MDL – Chapter 45

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Chapter 45  If This Can Bear, Bull Cannot

Black Bean could really hold a grudge, and in the village if anyone were to throw stone at him, then later he would have to be very careful. Uncle Kui this time could really be considered to have offended him. Although Black Bean may not bare its fangs when he comes to my house, but he would no longer be as cordial as before. In response to Uncle Kui’s frosting covered artillery shell, the frosting on it would be eaten while the artillery shell would be returned back.

In this way, my days once again returned to normalcy. Finally, May arrived and the early maturing plums ripened. Early maturing peaches could also be eaten. My house’s chickens, ducks and geese had also grown up.

Grandpa and I went to village branch secretary Huang Lisheng’s house, to call up He Dachao, the peddler who had left his card with us during new year’s celebration time.

Huang Lisheng was very surprised upon hearing that we were calling up a poultry dealer: “Your house’s poultry is really rare, it grows up so quickly. If it were not for me knowing the whole story, I would still be under the impression that it was due to your house’s feed. Yangyang, your breeding technique is so good, you should consider opening a specialized breeding firm later on at home.”

“That is something for later. I don’t want him doing these kind of things, it would be better if he is able to do something with studies.” Grandpa said with a smile.

“Also right, your Yangyang’s results are also good. Heard that he came first in middle school results. Your family has reaped the most benefit from arrival of Teacher Lin. It didn’t even enter the thoughts of other households.” Huang Lisheng said laughing.

“Teacher Lin is a good person, what a pity she’s not a person of the village, only feared that sooner or later she would return to the city.” Grandpa sighed. He was also somewhat worried about how I would change after Teacher Lin goes away.

“Teacher Lin won’t go, later when I will grow up, she will become my wife.” I wasn’t very happy with them commenting on Teacher Lin.

Huang Lisheng laughed: “Then you should hurry up and grow a bit faster, otherwise Teacher Lin may marry someone else.”

He Dachao received our call, we didn’t expect that he would still remember Grandpa and me. Upon hearing that our house’s chickens, ducks and geese were ready to be taken away, he immediately and unreservedly agreed to personally come to the village. The price offered also was very high. The current market price for chicken was only seven-eight yuan for a jin, but He Dachao had agreed to give us fifteen-sixteen yuan.

“Second brother, the current market price is seven-eight yuan, he is giving you fifteen-sixteen yuan, is that person reliable?” Huang Lisheng was a bit anxious, listening from the side.

“We know this person from last new year’s celebration’s time. He bought a cage full of chicken from us. He said that he had delivered it to a hotel. The price can be a bit high, but he requires good chicken. He doesn’t seem like a bad person. Moreover, he has agreed to come take away the chicken from the village, and is still quoting such a high price. Is there still any fear that the other person is deceiving us?” Grandpa laughingly said.

Huang Lisheng nodded: “That is true. If it was a swindler, then he would have made you come to the town. However, Second Uncle, you must still remain cautious. Nowadays, prices can be manipulated in numerous ways. When the time comes, you must look carefully.”

“It’s ok, Teacher Lin and Yangyang both are at home. He won’t be able to deceive this Old man.” Grandpa had extreme faith in me and Teacher Lin.

“This is also true.” Huang Lisheng glanced at me. I also had a fearsome reputation outside right now. Even the village idlers had started taking detours around my house.

Grandpa and I handed over money to Huang Lisheng after finishing the telephone call. This time, Huang Lisheng was unwilling to accept: “Second Brother, what are you thinking, this telephone call worth a few yuan. We both write the Huang character, we are one family, what money? Later, whenever you need to make phone call come to my house. Oh right, Second Brother. There’s a matter you and Yangyang need to be careful of a bit. That Liu Tailong fellow is a hooligan, he knows quite a few dubious fellows in the village. I am worried that he still wants to do something, you had best be careful.”

I erupted as soon as I heard Liu Tailong’s name, “If he dares to come, I will finish him!”

Huang Lisheng retracted his neck upon hearing these words of mine. He couldn’t believe that I, this child, could speak such words. Who in the village would still consider me as an ordinary child? Could a child who dares to hold human life in the same regard as killing chickens, be still considered an ordinary child?

However, although the matter that had earlier occurred in my house’s courtyard had been witnessed by a lot of people of Ba Jiao Village and had also been spread outside, but not many people had believed. Han Minghai having suffered such big loss as a big shot. He probably also didn’t speak to anyone after returning. Although the people of Health Buruea knew that Han Minghai had suffered a loss in Ba Jiao village, but nobody knew that Han Minghao had suffered a loss at a child’s hands. A child of the first grade who dared to kill people. If this kind of talks were spread outside, then it would only invite laughter of the listeners.

This also meant that Liu Tailong would still be able to invite people to come from the Town to deal with me. At the same time, the common hoodlums also don’t dare come to the village. The people of Ba Jiao Village were quite valiant. In the time of Production teams, whenever any person were to come from outside to make trouble. With only a shout, several hundred people would take up hoes and rakers to come and form an encirclement instantly. No matter what kind of knife, it would be inferior to the usefulness of a shoulderpole. At that time, seeing a couple of people being savagely beaten was a common thing. As long as no death is caused, this kind of a thing wouldn’t be prosecuted. [TLNote: Period around 1958-1984

However, Grandpa was still very anxious, and kept warning me: “Yangyang, later whenever you go out you must be a bit cautious.”

I laughingly said: “Grandpa, you relax. It’s ok even if I don’t go to try and seek them out, they would still come and find me. Heh heh.”

“You this child, you cannot let anyone feel relieved. Later after school is dismissed, you must not come back immediately. Come back with Teacher Lin.” Grandpa said.

“I am not afraid.” I said disapprovingly.

“I know you are not afraid. Aren’t you afraid that those after you, could try to go after Teacher Lin?” Grandpa reminded.

This was something that was difficult to guard against. It was also giving me a big headache: Safeguarding Teacher Lin, and worrying about Grandpa. Safeguarding Grandpa and worrying about Teacher Lin.

“Grandpa, is there any family with a newborn pup? I still want to raise two more dogs.” I stopped after walking a few steps.

“Why are you going to raise so many dogs?” Grandpa asked puzzledly.

“I just want to raise them.” I was a child, can a child be reasoned with?

Grandpa was left with no option but to agree: “Ok, I will be take that into consideration.”

“Nevermind, I remember that in the Town’s Farmer’s market there are wolfdogs for sale. Those dogs after growing up become quite bold and powerful. On sunday, I will go to the Town headman to buy two wolfdog pups.” I changed my mind.

“Those kind of wolfdog pups are very expensive. How will our house raise so many dogs?” Grandpa was afraid of squandering money.

“Not afraid of thief stealing, but keep fearing in mind the thief stealing. [TLNote: Chinese idiom meaning that the constant fear of being stolen from is more damaging than the actual robbery] If by any chance, Liu Tailong that son of a bitch were to come, I will let him have a taste of the ferociousness of my house’s dogs. See if they won’t bite him to death!” I said maliciously.

As soon as Grandpa heard this, he no longer raised any objection. If any house has kept several vicious dogs, then there is no fear of several hooligans coming.

On the same day, He Dachao came from town, driving a small sized tractor. The chickens and ducks raised by us were loaded onto the vehicle. Altogether worth three-four thousand yuan. The villagers were all looking on somewhat enviously.

He Dachao didn’t give up after buying just the chicken and ducks, he even valued the pigs raised by us very highly. Especially our Old Yellow, He Dachao upon seeing it wanted to quickly extend his hand, but at this time, he didn’t dare speak about the matter of buying, because Old Yellow could very much bear a grudge, and had recognized He Dachao from far away. Certainly Old Yellow was able to recognize He Dachao possibly because of his smell.

These dealers have been engaged in this kind of buying and selling for a long time, even their body would have become infected with the uneasy smell of livestock. Old Yellow was already unusual, regarding smell was much more sensitive compared to other domestic animals.

“Hou!” Old Yellow seeing He Dachao from afar, at once made out a greeting, only the manner was not polite. Also don’t know whether it was greeting the eight generations ancestors of He Dachao.

He Dachao seeing the bolt on the pen, no longer worried about Old Yellow rushing out from the pen, and said laughing: “Look, Old Yellow is greeting me.”

He Dachao laughing heartily, waved at Old Yellow: “Old friend, we meet again. Didn’t think that you would still be as enthusiastic.” He Dachao went towards the bull pen entrance, wanting to touch Old Yellow’s horns. Old Yellow suddenly withdrew and looked at He Dachao in a threatening manner.

He Dachao felt very regretful that he wasn’t able to touch Old Yellow’s horns: “Old friend, don’t be afraid, I will be coming frequently in the future.”

He Dachao turned to me and said: “Your rural area is really good, lots of space, big houses, even possible to raise such big house pets.”

I didn’t know what was the meaning of house-pet. We didn’t raise idle livestock. They were required to work. Old Yellow had to till the fields, and also had to move things for me. Black Bean had to take care of the house. Big Flower, Second Flower, Little Flower, they all had to bear children. Several birds and chickens also had to lay eggs.

Old Yellow had been aggravated by He Dachao today. Taking advantage of the time when we were talking, it secretly used its horn to open the bolt, and directly rushed out while using its horn to throw He Dachao into the air.

He Dachao flew high up into the air before falling heavily down onto the ground.

“Aiyo! My butt, yo!” The pain resulted in He Dachao crying for his father and calling for his mother.

Old Yellow was still quite particular. He Dachao fell quite miserably, but also didn’t have any big obstructions. After Old Yellow had succeeded, it ran away quickly. It knew that this was a house guest. In other cases, its actions wouldn’t have been so impolite. However, this He Dachao was really too hateful. If this can be tolerated, Bull cannot tolerate! [TLNote: I surely messed this up, but the original idiom goes, “If this can be tolerated, then what would be intolerable!” meaning this is something that cannot be tolerated. Author tried to bring Bulls into that idiom]

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