Xian Ni Chapter 144


Ancestral Aperture (祖窍) – Point between the eyes. Also: Ancestral Orifice

Chapter 144: Jie Dan

There are three special points on the body: the Ancestral Aperture between the eyes, the Qi Ocean in the chest, and the Dan Tian below the navel. Each of these three points contain a single Cold Dan. The first step towards completing the Abyssal Ascension Technique requires you to break the balance between those three special points, while fusing the Cold Dan in the Ancestral Aperture and the Qi Ocean into one.

If this succeeds, one must take their now fused Cold Dan and fuse it once again with the Cold Dan in the Dan Tian, leaving only a single, mighty, Cold Dan. Only once the three Cold Dan have been fused into one, will the cultivator have a high chance of breaking into the Jie Dan realm, becoming a real Jie Dan stage cultivator.

Wang Lin sat quietly in the stone cave. In the secluded enclosure overflowing with Cold Yin Qi, his eyes were shut, as he merged both his mind and soul with his body.

The first thing Wang Lin needed to do was to break down the Ancestral Aperture in his body, until the Cold Dan could sink into it.

Fusing the three Cold Dan was a very trying and difficult process. Only now had Wang Lin gained an insight into the trial he would face, while previously, he only barely understood the sheer difficulty of this feat. Only after experiencing it himself had Wang Lin finally realized that the words ‘extremely arduous’ were truly a major understatement. In reality, the task’s difficulty was so extreme that it couldn’t even be imagined.

Just breaking down the Ancestral Aperture alone had already taken Wang Lin a month of trial and error. During this month, he had been fervently working non-stop. When he surrounded the Ancestral Aperture with a spiritual force, no matter how he would attack it, the aperture would never budge an inch.

While training in the Abyssal Ascension Technique, the Ancestral Aperture, Qi Ocean, and Dan Tian, each of these had to be broken down thrice in order to form their respective Cold Dan. The difficulty increased exponentially each time, and the first time could be said to be only somewhat troublesome. The second time was excruciatingly challenging, and the third time was like no other. What Wang Lin was currently doing was equivalent to breaking down the Ancestral Aperture for a fourth time!

One could only imagine the difficulty! After attacking repeatedly without any impacts, Wang Lin decided to change his strategy. Instead of directly attacking it, he tried to slowly wear it down. Ever so slowly, with the passage of time, the incorporeal wall hindering him gradually thinned.

However, this unceasing stroking of his inner Ling Qi gave rise to much pain. Even exceptionally imaginative people would have difficulty describing it with words. With every rub, Wang Lin’s body would shudder violently. The beads of sweat on his head were like rain. The clothing on his body, starting from when he first sat down, had never been dry.

Without enough willpower, fusing the three Cold Dan would be impossible. Fortunately, Wang Lin did not lack for willpower. During that year long ago, when he had participated in Heng Yue Sect’s tests, his willpower had shocked the others. Two blood stains still remained on the stone steps of Heng Yue Mountain.

Heng Yue Sect would have definitely nurtured him with great care due to his great willpower, if not for his lack of talent.. Unfortunately, with the destruction and disappearance of the Heng Yue Sect, he could no longer return.

Wang Lin’s willpower was truly astonishing. While enduring the unimaginable pain, the Ancestral Aperture finally shattered after three months of constant vigorous stroking.

A fist-sized blue Cold Dan slowly sunk down from the Ancestral Aperture. As it sunk in, a thin thread spread out from it and entered Wang Lin’s body.

Every time the Cold Dan sunk down a bit further, another thin thread would appear. Finally, the Cold Dan fell into the Qi Ocean, and lay next to the second Cold Dan.

Wang Lin sucked in his breath, and without hesitation, and began to furiously stroke once again, with an intense emotion on his face.

After another three months passed, the Qi Ocean made a wave of *pa pa* sounds, which quickly faded away. Simultaneously, the two Cold Dan violently attacked each other. Wang Lin only felt a “boom” in his body and a terrifying power immediately arose from the clash between the two Cold Dan, exploding crazily within his body.

Wang Lin’s complexion immediately paled. After hacking for a few moments, he coughed out a bloody mist. Just as this bloody mist came out, it immediately froze, and covered the surrounding cave walls, forming a layer of red ice crystals.

After spraying out the bloody mist, Wang Lin’s body trembled. Immediately, eight low-grade Ling Shi’s flew out from his storage bag and rammed into each other, grinding themselves into a fine powder. Following his directions, the powder fell onto his body and formed a weird symbol.

The symbol flickered briefly before disappearing from sight while a black, flying sword flew out of the storage bag, revolving around Wang Lin. Floating quietly in midair, the Devil’s silhouette leaped out from the flying sword.

It first at Wang Lin with an expression of hesitation and struggle. Almost immediately, Wang Lin took action, completely extinguishing his divine consciousness.The Devil suddenly changed his expression and obediently stood on guard.

After doing this, Wang Lin’s head twisted at an odd angle and hit the floor. He had only enough time to put up a single defensive formation before losing consciousness.

Speaking of this formation, a few days ago, Wang Lin had made a few teleportation formations for emergency usage.

The Devil hovered around Wang Lin, while furtively glancing at him. Rebellion rose up once again from the bottom of its heart and it thought gloomily: “Should I try fight him? Hmm… He doesn’t seem to be faking it… It’s too hard to say, this lad’s too cunning… Ai! Am I going to fight with him? But if I lose, then the result…” The Devil could not help but tremble, and tossed the idea out of its head.

After a day, the idea that it had thrown out, slowly returned. Its gaze flickered and as it looked at Wang Lin struggling, once again rebellion rose up from the bottom of its heart: “Fight with him? This is the opportunity to do so. Once I miss it, there might not be another chance… No, this Wang Lin is extremely cunning. How could he have not prepared for this? Releasing me after he has fainted is inexplicable.” The Devil firmly shook its head, watching Wang Lin attentively, and continued thinking: “I’m not going to be fooled. Keep on faking it.”

It once again threw away the thought of fighting.

Another day passed. As the Devil watched Wang Lin impatiently, as its his heart once again grew restless. It roared in rage and gloomily thought: “If I’m dead, I’m dead. This lad doesn’t seem to be faking it. Fight! Fight! Fight!”

Its eyes turned deep red as he pounced towards Wang Lin. The defensive formation had no effect, and the Devil bypassed it directly.

But when he grew close, the Devil repeatedly shrieked. Its body made zapping sounds while emitting green smoke before dissipating. As it rapidly retreated, it miserably howled: “I knew this fellow was cunning! How could he not have anticipated that I would try to devour him after letting me go so easily? Damn him! When did he leave behind his divine consciousness, How… How am I going to live in the future…” The Devil stamped his feet and howled in grief endlessly.

After that experience, the Devil accepted its fate and obediently stayed in the corner of the cave wall. It blankly looked at the opposing wall, its mind filled with grief and indignation.

On the third day, Wang Lin awoke and sat up. He gave a bitter laugh, but did not speak. He knew that he had still looked down on the process of uniting of the three Dan. The destructive force produced from the fusion of the two Cold Dan was the pivotal point.

This cold Qi could not leak out; otherwise, the fusion would be a failure. But if the cold Qi did not leak out, then his body would be unable to bear it. Wang Lin’s face was contorted into uncertainty.

After all, fundamentally, his body had no way of containing the cold Qi. But Wang Lin did not understand. How did the founder of the Abyssal Ascension Technique fuse the three Dan into one? Not even speaking of the distant past, how did Situ Nan succeed using the Abyssal Ascension Technique?

Wang Lin contemplated deeply, but couldn’t understand it. Moreover, Situ Nan had never mentioned this point.

“How can I allow my body to bear that cold Qi?” Wang Lin muttered to himself. After a long period of silence, his gaze fell upon the Devil’s body.

After Wang Lin had woken up, the Devil had snuck in a few furtive glances from time to time. At this moment, its gaze swept onto Wang Lin and its body immediately trembled. It promptly said: “I have been on guard the entire time without relaxing a bit.”

Wang Lin stretched out his hand, grabbed the Devil, and threw him into the flying sword. He got up, leapt out of the passage, and left the stone room.

Outside of Li Mu Wan’s room, Wang Lin looked inside. Li Mu Wan had her upper body resting on the stone table where the Dan Furnace lay. She was currently sleeping. Her beautiful, silk-like hair wrapped around her head carelessly, with a few strands tucked behind her ears. Her tiny charming face was rosy, giving off a beautiful color like red clouds reflected off of snow.

She wore a fragrant purple garment as if she were in a painting, delicate and beautiful with lustrous skin, causing any onlookers’ pulses to race. At this very moment, the Dan Furnace let out threads of white Qi. This scene held an immortal and painting-like feeling.

Adding onto Li Mu Wan’s meticulous dress, the surroundings were covered in green vines that had found from some unknown place. That sort of surreal feeling, as if he was entering a painting, grew stronger.

A faint medicinal smell arrived. Wang Lin sucked in his breath and his mind cleared a bit.

After watching for a long time, he slowly withdrew his gaze, and turned around towards a stone room. One half contained a large amount of medicinal herbs, while the other half contained a few materials for refining pills of immortality. Among these lay half of an Aquatic Dragon skull.

The Aqua Dragon’s skeleton was too long, especially the skull. It was a waste to use up all of it in the Nine-Bones formation, so Wang Lin had told Li Mu Wan to leave some of the skull.

After instructing her, he went to fuse the three Cold Dan into one. Looking at the half of a skull, Wang Lin began muttering. This skull gave a peculiar feeling. It didn’t look like bone, but instead like some sort of crystal. It was probably formed from the Aquatic Dragon’s unique composition.

Just as Wang Lin was observing, suddenly, his mind stirred and he turned his body. Not long after, Li Mu Wan awoke hazily and yawned. After leaving the stone room, she glanced at Wang Lin in amazement. Her sleepiness quickly disappearing.

On that day, Li Mu Wan’s mental state had slowly begun to change. She had started letting her imagination run wild frequently, since she was terrified that Wang Lin would pounce on her like some beast. After all, those that practiced the Death Incantation were all experts in plucking Yuan Ying.

But afterwards, she had found out that Wang Lin had gone into seclusion everyday. Li Mu Wan had always thought that her brother, Li Ji Qing, was diligent in his cultivation, but after seeing Wang Lin, the word diligence became associated with him.

From her view, Wang Lin was already at the peak of the Foundation Building stage, and into the Fake Dan stage. One more step and he would step into the Jie Dan stage. But how could reaching the Jie Dan stage be so easy? Li Mu Wan knew that in the several thousand years of Huo Fen Country history, the fastest person to have ever reached the peak of the Foundation Building stage was 17 years old, but had taken thirty years to step into the Jie Dan stage. This person was the founder of Huo Fen Country, and the first Yuan Ying cultivator, bringing the Huo Feng Country from Rank 2 to Rank 3.

But based on Wang Lin’s appearance, he was at most only 20 years old. Wanting to form a Jie Dan in a short amount of time was absolutely impossible! Originally, Wang Lin told her that once he had reached the Jie Dan stage, he would send her off. When she had heard this, she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. If she waited patiently for him to reach the Jie Dan stage, she was afraid that he would not succeed after dozens or even a hundred years. A trace of ridicule towards Wang Lin arose in her heart. If he wanted her to stay, he only had to say so. There was no need to make things so unnecessarily complicated.

“Your… Your cultivation has reached a bottleneck?” Li Mu Wan meeting Wang Lin’s eyes, hesitated a bit and then quietly asked. Her soul blood was in his hands. If he asked too much from her, she wouldn’t know what to choose. She had already pondered upon this for a long time. Recently, Wang Lin always had a complicated expression on his face. She couldn’t help but think of the Death Incantation’s strict requirements for frequently absorbing the three Qi. If the requirements weren’t high, then the technique wouldn’t be considered substantial, and it would be easy to reach a bottleneck!. In these several months, he had not touched a woman or killed anyone. Thus, it was likely that he had reached a bottleneck.

Wang Lin didn’t know what Li Mu Wan was thinking. He looked at her in the eye and nodded his head.

Li Mu Wan’s heart dropped. She backed away a few steps as her face turned pale. She struggled for breath and ground her teeth, then bitterly smiled: “You… I only agreed to refine pills. If… I… I won’t do your bidding, even if I die.” Her voice sounded like a mournful whimper.

Wang Lin, astonished, glanced at Li Mu Wan and turned his body towards the skull. He said dully: “Why is the Aquatic Dragon skull this color?”

“The Aquatic Dragon’s body is full of poison, to the point that even its bones are purple. It should not be all that surprising.” She pursed her lips, explaining in a soft voice.

“The whole body is poisonous?” Wang Lin was stunned, and carefully looked at the skull.

“While living, the insides of the Aquatic Dragon are highly toxic. Once it dies, the poison can change the body, turning it into a treasure. An ancient book once said: Alive, the dragon’s body is poisonous; dead, the dragon’s body is a treasure. The dragon poison comes from within the bone marrow, but after it is dead, the bone marrow becomes the treasure.” Li Mu Wan’s voice grew colder and colder, her voice gradually turning dull.

Wang Lin wordlessly stared at the Aquatic Dragon skull. His face was downcast, as he pondered for a moment before muttering to himself: “The entire body is poisonous… if this Aquatic Dragon’s body is highly toxic, then why is it not affected by the toxicity…” A thread of light flashed in his mind. This light came quickly and violently. Just when Wang Lin understood the basics, he immediately became perplexed.

Li Mu Wan coldly sweeped past Wang Lin with her eyes. Seeing that his brows creased tighter and tighter, she couldn’t help but say: “This Aquatic Dragon’s innards are all poison. His blood, bones, flesh, organs, even its saliva contain poison. Naturally, it wouldn’t be affected…”

A thought streaked across his mind, like lightning. This thought became clearer and clear. His eyes glittered as his eyebrows gradually unfolded. The Wang Lin that had not smiled in a long time, suddenly gave a large laugh. He grabbed with his right hand and the Aquatic Dragon skull was immediately taken into the storage bag.

“Since my body has no way of containing the cold Qi, then I’ll just have my entire body become cold Qi. In this way, I’ll naturally be able to bear it.” Wang Lin sucked in his breath. He turned his body and walked with large strides towards Li Mu Wan.

Li Mu Wan’s complexion grew pale as she backed up to the wall. Her body trembled and she smiled in distress. Just as she was about to cut off the blood from her heart, Wang Lin suddenly proclaimed: “The day I reach the Jie Dan stage will be the day I send you back to the Luo He Sect!”

Done talking, he turned around and walked out of the cave without turning back. With a leap, he rushed out like great wave, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Li Mu Wan was completely astonished; her mind was in chaos. All sorts of thoughts sprung up like spring water. Her back slid along the wall until her bottom hit the ground.

Wang Lin launched the Earth Escaping Technique at full strength, his destination: Corpse Valley. Li Mu Wan’s words just a moment ago pushed aside the clouds and mist in his mind. He was now completely confident in uniting the three Cold Dan into one.

Flying at high speeds, he arrived at Corpse Valley after three days. He flew in with ease, as if he had done it many times before, from the first valley to the thirteenth valley. Outside of the thirteenth valley, he held his breath and entered.

Inside the fourteenth valley, the ground was covered in a layer of blue ice. Wang Lin treaded on top. Threads of cold Qi came out from beneath his feet and drilled into his body. Wang Lin hesitated a bit, then suddenly stamped down with his right foot. Using the Earth Escaping Technique, his body slowly sank down.

As he sank down, the Ying Cold Qi grew thicker. After reaching a depth of 320 metres, Wang Lin had no choice but to halt. His body was already frozen stiff. This enormous Earth Grade Ying Cold Qi only allowed him to sink here. If he went down any further, not only his body, but his spirit and divine consciousness would all freeze and then shatter in a flash.

As for how deep the ground of the fourteenth valley was, and what mysteries the bottom level contained, Wang Lin had no time to guess. Carefully monitoring and maintaining his constant heartbeat, he slowly shifted his body into a cross-legged position.

“If my three Cold Dan have not united into one, then I will not leave this valley!” Wang Lin silently said in his heart before closing his eyes.

Spring passed and fall arrived. Time flew by in a flash, and three years passed in an instant.

As for the calamity by the fire beasts in the Huo Fen Country, a Rank 4 Cultivation Country sent three Spirit Forming stage experts, and they took nine days to thoroughly subdue all of the fire beasts. They combined the beasts together and refined them into a mid-grade Spirit level Fire medicine, bringing it back to the Rank 4 Cultivation Country.

The rankings between Spirit Beasts had a rigid hierarchy divided into: Unusual, Spirit, Desolate, Immortal. Each rank was split into Top, Mid, and Low grade.

The Fire Beast sucked in by the Heaven Revolting Bead was a Fire Beast with a half a step into the Desolate rank. Under the ranking, it would be a peak Top Grade Spirit Rank beast.

A peak Top Grade Spirit Rank beast was equivalent to a peak Spirit Forming stage expert. A Mid Grade was equivalent to a peak Yuan Ying stage expert, while a Low Grade was equivalent to a peak Jie Dan stage expert.

That recently deceased Aquatic Dragon was a Mid Grade Spirit Beast.

Although the fire beast calamity was resolved, the Huo Fen Country could not afford to clear up the burning Ling Qi within its borders. They could only patiently wait for time to slowly neutralize the burning Ling Qi.

Their war with Xuan Wu Country continued, but battles with over 100 people rarely occurred. Most of them were small-scale battles consisting of dozens of people. The Huo Fen Alliance stood firm and set up a regime a third of the way, before running out of power to continue forward, thus settling down.

As for the battling between cultivators from the two countries, it first started out as life and death killing, and later developed into a looting ground for disciples. Towards those that died in the initial fights to the death, this was a rather helpless mockery.

Going back to Wang Lin, after sinking down 320 meters in the fourteenth valley, he was like an old monk in meditation. Under the stillness, his heart rate gradually lowered. Consequently, boundless Ji Ying Qi drilled into every position of his body, spreading to his blood and flesh.

The Ji Ying Qi slowly accumulated. After a half year, his four limbs had already turned blue with traces of crystal formation. In this half year, his heart beat a total of 9837543 times. His body had sunk down 576 meters.

Another half year passed, his torso and organs had all been invaded by Ji Ying Qi. Crystals appeared on his four limbs, and his arms and feet had already completely transformed into blue crystals that looked as if they would shatter with a soft hit. In this half year, his total heart beats decreased down to 487659 and his body has sunk down to 2432 meters.

After another half year, the crystal extended down to his four limbs. His arms and legs had completely transformed into crystal, to the extent that the bone could clearly be seen. Crystals began to emerge from his trunk too. His heart beat a total of 3865 that year. His body sunk down to around 4672 meters.

Another half year passed and every part of his body besides his head had turned into topaz. His heart had already frozen, ceasing its beating. At this moment, his body sunk down 11,750 meters.

Two years passed. On the third year, in the middle of the third month, Wang Lin’s head slowly turned into topaz. At this moment, Wang Lin no longer breathed life, reaching the requirements for the Abyssal Ascension Technique: the Abyssal Realm.

His body sunk down to 25,533 meters appearing in a sheet of deep blue space. Countless immense skeletons of Spirit Beasts surrounded him. For unknown reasons, these countless corpses gradually lost their flesh, and became skeletons in the ground filled with Yin, piling up to the point where they resembled a sea.

In the sea of skeletons, without an exception, every skeleton had the color of topaz.

Wang Lin quietly sat in the sea of skeletons for half of a year. In this half year, he used a month to restore his heartbeat, two months to restore his divine consciousness, and three years to sense the three Cold Dan.

Afterwards, the Ancestral Aperture’s Cold Dan and the Qi Ocean’s Cold Dan slowly rammed into each other. The destructive cold Qi once again appeared. Only when compared to the Ji Ying Qi of Wang Lin’s body, this cold Qi was not worth mentioning.

The two Cold Dan fused together with ease, and gradually condensed into a single body.

Immediately following, the fused Cold Dan continued to sink until it reached the Dan Tian. In the time it takes to burn half a stick of incense, the protective layer of the Dan Tian collapsed and completely shattered.

The sinking Cold Dan and the Dan Tian’s Cold Dan hit each other. Cold Qi that was over ten times the previous cold Qi immediately sprung up. The concentration of this cold Qi was extremely high, but was still a little lacking compared to the Ji Ying Qi in Wang Lin’s body. Slowly, these three Cold Dan fused together.

Only its color was not golden, but a kind of lifeless grey.

Wang Lin didn’t know that because of the Heaven Revolting Bead and the birth of the Ji Realm, the Abyssal Ascension Technique he practiced was a bit different. His difficulties could be said to have come from this.

The reason the Abyssal Ascension Technique allowed one to reach the Jie Dan stage quickly was because it was a shortcut. First, the cold Dan was fused into a Dan Pei. Then, with the attack of Ling Qi, the gold Dan is formed, thus entering the Jie Dan stage.

Currently, he had already finished a large portion of it. He only needed to attack it with Ling Qi. Only, the Jie Dan stage was not so easy to reach. This attack was not certain; there still existed a certain rate of failure.

Once the cultivator failed, the Dan Pei would instantly shatter, and he or she could only start over again.


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