PCJ – Chapter 4

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Chapter 04 Battle Spoils

The more the people, the greater the strength, eh, perhaps better to say, the more the ghosts the greater the strength. Zhang Jiaohua and Jinhu, et al, had very quickly tidied up the corncobs fallen everywhere on the ground. It seemed as if nothing had ever happened here. Only on the ground, several kind of objects were left behind. The most obvious was naturally Ma Wulang’s dharma staff. That jingling little bell on top of it attracted Zhang Jiaohua very much. Aside from it, there was a book which seemed like it had been taken out from a salted pickle jar. Zhang Jiaohua opened it to have a look. In preschool he had learned several characters which seemed, to in no way enable him to read this book. Unexpectedly there were several diagrams inside.

Zhang Jiaohua looking at these diagrams seemed to understand, yet not understand. By comparison that compass was quite high-class, at a glance it seemed like a high-end object.

These good things naturally needed to be hidden. Zhang Jiaohua searched the entire house looking for places to stow away. That book was quite easy to hide, just lifted the mat, and squeezed it into the dry straw bedding. After setting it nicely, he looked cautiously to see if it could be seen. The Compass was not small, but it was comparatively easy to hide. In Meizi’ao, for a child at that age, who wouldn’t have several places to stow away treasures? Only that magic staff’s size was too big, it was not easy to hide, if by any chance it were discovered, Zhang Jiaohua reckoned that his own buttocks would blossom like flower. [TLNote: Friendly reminder the ‘Hua’ in his name means Flower]

This magic staff was no doubt domineering. Zhang Jiaohua didn’t dare to take it out and show off in front of other children. Moreover, even if Zhang Jiaohua dared to show off, the village brats wouldn’t give Zhang Jiaohua this chance. What Zhang Jiaohua most interested about was the little bell atop the magic staff. The magic staff was wrapped in brightly coloured rags, and upon lifting it open, a little bell could be seen tied with hemp rope to the dharma staff. The knot was tied really tight. Zhang Jiaohua didn’t have any other option but to go to his mother’s room, and bring out a pair of scissors which she used to make shoes. The scissors cut through the hemp rope, and the bell fell down onto the ground directly. However, Zhang Jiaohua was not careful and his finger was cut by the iron wire being used to fasten the rags cloth wrapped around the dharma staff. Bright red blood immediately began gushing out of his fingertips.

Getting injured, and drawing out blood, for the brats of Meizi’ao was a common occurrence. In Zhang Jiaohua’s eyes there was only the little bell, where would he have the time to pay attention to a little wound. He was disinclined to go wash the blood, and just directly grabbed the little bell on the ground.

At this time, the little bell in the hand became stuck to Zhang Jiaohua’s hand just like all-purpose glue. Moreover, it also seemed as if it was sucking blood. Zhang Jiaohua could feel unbearable pain being transmitted from his fingers. That originally silver-white coloured bell slowly transformed into scarlet red.

There was a small ring on the little bell having five small bells, on which fine and bizarre decorative patterns were being carved. It seemed as if the blood was flowing in the pattern atop the bell. The blood flowing out of Zhang Jiaohua’s finger was unexpectedly flowing in the pattern of the little bell. Very quickly scarlet red blood capillaries completely enveloped the little bell.

Zhang Jiaohua was very afraid, he wanted to throw out the little bell, but actually the little bell appeared as if it was stuck, and he couldn’t throw it out.

“Mother, ah, I am going to die!” Zhang Jiaohua let out out a miserable cry in his heart, but no matter how much he shouted no sound came out.

The five brats also became extremely anxious, but they absolutely couldn’t get near Zhang Jiaohua’s body. So long as they would get even a little bit close, the little bell would let out a humming sound. That hum was extremely subtle, and if one didn’t listen carefully he would be unable to hear. However, to the ears of Jinhu et al., it seemed like a mighty gong, immediately making them confused and disoriented.

After a while, the little bell as if satisfied, finally stopped. Suddenly just like a one KW bulb lighting up, there was a sudden flash, and white sparkling light enveloped Zhang Jiaohua within the white radiance. Zhang Jiaohua sat down on the ground, and began gasping for deep breath. Without thinking, he threw away the little bell in his hand. Who could have imagined that soon after the bell flew out, it would turn in mid-air and return back into Zhang Jiaohua’s hands.

Jinhu et al., didn’t dare get close to Zhang Jiaohua’s body, and could only stretch their necks from afar to ascertain Zhang Jiaohua’s condition. Just a moment ago when Zhang Jiaohua had threw out the bell, the little bell had made ding-dong sounds while in the air. This sound as far as Jinhu and all were concerned, was just like a shock wave, as it struck them fiercely while they flew out.

Jinhu et al., didn’t have any material existence, usually even if they were to be thrown down onto the ground, they wouldn’t feel a thing. However this time, after being impacted by the shockwave, their whole body felt pain, especially an unbearable headache.

“Jiaohua, Jiaohua. Don’t throw it. We are afraid of the sound that this little bell makes.” Mancang repeatedly shouted.

Zhang Jiaohua gawked for a moment, then flicked his hand, and the dinglong sound came again.

Jinhu et al., rolled down on the ground holding their heads in pain.

Zhang Jiaohua seeing the pitiful appearance of Jinhu et al., knew that it was impossible for them to be deceiving him. He quickly went into the room to find an old handkerchief and wrapped it around the bell so that it won’t be able to make any sound.

“Jiaohua!” Zhang Youping shouted loudly in the courtyard.

Zhang Jiaohua’s entire body trembled in fright, he promptly threw out the staff in his hands out through the backdoor. Then very quickly rushed to the courtyard.

“Brat, where had you run off to?”Zhang Youping although appeared to be speaking in a scolding tone, but he actually cared for him in the utmost.

Zhang Jiaohua faked a yawn, “Just now I had accidentally fell asleep.”

“Look, I brought you something nice to eat?” Zhang Youping took out two Huanghua Pears from a bamboo wicker basket, and holding in his hand called out to Zhang Jiaohua.
[TLNote: Huanghua Pears are a type of Common pear http://www.baike.com/wiki/%E9%BB%84%E8%8A%B1%E6%A2%A8%5B%E6%B0%B4%E6%9E%9C%5D%5D

“Ah! Pears.” Zhang Jiaohua immediately rushed forward, and took the two pears into his hands.

Jinhu et al., seeing the pears in Zhang Jiaohua’s hands, couldn’t help but swallow a gulp. However, by this time, they already knew that for them the food aside from being an allure of the past, didn’t have the slightest bit of any other use. They could smell the fragrance of the fruit, they were also able to touch it, but they had no way of putting the pear into their belly. Certainly, they could snatch those two pears and smash them onto Zhang Jiaohua’s head. Only Zhang Jiaohua had put away the little bell in a bag, and they didn’t dare to provoke him.

The fruits in the rural areas aren’t sprayed with insecticides, brats usually eat fruits without ever washing, directly wiping them with clothes, and immediately taking a big bite. Huanghua Pear’s skin was relatively thick, but Zhang Jiaohua didn’t pay any mind. The Huanghua Pear was already ripe, and the rich fruit pulp was sweet as syrup, flowing down the food pipe, it could bring incomparable delight.

“Eat slowly. They all are for you only. Don’t choke.” Zhang Youping let out a smile upon seeing his darling son eating with relish. At this time, he had already forgotten about all the kinds of abnormalities of Zhang Jiaohua. In the eyes of parents, a child or daughter didn’t have any abnormalities, only insufficient love for treasured babies.

“Dad, today a child smuggler came. He wanted to kidnap me. Also described himself as Ma Wulang. Later, it was driven by us.” Zhang Jiaohua mouth was chock full of pear pulp, and his words were somewhat unclear.

“What? You all? Speak quickly, and clearly to Father.” Zhang Youping’s eyes opened wide in fright.

“You don’t know, that fellow didn’t put even the least bit of a fight.” Zhang Jiaohua swallowed down the pear, his belly had already become full. He was reluctant to eat the remaining at this time, so he stowed away the remaining in hiding in home. Brats had an inherent ability to hide things. After having finished with all this, he then clearly told Father about what had occurred earlier.

Zhang Youping’s was frowning deeply. Actually he had already heard while coming, that the person who came was definitely Daoist Priest Ma Wulang. What made Zhang Youping feel surprised was the unexpected ferocity of the Jinhu et al. Although so far hasn’t hurt his precious child, but later who knows whether they will turn out to be a calamity or good fortune?

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