PCJ – Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 The Ordinary Can Also Carry A Pleasant Surprise

Since Zhang Jiaohua had been getting sleepy much earlier recently and had been going to sleep early every night, his Mother had already prepared hot water in advance. Pouring it into a wooden basin, then adding some cold water, and using the hand to test it a few times, before letting Zhang Jiaohua take a bath.

There was no kind of bath articles in the house, Zhang Jiaohua’s family had bought one shampoo that looked like toothpaste. It was mainly used by his Mother, Zhang Jiaohua would also squeeze it out sometimes for novelty, mainly to smell the fragrance of the shampoo. Certainly, the foaming effect of the shampoo was good. Zhang Jiaohua had one time squeezed out a lot of it to under the water to blow bubbles. That time, he was beaten very thoroughly by his Mother leaving a profound memory on his buttocks.

The bath towel was pulled horizontally and vertically, the water on the body was more or less wiped off. Zhang Jiaohua had more or less finished taking a bath, after which the bath towel was wrung dry with great force, before casually coming out from the basin.

Zhang Youping fished out some candy from his pockets after coming back. Zhang Youping had deliberately put these into his bag during the afternoon break. The work involved in house construction was very heavy labour so, apart from the meal times, during noon’s blistering heat generally the labourers would take a break. At this time, the host family would put out some refreshments. The helpers would distribute the snacks on the table. Just like Zhang Youping, they would take the left-over candy home for their children at home. In this day and age, the villagers had plenty of energy, but no way to make money. Luxury items such as candy would only be reluctantly bought only during the new year’s holidays time, or only during serious occasions such as when their house is under construction, or a banquet is being laid out, etc, at which point they would buy these things.

As far as children were concerned, they loved sweetness just like they had expectations from the future, they were fine like that.

Zhang Youping had taken out the candy from his pocket, waiting for the moment when he reached home to give his son a pleasant surprise. The life of a peasant family was very dull, moments of joy like this always required meticulous preparation.

After Zhang Jiaohua came out from the bath, he was greeted with the unexpected surprise. Zhang Jiaohua was reluctant to eat these several candies in one time. He just peeled the wrapping from one and put it in his mouth. He didn’t chew just so he could make the happy stimulation last a bit longer on his taste buds. The remaining few he gave to his mother for putting away to be taken out for satisfying his craving at another time. How the village brats had learnt to meticulously plan and carefully account for their extremely deficient resources since childhood.

Zhang Youping looked very mature, but actually, his age was only 28 years. Liu Qiaoye had also adapted to the role of housewife, managing the internal and external affairs of the house. She was aged only 25 years. At the time of marriage, Zhang Youping was aged 21 years, and Liu Qiaoye was aged 18 years.

Zhang Youping after returning home set off at once to the well carrying water buckets so as to bring back two bucket-loads of water for filling up the water jar. Then began tidying up the corn sticks and soybeans in the grain drying area together with his wife.

“Were the grains removed completely?” Zhang Youping was very surprised. He did not expect this efficiency from his wife at all.

“Yes. Son helped me a lot.” Liu Qiaoye said smiling happily.

“You should take it easy a bit, don’t overexert yourself. When Qianlong’s job is finished, I will complete these tasks after coming back.” Zhang Youping felt sorry somewhat seeing her wife, a lone woman doing such arduous farm work.

“It’s okay. Oh right, today Son caught a pheasant while letting out the cattle. We had prepared it for dinner.” Liu Qiaoye’s main regret was that her husband had been out during the day doing such heavy labour.

“No need. I have just come back from eating dinner at Qianlong’s house. The dishes prepared at Qianlong’s house were also good. I have eaten two large bowls. Son still has a growing body, we should let him eat a bit more. You also eat a bit more. The pheasant was done in by Son, you eat with Son.” Zhang Youping was still brooding over the events that had taken place the last time at the old house.

“Why are Father-Mother also not right, they are also Elders, you shouldn’t bother about them. The pheasant’s meat wasn’t sent over, I am afraid that they wouldn’t be too happy with a wild thing’s meat.” Liu Qiaoye wanted to make her son eat actually.

“Wife, you are too good. I am seeing that the situation is getting better and better. When Qianlong’s work is finished, I will go to Guangdong to find work. So long as I work hard, our lives also become better day by day. Later, I will let you and son have meat to eat daily.” Hearing his wife say such magnanimous words, Zhang Youping was also very much affected.

“It is good even now also. No shortage of food, no shortage of clothes. Although the days have much hardship, but as long as the whole family is living together amiably, what is a bit of hardship?” Liu Qiaoye leant slightly onto her husband.

“Where is Son?” Zhang Youping also felt a sexual urge, but he still diffidently glanced around a bit in the house.

“He’s just taken a bath, he’s probably gone to sleep. Son has been having a lot of dreams recently, he would have strange dreams every day. These days he talks about an Old Daoist Priest teaching, who also beats him with a plank. You tell me if this matter is strange?” Liu Qiaoye stood up and walked towards her son’s room.

Zhang Jiaohua was leaning over onto the bed, one foot was on the bed, one foot was still on the ground, he had unexpectedly fallen asleep before he could fully crawl onto the bed.

Liu Qiaoye looking at the sleeping posture of her son, couldn’t help but let out a smile. Zhang Youping also came walking, they both looked at each other and smiled.

Liu Qiaoye embraced her son and then gently placed him onto the bed, and then walked out from the room. Suddenly, she was swept away from her feet into an embrace by her husband. Liu Qiaoye could naturally understand her husband’s intent, her complexion went a bit red, as she hid her head in her husband’s broad bosom.

Zhang Youping carrying her wife directly entered the room through the door.

“Lamp is still on.” Liu Qiaoye only spoke with a soft voice.

“Pata”, the light went black.

In the calm mountain village, only the melodious voice of the nightingale could be heard. Under the gloomy starlight, one could see the beautiful reflection of the Meizi Mountain, babbling noises could be vaguely heard coming from the stream at the dusky foothills of the mountain.

Zhang Jiaohua faced an arduous task today after entering into the dream. The tasks given by the Old Daoist Priest were getting more and more difficult. Last night, he only had to transcribe one Daoist technique, tonight he had to transcribe several of them. Moreover, he was required to be able to recite it verbatim. Later he would have to write them in entirety without being able to set the pen aside. Each character had an aesthetic.

Zhang Jiaohua thought that Old Daoist Priest’s punishment ruler was absolutely strong as iron, even after hitting so many times it didn’t break. This Old Daoist Priest is definitely the incarnation of Yama, he is really that fierce when he starts beating. Scolding the old fart several times was not capable of eliminating the pain in Zhang Jiaohua’s hands. [TLNote: Yama = King of Hell]

Bone-setting Analgesic Water’s Second set incantation: Respectfully request Great Law Lord Huatuo, wear golden armour, wielding golden sword, demon-exorcising Lord saviour display your prestige, reveal your great power through the void. Perennial resident of Jade Emperor’s Mountain cave mansion, Zhang Shi gave birth; Forty-seventh year, Month of Xu, Wushen Day, in the fifth earthly branch, gave birth to Hua Tuo. Benevolent Man, Benevolent Woman, come both please, set bones, manifest great spirit. Setting bone, use a bowl of cold water, manifest great spirit. I beseech Taishang Hua Tuo, anxiously anxiously like command of the law.

Third Set: Respectfully invite Founder Black Heavenly Emperor living here, possessing great magical power manifest great spirit. Forty-seventh year, Bingzi Month, Wushen day, time of 10th earthly branch, gave birth to Founding Ancestor. Move Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, wielding a sword behead demonic spirits. Sprinkle divine water, spray a mouthful of water, and simultaneously enter the pain. Spray the second mouthful of water, connect the skin, set bones, Founder flows down into the blood. I respectfully North Black Heavenly Emperor Founder, anxiously anxiously as if law.

Fourth Set: Respectfully request Gold broken Immortal Master, Silver broken Immortal master, Copper broken Immortal master, Iron broken Immortal master, Skin broken immortal master, Skin breaks Skin joins, Bone breaks Bone Joins, If still hasn’t connected, the Founder speak personally, if still hasn’t connected, Founder circulate his voice personally. Disciple prohibits the pain in the bones, prohibits the pain in the muscles, prohibits the pain in the flesh if still hasn’t stopped aching, Founder personally transmit order. I beseech Taishang Hua Tuo, anxiously anxiously like command of the law.

Although they were all similarly Bone-setting Analgesic Water, but their functions were not at all similar to the first set of incantation. The first set decreased swelling, reduced fever, relieved pain. But the second set manifested great spirit for setting bones. Third set was for stopping all kinds of pain and was good for healing joined bones. The fourth set acted as Bone connecting analgesic.

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