Chapter 23: A Mishap

This kind of a thing can naturally only be done covertly.

After waiting for the school day to finish, all those people who had touched those treasures retrieved from Ba Jiao Mountain were all brought together at Ba Jiao Primary School’s campus. Everyone was sitting in the classrooms of the school which were packed to the brim. Many people not able to find a seat were directly sitting on the table.

The Village branch secretary Huang Lisheng was almost sixty years of age this year. There hadn’t been held such a large-scale meeting in the village since a long time. Organizing such a large-scale event involving the entire village, made Huang Lisheng quite excited.

I had been staying at school without returning home, and eating dinner also in the school dining hall. Strangely enough, Teacher Lin also wished to engage in tonight’s matter.

If it were in the past, with every household meeting in a conference, it would necessarily involve their children creating clamour. When it was time for village elections, then items like tobacco, melon seeds, etc. were prepared in advance. Otherwise, there was no way to ensure silence at the scene. Of course in the silence, one would be able to hear the sound of cracking of the melon seeds.

“Yang Yang.” As soon as I appeared, villagers began calling my name. Life had its ups and downs, I remember that two years ago, when everyone saw me, they had a special look in their eyes. That specialness was a kind of contempt and fear. And today, there was another special look, this special look was that of reverence. In this feeling, only I was able to experience a profound realization. At this moment, the villagers had already forgotten how they had used to look at me. Now, they were waiting for me to resolve their crisis.

My state of mind was somewhat complicated. Being able to change the villagers viewpoint of me, it was impossible for my heart to be able to maintain its calmness. Certainly, cultivation has already made me go beyond the scope of ordinary people, making my frame of mind much more open-minded. Also making it impossible to wildly celebrate one’s success like ordinary people.

I was able to clearly see the rich or insipid black qi from each and everyone present on the scene. Within this black qi was carried the deathly aura. I was able to finally sense the true nature of this aura! That was the death qi! If I cannot eliminate this death qi completely today from these villagers’ body, then what would happen, could easily be imagined.

“Branch Secretary Lisheng, there are three households whose people refused to come and refused to send the objects back to the Ba Jiao Mountain. I tried my best to persuade, but they were not willing to come.” The village’s family planning expert Liu Fangben hurriedly came over.

Huang Lisheng frowned: “Those old fools, they can give up their lives, but not part with wealth. But these people not coming is troublesome. In case something happens, it would not be easy to deal with.”
“But they also weren’t willing to listen to my well-intentioned words. These three households hadn’t raised many chickens, and hadn’t bred pigs, so therefore they are unable to understand the nervousness of other people. They are still clinging to wishful thinking.” Liu Fangben said.

“If they do not come, it is impossible for us to tie them up and bring them. We can only see if their fate is good.” Branch Secretary said as he arrived by my side.

“Yang Yang, how does it look, can it be started now or what?” I was asked.

“Almost everyone has come, but those three households refused to come over. If the others refused to come, it is impossible to force them. It would be against the law to force people.” Branch Secretary said.

I started expelling the death qi from everyone’s bodies. A strand of primordial qi, once poured into the villagers’ bodies, is able to easily drive out the death qi completely. Six separate classrooms, several hundred people. My body was unceasingly outputting primordial qi, but it could only be slowly replenished. In the beginning I didn’t feel anything, but with the passage of time, the primordial qi within my body became more and more sparse. I gradually began to feel somewhat strained. A large amount of sweat began to seep out of my forehead. My clothes were also soaked with sweat.

“Huang Jingyang, are you okay?” Teacher Link asked concernedly.

I sat down and shook my head, but didn’t speak. I wanted to conserve my energy.

Teacher Lin hurriedly took out her handkerchief. The handkerchief had a faint pleasant aroma.

Grandpa removed the sweat for me, but did not come forward to stop me. He knew that right now, human lives were on the line. However, wherever I went, Grandpa would also follow there.

The villagers didn’t know what I was doing, however they knew that I was not an ordinary child.

When I arrived at the last classroom, my body had already been exhausted from top to bottom, and was completely soaked in my sweat. The death qi after all was not sentient, and driving it away, didn’t have much difficulty. As long as one had primordial qi, one could completely eliminate this death qi.

Yet by this time, I had already become a spent force.

“This child, what happened?” Eldest Grandpa came over to ask Grandpa.

“Too tired. Hundreds of people.” Grandpa shook his head reluctantly.

“Yes, we gave this child a hard time.” Eldest Grandpa looked into my eyes.

I could hear the words that the Grandpas spoke, but I didn’t want to open my eyes. I was too tired. I really wanted to have a nice good sleep. However, at the moment I could only wait for the slow recovery.

The streams of primordial qi running in my meridians had already almost dried up. The small primordial liquid whirlpool in my dantian had already almost returned to its previous mist form.

Receptive as an echoing canyon, throwing out the old, accepting the new. My meridians and dantian dried up, but after my meridians had suddenly dried up, it acquired massive amounts of space to accommodate new stuff. A large amount of primordial qi, as if attracted by some kind of mystical force, frantically entered my body, as if in a rush to leave the other behind in a race. [TLNote: Receptive as an Echoing Canyon (Idiom) = Self Explanatory, throwing out the old, accepting the new (Idiomish) = Reinvigorating]

And at this time, the primordial qi very quickly collected within my dantian. I could clearly feel that this primordial qi that had converged together, was unexpectedly even purer than before.

Breaking and rebuilding. Although I didn’t understand the reasons for this situation, I found myself overjoyed with these circumstances, because I could already feel that my used up energy was being slowly replenished. The primordial qi all around was very sparse, and was very quickly absorbed into my meridians. Gathering primordial qi from distance places was even more straining, but even so, my crisis was temporarily alleviated.

Grandpa was frowning seeing me close my eyes, he wasn’t aware of my situation, but he was able to surmise that I was very exhausted. Compared to the life of villagers, for him, my life held much more significance. He didn’t want the villagers to have a mishap, but even more so he doesn’t want me to be in any danger.

When I opened my eyes, Grandpa promptly asked: “YangYang, how are you? How about we return home.”

Eldest Grandpa also was anxiously watching from the side, “Yang Yang, really cannot persevere any further? There are still so many people.”

I looked at the villagers in the classroom, unable to tolerate it somewhat, said: “I, I will try again.”

Eldest Grandpa sucked in a huge breath, he was worried that I would refuse.

“Yang Yang. Don’t force yourself.” Grandpa was worried that I will have a mishap.

I nodded.

Teacher Lin was also very anxious, she tightly held my hand. She was capable of seeing that what I was doing was certainly of great importance for these villagers. Although her eyes couldn’t see the black qi, she could see the expressions of these people. The appearances of these people showed they were suffering. However, after undergoing my “treatment”, suddenly they would seem a lot better. The people would also look a bit more vigorous.

I began using the replenished primordial qi that I had just amassed within my body to carry on cleansing the rest of the villagers. By the time I had cleansed the black qi from the body of the last villager, I was already gasping for breath.

Teacher Lin took me up in her arms, somewhat anxious about my situation. She knew that I had been very terribly exhausted. With the knowledge imbued from those Wuxia films and TV series, it wasn’t difficult for Teacher Lin to understand my current state.

Just as I was leaving, I heard the Family planning expert Liu Fangben say: “Those three households are still not willing to come.”

Huang Lisheng waved his hand: “They themselves chose their own path. We have no choice. So be it!”

Huang Lisheng’s voice gradually faded, the sound of Teacher Lin’s slightly heavy footsteps seemed to be a rhythm urging me to sleep. My eyelids kept getting heavier and heavier, and when I opened my eyes once more, I only saw a beautiful face. Teacher Lin was looking at me, with a smile on her face.

“Slept well? You, this stinky brat, do you know how long you slept for?” Teacher Lin asked me with a smile, seeing that I was able to remain unscathed, Teacher Lin was feeling extremely cheerful.

“I slept for how long? Teacher Lin.” I asked.

“It’s already a bit past seven. Quickly get up, breakfast is already prepared. If you don’t get up, you’re going to be late.” Teacher Lin said.

“Grandpa?” I asked.

“Grandpa went out early in the morning. Seems like there was some mishap in the village.” Teacher Lin said.

I tensed up, “What happened?”

“I saw Grandpa leaving very quickly, your Eldest Grandpa had come over to call him, they spoke very quickly, I couldn’t hear clearly, and don’t know what exactly the matter is.” Teacher Lin shook her head, although she had already been at the Ba Jiao village for quite some time, she still found it difficult to understand the Ba Jiao village dialect. If the speed is even marginally quick, then it goes beyond her limits.

I knew that definitely it wouldn’t be a good thing.

While returning home when school got over, I heard from the village trumpet. Someone in the village had died!

Amongst the three households, in the entire family only an elder had died. The children seemed to have no apparent issues, however the other two elders’ situation also didn’t feel right.

“Early in the morning, they didn’t wake up even after being shouted at to wake up, believing them to be dead sleep, someone pushed them with a hand only to discover that their bodies were stiff. Only then was it discovered that they had died.” Grandpa, while talking about the three elders who had died in the village, was sobbing incessantly.

“As expected something bad had indeed happened.” I muttered to myself.

In one village, all of a sudden, three people died. Naturally, this wouldn’t be a trivial matter.

Huang Lisheng was worried that sooner or later, he would have to bear the responsibility. After all, the matter of villagers going to the mountains to pick up historical relics would sooner or later be exposed. Even more troublesome was that people had died, the dead were three, when even two was also very dangerous. When going to town, what happened in the village would have to be reported.
[TLNote: Author hops between comatose and dead state pretty frequently]

At this time, those three families all let me examine them, I also couldn’t evade. I could only have a look. Although the two elders still hadn’t died, the situation was very bad. Their bodies were wrapped thoroughly with black qi. Their eyes were shut tightly, and were not responding to shouts.

I patted a strand of primordial qi into Grandma, but it seemed as if it fell into a murky sea. The black qi on elder’s body moved slightly, but there was no change in elder’s situation at all. I patted more than a dozen strands of primordial qi continuously. If it were yesterday, it would have been enough to solve the problems of more than a dozen people, but today, the situation of this old woman was not seeing even a trace of improvement.
[TLNote: Ok so this is not really MC’s Grandma, it is just a term used out of respect for the Old lady. Also, yes, the Author did change the terms of reference many times during the para, confusing the shit out of me, but anyways, I hope you get the point]

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