MDL – Chapter 47

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Chapter 47  Oracle Bone Script

As I was leading Huang Shulang and Ma Jindong out for the farmer’s market, I bought a litter of native dogs in passing, worth 20 yuan each, so bought three for a total of 60 yuan. All were the most commonly seen yellow native dog.

Once back home, I recognised I had an omen.

That fatty Huang Shulang  who hasn’t seen the world, if after coming into such limelight today, he doesn’t show off after going back, then he wouldn’t be Huang Shulang.

Ma Jindong also spread several of his heroics strung together before his family.

As a result, the grownups got alarmed. Ultimately, as naturally, one could imagine, from that point onward the children’s right to walk alone was deprived of them. I had a thought of expelling Huang Shulang and Ma Jindong from my Mastership.

After my return, Teacher Lin also twisted my ears and read me old man platitudes.

“Brat, your courage is getting bigger and bigger, dared to go shopping alone unexpectedly. If you were kidnapped and forced to work as a beggar outside, what would you do? How could you be able to cope with all of this as a child? Your hands and feet would be broken, making you all collect money, and every day a certain threshold would have to be met to receive food. If that task remained incomplete, not only would you be left with an empty stomach but you would also be beaten.” Teacher Lin was really somewhat traumatised. The palms hitting my buttocks began to strike with more and more force. My spanked buttocks began to look as red as if they had a fever. At last finally, Teacher Lin herself started crying instead.

“Teacher Lin, I am not hurt, how about you hit some more times.” I panicked somewhat upon seeing Teacher Lin crying.

“Brat, can you not let me be free from worrying about you. Later, I won’t go home during the weekend. I would just stay and protect you in Ba Jiao village.” Teacher Lin somewhat grievingly put me down and pulled up my pants. I couldn’t help but let out hissing sounds.

“Serves you right to hurt so much, always making me worry.” Teacher Lin said spitefully.

I honestly climbed down. Only there was no necessity to take to the streets for any shopping. This time’s shopping was also for the sake of buying a martial arts manual for Huang Shulang and Ma Jindong. It’s name was also quite domineering. It was called, Great Ancestor Long Fist. Just hearing makes it seem not simple. I thought that Great Ancestor was even more ancestral compared to Great Grandfather.

Most importantly, it even had diagrams, and they seemed to be somewhat simpler compared to Xing Yi Five Fists.

Huang Shulang and Ma Jindong were acting as if they had found a treasure.

“Master, this martial arts manual was ten yuan for one book?” Huang Shulang turning to the back of the book, after seeing the price immediately became flabbergasted.

“What do you know? This is an encrypted book, the price behind the book does not have the price of the password. This is not the price at which you can buy the password.” I deceived them.

In fact, for me, it could really be considered a password. Because at this time, I already knew some of the wondrous uses of Primordial Qi. The Primordial Qi could treat a villager’s illness. It could also make Old Yellow and Black Bean more intelligent. It could also let Huang Shulang and Ma Jindong run to death every day, but be full of energy the next day.  It could also let Grandpa and Teacher Lin not fall ill. This was my biggest secret. Subconsciously, I knew that if I told this matter to others, it would not be good. Therefore, I had begun keeping this a secret.

Teacher Lin and Grandpa know that I am somewhat special, but they do not know what exactly made me different from others. However, they discovered that my oddities were not bad, but rather they were something good. Therefore, they didn’t interfere. They allowed me free space.

Teacher Lin with this time’s trip, brought an even more ancient script for me to see, Oracle Bone Script.

Teacher Lin said that the Oracle Bone Script is the most ancient Chinese script. Moreover, it was even more ancient compared to the inscriptions on the bronze medallion.

Teacher Lin had brought for me a book by Guo Moruo 《Cattle Scapulae newly unearthed in Anyang and its inscriptions》. Opening the book, seeing those characters. I felt that I could see a completely different world. I didn’t need to look at the textual explanation, only needed to look at the pictures. Those pictures in my eyes, as if had become alive. It was the same as when I laid my eyes upon the bronze medal. These ancient characters had opened a mysterious world for me. [TLNote: It’s actually this book Don’t worry I cross referenced with ISBN numbers]

“The characters are moving!” I said.

“What?” Teacher Lin cried out in alarm.

Teacher Lin didn’t know whether it is good or bad because I was special. So much that I couldn’t speak for two years. If this time owing to the Oracle Bone Script that she brought that something happens, then she would feel very guilty.

I could see these characters, dance and jump in joy. Teacher Lin wanted to snatch it from my hands, but she couldn’t even touch the hem of my clothes. It seemed as if, I had absolutely stopped moving, however, every time Teacher Lin tried to catch me, it seemed as if it would bend around automatically.

Teacher Lin more and more was unable to catch hold of me and became more and more worried.

“Huang Jingyang! Huang Jingyang! Wake up!” Teacher Lin yelled anxiously.

I could hear Teacher Lins words, actually I also even came to my senses momentarily, and it was completely unlike that incident that happened to when I was five years old. At that time, I was completely immersed, unable to extricate myself. However, I was really interested in the information given to me by Oracle Bone Script.

What Teacher Lin didn’t know was that in ancient times, the very first people who used Oracle Bone Script were called Shamans. At the very beginning, Oracle Bone Script was also not a written script. Rather, it was the cracks that emerged when animal bones were thrown into the fire and roasted. The shamans connected these cracks with phenomena, and the cracks became a tool to forecast good and bad fortune. Finally, the Shamans began recording these cracks, and it evolved into the most ancient written script.

The average person would see the Oracle Bone Script, but would only see an ancient written script and nothing more. The meanings of these written characters could make an Archaeologist spend their entire life in research. However, in front of my eyes, these written characters had become a living record. I saw the evolution of the world. These written script records were originally the vestiges of the motions in the world. These vestiges as far as I was concerned were just like law. To be precise, the Dao.

I used my hand to write in the air the Oracle Bone Script’s 天 (Heaven/Sky) character. I instinctively knew that it was the 天 character of Oracle Bone Script. Later, it could be written out casually. Other people would find it difficult to write Oracle Bone Script, but in my hands, it became incomparably smooth.

The moment the 天 character was written, the worldly Primordial Qi immediately came rushing to towards me. If it had been earlier, I would have become panic-stricken at the situation. However, at this time, I was incomparably immersed. This was because from within the Oracle Bone Script, I could see the evolution of laws of the world. I understood how to collect Primordial Qi, how to operate it within the body. My cultivation was growing crazily.

The Oracle Bone Script 天 character that I wrote casually, couldn’t stay for a long time. In less than half a minute’s time, the 天 character disappeared from the air. The worldly Primordial Qi that was coming bubbling towards me from all over suddenly dissipated. I also broke away from that condition.

Teacher Lin had already begun crying out of anxiety. Grandfather upon hearing immediately rushed over.

“Teacher Lin, YangYang, what happened?” I could hear the anxiety in Grandpa’s voice.

Teacher Lin with a weeping sound: “I also don’t know. He just looked at the book once and became like that. Blame me, I shouldn’t have given him that book.”

“Teacher Lin, don’t be anxious, I think there is nothing to worry.” Although Grandpa was very much worried about me, but he was actually comforting Teacher Lin.

I just closed the book, and arrived at the side of Teacher Lin, “Teacher Lin, don’t you worry, I am all right.”

“You this brat!” Teacher Lin raised her hand to hit me, but the hand that was raised mid-air then fell down gently, only to tightly embrace me. As if afraid of losing me.

Grandpa also finally relaxed, seeing that Teacher Lin loved me so much, a faint smile emerged on his face, and he went out of the room.

“If only the Husband and wife couple could cherish the child just as much as a friend Teacher Lin, it would be good, ai!” Grandpa whispered outside in a low voice. How could it escape my ears?

In Teacher Lin’s embrace, I could feel the Primordial Qi within my body. The Primordial Qi had unexpectedly completely turned into liquid. I could feel Primordial Qi flowing through the meridians in fast circulation, and all kinds of arteries and veins became even more complicated. I could feel that my body had become even livelier than before, as if I could even fly. At this time, If I used Primordial Qi to control my body to fly, then it shouldn’t be a difficult matter. Moreover, my comprehension regarding Primordial Qi script had deepened greatly. I believed that I could write even more formidable and powerful Primordial Qi characters at this moment.

However, I didn’t want to experiment right now. I could feel Teacher Lin’s warmth coming from her heart. This warmth I hadn’t felt in a long time. I don’t know when it started, I already no longer had the thoughts of going to see my Parents or my younger brother again. They were something remote to me, and they had started to become fuzzy in my memories. The pain of them leaving me had started to become dull.

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