MDL – Chapter 42

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Chapter 42 Two Tagalongs

“Aren’t you two being too bothersome? If I go to the toilet, will you also accompany?”

Ever since I accepted Ma Jindong as my second disciple disciple, two people had been following behind me. Whither I walked, thither they followed. At first it felt quite impressive. However, after a long time of it, it felt somewhat unbearable.

Huang Shulang with his face full of smiles: “It just so happens that I was also thinking of going to the toilet.”

“I also…..also was thinking of going to urinate.” Ma Jindong also spoke stammeringly. This fellow’s tongue doesn’t function that well, but his mind is quite outstanding. Earlier, Huang Shulang was not like this, but since this Ma Jindong has come threatening his position, Huang Shulang also had no choice but to follow behind me closely.

“Ma Jindong, you said that you will correct yourself, your stammering. I am seeing that you haven’t made even a bit of progress.” I said angrily.

“I……I, change……change.” A foolish laugh emerged on Ma Jindong’s face. This was precisely his disguise. He has deceived everyone, but he won’t deceive me now.

“I suddenly don’t want to go to the toilet, you two can go ahead first.” Just as I was about to enter the bathroom, I abruptly turned about.

Huang Shulang was somewhat embarrassed, he didn’t know what to do. Ma Jindong was nevertheless quite blunt, and directly followed behind. Huang Shulang, seeing this, also didn’t want to fall behind, as he promptly followed suit.

There would be many students who would stand in the surroundings and watch this group of ours. I had a feeling that this was like seeing a monkey show for others.

“I am giving you two your assignments. Go right now and finish running ten laps of the garden, don’t come back without finishing.” I could only exercise my right as a Master to control these two buffoons.

Huang Shulang originally still wanted to act dumb, however Ma Jindong actually without even making a sound ran out. Huang Shulang also looked at me resentfully, and ran out.

“10 Laps! If even a single lap is missing, don’t come back!” I shouted at the backs of those two.

Only after these two buffoons left could I finally relax.

This was a good method. During class there was Teacher Lin present, they wouldn’t dare trouble me. After class, I began looking for jobs for them to do, they would not have the time to come vex me. I, Huang Jingyang, don’t walk the ordinary path.

After school ends, of the two ass beetles, one would hold my backpack, one would bring me water. It felt unexpectedly good.

I quickly reached the main gate of the house, and at that time I immediately snatched my bag and said: “Each one go to their own houses, each one seek out their own mothers.” Only then did these two hurry back to their own homes.

A few strangers had come to my house, they were sitting in the eaves talking with Grandpa, seeing me come, immediately stood up.

“These people are from Da Haishu Village, they are also suffering from flared up rheumatism. Want to have you treat them.” Grandpa told me the purpose of these people visiting.

“Grandpa didn’t you say that I should no longer treat people?”

In the village, after earning more than ten thousand, not many villagers came. Grandpa had heard some baseless rumors in the village. The villagers were saying that I Huang Jingyang just casually treating, demand two hundred, and in a short while have earned more than ten thousand. Other people have to go outside the village and do hard labour for more than a year to earn that much. Saying that I recognized only money, and could casually treat fellow villagers of home village, but still demand so much money. Rather, it would be better to go to a barefoot doctor and get an injection, than wasting their money on me. Grandpa became very angry after hearing of this, and later came back to tell me to no longer treat people.

“No, ah. Dr. Huang, you must not listen to the idle talk of others. These people are just jealous. Don’t those barefoot doctors take money for injections? For this leg sickness of mine, I have gone to a lot of hospitals big and small, just the fare money would be more than two hundred. You charging two hundred is not expensive, rather, you’re charging much less.” Those words of that Uncle from Da Haishu village, lifted up my spirits.

“I think that it is probably those barefoot doctors of your village who have done this mischief. Otherwise, such simple reasoning, who wouldn’t be able to understand? Taking injection, taking drugs is unable to cure the sickness, but the expenditure remains huge. You here are able to cure the sickness, but only charge two hundred yuan. Just being able to point with their fingers, the people of your village are unable to understand?” The person who had come from Da Haishu village was indeed a sensible person.

Grandpa took a puff from the tobacco pipe and then knocked the pipe hard on the threshold, almost knocking out the ash from inside, “They are jealous, just jealous, people from nearby areas are all coming, but they still want to have people return in vain? You feel free to treat their illnesses.”

By the time Teacher Lin came home, I had already sent off the customers from Da Haishu village. They were very delighted because the chronic illnesses that had been vexing and puzzling them had been cured by me in one stroke. I was also very happy. When Teacher Lin returned home, I was happily counting money.

“So immature, a little bit of money makes you so happy.” Teacher Lin said disdainfully.

“Teacher Lin, what is your monthly salary?” I said with a smile.[1]

“Huang Jingyang!” Teacher Lin finally erupted, grabbed me by my collar, and put me on a backless stool, while she did a five hit combo on my butt.

“Don’t you adults alway say that a gentleman uses his mouth not his fist?” I asked feebly.

“You are a child, moreover, I am a woman, not a gentleman.” Teacher Lin threw me onto the ground, not even feeling the least bit of guilty for bullying a child.

“Teacher Lin, how much money does it cost for renovating a building?” I asked.

“Depends on how big the renovation is. Renovating a three to four story building, would cost hundreds of thousands. Adding to that the furnishing costs, should be more than two hundred thousand. Your small bit of money is not even sufficient to raise a shelf.” Teacher Lin casually struck me down.

“I, in one month, earned more than ten thousand yuan, then within two years I can renovate the house.” I said counting on my fingers.

“Your main task right now is to study, and not to make money. After you go to college, you will be able to make more money.” Teacher Lin said.

“How much money can a college graduate earn in one month?” I asked puzzledly.

“If having a good job, then the annual salary can be several hundred thousand.” Teacher Lin said somewhat evasively.

“Is that good?” I asked.

“Don’t you have any ambition? Have only about several thousand yuan.” Teacher Lin said somewhat guiltily.

“Ah, after studying at a university, the wages would still be not as good as I am earning now?” I asked very much startled, “Then isn’t studying at university just a waste?”

Teacher Lin after thinking for a bit said: “Don’t you like calligraphy? You, after going to university, can not only study seal script, but also study even more ancient culture, such as oracle script.”

“What is oracle script?” I asked somewhat surprised.

“Next time I return home, I will bring some material back for you.” Teacher Lin said.

I liked seal script, because on the bronze medal that I was wearing on my neck, was the damned seal script. It planted a Dao Seed within me. Thereby making me have a natural intimacy with seal script. However, I didn’t know that unexpectedly there was a type of script that was even more ancient than seal script.

Primordial Qi could be condensed into seal script characters with various mystical functions. Primordial Qi usage while chanting aoeiuü could have somewhat of a magical power.[2] However, I wasn’t able to have complete control over these things. It was just like seeing a mountain of treasure, but lacking the means to actually take out any of the treasures from the mountain.

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