MDL – Chapter 29

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Chapter 29 The Usefulness of Primordial Qi Characters

Teacher Lin turned back to look at me, “Huang Jingyang, don’t do such a thing.”

“Teacher Lin, this Huang Jingyang is a dishonest person, he obviously threw a stone at my head, but is not admitting it. The place where he hit me is already starting to swell.” Huang Jingyang was touching the swelling on his head, his eyes were somewhat red.

Teacher Lin stepped forward, using her hand to touch it, “It’s ok, it’s ok. Your head is very tough; it’s alright, it’s alright, it will stop hurting in a moment.”

Huang Shulang, as expected, said chiming in: “Yi, it really doesn’t hurt.”

I already knew that damned fatty was pretending, but I was disinclined to deal with him. At the moment, my entire attention was on the bronze medal that was suspended on my neck. I carefully looked at the spot from which the bronze medal was tied up; there was absolutely no chink. But then how did it separate itself from the rope and fly out just now? What a pity that I was walking behind Huang Shulang; no matter what thing hits his head, he would blame it on me.

I thought for a long time, but couldn’t figure out any reason to lead me to simply give up on it. I, at this age, still lack that persistence to see things through to the end.

“Huang Shulang, I am also carrying a hoe on my shoulder, how could I pick up a stone to throw at you? You must be injured.” I came up with a justification after thinking for a bit. A first grader, for the most part, cannot handle the tall wooden hoe. The weight of a wooden hoe is also not a small burden as far as a first grader is concerned. Indeed, one wouldn’t have any spare energy to go pick up a stone.

“Who knows whether or not you might have been carrying a stone in your hand in advance?” Huang Shulang was also somewhat stupid. Just a moment ago, was it really a stone that had smashed his head? Something definitely had hit the back of his head! However, Huang Shulang would absolutely not admit that he was unable to identify what he had been struck by.

“Then I will quickly collect some stones for you to try out, let’s see how you manage to hold the hoe while also throwing a stone.” I set the hoe aside, quickly picked up a stone from the ground, and threw it at Huang Shulang’s feet.

“I’ll try at once.” Huang Shulang definitely wouldn’t admit to being afraid, so taking the stone given by me, he turned around towards me. “If I throw a stone and hit you, then you can’t blame me.”

Huang Shulang gestured at me for a bit, but suddenly lost control of the hoe. Huang Shulang was almost overwhelmed by the hoe and fell onto the ground. As the hand came loose, he was almost hit on the head by his own hoe. For Huang Shulang, this was indeed somewhat of a headache. He was suffering even while holding the hoe with his two hands, where would I find the strength to handle this extremely difficult matter?

I looked at Huang Shulang somewhat in a distress, and said while laughing: “Huang Shulang, don’t hesitate in throwing stones at me. Even if I get hit, no matter how serious the wound is, I won’t blame you.”

“Both of you stop fighting, or I will make you both stay back at school as punishment.” Teacher Lin got angry.

“Teacher Lin, fatty and I are just fighting as a joke with each other.” I said promptly.

“Right, right, we were just joking.” Huang Shulang was staring coldly at me, but still spoke in consonance with what I said.

“This kind of joke won’t do, what if somebody gets injured?” Teacher Lin was glaring at me.

All along the way, fooling around, we quickly arrived at the school.

Headmaster Han’s plans were very ambitious. Not only did he want to plant trees, he also wanted to dig up earth so that the surroundings of the school could be leveled. After that, the trees could be planted.

High Schoolers were responsible for moving the earth, while we lower graders were in charge of digging. Fortunately, no matter what grade or age you were, in rural areas, there would rarely be a child who couldn’t use a hoe. Even if it were someone like Huang Shulang, he too, was able to pick up the hoe and dig.

Nonetheless, Teacher Lin was highly keyed up. Every child was holding, in his hands, a hoe which could be said to be quite heavy, considering their age, and fooling around with it could end up with the children being badly bruised.

“Everyone must be careful. While digging, one must make sure that there is no one in front. Do you hear me?” Teacher Lin shouted.

Because of Teacher Lin, I was also one of enthusiasts in the class. My strength could be considered to be on the greater side in the class. Naturally, I am the one who is the most capable and efficient digger in the class.

Trees in the form of readily available saplings could be directly dug up from the mountains and brought here to be transplanted. Ba Jiao Mountain was quite a big mountain, and the thing that the mountain had the most of, was trees. However, Headmaster Han was quite fussy; he didn’t want ordinary trees, the trees must be beautiful. How would we children know which tree was beautiful and which was not? Just think that if we planted only fruit trees, then in the future when the fruits ripen, while going to school, one would also be able to have a good meal.

After the trees were planted, they must be irrigated to strengthen them. I was disinclined to go fetch water, so at once, I wrote 水, (Water) the seal script character, in the air, and from the sky, rain suddenly started to pour down heavily. Fortunately, it remained concentrated on the tree that I had planted just a moment ago.

Huang Shulang, from the beginning, had been keeping an eye on me, trying to find out any faults with me. Naturally, he saw this astonishing scene.

“Teacher Lin, Teacher Lin, Huang Jingyang is playing with magic.” Huang Shulang immediately reported to Teacher Lin.

“Playing what game?” Teacher Lin came over immediately.

“Playing with rain magic.” Huang Shulang said, pointing at me.

“Huang Shulang, your eyes are so bad, ah. I am simply holding a basin to pour water.” I naturally wouldn’t admit it. Moreover, I was holding a tray which was prepared beforehand, just in case the rain got out of control and starting falling on my head; then the basin could be used for protection from the rain.

This time, even Teacher Lin wasn’t convinced, and thought that Huang Shulang was making up pretexts for goofing off: “Huang Shulang, you mustn’t dawdle around, hurry up and go fetch water. Not doing one’s own work, and even having Teacher Lin disturb others.”

Scowling miserably, Huang Shulang went to draw water, and after returning, he again saw me using strange methods to water the trees in the distance. In the end, as a result of looking too seriously, he missed a step and the basin that he was holding ended up falling on his own head.

“Splash!” The basin full of water fell down onto Huang Shulang’s head, making Huang Shulang wet from top to bottom, chilling him to the core.

“Huang Shulang, you can’t even do this little bit of work. Now you are soaking wet, return home at once and get changed.” Teacher Lin believed that Huang Shulang was doing such things because he wanted to avoid work. Teacher Lin was very angry.

Huang Shulang looked at me with hidden bitterness, then dispiritedly walked home.

Actually, there was a reason why there were no tall trees in the surroundings of the school. The only reason why the school building could be constructed here was because of the soil being exceptionally barren. Without the means to cultivate wasteland and the region being large in size, naturally, it would end up being a good place for establishing a school. Therefore, even though these trees were being planted into the ground, in actuality, not many of these trees would end up growing big and tall.

Mr. Han was passable as a teacher, but he was simply incapable of farming. He absolutely didn’t think over these realities. When Teacher Lin and I were going out, my Grandpa had said that Headmaster Han was playing house.

After the trees were planted, Headmaster Han organized the students every day for watering. Even the high school students were sent to public toilets to scoop out manure for fertilizer. However, the planted tree saplings remained wilted from the beginning. Without fertilizer, they were at least not in a bad condition, but after the application of fertilizer, all of a sudden, tracts and tracts of land died.

There was only one tree sapling which was still tenaciously surviving. When I went to have a look, it was that tree which I had watered, only that I hadn’t poured ordinary water, I had used the water transformed from the primordial qi character. I didn’t expect that it would have such an effect.

My thoughts adapted immediately. If this water was so much more useful, if I were to use it for planting fruit trees which would bear fruit in the future, then wouldn’t I be able to sell it for a lot of money? My mind became packed with all kinds of denominations of currency, which were flying in my mind all along. When I have money in the future, I would be able to go to the big cities and look at the distant places in the far off lands.


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