Xian Ni Chapter 142 [Snowtime Reupload]


Chapter 142: A Unique Treasure

Wang Lin quickly flew through the Sea of Devils while holding a small flag. This was known as a spirit flag, one that could hold hundreds of souls, but contained just one: Sang Mu Ya. This flag had originally belonged to Sang Mu Ya, but he had never expected it to become the reason for his death.

Through a conversation with Sang Mu Ya, Wang Lin learned that everything within the radius of over a million miles was part of the Sea of Devils. There resided a countless number of sects of various sizes, with the Dou Xie Sect being one of them.

Holding onto the title of the strongest in Dou Xie Sect was Liu Sen, who was also Sang Mu Ya’s Master. He was a peak-middle Jie Dan cultivator, and was regarded as a minor celebrity within the outskirts of the Sea of Devils.

Within the outskirts of the Sea of Devils, resources were scarce and spirit veins were rare. Under normal circumstances, very few cultivators were willing to live on the outskirts of the sea, and most of them resided in the central section of the Sea of Devils.

In addition, Wang Lin had also learned that the outskirts of the Sea of Devils contained very little beast bones. These strong beasts generally lived in the heart of the Sea of Devils and rarely appeared. They usually didn’t travel alone, but even if one did, the cultivators in the outskirts would still be unable to kill it.

As a final piece of information, Wang Lin had learned that within the radius of over a million miles, there were three dangerous valleys, called Corpse Valleys. Within these three valleys were many beast bones, where nearby schools would often go to search for bone materials.

The shocking thing was that, within the Corpse Valley, newly deceased beast corpses would sporadically appear throughout the day. Some of these beasts were even extremely powerful when they were alive, and shouldn’t have had any reason to appear in the outskirts of the Sea of Devils, much less in the Corpse Valley.

While this Corpse Valley was mysterious, as long as one did not enter it, then generally, nothing dangerous would happen.

The Poison Bone Sang Mu Ya had used against his senior was also taken from a mysterious spine beast in a Corpse Valley called Do Ya. After a lot of research, Wang Lin discovered that this Poison Bone was only effective against Foundation Building stage cultivators. The effect would become more diluted as a cultivator’s cultivation deepened.. The effect was almost useless against a late Foundation Building stage expert; needless to say, it would be useless against a Jie Dan stage expert.

Wang Lin’s goal was the Corpse Valley, and he quickly flew to it by following Sang Mu Ya’s directions.

After arriving at the location containing the Corpse Valley, Wang Lin saw a mountain range extending for as far as his eyes could see. These mountains of varying size all had valleys of various sizes between them.

The Corpse Valley was here.

The mist was not as dense here and was slightly pale, impacting his vision slightly; surprisingly, before entering, Wang Lin felt that the Cold Yin Qi radiating from the inside the valley had a vastly different quality compared to that of the outside.

He immediately made a sign with his hands and muttered a chant. Suddenly, a sliver of red light appeared, slowly condensing into a ball of white light. Upon appearing, the white ball of light immediately changed color and finally turned blue.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed without pause, as this was a spell that was specifically designed to check the quality of Yin. Based on the colors of the ball, there were four types of lights. The four types were purple, blue, silver, red, respectively corresponding to the Four Elements of Heaven and Earth.

The ball of light became light blue, indicating that this place had Earth Yin.

Taking a deep breath, Wang Lin pointed forward, causing the ball of light to promptly move forward. Wang Lin leisurely followed, while he observed the ball for any changes in color. At the same time, he looked around for any beast bones.

Within Corpse Valley, Wang Lin’s Divine Consciousness swept through the area, and found a few cultivators. These cultivators were all flying around, looking for beast bones. Whenever they happened to run into each other, they would only nod a greeting, but maintained some distance from one other while continuing to search.

Wang Lin muttered to himself a little. This Corpse Valley did not contain only one valley, but countless valleys of all sizes. And also, the deeper they went, the less cultivators there would be, and therefore there would be more beast bones.

After the ninth valley, the number of animal bones increased to a frightening amount, covering more than half of the valley.

Wang Lin stood on the bones of a huge animal, carefully observing them for a while before dismissing them. He could not feel even the slightest spiritual power from them, and decided they were clearly not from a spirit beast, just from a large animal.

As he headed into the inner valley, the ball of light increased in intensity. He had not seen any other cultivators since the ninth valley, and the animal bones littering the ground continued to increase in number.

Wang Lin paused a little in the ninth valley, carefully observing his surroundings with his Divine Consciousness. He kept getting the feeling that the ninth valley was different from the other valleys, but he couldn’t place his finger on exactly what made it different. However, he felt as if there were numerous eyes watching him the moment he entered, all assembled within this valley.

Wang Lin sneered in his heart and swept out his Divine Consciousness. The gathered watchers immediately dissipated, and the valley was restored to its previously calm state.

Wang Lin muttered to himself, taking his time to evaluate the collection of beast bones he had found after entering the tenth valley. After walking into the thirteenth valley, the light ball made a “pop” sound and split in two.

Wang Lin had an excited look on his face, as he knew that this signified that the quality of the Earth Yin was above the regular quality. The bursts of cold air coming from the fourteenth valley slightly stiffened Wang Lin’s body.

Wang Lin took a look around before releasing a sigh. Although this place was really good for closed-door training, it could be considered as one of the three most dangerous areas in the area, despite how calm the area appeared to be. Since it definitely had its own dangers, Wang Lin didn’t dare to seclude himself here for long periods of time. Even if he found the cave in better condition, he would not risk himself and train in an area that he did not understand, unless as a last resort.

He hesitated a little. Along the way, he had already gathered some beast bones. Although their effects weren’t too great, they should still be able to add some more power to the nine-bones formation.

However, he was somewhat unwilling to just walk away. Looking at the fourteenth valley from here, he could see the fourteenth valley’s general appearance. This fourteenth valley was obviously different from the previous thirteen valleys. Its size alone was practically the size of all the previous ones combined.

Aside from this, the fourteenth valley also gave off a strange aura. There were practically no beast bones or animal bones to be seen. The floor was covered with a layer of blue, gleaming gas. It looked quite mysterious.

Wang Lin looked off in the distance. This fourteenth valley wasn’t really the final destination in the Corpse Valley, at most it was only halfway in. Wang Lin raised his attentiveness a bit, then shook his head, planning on leaving for now.

Just as he was about to leave, he suddenly heard a roar in the distance. Shortly thereafter, an enormous Aquatic Dragon over 1000 feet long suddenly leapt out of the mist.

Wang Lin’s complexion changed and he immediately retreated underground. His foot steps were light, but they were also firm as his Divine Consciousness washed over the area, watching out for the enormous dragon.

With a mere movement from the Aquatic Dragon’s large body, bursts of winds suddenly appeared and within the blink of an eye, it had already crossed the thirteen valleys and arrived at the fourteenth valley.

The large Aquatic Dragon flew past Wang Lin with large drops of blood following it, dripping down from the sky. Wang Lin raised his head and immediately discovered a deep wound on the abdomen of the enormous dragon. The wound itself was a least half the length of the large beast.

Wang Lin looked towards the direction from where the Aquatic Dragon came. All he saw was the trail of blood on the ground that followed it, painting the entire path it flew red.

The Aquatic Dragon stopped above the fourteenth valley, not minding the deep wound on its body. It looked up at the sky with cold eyes, and let loose a loud roar. The second the roar was let loose, ripples formed in the air as violent shock waves of anger. They were like the waves in the sea, tossing and turning through the air.

The bones around the valley all emitted a ‘pa pa’ sound as they turned into ashes one after another by the waves of Qi that continued to radiate from the valley.

Even underground, Wang Lin could feel the tremors from the earth as the ground was shaved by a meter. In his heart, he felt extreme shock at the Aquatic Dragon’s strength. It was probably even stronger than a Yuan Ying level cultivator.

Finally, after the roar that lasted for quite some time, the Aquatic Dragon’s eyes dimmed and within the span of a breath it fell from the sky, crashing head first and smashing through the blue gas and drilling into the ground, as if it were sinking into water.

Wang Lin immediately lept from within the ground and within the blink of an eye rushed into the fourteenth valley. The dragon’s body was only half buried into the ground and so he grabbed the Aquatic Dragon by it’s tail and forcefully pulled it out of the valley floor.

With a few ‘ka ka’ sounds, the Aquatic Dragon was brutally ripped from the ground. Wang Lin’s heart was beating wildly as he grabbed the body and sped out of the valley without another word.

The Aquatic Dragon’s corpse was too heavy; Wang Lin, having to expend all of his internal strength, was barely able to support its weight. He could hear his bones creaking in protest, but compared to the benefits gained from a recently-deceased Aquatic Dragon corpse, Wang Lin ignored the pain.

After wobbly flying out of the valley, Wang Lin saw a gathering of the bone hunting cultivators. Each of them were in a defense position and they looked stunned as they stared at him flying.

The cultivators had long become accustomed to the strange events that may spontaneously occur within the valley. Thus, the moment the huge dragon started flying over they had all retreated into defensive positions and found themselves a sturdy shelter. Even so, some of them were still affected and received severe injuries.

To be able to survive, not only must you possess enough cultivation, you must also have an intelligent mind that is able to quickly respond and adapt to different situations. These people were all ones whom spent all year-round at the valley and scavenged for beast bones as their main source of income.

Because they were people who were year-rounders in the valley, they had seen many different kinds of spirit beasts fly into the valley, but they had never seen anyone who was able to retrieve the corpse of a spirit beast that just died.

This kind of situation, not to say that they had even seen it before, but they hadn’t even heard of it before; not to mention that the man was also carrying the entire corpse of a 1000 foot long Aquatic Dragon.

A complete Aquatic Dragon corpse that wasn’t even rotting yet! At this point, many of the cultivators lost their ability to think rationally as greed shone in their eyes.

Wang Lin could feel many gazes on him, calculating his strength and power. With a cold snort he landed on the ground with the Aquatic Dragon corpse and sank into the earth to escape.

The instant he sank into the earth, he swept out with his Ji Realm. With a flash, all the cultivators collapsed one by one. All of them died without fail since none of them were at the Jie Dan stage, therefore possessing no defence against his power.

The Aquatic Dragon’s body was simply too large. Even though Wang Lin drunk considerable amounts of Ling Qi liquid, he could still only walk back slowly to the cave with the corpse in tow.


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