PCJ – Chapter 20

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Chapter 20 Effect of Daoist Talismanic Water

Zhang Youping’s open wound was not small, but the blood had already stopped flowing. Although making even a little bit of effort, could cause the wound to be pulled open, causing this tough man, Zhang Youping to cry out in pain. Although it was not that serious of an issue, it wasn’t possible to ascertain if the bones had suffered any injury.
“Why don’t we go to the hospital to have a look whether there is a bone injury or not.” Liu Qiaoye said somewhat worriedly.

“Don’t worry. With the situation as of now, I am afraid that walking will only aggravate the wound further.” Zhang Youping shook his head.

“Father ah, my Master taught me how to make Bone-setting Analgesic Water, when we return home I will give you some transformed water to drink, it will definitely make you better.” Zhang Jiaohua said in his youthful and naive voice.

“Good ah. After returning home, Father will drink the transformed water given by son, and after drinking it the pain will go away.” Zhang Youping naturally didn’t think that the things learned by his son in his dreams were going to be useful, but he was gratified anyway.
“Silly child, how would your transformed water be of any use?” Liu Qiaoye shook her head.

“Master said it is useful.” Zhang Jiaohua’s mouth curled upwards, taking the appearance of being very angry.

“Maybe it is useful. A fist-sized stone hit me, its speed also wasn’t slow, whereas I feel that the injury received by me is not especially serious, the blood loss is quite big. I’ve been pondering all along, the condition of the injury is not as serious as I imagined it would be. The words of Son just now, made me recall that when I was going out in the morning, Son had transformed a bowl of Iron Bull Water, saying that it was capable of safeguarding oneself from injuries. Perhaps it is because of that bowl of water that there was such a result.” Zhang Youping suddenly recalled the events of the morning.

Zhang Jiaohua at that time revealed a smiling face, “I have been telling you so, this Water Transformation taught by my Master is really fierce.”

“How can we believe this, this kind of superstitious thing?” Liu Qiaoye somewhat anxiously said.

“This is not superstition!” Zhang Jiaohua was furious, what was the matter with Mother today, always going against her darling son?

Zhang Youping was somewhat weak at the moment, but he was accompanied by his wife and son, his mental condition was quite good, “We’ll go back first, let son try, it’s better than nothing. Qianlong that bastard, just now he was obviously with me when I was hit by a stone, but he even abandoned me here, let alone taking care of me. He is such a stingy person, wanting to obtain something from his hands is very difficult. If son is able to cure my wounds, it would only be saving money. Right, you came from the village, do you know what is Shicai’s situation?”

“I am also not clear, I heard about a dud exploding, and after looking for you for a long time unsuccessfully i became anxious , where would I have the state of mind to go up and ask. However, it seems like Shicai’s situation is not good. Branch Secretary Zhang was calling for a tractor and preparing to deliver him to a hospital. I didn’t go over to have a look, just came directly to Rocky mountain to find you. This fellow, I wanted him to stay and wait at home, but he didn’t listen to even a single word of what I said and kept following me. Heng!” Liu Qiaoye looked maliciously at Zhang Jiaohua.

Zhang Jiaohua was not afraid, as directly hid behind his father and said in a righteous tone, “If it were not for me following you, You wouldn’t have been able to find Dad.”

Zhang Youping couldn’t help but laugh, in his carelessness, opening the wound, a painful expression immediately appeared on his face.

“What happened? The wound opened? Stinking son, still haven’t let your father go? When we get home later i will teach you some manners.” Liu Qiaoye stared at her son hiding behind Zhang Youping.

Zhang Jiaohua kept making comic faces at Liu Qiaoye while sticking out his tongue, simply not knowing the word fear.

“Let it be, let it be. Son also hasn’t done anything wrong. Didn’t he help in looking for me?” Zhang Youping turned into a protective umbrella for his son.

“You are spoiling too much. In the future, when he starts causing trouble, it will be too late for you to regret.” Liu Qiaoye this time stared at her husband.

Zhang Youping brought out Zhang Jiaohua from behind him, “Rotten brat, if you still don’t hurry up and apologise to your Mother, father won’t protect you.”

“Mother.” Zhang Jiaohua shouted out this Mother word quite childishly a few times. This kind of squeamish tone that comes from children’s shouting in their juvenility, can be so pleasant. This is the certain kill technique of brats. After a
display of this move, no matter whether it is tiger father or tiger mother, they aren’t able to resist.

Liu Qiaoye couldn’t help but let out a smile. After the emergence of this smile, the dignity of before vanished all of a sudden without a trace. Zhang Jiaohua while pulling mother’s hand, turned around several times, thoroughly dissolving Liu Qiaoye’s temper.

“Don’t go bother your mother, in any case, you have your father to spoil you.” Liu Qiaoye said while pretending to be angry. This tone also carried strong jealousy.

At last, after reaching home, Zhang Jiaohua impatiently went into the kitchen and took a bowl. He scooped up half-bowl of water from the water jar and then started using the water transformation in the main room.

Don’t think of Zhang Jiaohua as just a child, in ordinary times, he wouldn’t act so earnestly. That way, the earnestness during water transformation made Liu Qiaoye and Zhang Youping feel somewhat strange. There are many requirements as for how to transform the water, firstly, the sound beat must not be even the least bit off, and more, the footwork and incantation have to fit together perfectly. With even an iota of difference, the water that comes out would be of no effect. The method of footwork is within the song of sky pacers, it must also align with some aspects of the celestial bodies. The Incantation must be perfectly matching the beat, after which there is a further requirement of it needing these two sequences of movements to combine with each other at the same place. It is nothing less than difficult. However, Zhang Jiaohua practised countless times is his dreams. He was punished an enormous number of times, and he could already move in this manner by instinct. He didn’t need to meticulously do anything, only needed to complete all movements naturally. They would match up automatically.

Zhang Jiaohua could even feel a kind of mysterious object coming from all directions and entering into the water within the blue-and-white porcelain bowl. This water seemingly in an instant had become full of vitality.

Zhang Jiaohua stopped, and carried the water to his father, “Father, drink a mouthful.”

Zhang Youping drank a mouthful of the water that his son had brought.

“Do you feel anything?” Liu Qiaoye asked anxiously. On one hand, she was finding it hard to accept that the water transformed by her son could have any effect, on the other hand, she was hoping that it would have some effect. The peasant households in the near village have similar situations when the entirety of their familial belongings was taken out, it wouldn’t amount to much money. If one had to go to the hospital, then the family would have to borrow money. Friends and relatives could come for support, but she didn’t want to go and look at other people’s faces.

“How can it be so quick?” Zhang Youping let out a smile, but his complexion soon changed, as an expression of pleasant surprise emerged, “I no longer seem to be feeling any pain.”

“Are you telling me the truth?” Liu Qiaoye suspected that her husband was deceiving her to make her feel happy.

“Truly! I am not deceiving you. I’m really no longer feeling pain.” Zhang Youping got up and made a few movements. Unexpectedly, he could feel only a dull ache from the wound. That bowl of water transformed by his son was really effective.

“I told you my transformed water was effective. Just like my master told me.” Zhang Jiaohua said happily.

Liu Qiaoye said joyfully, “Didn’t expect that it would be effective.”

“Yes, it seems like we won’t be needing to go to Hospital and waste money. First let’s wait for two days before coming to any conclusions, in any case, I’m no longer feeling any pain.” Zhang Youping also hated to waste money. In these two years, with great difficult, he had paid off the money borrowed for construction of his house. Zhang Youping felt that if he were to go borrow money again, it would be like throwing away all his face.

“Wouldn’t it better to go to Hospital for a checkup? So we can feel a little more relieved Liu Qiaoye thought that going to the hospital was a reasonable response.

“No need, no need. I believe in our son’s abilities.” Zhang Youping embraced his son and gave him a kiss.

“Quick, Quickly put him down, don’t pull open your wound.” Liu Qiaoye promptly said.

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