PCJ – Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 Rice and Meat Cooking Magic Incantation

As soon as Zhang Youping husband-and-wife heard their son’s voice, they quickly said a few comforting words to Zhang Shicai, and prepared to leave for fear that the others may dislike the presence of their son.

“Shicai, you rest well. We couldn’t bring anything good, our home’s chicken has laid an egg, it would help in nourishing you back to health quickly. It is better not to think too much about some matters. Being alive supersedes everything.” Zhang Youping placed the egg and money onto Shicai’s bedside cupboard.

“Elder Brother Youping, you yourself were also injured. You take these things back and get well yourself. These days, friends and relatives have given a lot of things to me. I won’t be able to finish eating them.” Zhang Shicai wasn’t willing to accept Zhang Youping’s things.

“These are the regards of your sister-in-law and mine. You mustn’t reject them. My injuries are not too severe, and I will restore very quickly. You must remain careful and not infect the wound. Once your body is healed, then your good old days will come by once again.” It was naturally impossible for Zhang Youping to take back the things.

Luo Ximei was taking out candy from a jar in the corner of the room. It was wrapped securely with kraft paper, as the string was untied, several sugary sweets were pulled out. After feeling that a few were left, two more sweets were added before the sweets were once again securely wrapped. Nowadays, candies all come wrapped in this kind of kraft paper. The marketing salesperson all have this unique skill of using kraft paper to package things. The work of wrapping by hand was just like handicraft. Salt, White Sugar, Candy, Biscuit……all these loose goods could be wrapped with kraft paper.

Luo Ximei took the candy and ran outside in pursuit but Zhang Jiaohua had already disappeared long ago. He couldn’t dare to desire Luo Ximei’s things. If his parents came to know that he had followed them secretly, then he would probably be scolded. Therefore, after being discovered by Luo Ximei, Zhang Jiaohua hurriedly ran away.

After running to the distant pine forest, Zhang Jiaohua took a breather.

Zhang Youping husband and wife were both leaving from Zhang Shicai’s house. Luo Ximei was intending on stuffing the candy meant for Zhang Jiaohua into Zhang Youping’s hands and making him take them back to Zhang Jiaohua. Zhang Youping was reluctant to accept.

“Youping, I am giving these candies to Jiaohua, only making you take them to him. If you refuse to take them, then I will run to your house and deliver the candy straight into Jiaohua’s hands. You two shouldn’t be too strict on Jiaohua. I also heard about Jiaohua’s matters. Don’t believe something like that. He’s a good kid, you should ignore what others say about him.” Luo Ximei put the candy into Liu Qiaoye’s pocket.

Luo Ximei’s words very much touched Zhang Youping husband and wife, “In that case, we thank you very much, Aunt. We’ll be going home now”

When Zhang Youping husband and wife returned home, Zhang Jiaohua was looking at the ants going in and out of the cracks in the muddy ground, seemingly very busy.

“Rotten brat, can we not make you honestly stay at home? Why did you follow us in secret?” Liu Qiaoye strived very hard to put on a serious face.

Zhang jiaohua didn’t answer, only laughed a silly laugh at his mother.

“I am not telling you to laugh. Tell mother, will you still disobey in the future?” Liu Qiaoye asked pouting.

“I’ll be obedient in the future.” This sentence, he had spoken don’t know how many times, Zhang Jiaohua had already lost count.

“Nevermind, I won’t argue with you today. Ninth Grandma gave a lot of candies, take them and go eat.” Liu Qiaoye took out the candy from her pocket.

Zhang Jiaohua happily came over, but only took one candy from Liu Qiaoye’s hands, “I want to save the rest for a time when I get a craving again.”

Zhang Jiaohua was learning Daoist techniques every day in his dreams following the Old Daoist Priest. There were all kinds of incantations. Some incantations were quite strange. For example, Zhang Jiaohua last night learnt a Roast Wine Incantation. He didn’t know how it was going to be used, and there was no roast wine in the house also. He even learnt a Rice and Meat Cooking Incantation, and even a Tofu Starch Removal Incantation.

The Tofu Starch Removal Magic’s Incantation was also quite interesting: Respectfully Invite First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth Ancestral Masters, Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, Fortune, Spirit. Disciple reads the incantation silently in his heart, Boiled Beans Braised Beans in the Winnowing Basket, the Beans decay similarly, originally they were all raw, taking advantage of each other too much, impure is just impure, won’t do is just won’t do, starch be turned into fresh water in a basin, Disciple bears the writ, a thousand spirit-spirits, ten thousand spirit-spirits, at that time act as just a spirit, Respectfully request South Dipper, Ursa Major, Respectfully Request Taishan Laozi promptly promptly in accordance with the laws and commands.

Zhang Jiaohua said in his heart, “The mute’s house prepares tofu daily. How about one day on the pretext of preparing tofu, I experiment with this charm to see its effect?”

Almost immediately, this notion was vetoed by Zhang Jiaohua, “If I want this incantation to display its full effect, then need to pace the stars of the Dipper while reading the incantation. Only if the mute’s entire family was blind, otherwise the moment I start, they would definitely be able to see my actions. At that time, if something happened to their Tofu, the number one suspect would definitely be me. Nope, Nope, if Father and Mother came to know about it, they would make my butt bloom like a flower.”

“Oh right, everyday rice has to be cooked. Unfortunately, there is no meat, otherwise, I could have tried the Rice and Meat CookingMagic Incantation.” Zhang Jiaohua having learned so many incantations was naturally itching to try out each and every spell.

Zhang Youping’s wounds recovered quickly without even needing any stitches. They had unexpectedly healed by themselves. Now although he dares not talk about doing any heavy work out of fear of wounds opening up again, however, he was also embarrassed looking at his wife, a lone woman, taking care of the entire farm work. Every time she would go out to do work, he would also follow behind and do the things which were within his capabilities. Otherwise, standing by his wife’s side he would even sing some tunes to alleviate her tiredness.

The villagers made fun of Zhang Youping saying that he wished he could tie his wife to his trousers so he could stay by her side all day. Zhang Youping didn’t pay the least bit of attention to what others said, whenever Zhang Youping heard what they said, he’d merely reply with, “It’d be great if I could!”

When Liu Qiaoye was leaving for washing the rice, she repeatedly warned Zhang Jiaohua who was sitting at the threshold of the sun drying place to remember to light the fire for cooking rice. In the entire Meizi’ao, there were not many watches, and the villagers would mainly rely on experience. The people in the rural areas didn’t need too much accuracy in time. They didn’t have a strong sense of time, and by only requiring a differentiation through approximate times, they would be able to complete their day-to-day tasks in an orderly fashion.

While cooking rice, although there was no meat, Zhang Jiaohua still nevertheless tried out the Rice and Meat Cooking Magic Incantation. After lighting the fire within the kitchen stove, he then read out loud the incantation: The heavens are vast and mighty, the earth is vast and expansive, Disciple bears a command, the rooster doesn’t crow, hens are not able to cluck, the meat in the pot jumps, the rice in the pot soaks, in an instant the fire is extinguished, pouring water is like cold stillness, shout you cannot, just cannot, if someone came to visit, he would get dizzy and his eyes will dim unable to see clearly, Respectfully request South Dipper, Ursa Major, I respectfully request Taishang Laozi promptly promptly in accordance with law and command. An extraordinary finger movement is directed at the iron pot that is being heated up inside the kitchen stove. However, it is not known whether the incantation worked or not. Zhang Jiaohua didn’t uncover the lid to take a look. If the lid was opened at this time, it would be very easy to have the rice remain half-cooked.

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