MDL – Chapter 43

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Chapter 43 Rage

Eldest Grandpa rushed to our house at night, “Be careful of Liu Tailong, I have heard people that he was boasting about coming to find trouble with you.”

fLiu Tailong was the village’s barefoot doctor, I had heard that he studied in medical school for two years, also is just able to cure the common cold. At last one patient who came to see him regarding an illness, was given an injection which led to his death. Liu Tailong’s Uncle Liu Fangben was the village’s Family Planning Specialist Cadre.[1] That patient’s family lost an able member when he was given an injection and killed, the compensation would have run into several thousand of yuan, even if it were compromised.

This Liu Tailong person was famous for being Black Hearted, on visits to patients who have caught cold, he just casually hangs water and charges tens of yuan. However, the villagers are also somewhat muddled egg-heads. Regarding the matter of rheumatism, year after year, they would waste money on Liu Tailong, and unexpectedly help out Liu Tailong in boycotting my treatment. Liu Tailong had been the barefoot doctor for only a few years, but he had already completely overhauled his house. In the village, the house with the most imposing manner was his.

I naturally understood why Liu Tailong would want to come make trouble for my family. The treatment I was giving to villagers for rheumatism was curing it, it was equal to breaking off his source of income. Moreover, I had cured many people. The villagers were very distinct, also understood how much money I had already made. This was also one of main root causes of jealousy. I, a child, earning more than adults. Why wouldn’t those people be jealous. Out of the many jealous people at the moment, Liu Tailong was one. Although he couldn’t earn this money, seeing me earn was making him suffer. He would naturally not be resigned.

Grandpa was also somewhat anxiously puffing the tobacco. Grandpa was an honest and dutiful person, plus he was aged. Most likely I would be able to keep him safe. Facing this kind of threat, he neither has a means to solve, nor does he have the means to protect me completely.

“In the future, this matter of treating rheumatism, it would be better to forget it. Quarrels are too many.”

“Uncle, you don’t worry. At present we are living in a lawful society, they wouldn’t dare be unreasonable. Huang Jingyang also hasn’t done anything wrong. What can they do?” Teacher Lin said consoling.

Eldest Grandpa said: “I heard people say that the main reason is that YangYang doesn’t have any certificate for treating illnesses, and calling it illegal private practise. For practising illegally, arrest and imprisonment is also possible.”

“Huang Jingyang cannot be considered to be doing illegal practise. Firstly, Huang Jingyang’s is young, there absolutely cannot be any criminal liability which can be imposed. Moreover, Huang Jingyang gives massage to people to treat rheumatism, this also cannot be considered as practising medicine. Not even a single injection, and moreover no medicine prescribed. The money collected is also the massage therapy’s labour money. This matter doesn’t pertain to the Health Department’s jurisdiction.” Teacher Lin said.

“Really there is no issue?” Grandpa still wasn’t reassured.

“Certainly no issue. Rest assured I will take responsibility for Huang Jingyang. I am his teacher.” Teacher Lin guaranteed.

People don’t fight with the government. Rural people don’t like confronting government officials, even after all the arm and thigh twisting, unless as a last resort, who would wish to confront government officials. Although this Liu Tailong couldn’t be considered a government official, his uncle Liu Fangben was actually a village cadre. Liu Fangben was quite popular in the village, he had frequent dealings with the Health and Family Planning committee, he had a wide approach, perhaps he may even be knowing some county level cadre too. Just in case this matter were to provoke him, then what could be done about it? Therefore, Grandpa was still frowning deeply.

I was also somewhat nervous in my mind, but several days passed without any incident, absolutely didn’t see any of the aforementioned people come to the village.

However, several days later, Eldest Grandpa came rushing panting and gasping for breath to the Ba Jiao Primary School.

“YangYang, not good, not good, lot of people have come from the county, want to seize the objects in your house.”

I broke out into a run the moment I heard.

My two disciples Huang Shulang and Ma Jindong also followed closely behind.

We hadn’t even entered the courtyard, when far away some people could be heard yelling in my courtyard: “Huang Minggui! I have come to inform you, the people of the County Health Office have come, your family is illegally practicing medicine, as per law regulations, you are penalized for 10,000 yuan.

This person’s voice seemed to belong to the village’s barefoot doctor Liu Tailong.

“Liu Tailong, you are just a barefoot doctor, nothing more. You yourself also don’t have the credentials to practice medicine similarly?” Heard this voice which seemed to belong to Huang Shulang’s father Huang Kui.

“Huang Kui, you don’t have anything to do with here, you had best stay out of this. Otherwise you will be guilty of hindering a public official.” Liu Tailong was very rampant.

“Are you, as a barefoot doctor, going to execute dogfart official business. Why don’t you go ahead and dare try arresting me, your father!” Huang Kui was also famous in the village for being rude and unreasonable.

At this time, someone said loudly: “Quiet down for me everyone! I am from County Health Office, some people from your village have reported that Huang Jingyang is illegally practising medicine. Who is Huang Jingyang?”

“Are you all looking for me?” I entered my house’s courtyard, and saw a big crowd of people standing in the courtyard. Amongst them there was a stranger wearing a uniform.

“He is indeed Huang Jingyang!” Liu Tailong pointed at me shouting happily.

However, the other several people after looking at me felt something amiss.

“When you spoke about Huang Jingyang, you were talking about this child?” The speaker was a somewhat over 40 years old man, wearing a uniform, apparently looked like the leader of the cadre. Later, I came to know that he was Health Bureau’s Assistant Bureau Chief Han Minghai.

“It is precisely him, he is practising medicine illegally.” Liu Tailong said.

Han Minghai’s complexion went bad, as he turned his head to stare at a similarly uniformed youth. The young man lowered his head.

Han Minghai disgruntedly looked at Liu Tailong and said: “You first come to one side.”

Han Minghai having finished saying this came to my side: “Child, some people have reported that you are illegally practising medicine, are you practising medicine illegally?”

“I don’t know what illegally practising medicine means.” I said.

“Huang Jingyang, you dare to say you don’t? You treated the rheumatism of the villagers, charging two hundred yuan from each. The villagers can all testify.” Liu Tailong couldn’t help but jump out.

“Did I give them any injection or did I give them any prescription?” I coldly looked at Liu Tailong.

“I…..” Liu Tailong was left dumbstruck and unable to reply, however, he soon counter-argued, “In any case, it is a fact that you received two hundred yuan from them.”

“Their rheumatism was difficult to deal with, I gave them massage, they gave me labour charge, don’t tell me they shouldn’t?” I had already been prepared well in advance by Teacher Lin.

Liu Tailong at that time was flabbergasted.

Han Minghai was also very much surprised, he hadn’t thought that this primary school student, would be able to have such a free and unconstrained style of conversation in front of so many adults, and even more had made Liu Tailong, an adult left with nothing to say.

“Child, then can you tell me how did you cure the rheumatism of those villagers?”

I shook my head: “I also don’t know. I frequently used to give my Grandpa foot massages, and after a period of time, Grandpa’s rheumatism was cured. Later, the villagers told me to massage them also. I gave them massage, they gave me money. Finally, Liu Tailong said that I am illegally practising medicine, you see whether this is illegally practising medicine?”

“This?” Han Minghai was also stumped on the spot by me.

How could Liu Tailong be resigned to the Health Bureau people letting off my family? He screamed immediately: “Bureau Chief Han, their family is definitely practising illegally, in just this village he has personally cured several tens of people’s rheumatism, he has also earned at least over ten thousand yuan. Later, people from outside the village also began coming, he earned even more. Some people noticed Teacher Lin of the Ba Jiao Primary School, every week taking Huang Jingyang to go to the town to deposit money, up till now, he probably has deposited several tens of thousand yuan.”

Grandpa seeing that Liu Tailong was unwilling to overlook and unwilling to spare, at once came forward with his theory: “Liu Tailong, by whose wrong injection did Li Xingnian die? Their entire family was broken up and decimated by you. You using your uncle Liu Fangben influence as village cadre, to force Li Xingnian’s wife to remarry. Now, the old and the young are dead, are scattered. Was your conscience eaten by dogs? You are now obstructing my YangYang’s source of livelihood, you just called the Health Bureau, and also want to get a hold of my grandson. This remaining short life of mine, I don’t want, I will be taking you down with me!”

Grandpa rushed out, wanting to hit Liu Tailong.

Liu Tailong forcefully pushed out Grandpa. Grandpa being aged, how could he compete with the young and vigorous Liu Tailong, and was pushed to the ground directly.

At that time I was like a gasoline drum in which a spark had been thrown, the raging fire soared and combusted. Originally, I had no clue regarding how to move Primordial Qi. However, at this moment, the entirety of the Primordial Qi within my body was mobilized by me.

Actually, no one clearly saw how I rushed to Liu Tailong’s side, a shadow flashed by, and then Liu Tailong flew across the courtyard, hitting the courtyard wall and spitting out blood on the spot. Liu Tailong shouldn’t have touched my reverse scale. My Grandpa was the most-most important person in my life. He unexpectedly dared to harm him. Then, he needed to face my wrath.

What made everyone overwhelmed with shock, was that I suddenly began to float in air, and pounced on Liu Tailong who was already lying down on the ground with no indication of life or death.

“Huang Jingyang! Still haven’t checked on Grandpa?” Teacher Lin’s voice was like a clap of thunder, making me, who had already completely lost my reasoning, come back to my senses.

Grandpa! Right, compared to Grandpa, Liu Tailong is just an ant.

I changed my direction mid-air, and threw myself towards Grandpa.

Grandpa was quite old, being pushed to the ground like that by Liu Tailong, he was sitting on the ground, unexpectedly had sustained a bone fracture. His head had struck on the grinding mill, and he had fainted on the spot. I without the least bit of apprehension, I induced Primordial Qi into the body of Grandpa. Making Grandpa’s injuries heal rapidly.

Grandpa slowly regained consciousness, opening his eyes and seeing me: “YangYang, Grandpa was just worried about you, ah.”

“Grandpa, I won’t let you die. That Liu Tailong, I will kill him!” I tightly held Grandpa and placed him on the bed in the room.

Teacher Lin also came in behind: “Huang Jingyang, you have sobered up! Grandpa’s injuries have become like this, if something were to happen to you, who will take care of Grandpa? Even though Liu Tailong is wretched, he has already received his punishment. Don’t let the matter become big, otherwise you won’t ever again be able to live a normal life.”

Teacher Lin was afraid that I would go out and kill Liu Tailong, and was tightly holding me.

My rage was slowly subsiding.

At that time, I heard the voice of Han Minghai from the courtyard: “We are from the County Bureau of Health, we received a mass report so we came here to investigate if there was anything relating to illegal practice of medicine. Liu Tailong was a reporter, his actions have nothing to do with us, we have only come here to verify the situation. Also, I hadn’t intended on imposing any penalty. That was entirely Liu Tailong acting for himself. This matter of him punching an elderly will be reported by us truthfully to the Public Security Bureau. Moreover, we will also be investigating incidents of malpractice related to Liu Tailong.

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