MDL – Chapter 44

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Chapter 44 Wonderful Method of Curing Stammering

Han Minghai, by saying this, naturally wanted to wash away his responsibility entirely. It taught me that injustice has a head, debt has a owner. He was totally scared of me. He had never seen someone capable of doing something so terrifying. Moreover, he hasn’t seen any child who has been able to induce such terror in an adult. [TLNote: This is actually a chengyu (Idiom), which basically means that you must go after the main person responsible. Also the chinese terms for Grievance and Head combine to form Injustice/Grievance, and Debt + Owner becomes Creditor]

Han Minghai even directly abandoned Liu Tailong and ran straight to the Health Bureau along with his people. Later, the villagers called for an ambulance and had Liu Tailong sent to the hospital. Then, I heard that six or seven ribs of Liu Tailong had been broken by me. If it wasn’t for the fact that Grandpa had planted some vegetables in the corner and put up a rack, which acted as a cushion, and instead, he had struck the wall directly, then he would probably be dead.

That day, Liu Fangben came to our house, but he didn’t dare to ask for compensation for the medical expenses. Instead, he asked about Grandpa’s injuries and said that Liu Tailong had acted on his own. Liu Fangben was afraid that I would vent my anger on him as well. This matter, Liu Tailong couldn’t have such great capabilities. This Family Planning Specialist Cadre certainly played a big role.

Liu Fangben, along with the many things he had brought along, was picked up by me and thrown out directly into our house’s fish pond.

This time, Grandpa and Teacher Lin didn’t stop me. Good people are taken advantage of, everyone lays down the load on the willing horse — I knew this principle.

Black Bean came running up to me and used his head to rub against my legs. He was sent flying by my kick. While groaning, he rolled on the ground and miserably looked at me.

“When the dog doesn’t know to protect Master, what use does it still have?” I scolded Black Bean.

Actually, this matter cannot be said to be entirely Black Bean’s fault. When these people had entered the house, Grandpa would have certainly stopped Black Bean from shouting. However, by the time Liu Tailong struck out, it was already too late for Black Bean to act. Even after Liu Tailong acted, its speed couldn’t be as fast as mine. Moreover, my appearance at that time would have also scared it.

Black Bean didn’t dare to approach me. It could only lay down on the ground no matter how much I scolded him.

“Why are you scolding Black Bean? It cannot make out human speech, it also couldn’t know that Liu Tailong would hit Grandpa.” Teacher Lin said.

“Teacher Lin is right. You, this child, making a move also doesn’t have that much meaning. Just in case, if you had killed a person, then what could have been done?” Grandpa didn’t care about himself getting hurt. He was only afraid that this grandson would be left behind with a legal case in his background; that would surely destroy his entire life. Grandpa didn’t understand the law, he only knew that killing a person was a crime.

“Uncle, this time’s matter cannot be blamed on Huang Jingyang. However, in the future, you cannot be so impulsive.” Teacher Lin said.

When we finally entered the room, Teacher Lin curiously asked: “Huang Jingyang, can you jump just as far as today? It seemed like you were flying.”

“I also don’t know.” I had almost forgotten about it already. It was different from the time when I had flew out from the cave at the waterfall on Ba Jiao Mountain. That time, I soared up in the air while completely lacking any awareness; moreover, it seemed like an instinct. However, after that matter had passed, I wasn’t left with even the least bit of impression. At this time, if I thought of flying again, it would be absolutely impossible. I could fly once more by using Primordial Qi 风 (Wind) character, but the feeling of that type of flying is completely different.

“Huang Jingyang, how are you so special?” Teacher Lin gently stroked my head.

Huang Shulang and Ma Jindong had — at that time — ran back to bring their families and had returned back at this time.

“Master!” They were continuously shouting in the courtyard.

“Go. Your apprentices call for you.” Teacher Lin laughingly said.

I walked out.

“Master, tomorrow, I will go to Liu Tailong’s house and pour a bottle of insecticide into their pot to poison their entire family to death.” Huang Shulang said.

Ma Jindong said: “I will go to th….., their rice cooker and inside……, pour a packet of rat poison, making their entire family die….., die out completely.”

“Utter rubbish. The matters of your father, I, you don’t need to take care of.” I scolded them.

“Wh……, Why can not….., not take care? You are our Teacher……” Ma Jindong’s tongue got stuck at the Teacher character into an endless loop, and he kept continuously stamping his feet, but he couldn’t stop. [TLNote: Master (Shi Fu) is made of Shi meaning Teacher, and Fu meaning Father] Both of his eyes turned white.

I slapped my hand directly onto Ma Jindong’s head. A strand of Primordial Qi directly entered Ma Jindong’s head.

Ma Jindong was finally able to stop his endless loop, and he squatted down onto the ground to gasp for breath.

“Will you, with this pitiful appearance, give vent to Master’s anger? First, straighten out your tongue and then speak.” Huang Shulang, while laughing thoughtlessly, pointed at Ma Jindong. As a result, he had his head fiercely struck by me.

“Others can laugh at Ma Jindong, but you should not laugh. He is your younger disciple; you’re not taking care of him, yet instead is imitating others and even look down on him? You looking down on him is just like looking down on me. This kind of a disciple, I don’t want.”

Huang Shulang immediately knelt down onto the ground, and while holding his right hand, he swore: “Master, I swear, from now on, I won’t ridicule my junior disciple. Whoever dares to ridicule my junior disciple, I will beat him!”

“Senior disciple, from now on, I also won’t say that you are a big fat pig.” Ma Jindong said very much moved.

“What did you say just now? Say it one more time!” I felt that there was something strange when Ma Jindong spoke.

“I just said that later, I won’t call Senior Disciple a big fat pig.” Ma Jindong said as he was unable to understand the matter.

“Did you hear something not right just now?” I asked Huang Shulang.

Huang Shulang was also somewhat muddle-headed. He foolishly said: “No, nothing’s wrong?”

“I……., I didn’t,……..didn’t stutter.” Ma Jindong finally realized. However, at this moment, the stuttering returned.

“I was just saying how there was something strange about the way you spoke. So it turned out to be like this; all of a sudden, you stopped stuttering and it felt somewhat strange.” Only now was I able to understand what the strange thing was.

“The,……..then I will lat,…….later conti…..continue to stutter. This way Ma……., Master would become accustomed somewhat.”

I, again, knocked Ma Jindong on the head: “Accustomed to wha, what? Huang Shulang and I would very quickly begin to stutter by staying with you.”

“Then I will strive hard to change.” Ma Jindong again spoke in a seemingly fluent manner.

“You must change. If you don’t change, then I will bea, beat you!” Huang Shulang raised his fist; he didn’t dare to begin in front of me.

“Ma Jindong, starting from today, you cannot stutter again. Every time you stutter, you will get punched once, understood?” I also raised my fist.

“Understood, understood. Starting today, I can’t stutter again. For every time I stutter, I will get punched once.” Ma Jindong spoke one word after another in one breath. This time, he unexpectedly did not stutter.

Huang Shulang and I stared at him. I then laughingly said: “It seems that it is better for you, Ma Jindong, to be beaten. After you are hit, you don’t stutter. Huang Shulang, in the future, you are responsible for monitoring Ma Jindong. Whenever he starts to stutter, you have me hit him at once.”

Huang Shulang immediately became ecstatic. His face became full of smiles: “Master, I would certainly ensure that Ma Jindong’s stuttering problem is corrected.”

Huang Shulang raised a clenched fist towards Ma Jindong and said: “Understood? You better be careful, or I will beat you up!”

“While its still not dark yet, you two quickly run to the river bank and collect pebbles in two baskets. You must run all the way, don’t stop!” After I finished speaking, Huang Shulang and Ma Jindong quickly started running. Each of them grabbed a basket before running out.

“Master, you want so many pebbles, what are you going to do?” Huang Shulang’s voice came from very far away.

“Would my house’s repair in the future not require pebbles for the flooring?” I unhappily said.

“Would you even allow them to practice kungfu?” Teacher Lin came out laughing. They, in any case, had become accustomed to seeing strange sights in my way of teaching my disciples. Regardless, their parents would also not oppose it. Huang Shulang’s body fat had also decreased by a lot. He also became a much more intelligent person. No matter how you look at it, it is a good thing. Torment and torment again and again, how could one still be called a child who is not tormented.

Huang Kui came again while carrying several jin of meat. He met me at the entrance as he immediately smiled and said: “Have you made those two young fellows bring back pebbles, ah? This method is good. Later, in order to make them have the Shaolin Monaster’s Needle Base and Iron Arms, I would make them go to Ba Jiao Mountain’s Pool and bring back water.”

“Uncle Kui, this method of yours is good. Later, when Huang Shulang comes back, I will tell him of your idea.” I said with a smile.

“Don’t Don’t Don’t, I want to do a good thing without seeking recognition. I have — all along — been good to my child. You must not tell him.” Huang Kui panicked. Huang Kui was not afraid of Huang Shulang. Rather, he was afraid of Huang Shulang’s mother. If Huang Shulang’s mother were to know of these thoughts of Huang Kui to torment Huang Shulang, would she let Huang Kui off?

Huang Kui promptly entered the house while carrying the meat.

“Black Bean, come, I have brought a meat bone for you.” When Huang Kui entered the house, Black Bean was dispiritedly lying down at the entrance. Even after seeing Huang Kui’s meat bone, he didn’t pay any more attention to it and continued to lay down lazily.

“Uncle, what happened to Black Bean?” Huang Kui laid down the meat on the table and asked Grandpa in a low voice.

Grandpa, seeing Huang Kui bringing meat again, promptly said: “Kui child, why did you bring so much meat again?”

“Second Uncle, regarding today’s matter, I really am useless. I didn’t think that Liu Tailong — that bastard — would unexpectedly dare to hit you. If I had paid attention earlier, you wouldn’t have gotten injured because of him. You’ve just suffered a major injury; your body is suffering so you must eat nicely. My family is a butcher’s family; aside from pork, we don’t have anything else. Your good self must not avoid it.” While Huang Kui spoke on one hand, on the other he began moving his hands quickly. Huang Kui frequently used knives, and his craftsmanship was pretty good. Within two to three seconds, all of the meat had been sliced down into equal sized meat pieces. After that, he put them into a bowl and started cooking.

“Uncle, what’s the matter with Black Bean today? Usually when I come, it becomes really happy and cheerful.” Huang Kui asked again.

“It’s nothing, it’s just that it had been scolded by YangYang. This fellow really acts like a person, it understands human speech. He has been grieving ever since he has been scolded by YangYang.” Grandpa glanced at me as I stood outside as before.

“Black Bean, YangYang doesn’t want you, but I need you. Later, come to our house and eat meat bones every day.” Huang Kui said while laughing.

“Hou!” This all of a sudden infuriated Black Bean. All of its hair suddenly stood up as it suddenly changed. It turned over from lying to standing while bending its body slightly. This was all in preparation to attack Huang Kui.

“Black Bean. You still haven’t come out! Go have a look at Huang Shulang and the others and see if they are goofing off or not!” I shouted from the outside.

Balck Bean immediately jumped out from the room. It fell down on me and forcefully rubbed against me.

“You still haven’t gone quickly!” Although my manner of speaking was still as cold as ever, it didn’t stop Black Bean.

Black Bean immediately ran out from the courtyard cheerfully.

Grandpa laughingly said to Huang Kui: “You really spoke offensively. You still didn’t know that Black Bean had, all along, been a very loyal dog. You wanted to bribe him with a few meat bones? Next time you come to my house, you must take care of yourself.”

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