MDL – Chapter 57

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Chapter 57 Wushu Class

Expecting me, an eight-year-old-child to make the decision, could I really do it?

However, I truly could not decide. Such a big scene frightened and overwhelmed me. I broke into a run immediately, and all those people who had come to become apprentices could only look on with blank expressions. All types of families had come with all kinds of methods to make me obediently take their child as apprentices. However, they couldn’t use those methods in time as I didn’t follow the rules of the game leaving their methods being rendered ineffective

“Second Brother, what do you say. So many families have come, how should we deal with this matter?” Grandpa Liu was looking at Grandpa with a depressed face.

“This matter, this matter, firstly everyone should calm down. Yangyang is still a kid after all. Do you want to scare him by doing all this? Anyways, there is still some time left for the summer vacation. It would be better to wait for the school to reopen and discuss with Headmaster Han on this issue. Headmaster Han is very capable, he would surely be able to find a way.” Grandpa’s plan was to delay by all possible means.

The villagers also felt that Grandpa’s words made sense, moreover I had used the “If everything else fails, retreat” stratagem of the Thirty-Six Stratagems. They also had no way of catching me. So, they could only agree to Grandpa’s approach.

Grandpa originally thought that with the matter being dragged like this and with the passage of time, the villagers would forget about it. However, he didn’t anticipate that the villagers’ desire to see their children turn into dragons was so strong.

The delightful summer vacations began. I was now being constantly followed by three tag-alongs. Li Lijuan would also come running to my home every day. No matter what I did, she would always follow. This made Huang Shulang and Ma Jindong exceptionally dissatisfied.

“The one who at that time in class had laid accusations against Master and complained to Teacher Lin, causing Master to suffer scolding, now has the gall to come become an apprentice to Master.” Huang Shulang said.

“At that time, it was Huang Mingge who had complained not me.” Li Lijuan’s mouth could match the two of Huang Shulang and Ma Jindong.

Whenever Ma Jindong got nervous, his chronic stammering would start acting up: “Ming……Ming comp…..complained due…..due to you crying……crying incessantly causing…..causing Master to receive a scolding. Yet you… still don’t admit it.”

“What are you quarrelling about? You’re going to vex me to death!” I knocked Ma Jindong on the head, “You two, take her along and go to the Dama Riverbank to pick up pebbles.”

“Picking up pebbles again?” Huang Shulang had a sullen expression on his face.

“In the future, whenever a new apprentice arrives, you would have to do this much.” A strong approach was required.

Even though Li Lijuan was a girl, but in terms of being able to endure hardship, she was even more capable than Huang Shulang and Ma Jindong. Even though on the first day they had to run so far, coupled with Huang Shulang and Ma Jindong deliberately making things difficult for her by running faster compared to their usual, but Li Lijuan clenched her teeth and persevered.

By the time the summer vacation was almost over, Li Lijuan could already run even faster than Huang Shulang and Ma Jindong. What surprised me, even more, was that Li Lijuan could learn things faster than Huang Shulang and Ma Jindong. Within the span of this summer vacation, the  Xing Yi Quan Five Fists Technique had been practised by her to the point of knowing it by heart.

Every time that I would use the Primordial Qi to quench them, Li Lijuan would absorb it incessantly like a sponge. I was somewhat worried that she would even suck me dry. Truly a White Bone Spirit. [TLNote: 1) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) , 2)

The summer vacation flew by and the new term was approaching. Just before the start of the term, Teacher Lin had called me to inform that she was preparing to take the exam for Post-Graduate Student, so she would not be able to come to Ba Jiao Primary School. Even though I had prepared myself mentally for this a long time ago, I still turned into a crying mess. Even though I didn’t want to act like a snivelling man, but I truly couldn’t bear it. Teacher Lin was also crying over the phone. She told me that she missed me, but she wanted me to grow up a bit faster.

On the day of registration, after I handed over the miscellaneous school fees, I thought of returning home. There were many mouths waiting in the house needing to be fed. Nowadays, every day I had to throw grass to the fish, let out the bull, feed the pigs, feed the chickens, ducks and geese. There was a big pile of tasks to be completed every day. My father and mother had taken away all the money, but I was still desirous of constructing a new home. Almost all the people in the vicinity which required treatment for their legs treated had been treated. Only one or two people would come from far away seeking treatment. Ba Jiao Village was too remote. Even if someone heard of me, he would find it difficult to find this place. My wish of earning tens of thousands once again would be extremely difficult.

Even those poultry and livestock were bringing in limited income, but it was also my most stable source of income. Naturally, I wouldn’t abandon it.

However, before I could even reach the school gate, Headmaster Han had someone stop me. The person who stopped me was my new class-teacher Ma Baoyi. After Teacher Lin left, Ma Baoyi had become our new class-teacher.

“Huang Jingyang, Headmaster Han wants you for something. Quickly go to Headmaster Han’s office.” Ma Baoyi was very young. The students in the class were already beginning to adapt to this young male teacher. However, as far as I was concerned, it was not that easy.

“I really have a lot of troublesome matters to deal with.” I was worried about delaying the matters at home and was somewhat dissatisfied towards Mister Han’s summons.

Ma Baoyi was somewhat dissatisfied with my attitude: “You this child, what is the manner in which you are talking? The headmaster is calling for you and you still haven’t left yet?”

Mister Han upon noticing my arrival immediately welcomed me quite cordially: “Yangyang, come come, I was looking for you for a little matter.”

“Headmaster Han, what is the matter? I also have a lot of troublesome matters at home.” I said somewhat impatiently.

“No need to get anxious, no need to get anxious. I know that you are helping your Grandpa handle a lot of matters at home which is quite great, however, I was looking for you today for a little matter. The people in the village believe that you are able to raise apprentices quite nicely. You see, Students Huang Shulang and Ma Jindong, were very bad students but now their results are a lot better than before. Now a lot of parents are looking for me wanting their children to also be able to follow you just like Huang Shulang and Ma Jindong. I said that nowadays it is a commercial society, I cannot let you work for free. For each person, per semester, a hundred kuai would be handed directly into your hands. This is just me pulling some strings, but the school will also be helping you out with some things. Our Ba Jiao Elementary School is a Rural Elementary School with limited faculty strength. Apart from the specialised faculties for the core subjects language and mathematics, there are no professional teachers for the other courses. For instance, PE, we never had a professional PE teacher. This year the school district has asked every school to engage in extra-curricular activities. We also want to do it but are unable to do it. I was thinking whether or not you would be able to come teach Wushu. I think that you had taught Huang Shulang and Ma Jindong quite well. If we are able to implement it, it would become one of the distinguishing characteristics of our Ba Jiao Elementary School.” The long monologue of Headmaster Han truly did fell into my ears, but the only thing that remained was ‘100 Kuai per person per semester’.

Ba Jiao Elementary School had more than 200 people or so altogether. Each person for one semester amounted to 100 kuai. One year would be 200 kuai, and more than 200 people would amount to around 40,000 to 50,000 per annum. Although it wasn’t as much as received from treating people, but this was a steady stream of income which was extremely stable.

“A Hundred Kuai each?” I intended to confirm it first.

Headmaster Han couldn’t help but let out a laugh. Seeing an eight-year-old child revealing the characteristics of a little money grubber could make anyone feel amused.

“A hundred kuai each, however since some families in the village are quite poor, I hope that you could reduce their fees a bit. Certainly, this would be your decision to make. Moreover, there would be some guardians who would not be interested in this. This would also be the choice of the respective parents. Therefore it is possible that not every student in the school would take you as Master.” Headmaster Han had lived in and was himself was a person of the village, and with regard to the matters of the village, he was also very clear.

Regardless of anything, it would be impossible for me to decline such a good thing. Therefore, I didn’t even decline out of courtesy, and directly gave my assent to it.

Seeing me agree to it, Headmaster Han also let out a smile.

In order to avoid suspicion, the school didn’t intervene at all in the matter of collection of money. All those people who wanted to register names and pay the money were ignored by the school. The parents were directly sent to look for me by Headmaster Han. Ultimately, there were a hundred or so who paid the money. Even the families of Huang Shulang and Ma Jindong paid the money along with the arrears of previous semester.

Huang Kui said that for everything there should be rules. Without rules, success cannot be achieved. Since, now everyone was paying tuition per semester, then they also should pay tuition. The circumstances of Li Lijuan’s family were a bit difficult and they used their next time’s eggs as a mortgage.

In this manner, every day during the interval time, I would lead the school’s students to practice Wushu. They were indeed practising the Great Ancestor Longfist. After school got over in the afternoon, I would lead the kids who had paid tuition to practice Wushu. The bodies of those students would be quenched and tempered in turns. Li Lijuan was responsible for teaching these students Xing Yi Quan Five Fists.

Completing the quenching for more than a hundred students was not an easy thing. Quenching twenty people every single day would make me feel exhausted. By the time I return home, I would usually be drenched in sweat. Grandpa would also feel a bit aching in his heart upon seeing me, knowing that I was trying to build a new house as quickly as possible causing me to work so desperately to earn money.

There was a time when I would look back on this period and think what if at that time I had concentrated on my latent cultivation, could I have laid a more solid foundation? However, if at this time I hadn’t undergone that sharpening on that whetstone, how could my Dao Heart have become so rock-solid?

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