Xian Ni Chapter 143


Chapter 143: The Three Cold Dans

Wang Lin slowly made his escape back to the cave, taking a full ten days before he finally arrived. Upon arriving, he cautiously observed the formations outside and once he determined that they had not been breached, leaped out from the ground while pulling the Aquatic Dragon’s corpse and throwing it on the floor.

The ground shook from the corpse’s weight, send out a large noise that startled Li Mu Wan. After receiving Wang Lin’s summons through his Divine Consciousness, she went to the entrance of the cave. Upon seeing the 1000 ft corpse of the Aquatic Dragon her hair stood up straight in shock.

“Will this provide enough bones to finish the Nine-Bones Formation?” Wang Lin asked, still dragging the dragon behind him while walking towards Li Mu Wan.

She nodded blankly as she still had not been able to recollect her thoughts from the initial shock. She had seen an Aquatic Dragon described in ancient scrolls and knew it was comparable in power to a late Yuan Ying stage cultivator. It could only be described as a unique treasure!

Within its head was Aquatic Dan, a natural immortal elixir, that could be improved with a little refining. The Aquatic Dragon’s skin was perfect for the production of defensive armor. Aquatic Bones, Aquatic Jin… all the parts were considered rare treasures. And the most precious of them all was the Aquatic Dragon’s bone marrow!

The refining potential of an Aquatic Dragon’s bone marrow is based on its life span. The older it is, the sparser its bone marrows, but the more effective it is until the bone marrows have all been condensed and the Aquatic Dragon can turn into a real dragon. The bone marrow will also turn into a Dragon Dan.

Dragon Dan. Possessing it has been a dream for cultivators since the ancient times. According to the legends, taking it allows the cultivator to turn into a dragon interchangeably and removes all bottlenecks and constraints on their cultivation!

However, to form a Dragon Dan, the Aquatic Dragon must have lived for over 9.99 million years. But this is nothing more than legends, because until now, no record exists of someone taking a Dragon Dan nor any verification of its effectiveness.

After throwing the dragon’s corpse to Li Mu Wan, Wang Lin ignored her, turning around and entering the cave. This trip, in addition to the Aquatic Dragon corpse, was quite successful, as Wang Lin had learned from Sang Mu Ya that in the Sea of Devils there is a sect named Lian Qi where one can purchase any instrument for refining..

This sect specializing in refining equipment had many shops with the closest one being over 400,000 miles away in Na Dou City. But the price of the refining equipment is often expensive, so Wang Lin pondered his predicament for quite a while. Finally, he abandoned the thought of traveling to Na Dou to buy a furnace since Sang Mu Ya had mentioned the head of Dou Xie sect spent almost half of his LingShi to buy an excellent furnace.

Putting the furnace issue out of his head, Wang Lin intended to retreat into closed-door training until reaching Jie Dan stage since the dragon bones should boost the power of the current nine-bones formation by a large extent; enough to keep them protected.

Inside one of the stone rooms he had carved out, Wang Lin sat cross-legged with a boulder closing the door. From his storage bags shot out more than 30 flying swords and with a flash from his eyes they immediately slashed the ground as one. Within the blink of an eye, a deep hole formed below, into the mountain.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed and a ball of white light appear and started changing color until it turned a light blue. His eyebrows rose slightly before returning to normal. Although the quality of the Cold Yin here could not compare to the that which was in the Corpse Valley, it was enough to form a Cold Dan through the Abyssal Ascension Technique.

With a leap, Wang Lin jumped down the hole into the depths of the mountain. The quality of the Cold Yin was at its limit for the Yin here, only an ordinary level three (Earth Yin). Wang Lin patted the light ball once, dismissing it, before closing his eyes and entering a state of meditation.

Wang Lin resumed his training with the Abyssal Ascension Technique that he had previously done. It had a familiar feeling to it, a dark and cold sensation, as the Cold Yin was sucked into his body making a ‘Shi Shi Shi’ sound.

Time slowly passed, after three days, Wang Lin slowly opened his eyes and the Heaven Revolting Bead appeared in the middle of his forehead. Drops of Cold Yin dew seeped from the surface of the bead and Wang Lin collected each and every drop.

Time flew by and Wang Lin spent everyday training in the Abyssal Ascension Technique. But he did not forget to collect the Cold Yin dew from the Heaven Revolting Bead. Once he collected enough dew, he would spend half his day in the space reversal chamber.

As a result, he progressed quickly and within just a month had condensed two Cold Dan and only needed one more to perform the three Cold Dan integration technique and step into the Jie Dan realm.

This last Cold Dan still needed more time to break through, however, since the previous two Cold Dan’s took Wang Lin a whole year to condense. Fortunately, he already had a base level of cultivation and so a situation where it would take him years to form the third Cold Dan was impossible.

Wang Lin expected that he would be able to form the third Cold Dan within three months, so his mind was calm and not anxious. In addition to absorbing Cold Yin and collecting the dew from the Heaven Revolting Bead he took some time to slowly start raising his captured devil.

He had tried many times before, but the devil could not be directly controlled with his Divine Consciousness. Therefore, he could only create a connection with it by feeding it slowly..

Speaking of the devil, Wang Lin found it very useful. He would feed the remaining traces of souls captured in the Flag of Souls to it. Within this flag were the souls of Sea of Devils cultivators. Most of them died fighting against disciples of the Dou Xie sect. According to Sang Mu Ya’s explanation, they were all sacrificial victims he ruined by fighting and then sealing their souls to gain favor from his Master.

As time slowly passed, most of the souls contained within the Flag of Souls were absorbed by the devil. At last, Wang Lin condensed a thread of Divine Consciousness that connected to the devil.

Even the devil itself didn’t know that there was now a piece of Wang Lin’s Divine Consciousness in its body and with evil intentions, it still secretly looked for a chance to escape.

By now, Wang Lin had been in closed-door training for three months. His third Cold Dan already had its initial form and over the course of the three months he had gone out a few times. Li Mu Wan’s stone room was covered in medical herbs. He had no idea how, but she even went as far as to get soil to plant some Ling grasses. The Ling grasses were also surrounded by a LingShi formation that she had carefully planned, enabling the grasses to absorb as much Qi as they needed and guaranteeing they would grow up to have abundant amounts of Qi.

There was also a small Dan Furnace set in the middle of the room with a dense stack of failed elixirs next to it. Li Mu Wan had been working hard on refining ever since Wang Lin went into seclusion.

Other than the residues that were left piled up on the ground, there were also some Jade strips scattered around. When Li Mu Wan was refining pills, she would sometimes get a burst of inspiration, or some idea of deviating from the original recipe of some pills and hastily get a Jade strip to quickly write it down..

Of the four rooms in the cave, one was used by Wang Lin for his seclusion training. As for the other three, one became an Alchemy laboratory, another became an herb garden, while the final room had been changed into a shower by Li Mu Wan.

The fog within the Sea of Devils causes things to become damp and the cave was no exception. The clothes on her person would often become wet and stick to her body. Li Mu Wan, as a girl, really couldn’t stand this sensation, especially so when her wet body had a sticky feeling. And so with a large amount of effort, she turned the last room into a shower.

The shower was completely ignored by Wang Lin however, since he could just exert a bit of spiritual power and have his body inhale the Cold Qi clinging on his clothes and into his Cold Dans.

As a result of the Aquatic Dragon’s bones, the nine bone formation outside the cave had an increase in power. According to Li Mu Wan, this Nine Bone Formation can no longer be called that, but instead, should be called the Nine Aquatic Dragon Bone Formation.

When activated, the formation would be able to stop a Jie Dan realm expert for several months and even stop a Yuan Ying realm expert for several days. However, there was one point Li Mu Wan was regretful about. If the Aquatic Dragon wasn’t dead, but instead captured alive, the Aquatic Dragon’s soul could be bound to the formation. Then, not could it only stop and trap people, it would also have the ability to attack intruders. For those below the Yuan Ying realm, it would be certain death and even Yuan Ying realm experts would get moderately roughed up by it.

But unfortunately, the soul of an Aquatic Dragon is nearly impossible to acquire, so Li Mu Wan could only dream about it.

As for that Aquatic Dragon, the Dragon Dan from the corpse is now in Li Mu Wan’s hands and ready to be used as a component for her Alchemy. When she obtains a furnace of acceptable quality, she will refine it. The Dragon skin took her nearly a month to carefully remove from the corpse with her flying sword before carefully folding it up for later use.

Apart from those, there is also the Aquatic Dragon’s tendons. These tendons, apart from the bone marrows and Aquatic Dragon Dan, is also the third most valuable part of the dragon. If there was an Expert Refiner around, no matter what kind, it could have been refined and used to support numerous types of cultivation.

What was left over was a small bottle of bone marrow, but because it is too precious, Li Mu Wan was afraid of failing and suffering a great loss even when refining an immortal elixir. So all of these were reluctantly given back to Wang Lin one by one.

While Wang Lin claimed the bone marrow and dragon muscle for himself, he left all the other parts for Li Mu Wan to use at her discretion. With Li Mu Wan’s clever use of skill, she was able to manufacture two sets of armor from the dragon’s skin.

After putting one set on, Wang Lin noticed the other set of armor was made to conform to the female figure. Pondering a little, he threw the other set to Li Mu Wan. She immediately smiled and without a word of thanks put it into her storage bag without trying it on.

There was still plenty of dragon skin left, so Wang Lin put the rest into his storage bag, hoping to exchange it for other materials should the opportunity arise.

In this manner, the entire Aquatic Dragon was turned into various treasures.

Wang Lin, on this day one month later, had finally condensed the third Cold Dan. The three Cold Dan were in his head, his chest, and his abdomen and threads of Cold Yin Qi were circling through the three Dans.

Wang Lin opened his eyes, revealing an excited glint. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Without another word, he began cultivating Cold Yin to his first Dan.

Situ had once explained to him in detail about cultivating with the Abyssal Ascension Technique and the process of uniting all three Dans into one. The process was divided into the initial integration and the deeper integration. If he can complete the initial integration, then it can be counted as him already having a foot in the Jie Dan realm. If he finishes the deeper integration right after the initial one, then he will most likely succeed in breaking through into the Jie Dan realm!

He would need to obtain a high quality furnace to allow Li Mu Wan to refine the Heavenly Li Dan. She only had a half refined Heavenly Li Dan and he wanted to make sure she turned it into a quality finished product.

He was also prepared to use the Devil Blood Vine to refine a defective Heavenly Li Dan.

Previously, he considered the furnaces sold in the city of Nan Dou to be prohibitively expensive. But now, he had some Aquatic Dragon skin that he could probably use to trade for one, and if it still wasn’t enough, Wang Li would do whatever else it took to obtain one. Pondering this, he took another deep breath and resumed fusing the three Cold Dans.


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