MDL – Chapter 50

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Chapter 50  Rain

“Teacher Lin, this man stole our fish, and even fought with us.” Huang Shulang immediately complained.

Ma Jindong also promptly reported to Teacher: “This baldy doesn’t even look good. Especially bullies our children.”

“Let it be, Let it be, everyone go back.” As Teacher Lin spoke, Ba Jiao Village people all dispersed.

Huang Shulang and Ma Jindong stopped attacking, the baldy Luo Kai was also finally able to crawl out from the river. He had been hit black and blue, his whole body was covered in sludge, and he looked like a clay figurine. However, I saw him looking hatefully at Huang Shulang and Ma Jindong, even at Teacher Lin.

As I walked towards the direction of Teacher Lin and the rest, I deliberately stumbled, and with my foot kicked a pebble that Huang Shulang had been about to throw.


The pebble unexpectedly issued a whistling sound.


The pitiful baldy Luo Kai with great difficulty had managed to come ashore, but in the end, he was accurately struck on the forehead. Luo Kai let out a pitiful scream, his grip loosened, and he fell down into the sludge.

“Huang Jingyang!” Teacher Lin turned her head to stare at me.

“Teacher Lin, I didn’t do it intentionally.” I naturally had to pretend to be innocent. A child who cannot act is not a good child. Who said that I such a big child cannot throw a tantrum?

“I will sort you out once we return.” Teacher Llin was not so easily deceived. The main reason was that this kick of mine was too accurate.

I don’t regret it, some things need to be dealt at the same time. I just like a child from any family, also didn’t need to move according to some ten years not too late. Children’s grudges don’t pass the night. [TLNote: Fairly well known idiom, that Ten years isn’t too late for a Gentleman’s revenge]

Teacher Lin through this affair, felt that our temperament was somewhat ruthless, and in the future it wouldn’t do us any good. Although that baldy was not a good person, but she believed that using violence to curb violence was not something that a child of the first grade should do.

I couldn’t understand why Teacher Lin was so nervous. As far as I, a child, was concerned, whatever was done didn’t manage to come out at a loss. Today’s matter was very good. We also didn’t suffer any loss.

“Huang Jingyang, what are you learning kungfu for?” At night, Teacher Lin asked earnestly while she was sitting in front of me.

Did I, a child studying in the first grade of primary school, have a need to consider such an abstruse issue?

However, since Teacher Lin has asked me this question, I would have to think it over well. If children of my age were to have their say, wasn’t kungfu practiced for the sake of acting as a chivalrous hero? Jumping fences and mounting roofs like the chivalrous heroes from Wuxia TV serials, wasn’t this kind of life so exciting?

“With Martial arts, I can act as chivalrous hero. Nobody would dare bully me. Whoever bullies me, I will beat him up.” I said after serious consideration. After speaking I looked up to see Teacher Lin.

“Acting as a Chivalrous hero is a fine thing indeed. However, do you know who is a chivalrous hero?” Teacher Lin asked further.

Who is a Chivalrous hero? Isn’t it simple?

“Chivalrous hero excels in martial arts, is able to jump fences and mount roofs, wipes out bullies, and helps the downtrodden, he is chivalrous.” I said.

“En. However, this is not a chivalrous person, it could at best be considered only a capable gentleman. The greatness of the hero, lies in acting for the country, acting for the people. If you practice martial arts merely to rebuff attempts of bullying, in order to show off your own strength, then you have made a mistake. You’ve become no more than a militant person, rather than a chivalrous hero. A chivalrous hero first seeks to make a clear distinction between right and wrong. He understands righteousness……”

These words of Teacher Lin only left me puzzled, were these profound words really suitable for a child like me?

“Teacher Lin, what you say really makes sense, next time I will bring Huang Shulang and Ma Jindong, you will teach us all right?” I asked.

Teacher Lin couldn’t do anything about me, because she remembered that I was still a first grade elementary student.

In the ensuing several days, Teacher Lin also didn’t have the mood to come teach me. The drought in the village was like a raging fire. The cereal crops after drying rapidly were catching fire. I could even a trace of blazing aura in the atmosphere. The violent Primordial Qi was rampaging unrestrained between the heaven and earth.

I didn’t have the means to change all of this. The village people had tried all possible means to avert disaster, but even the big rivers had been drained of the river water. Nothing could be done to save all of the farmland.

Don’t even talk of rain, in the entire blue sky there was no trace of clouds. In that era, the blue sky was still of no value. The village people were only hoping for it to hurry up and rain.

These few days, Teacher Lin’s words were echoing in my mind. Chivalrous hero, ah. A brat couldn’t refuse that high degree.

I thought that if I was able to make rain pour down from the heavens, then I would be able to become a chivalrous hero.

So, I rushed to my courtyard, and using the free-of-cost primordial qi condensed an oracle bone script 水 (Water) character. The 水 character had been recorded by the ancient shamans as the pattern for rain. This image wasn’t been created by shamans, but rather discovered by them. The fissures in tortoiseshell were capable of foretelling good and bad-luck, and were also capable of predicting rain or shine. The character of Oracle Bone Inscription and Astrology set into motion, had some mysterious connection with the evolution of the Heaven and Earth.

As Primordial Qi 水 characters condensed out one by one, the atmosphere could be felt becoming more moist. I was capable of feeling the worldly rain-water converging. However, when I activated the 雨 (Rain) character, the expected rain didn’t come. Only, enough water to fill a washbasin had condensed on top of my head. When I looked up, I was stunned for a moment causing the water ball to go out of control all of a sudden. It fell down on my head and I became wet from head to toe.

I found it hard to understand this outcome somewhat. The strength of Oracle Bone Script was several times higher than Seal Script when Primordial Qi is used to condense. However, the outcome this time was completely different from the expectation. The Oracle Bone Script’s Primordial Qi 雨 (Rain) character seemed to have even lesser power than Seal Script.

I didn’t believe in unhealthy influences. One by one I kept release Primordial Qi 雨 (Rain) character. The result was that the whole courtyard became muddy, and the Primordial Qi within my body was used up completely.

Teacher Lin was also shocked to see the state of the courtyard when she returned home.

“Huang Jingyang, why do you not understand importance of water, ah. You wasted it all in the courtyard for nothing. Right now the entire Qiushan County is facing severe drought, and you are still wasting precious water resources.”

I remained silent. My immature young soul had received a huge blow. I had wanted to become the hero of the entire county, only to discover myself as a good-for-nothing brat. I couldn’t adapt to this disparity between dreams and reality.

Teacher Lin was busy these days offering advice to village people, but the drought was too serious. Any human wisdom turned out to be so feeble and worthless in front of disaster. The County had already decided to fix accountability of the officials of the Water Conservancy Bureau and cadres responsible of the reservoir, but it was already useless.

When everyone were despairing somewhat, the branches on the old camphor trees located at the entrance of Ba Jiao village began swaying. The wind was rising! Everyone felt that it was going to rain.

After these several days, I finally managed to recover the Primordial Qi I had lost that day. I felt the aura of Azure Primordial Qi in the air. Suddenly there appeared a flash in my mind. On that day, when I condensed Oracle Bone Script Primordial Qi 水 (Water) character, it was not that the power was too low, rather there was not enough Water Primordial Qi. It was just like a match, without the kitchen stove being stuffed with firewood, how could the match ignite a fire inside the stove?

The clouds were getting thicker, the weather was getting darker and darker. The rain was showing no signs of falling.

“Heavens, let it rain, ah! Let it rain a bit, perhaps the seedlings in the field might yet be saved.” Grandpa prayed to the sky.

I quietly crept out of the house, and walked towards the place with the greatest Water Primordial Qi. The air was already quite moist, but it hadn’t formed rain. The closer I came to the Dama river, the richer the air became in Water Primordial Qi. When I reached the Dama River Bank, I could clearly feel that the air attaching to my body, there was a feeling of immersion.

My mind entered into a kind of fantastic state. It was almost exactly the same as the first time I saw the Oracle Bone Script. I suddenly realized that this law between the Heaven and Earth and the Oracle Bone Script had a kind of mysterious relationship. I suddenly began jumping around on the river bank as if dancing. On one hand I was jumping, on the other I was singing. The Primordial Qi between the heaven and earth apparently seemed to be pulled towards me. The black clouds also began to frantically converge atop the Ba Jiao village.

I didn’t know what I was doing. I was finishing everything purely by instinct. A dance I had never learnt, a song I had never learnt, but still I was able to mobilize the Worldly Primordial Qi to gather.


The rain that the people of Ba Jiao village were looking forward to for a very long time, finally fell. The crops in the field were saved, and my fish pond was also saved.

The dried up Dama River suddenly spouted a spring. When it came out with a bang, the water directly splashed a few meters high.

The people of Ba Jiao village were celebrating the rain just like the celebration of a festival. However, I woke up and found myself lying on the bank of the Dama River. The water of the Dama river was already capable of reaching my calves.

I had forgotten what had just happened. I even forgot why I happened to appear here.

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