PCJ – Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 Fried Rice and Smell of Meat

Upon hearing the gurgling noises coming from the pot, Zhang Jiaohua stacked up the burnt ashes of the firewood in the stove. The fire had become quite small. Zhang Jiaohua took a pair of chopsticks, opened up the pot, and inserted the chopsticks into the pot a few times. The hot steaming white mist rose up. Zhang Jiaohua really loved the fragance of fried rice.

However, today’s fried rice was unusually appetite provoking. There was actually a fragrance of meat in this fried rice. It was really strange since meat hadn’t been added, how could it have the smell of meat coming from it.

The Rice and Meat Cooking Magic Incantation could actually make the rice be full of a meaty fragrance? This possibility is really high, otherwise who would use this kind of incantation in vain while cooking?

Aiya, it is really fragrant. The stomach is making rumbling noises. Zhang Jiaohua very much wanted to taste a bowl of rice. However, at this time the rice was not properly cooked, it was still half-cooked. He could only cover it back with the lid. By the time, the rice was cooked nicely, Father and Mother returned. Zhang Jiaohua had forgotten about eating the rice in the pot.

“Yi, today’s rice is especially tasty.” The moment Zhang Youping entered from the door, he caught a whiff of the smell. Nowadays, it wasn’t easy to get such a meaty fragrance.

“En, where is the smell of meat coming from?” Liu Qiaoye was also feeling somewhat strange.

Zhang Jiaohua pretended to be unaware, “Could it be that when I cook rice a meat smell would start coming from it?”

“Aiya, seems like since I haven’t eaten meat in a long time, this is causing me to be gluttonous to the point of death.” Zhang Youping let out a laugh.

Liu Qiaoye was still somewhat skeptical, “I was just now asking about the smell of meat. It’s really strange. Where would the money for meat come from?”

Zhang Youping was left speechless, “Wait until I recover fully, I will go to Guangdong to seek work. I hear that for one month’s work, one is able to get about two-three hundred.”

“It is so far away, and we would only be able to meet once in a year. Son won’t be able to see father for an entire year, what good is it? Even though the circumstances of the house are difficult, we are still not in any dire straits. We can still think up a way of doing some enterprise from home.” Liu Qiaoye wasn’t in favour of her husband’s idea.

Thinking about it for a bit, by going to Guangdong, one would be able to spend only a few days with his wife and children. Zhang Youping couldn’t help but also curb his enthusiasm. That year, everyone was poor, but there was no feeling like the poor couldn’t live with their heads raised. Although, there was no money, the lives of each and every household was not painful. At that time, just being able to eat a full meal, not only did anyone feel any suffering, rather they also felt a hint of happiness.

Liu Qiaoye had made a snake gourd soup, and had also fried a wax gourd. Also, just for her child she prepared poached egg. It could be considered a soup with two vegetables. Then she took out a bit of chopped chilli from a jar, and added a bit of beans to the snake gourd soup, elevating the taste to another level.

Zhang Youping gave his son an enamel bowl. This bowl had several places where the paint had worn off. They were all because of it falling while Zhang Jiaohua was eating.

Zhang Youping opened the lid of the pot, a strong meaty fragrance blew out, “Yi, This pot really has fragrance of meat inside. Son, how come, where did you get meat from?”

“Not at all, ah. Where would I get meat from? I cannot have butchered our pig for cooking meat, right? It’s really strange, today I just cooked rice, but smell of meat was coming from it.” Zhang Jiaohua deliberately pretended to be confused.

Liu Qiaoye also came to have a look, “Did you take the rice out of the pot to determine what is the matter?”

However, even after the rice was taken out, the matter still couldn’t be determined. There was not a single trace of meat to be found within it, but there still remained a fragrance that was similar to meat.

“Really strange, there really is no meat, but how come it has the flavour of meat then? I could eat several large bowls of this kind of rice.” Zhang Youping was eating directly from the pot.

“Then you eat rice everyday, in anycase there are enough cereals.” Liu Qiaoye said laughing.

There couldn’t be enough rice to eat in this meal. Even Liu Qiaoye wouldn’t eat so much ordinarily, today she also ate double. Zhang Youping who would ordinarily take two bowls for each meal, today simply ate three bowls. Even though Zhang Jiaohua knew what was going on, but he still instinctively ate double compared to his normal appetite. Finally, all the rice in the pot had been finished by the three people, no rice left to feed the chicken.

Zhang Jiaohua finally understood the purpose of Rice and Meat Cooking Magic Incantation. It could actually make the rice carry the smell of meat, naturally it was able to improve appetite. Resultantly, one would eat to his heart’s content. Don’t know who created this magic incantation. Probably, that Meishan Daoist Priest became gluttonous after not being able to eat meat for a while, and created such a magic incantation.

During lunch time, Liu Qiaoye was at home to prepare food. Naturally, Zhang Jiaohua wouldn’t get the opportunity to use the Cooking Boiled Meat Magic Incantation. Resultantly, the food cooked by Liu Qiaoye had its original natural smell same as before. Where was the smell of meat?

Liu Qiaoye brought her son to the kitchen while pinching his ear, “Honestly tell Mother, what is the reason for the smell of meat coming when you cooked the meal? If you are not honest today, just see how I tidy you up!”

Zhang Jiaohua promptly confessed, “My Master taught me a Rice and Meat Cooking Magic Incantation. When I used this magic incantation when cooking, it bore the smell of meat.”

“Then you quickly use the magic incantation.” Liu Qiaoye was still pondering over that flavour.

Zhang Jiaohua shook his head, “Can’t do, ah. That magic incantation can only be used during cooking. This rice of yours has already been cooked , how can I still cast a magic incantation, ah?”

“Why didn’t you say earlier.” Liu Qiaoye said vexedly.

After having lunch, the entire family was sitting in the courtyard under the cool air of the bayberry tree. At that time, sound of crying could be heard coming from Zhang Shicai’s house.

“It seems like Aunt Jiushen is crying. Could it be that something has happened to Shicai? I’ll go over and have a look.” Zhang Youping frowned, as he had a premonition that something bad had happened.

“You go. Son, you will stay at home with Mother.” Liu Qiaoye’s first thought was of keeping a watch on her son.

“Mother, I’m going to courtyard to play for a while, ok?” Zhang Jiaohua naturally wanted to go over and look at the scene.

“No!” Liu Qiaoye very bluntly decided.

“Mother…….” Zhang Jiaohua again tried his move, while continuously using 360 degrees revolving whining sound, almost melting Liu Qiaoye’s heart.

“No!” Liu Qiaoye glared. I don’t show my power, you forget that I am a tigress.

Zhang Jiaohua remained in stalemate with his Mother for a while, before ultimately realizing that small arms cannot twist the thigh. He dejectedly entered the house.

Zhang Shicai’s situation was far from good. His wound had become inflamed. Even though he had been taking anti-inflammatory injections after being discharged from the hospital, but the farm house environment compared to a hospital is quite different. Moreover, there was lack of proper care, so not even two days after returning, his wounds got infected. His whole body was burning, and he was lying in bed talking nonsense.

“Yinxiu, Yinxiu has returned, ah? I don’t blame you for doing this kind of a thing, but don’t divorce me……”

“Qianlong you bastard, you are really wicked, ah. This father helped you, and almost lost my life, but you ran away just like that, are you even human?”



Zhang Shicai has been repeatedly spouting these things. His consciousness was  becoming increasingly hazy.

“It cannot go on like this. Aunt, immediately prepare to take him to the hospital.” Zhang Youping immediately said upon seeing this scene.

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