Xian Ni Chapter 141 [Snowtime Reupload]


Chapter 141: Dou Xie Sect

The murky mist of the Sea of Devils held a hint of Cold Yin. He had only entered the fog just moments ago, but his clothes were already wet from the fog and sticking to his body, making it very uncomfortable.

Wang Lin looked at Li Mu Wan, whose face was originally pale, started turning red and showing a hint of pinkness. Her clothes were also wet from the mist, showing a curvaceous and exquisitely delicate body that was very lovely to look at, as if she came out of a painting.

Wang Lin turned his gaze away, refocusing his attention on finding shelter and not allowing his heart to waver even the slightest bit. Were it not for Li Mu Wan’s ability to refine Heavenly Li Dan pills and make other useful pills, he would have never allowed her to follow him.

The Sea of Devils is a huge basin and after flying into it for so long, Wang Lin had still not reached the bottom. Even so, he was clearly aware that the further downwards into the mist he walked, the heavier the Yin Cold Qi became.

Within the mist appeared some strange creatures, some of which released spiritual power fluctuations. Wang Lin was startled when he sensed them and proceeded cautiously to avoid them; however, he still had a few near misses.

Li Mu Wan had been extremely nervous ever since entering this Sea of Devils. She has heard too many rumors and has no say in the matter regardless. Strength is what gives a person the right to have a say, and she was too weak. This Sea of Devils was home to few women. Once it was known that she was here, without support from someone powerful, she would be stuck in a truly miserable situation.

Prior to the Hou Fen Country’s catastrophe, large numbers of troops were located at the borders of the Sea of Devils year-round. Among them, none were in the infant stages of the Yuan Ying realm since the purpose of their presence was to prevent beings from the Sea of Devils to cross into their country and plunder nearby areas.

Fortunately, the strongest Devils lived near the central area of the Sea of Devils while the weaker ones were in the outer edge. As long as the proper precautions were made, the weaker Devils wouldn’t be able to cause too many problems.

Wang Lin did not know how long he flew before suddenly stopping. Li Mu Wan, who was behind him, did not have as much power as him and nearly collided with his back. Wang Lin, with cold eyes, turned to look into the distant mist and ordered: “Come out.”

Three lanky shadows appeared within the mist, but Wang Lin couldn’t see their appearance in any details due to the thick mist, only that they were three male cultivators. Among them, one spoke out in a piercing voice.

“Imprudent! This territory is within my Dou Xie’s influence! Immediately leave the woman behind you here, otherwise……”

Not even waiting for him to finish speaking, Wang Lin snorted: “So noisy! Die!” On the map introduction it stated that in the Sea of Devils negotiations were unnecessary, only power mattered. He waved his right hand and released his Divine Conscious. Even though the three men were only at Foundation Building Stage, he had murder within his heart.

In an instant, red lightning flashed from his eyes and struck the three men. Their bodies trembled as their eyes filled with confusion, before their souls shattered and they died.

Wang Lin stepped forward and retrieved their storage bags before kicking the three bodies with his foot into the thick mist. Without a glance, he quickly continued forward and advanced within the mist.

Li Mu Wan was horrified as the scene played out in front of her. This was the first time she had seen Wang Lin fight. The other three men were at the same level as herself, but they were not even given the chance to resist the slightest bit before dying in that strange manner.

Her heart was filled with shock. Looking at Wang Lin’s back, she suddenly remembered the story her brother Li Qi Qing had told her. Two weeks ago, more than a thousand people on both sides of the border war had fought over a Xuan Wu Country spiritual vein.

Early on, a very strange thing had happened. All the Foundation Building disciples of the Xuan Wu Country had inexplicably died in the middle of the fight and fell from the skies, one after another.

After she had heard the story, she had thought it just a rumor. If it had just been one or two, she could have believed it, but the Foundation Building stage disciples on the other side was around 200 and almost half of them had died in this mysterious manner. But now, after witnessing that scene of those three Foundation Building stage men die so silently, she could not help but think about what she heard.

She spoke up from behind Wang Lin, and with a trembling voice whispered, “Sen… Senior, what brigade were you assigned to by the Hou Fen Country Alliance?”

Wang Lin, not even turning to look back at her, replied in a cold voice: “Tenth Brigade.”

His words, “Tenth Brigade”, resounded like spring thunder exploding in her ears. She clearly remembered her brother saying the Hou Fen Country’s war party in that battle was the Tenth Brigade. Now she was almost certain that this cold youth standing before her was the one responsible for the large number of deaths of the Foundation Building stage disciples of Xuan Wu Country.

After this realization, any trace of resistance in her heart evaporated immediately for good. Suddenly, a memory flashed through her mind and she remembered the North Luo River and the single book introducing weird techniques and she couldn’t help but blurt out: “What you just used, was it a Death Incantation?”

Wan Lin was startled from the bottom of his heart, but it cannot be told from his face since his facial expression did not show any changes. He stopped and asked: “You know of the Death Incantation?”

Li Mu Wan heard what Wang Lin had said before they died. It took heart and determination to develop the legendary Death Incantation, as it is extremely difficult to develop and practice. The rumored death curse is an ancient magical power which, once made, the practitioner only needed to say “die” while looking at someone, and they would instantly die.

These spells during ancient times were known as devil spells, the most vicious techniques. Rumor says that to practice these spells, you have to gather three types if Qi. The first Qi is the Qi of a female who possess the Yin element in order to use the technique for collecting Yin Qi. Second, the Death Qi which comes from bones that have absorbed Qi and condensed it into Death Qi, which is still Yin, but of another quality. The third is Murderous Qi, which, after killing to a certain degree, the body’s naturally produced Qi will transform into Murderous Qi.

The three Qi’s, after experiencing a near death situation, can be used to master the Death Incantation. However, the practitioner will experience unimaginable pain daily, and face a near-death experience every three years.

After going through so many cycles of the Death Incantation, the Death Incantation is of small benefit, as the chance for death is high, according to calculations, if one continues to practice the Death Incantation, the chance of living is almost zero. Although the power of the Death Incantation is great, it is too vicious and even Devil cultivators rarely practice them.

Upon hearing Wang Lin’s Death Incantation of “Die!”, Li Mu Wan started to tremble while looking at Wang Lin, silently fretting. Li Mu Wan had fear in her heart, causing it to pound in an unstoppable manner.

After going through the Sea of Devils for quite some time, Wang Lin finally sank into a patch of dense fog where the Cold Yin Qi air was rich.

Wang Lin was staring at the ground in thought as he continued descending, before suddenly jumping around in every direction. He finally jumped onto a flat stone and with his right hand summoned a flying sword then immediately threw it at the mountainside above him.

Bursts of metallic scraping sounds could be heard as Wang Lin frowned. The hardness of the mountainside was beyond his expectations and the flying sword had little effect on the mountainside.

He snorted and reached into the storage bag again, summoning over 30 flying swords out. His Ji Realm soul dispersed and covered each of the flying swords. Again, he sent them at the mountainside, bombarding it with flying swords.

In this way, the damage to the mountainside immediately increased and a cave rapidly emerged in the mountainside before their eyes. Li Mu Wan had already become accustomed to Wang Lin’s strange mannerisms, and given that he could develop and use the Death Incantation, was not at all surprised he was able to control more than 30 flying swords at once.

Enough though she knew that to control over 30 flying swords at the same time demanded a lot from a cultivator’s soul.

As time slowly went by, a large cave was dug into the mountainside, and within that cave were four small rooms; it was a simple cave. At this point, Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, and he started repeatedly taking out LingShi from his storage bag arranging them into formations all around the cave.

Li Mu Wan, seeing the formations, had a fearful look in her eyes; however, as she studied the formations, within the fear, a hint of disdain appeared which was immediately hidden.

Nonetheless, that slight disdain was still discovered by Wang Lin. Although he was not always monitoring his surroundings, the Divine Consciousness within Li Mu Wan was never removed. Even if on the way here should Li Mu Wan make sudden movements against him, Wang Lin will never feel a shred of emotion for any women and behead her without hesitation.

Wang Lin, after using the last of the LingShi in his hand, said in a cold voice without turning around. “I intend to stay here for a long time. If someone breaks in, I can walk away, but as for you, you must rely upon yourself for your own survival.” He then turned to look at Li Mu Wan.

Li Mu Wan clenched her jaw and float forward, taking out a small black flag from her storage bag. However, she was still uneased and made successive formations of her own before finally connecting them with the formations Wang Lin previously setted up.

Finishing that, she hesitated for a moment before grinding her teeth and pulling out a large piece of aquamarine-colored beast bone from her storage bag that was cut into smaller segments by a flying sword. Her face showing a concentrated appearance, she did careful calculations on where to put a specific piece of beast bone.

She continued to calculate until all 18 piece of crystal beast bones were placed. By that time, she had already spent three hours. Li Mu Wan’s forehead was full of sweat and her face revealed her exhaustion as she spoke: “Based on my calculations, those formations of yours, have 214 parts but those are merely primary formations and can only stop Foundation Building Stage cultivators from entering. Just now I used beast bones to create a nine-bones formation, but because there isn’t enough beast bones, it can only reveal a third of its power. However, it is still a Jie Dan level formation and can at least obstruct others for an hour.

I only have so many of these crystal animal bones, if you want to make the formation even stronger, I will need more.”

With that said, she tossed a jade strip from her right hand to Wang Lin, containing the method of entering the nine-bones formation. Wang Lin swept it with his soul and carefully read it before crushing it. His eyes on Li Mu Wan, he motioned to her.

Li Mu Wan did not resist and entered the formation. Wang Lin narrowed his eyes at her willful attitude as she went inside.

After safely passing all the way through the formation, they entered the cave. Li Mu Wan took out a small flag from the storage bag and with a gentle flash of light, the formation outside suddenly released a burst of mist that completely hid the cave from the outside.

Within the cave, Wang Lin’s gaze went up and down Li Mu Wan. She paled and took a step back, whispering, “Senior, should I refine a Heavenly Li Dan for you now?”

Wang Lin shook his head, his tone turning heavy, “The pills you refine, I don’t dare to eat them.”

Li Mu Wan’s two eyes immediately reddened, with her head bowed, she didn’t dare to speak and only after a long time did she dare to lift her head, revealing her flower-like face that was about to rain, and she whispered: “Senior, to me, is a person that I have a life-saving debt to pay. What must I do for you to trust me? Please, tell me.” At this moment, her beauty was pressuring.

Against Li Mu Wan’s beauty, Wang Lin remained unmoved. With his demeanor still releasing a cold aura, he calmly explained: “I’m not willing to force someone to do something, so I will not make excessive demands from you. You just have to refine enough Heavenly Li Dan pills for me to sufficiently train and reach the Jie Dan stage. After I become a Jie Dan, I will naturally send you out of the Sea of Devils. However, during this period of time, I need you to hand over the soul of blood to ensure that nothing has been done to the pills.”

Li Mu Wan muttered to herself a little before firmly nodding her head, her right hand lightly touching the space between her eyebrows to extract her soul of blood. After her soul of blood was extracted, she floated it over to Wang Lin.

After this, Wang Lin threw out a number of storage bags, saying: “All the materials are here, you can see what kind of pills you can refine from those.“

Li Mu Wan immediately started to examine the materials and cried out in alarm not long after: “This…… This is Huang Mu Root, Yellow Grass Powder. This…… You even have Fen Jin Root, Tian Ling Grass……” The more she looked, the more fearful she became. Within these storage bags, a good half of the materials were herbs used to make immortal pills. Among them, there were even those that were extinct and therefore could no longer be found in Hou Fen Country. They could only get them every few centuries when their disciplines returned from the foreign battles and bring some with them.

Wang Lin rubbed his chin a few times, before throwing out a dozen more storage bags. These were all the spoils of war he gained. The magic treasures and LingShi were all taken out by him and only these unknown materials were left within them. Now is a good chance for Li Mu Wan to identify them for him.

After all the storage bags were checked out, Li Mu Wan’s face was all smiles, sweeping away all the grief that was formerly on her face and her face was emitting rays of light, a type of excitement. Grabbing all the storage bags, she raised her head and asked: “These things, I can use however I please, right?”

Wang Lin nodded his head, saying: “I only need finished pills. As for what you use during the process, do as you will.”

Li Mu Wan exposed a smile at Wang Lin for the first time. Her smile was beautiful, full of confidence in herself: “Senior, do not worry. I just calculated that with these materials, I can approximately refine cultivation increasing pills of 300 Huang Ling Dan, 50 Poison Escape Dan, and many other effective pills of all kinds and sizes. After I finish refining those, I will introduce Senior with many more, one by one. Senior, among these materials, there is one type that is the most precious. And it is this Devil Blood Vine.” Saying this, she pulled from one of the storage bags an unremarkable looking red vine.

“This Devil Blood Vine is one of the main ingredients needed in the Heavenly Li Dan, and at the same time, the most important material. I have only ever seen this Devil Blood Vine in ancient texts before, so this is my first time seeing the real thing. Regarding that, I have full confidence in refining one Heavenly Li Dan, however, the effects may be a little inferior since without all the other medical herbs, I have to find alternatives to substitute them.

Wang Lin with an ordinary expression, said: “Regarding Alchemy, I’m not going to ask.” He muttered to himself a little and then said: “I’m preparing to go out for a trip for at least three days. I’ll be back by the next halfmoon. Take care of yourself until then.”

Finish his sentence, he was about to leave and Li Mu Wan hesitated for a moment, before promptly speaking: “Senior, when you go out, is it possible to find me a Lian Dan Furnace? The other medical herbs are alright with the furnace I have on my person, but this Heavenly Li Dan, if I were to use a normal furnace, the success rate is only half. In the past, when refining the Heavenly Li Dan, we always used the sect’s Heaven and Earth Furnace to accomplish this……”

Wang Lin’s brows crinkled and swept Li Mu Wan a glance. After a moment of silence he left without saying a word.

Li Mu Wan sighed within her heart. She didn’t want to deceive him, but previously she was afraid that if the truth came out it was very likely that he would instantly leave her behind. But she was already at this point, her soul of blood already handed over. With the low chances of the Heavenly Li Dan being refined, she can’t not say it. Otherwise, if some unforeseen accident happened in the future, she was afraid he would take his fury out on her

After getting out of the cave, Wang Lin identified the directions and looked across the Sea of Devils to locate the mainland of Zhao Country. With his eyes showing an eerie chill, he muttered to himself: “Teng Hua Yuan, I’m about to become a Jie Dan. The day I succeed, is the day I return to Zhao Country and the time where your Teng Family will be massacred. You definitely can’t died early, stay alive, and wait for my return……”

The chill in his eyes was slowly suppressed, and with light footsteps, he continued forward rapidly. The purpose of his trip was to look for beast bones since Li Mu Wan explained to him that the nine-bones formation was lacking beast bones and the only way for the formation to show its full might was for them to add more bones to it. Wang Lin was fully aware that with his Qi nearing the Jie Dan stage, in this Sea of Devils where danger lurked everywhere, they must have a relatively safe dwelling to guarantee that something unexpected doesn’t happen to them.

There was also another reason. The techniques that Wang Lin got from the War Shrine also needed beast skulls to create a reactor. Since both things needed beast skulls, it was killing two birds with one stones and both benefited him. According to the Yu Jade map’s introduction of the Sea of Devils, within the thick fog, there are many spirit beasts. In addition, there are also many skeletons of dead spirit beasts within the seafloor.

But the problem is that these beast skeletons are frequently dug out by people, so even though Wang Lin walked for a long time, he has yet to find even one and with the dense fog, his vision was practically useless. Only with his Divine Consciousness could he look around.

While walking, Wang Lin’s expression declined and he immediately took a step back and saw a dim light that was staggering here and there within the thick mist before piercing through the area where Wang Lin previously stood.

Wang Lin is a person whose cultivation is at the peak of the Foundation Building stage and will soon break into the Jie Dan stage. The cultivator of the sword of light could clearly be seen by him. The man looked to be around 40 years old and is in the early Foundation Building stage. His complexion is purple-black and short of breathe. He was poisoned by something highly toxic that disturbed his spirit power and made it hard for him to control his flying sword.

Not soon after the sword of light flew by, another rainbow streak immediately followed, pursuing the sword of light closely.

Wang Lin’s face took on an odd expression. The one that was so relentlessly chasing after the Foundation Building cultivator was a young, 15 year-old cultivator at the Concentrating Qi stage. With a face as white a jade and two slender eyes, a trace of evil could be seen creeping onto the youth’s face.

Within the hands of the evil youth, was also a segment of black beast bone. The youth was leisurely pursuing and constantly blowing air on the beast bone. Every time he blew onto the beast bones, black vapor would delicately rise from from the bone.

Once this black vapor appear, they would immediately change into thin threads that would rapidly catch up with the Foundation Building cultivator and bury themselves into his body.

“Senior, you’d better run. This Junior of yours want to see how long you can last with sixteen different kinds of poison going through your body.” The evil youth once again turned to his beast bone and blew, before continuing in that feminine voice: “Senior, these sixteen types of poison took a long time to be prepared by this Junior. Otherwise, based on your cultivation, how would this Junior dare to attack you? But now, you can’t get away.”

The middle-aged man clenched his teeth and did not say a word as the flying sword below his feet staggered through the air.

“Senior, you are already very old, why not help this Junior by letting me have your cultivation?” The evil youth said unhurriedly as the distance between them closed a little more.

Wang Lin, with great interest, stared at the beast bone that was held by the youth. His body hidden, he quietly followed and caught up.

In the front, the middle-aged man was fleeing for his life, but after hearing the youth’s words from behind his back, he started to roughly scold the youth without even turning his head: “Sang Mu, you backstabber! If it weren’t for me pleading for your case all those years ago, how would Master, that old man accept you as his discipline? You are doing such malicious thing to your own peers! Are you not afraid that Master will find out?”

The evil youth started to laughed hysterically and said: “Master? Hey hey, Senior, if it weren’t for Master’s approval, how would I dare to brazenly attack you by using the Bone Poison in a sneak attack?”

The middle-aged man started to tremble and sprayed out a mouthful of black blood as his body started to fail, before tumbling off his flying sword. The evil youth coldly snorted and flew within a meter of the middle-age man as he controlled his flying sword to continuously pierce the body before him. This was to make sure he was truly dead before he grabbed the body, preparing to leave.

Suddenly, he stopped. Staring at the dark figure in front of him within the thick fog, cold sweat quickly formed and started dripping from his forehead. When he went to kill Senior, he went all out. The surroundings clearly didn’t have anybody present, but now, there was someone in front of him who seemed to appear out of nowhere. Their cultivation also far exceeded his!

He put down the body and promptly cupped his hands in the sign of respect as well as wiping the evil grin off his face and replacing it with one that was simple and honest. He said respectfully, “This Junior dispatched from Dou Xie, Sang Mu, pays his respect to his Senior. I am unaware that Senior has stopped by, is there anything you need done? This Junior will do his utmost best to fulfill your demands.”

Wang Lin slowly emerged from the dense fog, giving him a cold glance.

The youth’s simple and honest expression, under Wang Lin’s single glance, caused his heart to stir and feel as if his heart had been seen through completely. In his heart, he immediately felt a burst of shock.

This kind of feeling, he only got when facing his Master. But his Master already had half a foot in the Jie Dan stage. Then, could it be that this person standing before him, but looked to only be the same age as him, was already at Fake Jie Dan stage?

The youth’s heart trembled, his demeanor becoming even more respectful.

“Hand over your beast bone.” Wang Lin’s voice was ice-cold and without any hint of emotion.

The more he was like this, the more Sang Mu panicked in his heart. Since he was a child, he had grown up in the Sea of Devils and seen and heard many types of Devil Spells. Although his cultivation wasn’t high, he has a pair of Devil Spell seeing eyes. He knows that those who have high cultivation in Devil Spells, tend to be ruthless and cold. This kind of coldness he has seen many times on other cultivators; however, they were all merely imitations, not true ruthlessness. But this Senior in front of him, this kind of cold and detached feeling, felt as if it could penetrate the soul. But most of all, it was his eyes; chilling him from the bottom of his heart.

He immediately handed over the beast bone in his hand, not daring to show any resistance.


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