MDL – Chapter 46

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Chapter 46  Kidnapper’s Bad Luck

He Dachao was walking while rubbing his buttocks, only it had the appearance of smashed goods, but the intentions were still as damned as before: “Next time when your chickens and ducks mature, just call me on my pager. Your ox is really strong. It would be invigorating if I could raise such an ox.”

Fortunately, Old Yellow was far away, and didn’t hear what He Dachao had said, if Old Yellow were to have heard it, then afraid it would have come rushing over to give He Dachao a lesson.

In the weekend time, I was alone with my two disciples, and we were taking Old Yellow to town. Today, i had a lot of things to do in the town. Grandpa was also assured that I won’t be at any disadvantage.

Three brats, bringing along an Ox, going to town for shopping was also a rarity, leading to some caring person to come ask: Where are your parents? Did you separate from your grown-ups and got lost?

These kind of repetitive questions were arrogantly answered by my two disciples.

“We three have come to do shopping.”

“My….My family’s grown-ups didn……., didn’t come. Huang Shulang, why did you hit me?”

Huang Shulang was fulfilling the duty assigned to him by me, responsibly and diligently. Ma Jindong stuttered once, he absolutely wouldn’t lack in hitting once. After hitting, Huang Shulang put on a serious appearance, “Junior disciple, ah, It’s not that I want to hit you, this is just for your own good, ah.”

Those peddlers in the farmer’s market actually know me. Although, this time they were no longer as simple and kind as earlier, but they also disdained to defraud a brat. Certainly, they could also see, that even though I was a brat, but I was even shrewder compared to some of those old foxes.

A person’s basket full of chicks, after falling into my hands was swept clean of thirty of the best and biggest of the lot. After seeing that the chicken peddler wanted to cry: “If everyone was like you, there wouldn’t be any way for me to do business.”

However, he was somewhat exaggerating. Even though I had picked out the biggest thirty, it was still insufficient to put him out of business. After all in his bamboo basket there were about 100 chicks.

“Old Third is so stingy. Come to your Uncle Luo and select chicken as you like.” A nearby chicken peddler said with a smile.

“Won’t do, the ones that you are carrying are all leftovers.” I said laughing.

To the side, Old Third said laughing: “Child your eyes are really poison, those coming here to buy chicks are not really able to discern so much.”

Old Luo also laughed, he knew that this brat wasn’t easy to deceive.

“Huang child, are that fatty and that child your relatives?” Old Luo asked.

“My disciples.” I said clearly and simply.

Old Luo and Old Third laughed uproariously.

Old Luo nearly broke out into tears from laughing: “You just a brat, also have disciples. It’s something really uncommon.”

“Only I have also gotten accustomed to you child, shining out from amongst the rest.” Old Third smiled a complicated smile.

“You all must be very careful, there are a lot of pickpockets in the farmer’s market. They don’t engage in business like us, also they don’t have any shame in defrauding little children like you. They only look at money. You are carrying so much money, you must ensure that you don’t catch their eye.” Old Luo could see several dubious young people in the distance, always looking here. More so after I had revealed my wealth just a moment ago.

“No need to worry, my Master is a martial arts expert. One-two petty thieves coming over are just courting their own death.” Huang Shulang said.

Ma Jindong also refused to show weakness: “I also can hit….hit one or two.”

Without waiting for Huang Shulang to respond, Ma Jindong on his own smacked himself in the mouth, then lowering his head to Huang Shulang said: “Alright, for you.”

Huang Shulang was also impolite, just went up to Ma Jindong and patted on his head: “Remembered, Remembered.”

Huang Shulang and Ma Jindong, these two buffoons left the surrounding stall keepers quite amused.

“Old Third, where have these three children come from, how come they are so cheerful?”

“I also don’t know, probably they’re from the Huang clan at Ba Jiao village. They have come to market to buy chicks several times, I also don’t know.”

“These three children are quite intelligent. Just look like they are only 6-7 years old. My family’s son is still playing in mud god knows where. Other people’s children are coming to buy chicks.”

“My son can’t do anything at home. If I am not at home, he would probably starve to death.”


After buying chicks and ducklings, I still didn’t want to go back. I also wanted to buy two dogs. Buying dogs was not as easy as buying chicks or ducklings, as they were not really available everyday. If there were any, also don’t know if I would be able to buy. I wanted to buy two ferocious dogs. This way, I could be able to train them at home, but still be able to rise into action. Black Bean was a local breed dog, he was quite intelligent but still wasn’t brave and fierce enough. The last time’s performance, left me quite unsatisfied. Actually, it was also I that was too young, and didn’t know that nature of dogs, particularly native dogs. Actually native dogs could also be trained to become ferocious.

I along with Huang Shulang and Ma Jindong made several rounds of the market, but still couldn’t find any wolfdog seller.

Huang Shulang and Ma Jindong also asked around everywhere.

“Where are the wolfdog children being sold?”

“Are the wolfdog puppies being sold anywhere?”


Following which, we had almost made one complete circle of the farmer’s market, when a middle-aged man came walking forward.

“Do you want to buy wolfdog puppies?” That middle-aged man asked.

“Yes, Yes. Do you have?” Huang Shulang asked anxiously.

“I have, I have. I have a meat packaging company. We were also raising a pair of wolfdogs, who gave birth to a puppy who is month old. It just so happens that we are thinking of selling the puppy. If you want to buy, then the matter could be settled conveniently within one day.” The middle-aged man said.

However, I recognized that this man was actually belonging to a group of three persons who had been waiting earlier.

My premonition towards danger was much stronger compared to an average person. An average person staring at me would make me have an uncomfortable feeling. I had already discovered the existence of these people. I saw that this middle-aged man was precisely a part of that group of people.

Although I knew that this middle-aged man harboured evil intentions, but I still expressionlessly followed behind Huang Shulang and Ma Jindong.

The middle-aged man took us through a confusing path. Finally, we arrived at a remote lane at the back of the farmer’s market.

Huang Shulang only then discovered that something was not right: “Hey! Where are you taking us? Where is the dog?”

“Right. Don’t think that you can bully us children, hurry up and bring that son-of-a-bitch, otherwise we won’t go with you.” Ma Jindong rarely spoke a complete sentence without stuttering.

That middle-aged man turned around, and grinning fiendishly came walking towards us three: “Take out all your money, and also leave behind this Ox for me. Then quickly run away, otherwise we will sell you off to the coastal areas.”

That middle-aged man hadn’t noticed that Old Yellow was following us all along without being tied with any rope. This also what made his consequences tragic. He still hadn’t approached Old Yellow, when Old Yellow lifted its fore-legs, and kicked out. This move was really well practiced and tempered. Old Yellow had already practiced to the point of knowing it by heart in preparation to deal with He Dachao. Ultimately, this time we ran into this unlucky bastard.

The man’s body rose several tens of feet, flew high up from the ground, the pititful cry “Ah” resounded in the farmer’s market for a very long time. After falling to the ground, the man didn’t make any noise.

“He didn’t die, did he?” Huang Shulang looked at me.

“How would we know without looking?” Ma Jindong prepared to go forward.

Huang Shulang hastily pulled back Ma Jindong, and knocked on Ma Jindong’s head: “Are you an idiot? What if he by any chance feigning death? In TV the villains always feign death, and then carry out a sneak attack.”

“Then what to do?” Ma Jindong was feeling embarassed.

I didn’t speak, this kind of minor matter should be a test for these two disciples.

Huang Shulang ran around for a long time looking for a brick. Using the strength obtained from being breast-fed, he threw the brick. It didn’t hit.

Smashing down to the ground it made a loud bang, and the stones on the ground jumped up several times.

“I come, I come.” Ma Jindong was even more ruthless, he ran around and found a big rock.

“You are an idiot. Such a big rock, can you throw?” Huang Shulang again knocked onto Ma Jindong’s head.

“Both of you together.” I said.

Huang Shulang and Ma Jindong lifted the rock from different ends.

“1, 2”

Without waiting for 3, these two people threw the stone.

The stone smashed down directly on that middle-aged man’s tip of the toe.

That middle-aged man jumped up immediately: “What did you not count to 3?”

“Why would we count to 3?” Ma Jindong was somewhat puzzled.

“This person is really sinister. If we were to have gone over, he would have acted at once.” Huang Shulang said lamenting, city people were really too cunning.

That middle-aged man hobbled, he hadn’t thought that he would end up in such a sorry situation because of three kids and an ox. He pulled out a dagger from his person, and said viciously: “Refuse a toast, only to forced to drink a forfeit! I will catch you, and sell you off to a foreign country!”

Huang Shulang and Ma Jindong were looking at the middle-aged man as if scared. I was also standing at my place staring blankly.

“Are you idiots? If you all had cooperated early on, I wouldn’t have had to take such steps.” The middle-aged man laughed coldly.

However, he hadn’t noticed that Old Yellow was bending slightly. Then just like a gust of wind, it rushed out. Old Yellow bent its head, angling straight for the man’s butt, before finally raising it up. The middle-aged man flew again, and the most miserable thing about that was that the dagger that was in his hands had gotten inserted into his own thigh unexpectedly.


I immediately took Huang Shulang and Ma Jindong and ran away. Old Yellow also followed behind quickly.

That middle-aged man’s ceaseless pitiful cries, floated in the air behind our backs.

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