Chapter 22 Getting worse and worse

Grandpa was also somewhat excited, while eating, he would always talk about how by now, this and that person from Ba Jiao Mountain had returned after picking up some things. I could tell from his expression that in fact, he really wanted to go.

“Uncle, what the villagers are doing is illegal. Since what has been excavated are historical relics, they belongs to the nation. If any person is found in possession of any of those items, then it is considered a violation of the law. If in the future, the National Heritage Department comes to know, then it would require them to pay to the government.” Teacher Lin understood this policy aspect.

“Oh? Do even derelict things need to be handed over to the state? Ba Jiao mountain naturally is the tomb of our Ba Jiao Village’s ancestor. Don’t tell me that we Ba Jiao villagers can’t even inherit our old ancestor’s things?” Grandpa couldn’t understand this somewhat. Since the tomb on Ba Jiao mountain is our old ancestor’s, then those things inside the tomb ought to be taken by the people of Ba Jiao village. The posterity takes the ancestor’s things, isn’t that only natural?

At this point, Teacher Lin became confused: “That I am not sure about.”

“Grandpa, those things are not clean. If they are retrieved like this, then later there is possibility of mishap.” I said a sentence.

“Not clean?” Grandpa asked in surprise. He naturally is aware that I am not the same as an ordinary person. My words dispelled Grandpa’s original intentions.

I knew the reason why Grandpa wanted to go to Ba Jiao mountain to treasure hunt so badly. He was hoping to pick up several kinds of valuable objects, if in the future opportunity arose of them being purchased, then the money earned could be used to give the house a renovation. Although our house was a brick house, in the village the mainstream buildings are the several storied buildings. Our house seems somewhat short and small in the village.

The house in the rural area is a person’s most valuable family property. Some people go to Guangdong to take up work just with the sole desire of getting their house renovated.

I also wanted to double up the house to turn it into multi-storied building. This way, Grandpa would be able to live rest of his life in a beautiful house.
[Robin: God damn, this kid is adorable :i]

These kinds of thoughts of ours, would probably be somewhat incomprehensible to Teacher Lin. From her viewpoint as a city dweller, it would be difficult to comprehend why a person from rural area would have these kind of thoughts.

Having eaten the meat, Grandpa with a very solemn expression asked me: “Did you really see that those things retrieved by the villagers are unclean?”

I nodded: “Really unclean.”

“How is that?” Grandpa tightly furrowed his brows.

“I too don’t know. I only know that those treasure retrieved are not clean, making me feel very sick.” I had went to look at the treasure retrieved by the villagers, the treasure brought back by them unexpectedly had black qi floating on it. Although the qi was black, it was still not the same as the cold and gloomy aura on the body of Cui Chenlin.

My theory was very quickly verified, however, the ‘verifiers’ were the poultry and livestock in the village. Therefore, it didn’t catch the attention of the villagers.

“Not good, Not Good, there’s been an outbreak of chicken plague in the village!” Grandpa returned from the outside while carrying a hoe, somewhat panicked.

“Grandpa, what happened?” Upon hearing Grandpa’s words, I put down my book and came out.

“The chickens in almost every household in the village have either died, or have begun flying around in disorder like crazy and dashing everywhere.” Grandpa looked somewhat worriedly at our own chicken coop.

“All died? Is it really chicken plague?” I was somewhat skeptical. Even if it were chicken plague, the chickens were dying too fast.

“If it isn’t chicken plague then what is it? This chicken plague spreads very fast. In a day, all the chickens in the village died.

“Are there no other possibilities? Has there been any careful examination, to know whether these chicken really died from chicken plague?” I asked.

“Why are you asking such a foolish question? If not died from the chicken plague, then has this been done by something else?” Grandpa asked.

“Quite likely. I am afraid that this is not chicken plague, rather it is that treasure retrieved by them.” I spoke out the worry that was distressing me.

“You are saying that those things are the root cause of this? Is it because those things are unclean?” Grandpa nearly didn’t yell out. He also had become absent-minded while saying this, as if this were indeed the case, then it was really terrible!

Grandpa had hurried back, as he was worried about whether his own house’s chicken coop had been affected. However at this time Grandpa’s expression had sobered up, if this really is the chicken plague, then how is it that his house’s chicken are not affected?

“Not good, I have to go to the village and talk to the people.” Grandpa hurriedly prepared to go remind the villagers.

“However, they won’t believe what you say!” I shouted out loudly towards Grandpa’s back.

“It’s beyond me to care about so many things, I have to tell them as soon as possible.” Grandpa went barefoot, as he ran quickly to the village.

“Huang Jingyang, you said unclean, what did you mean by that?” Teacher Lin asked as she came out.

“The villagers retrieved a lot of things from the Ba Jiao mountain, but these things had been buried underground for so many years, definitely have the earth’s aura within them, and some things are even unclean. If proper precautions are not taken at an early stage, then the problem will become big.” I said anxiously.

I also frequently paid attention to our family’s poultry and livestock, seeing them alive and kicking, I felt relieved.

After one-two hours, Grandpa returned walking frustratedly.

“Those people in the village have gone crazy, they didn’t believe what I said. They said that their families have picked up treasures, and in the future when they are sold for money, then they would earn much more than poultry and livestock. Even went on to say that I was jealous of them picking up treasures.” Grandpa let out a sigh, as he shook his head.

“Grandpa, you don’t need to take care of them. They chose their own path, where it leads to, is their own business.” I saw that Grandpa’s expression was not good, he was most likely subjected to a lot of anger in the village, and was still carrying some resentment in his heart.

“Cannot say like that. In this Ba Jiao village are there not several families which are related to us? Now that the entirety of poultry has died off, what will happen next, who is capable of anticipating?” Grandpa could only sit down under the eaves and smoke sulkingly.

The next day, a worrying thing happened again. All the pigs in every household died. All the fat pigs died simultaneously overnight. Moreover, on the pigs bodies aside from a bit of blackishness, there was no other abnormality.

“What to do about this, what should be done about this?” Grandpa came rushing into our house early in the morning.

“Just like you said yesterday, those things retrieved from Ba Jiao Mountain were unclean, but who believed me? Now already this much has happened, what can be done? Now we can only hope that this problem doesn’t affect a lot of people.” Grandpa let out a sigh, while helplessly shaking his head.

“At that moment, each and every household’s dog was barking incessantly, I realized at once that something was wrong. However, they all said that the things brought back from Ba Jiao mountain are all valuable treasures. Capable of being sold for a lot of money. Now that all the poultry and livestock are all dead, it is likely that everybody will feel even more complacent.” Eldest Grandpa said.

“However, who would have thought these unclean things could scourge through poultry, and scourge through livestock, and who’s to say that it won’t also scourge people?” Grandpa threw out a sentence that was enough to make anyone feel afraid.

“Yang Yang, can you tell if people will die or not?” Eldest Grandpa asked me anxiously while pulling me.

I shook my head: “I also don’t know. However, those unclean things are becoming more and more powerful.”

Obviously, I had already told Eldest Grandpa of my solution.

Eldest Grandpa relaxed his grip on my hand: “So what is to be done? Will it be okay if we now throw those filthy things back where they came from?”

Seeing me somewhat hesitant, Grandpa unhappily said: “Foul brat, at this moment human life is at stake. You still are acting like this, Grandpa will beat you up.”

“At the moment, aside from those retrieved treasures that have dirty things on them, those dead poultry and livestock need to be dealt with, and also the people who went to retrieve those treasures

“Things can be thrown away, those dead poultry and livestock can be disposed of, but what’s to be done about those people?” Eldest Grandpa said worriedly.

“I can give it a try.” I said.

I also thought, that when I picked and brought back the bronze medal, there were no problems, then why was it that when the villagers retrieved those treasures there were problems. What could be the reason behind it?

Although the villagers were already unusually keyed up, Eldest Grandpa’s actions, compared to Grandpa’s urgings earlier, went through much more smoothly. A lot of the families had already delivered the retrieved items back to the Ba Jiao Mountains, but they concealed it someplace so that depending on how situation develops, they could come back to retrieve these treasures.

However, there were a few families who would rather give up their life than their wealth. They feared that the things that were returned by them would later be stolen by someone else.

“Do you take us for fools? Now that the chickens and the pigs are dead, all are at risk, the poultry and livestock in the house are already dead. Now you want us to throw away these treasures, in the future what will I count on for securing my meal?”

“You can say whatever you like. Anyways, I won’t listen to your words. Likewise, I also won’t return these things.”

Grandpa came back to tell me: “In the village, there are a total of three households who are reluctant to return the things they retrieved from the mountains. The dead pigs and chickens are already being dealt with nicely. The villagers will later congregate and hold a meeting in the village. You can go take a look, and see if you can help them solve this problem.”

I didn’t know how the primordial qi within my body would fare against these unclean things, but as the matters stood, I could only bite the bullet and go.

Teacher Lin didn’t know what to say. This kind of a thing was completely beyond her world view. Although she knew from an early time that I was a child that stood out from the masses, she still found it somewhat hard to comprehend some of my actions.

Grandpa was also extremely worried, that matter two years ago that had happened, was still quite vivid in his mind. He was worried that I, just like before, would fall into a comatose state.

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