. Then Wang Lin took out one Bloodstone/Heliotrope and threw it in.

Once that was done, his face radiated an intense concentration. His hands rose up, prepared. With lightning speed, divine light was shot out. Gradually, the liquid within the reactor coagulated to form a purple sphere.

Wang Lin pondered a little before he waved his right hand. The sphere split in two with one half floated up while the other sunk back into the reactor.

Wang Lin controlled the floating sphere to rise. Thinking for a moment, he put both hands and pressed down on the space between his eyebrows and the pit of his stomach with slight strength. Suddenly Purple Palace (taoist cultivation term) spiritual power was extracted from within his body, which he spit out. Once this spiritual power came out it immediately bore its way inside the sphere.

War Shrine refining method’s first process, Prepare, has now been completed. Next is the second process, Fuse.

Fuse needs a Qi foundation. Wang Lin patted his storage bag and numerous flying swords, big and small, quickly flew out. Altogether, thirty five all came out and flung out in midair one after another.

Wang Lin pointed to one flying sword. That flying sword immediately shot out, piercing the sphere, and slowly the point melted. Finally the whole sword fused into it.

Next, the remaining thirty-four flying swords, under Wang Lin’s control, fused into the sphere. Afterwards, within the sphere flashed rainbow-colored light, bright and dazzling.

The whole process, from when the first Amethyst Moon Vine was put in till now, altogether took nearly two hours. For two hours continuously, Wang Lin had been completely focused. Now he not only did not even sigh, but instead concentrated even more. A little later after staring at the sphere, he took out, from his storage bag, a black flying sword.

This black flying sword could be said to have gone through thick and thin together with Wang Lin. From when he first acquired it, accompanying him to kill Zhang Hu’s Master, then even drank Teng Li’s blood, afterwards followed him to the Sickle Pod Valley battle, up till his corporeal body was destroyed and Situ Nan enveloped him with his Divine Consciousness and carried them away. As a result, this flying sword’s sword base shattered leaving a trace of its sword spirit because it was refined with Wang Lin’s blood. Only because of this it was able to meld within the Divine Consciousness and survive.

Later, Wang Lin looked for several new foundation bodies for it, but all were ineffective. The current base body, this black flying sword, after several teleportation attacks already became bent. It seems to be quite battered and exhausted.

Wang Lin grabbed the flying sword with his right hand and lightly stroked his palm over it. Instantly, the sword cried out from within, followed closely by an apparition in the image of a sword which slowly floated above the flying sword and suspended in front of Wang Lin. At the same time, the devil fled from within the flying sword and floated at distance to the side. He looked, dumbstruck, all around his surroundings not knowing what to think.

Wang Lin took a deep breath, the big hand grasped, and the sphere immediately shot towards him. He grit his teeth, as soon as he moved it with his mind, the flying sword apparition rushed into the sphere without any hesitation.

Wang Lin’s soul instantly dispersed in front of the tightly wrapped sphere. The last step of the War Shrine’s refining technique, Combine, had begun!

Time slowly wore on as the ball stretched and gradually solidified. Wang Lin lost track of time and just listened to the sound of the inner Dragon humming from within. As time passed, a crystal flying sword overflowing with light slowly transformed in front of Wang Lin.

Once this flying sword appeared, a spiritual power vortex suddenly appeared. After spinning several times next to Wang Lin, it suddenly merged into the flying sword. Wang Lin gazed at the crystal flying sword. After a long time Wang Lin opened his mouth wide, the flying sword turned into crystal light, and flew into his mouth.

The Devil, at a loss, rubbed his hands, and in a rough laugh, “This… you swallowed it, so where will I live?”

Wang Lin raised his head to glance at it, waved his right hand, and the Aquatic Dragon’s tendons flew from within the storage bag. He reached for the reactor to grab what was inside, and before he reached inside, the sphere that was in there floated out. Wang Lin’s eyes flashed and the Dragon tendons flew into the sphere.

After sacrificing it to refine, the sphere grew smaller and smaller, finally changing again into Dragon tendons. Only the Dragon tendons’ color became gold. Wang Lin glanced at the Devil and the Devil obediently entered it.

Summoning with his right hand, the Dragon tendon dropped down. Wang Lin focused on it and it entered the storage bag. He raised his head to look at the topaz blue wall before him, extended his right hand, and the Abyssal Flames immediately appeared. With a kick, his body suddenly flew up.

Like splitting bamboo, shooting straight up 10,000 feet from the ground, the speed was too quick. Added with the destructive power of the Abyssal Flames, the whole Corpse Valley below shook. The faces of every cultivator looking for beast bones in the valley became pale. Without knowing why, those surrounding nevertheless flew out of Corpse Valley in confusion as the ground’s quaking grew more and more violent.

TL Note: Like splitting bamboo = Like a hot knife through butter

A few keen-eyed bystanders immediately saw that in the direction of the 14th valley, a thunderous roar immediately followed by a shadow rising from there. In a flash, it flew into the dense fog, disappearing from sight.

Only a long time afterwards did these cultivators, one by one, look over at the 14th valley in confusion. All kinds of speculation slowly spread around. The final conclusion was that within the Corpse Valley slept a 10,000 year corpse, which slept until this day, suddenly awoke and caused the quake. The shadow that flew out, must actually be the refined body of the corpse.

After Wang Lin flew out, without stopping, he quickly flew towards the south. According to the information he got from Sang Mu Ya before, Nan Dou City was to the extreme south; about 300,000 miles from Corpse Valley.

Wang Lin knew that he had refined for quite some time, so his speed went up, with only one thought in mind. And that is to exchange for a Dan Furnace and refine a Heavenly Li Dan.

After two days and two nights, Wang Lin saw a huge black city in the distance stretched as far as the eye could see. This enormous city where one cannot even see the end in sight was exactly one of the 998 cities in the Sea of Devils, Nan Dou City.

The reason why it was named Nan Dou was because of the City Lord. Lord Nan Dou is said to possess Yuan Ying cultivation, and is an expert with numerous accomplishments. He can be described as the overlord of this region.

To have a city within the Sea of Devils, it basically means that City Lord must be a famous person with outstanding cultivation. Within this sea, there are many sects of all sizes and strength, but they cannot compare to the dignity of the City Lord.

The City Lord of Nan Dou City went missing five hundred years ago. As a headless dragon, the many sects within the hundred thousand miles of the city were allowed to prosper and grow to become well-known sects.

Nan Dou City became a city without a Lord within the Sea of Devils and was jointly ran by a couple of large sects. However, Nan Dou City is still a city on the very edge of the Sea of Devils, it is still a place with poor resources and spiritual power. Cultivators of the Yuan Yin realm will usually not come to this place, as such, it caused this place to be a place with many cultivators even those of the Jie Dan realm, but not even one Yuan Yin stage cultivator within the millions of miles.

A person once predicted before, that if someone within this place could become a Yuan Yin realm cultivator, then they will inevitably become the new City Lord of Nan Dou City.

It wasn’t as if there weren’t any Yuan Yin stage cultivators that were City Lord hopefuls in this past half millennia, it was just that they never stayed for long due to the poor environment that lacked both resources and spiritual power, causing them to give up one by one.

Over time, there weren’t any Yuan Yin realm cultivators that were willing to come to this place. After all, there were about a thousand cities in the Sea of Devils, why would they come to Nan Dou City, a city with zero benefits.

And now this Nan Dou City is a city where people could come as they please and run by three major sects. Although Dou Xie Sect has a qualified person to become the City Lord, against the alliance of the three sects, they were unable to make them budge an inch.

There is a very big difference between three sects and four sects divisions. There also wasn’t anybody that would dare think that the Dou Xie Sect can eliminate one of the three and become a major sect. So the attitude of the three sects against them were exactly the same.

After paying ten LingShi and obtaining the pass, Wang Lin hurriedly entered Nan Dou City. His target was the Refining Pavilion that was within these city walls.

The Refining Pavilion has three levels. With every level, the costs of the treasures within multiplies. When Wang Lin arrived, there were around seven or eight cultivators on the level who were haggling over prices with the shopkeepers.