Chapter 21 Teacher Lin Returns

He Dachao gave Grandpa his business card, while he looked at our ox.

“Why not sell this ox of yours, I will pay a high price.”

Without waiting for Grandpa to reject, Old Yellow had already become unhappy.


Old Yellow’s eyes had turned red all of a sudden, the eyes opened wide, and his body angled downward slightly, all the while his two eyes pointedly stared at He Dachao. Fully prepared to charge and treat He Dachao’s illness at one stroke.

“Don’t move!” I patted a strand of primordial qi on Old Yellow’s head, enabling Old Yellow to calm down.

“This ox we won’t sell. It is the main labour force of our house.” Grandpa hurriedly shook his head.

He Dachao was terrified of Old Yellow as his entire body trembled, not daring to move needlessly. This kind of imposing manner was really not something that an average person can handle.

As soon as I pacified Old Yellow, the pressure on He Dachao’s body loosened. His body had already become drenched with sweat. Unexpectedly, he was sweating all over his body out of fright.

“How is this an ox? It is a Bull Demon King. The Bull Demon King was unexpectedly planning of striking me just a moment ago.” He Dachao muttered.

Old Yellow was very eye-catching in the town. Wherever it went, it would attract onlookers. The ox without a tow-rope around its head, was following honestly an old man and a kid, with several baskets strapped to its back. This kind of a situation was really somewhat weird.

“Our house is really too small, there’s insufficient area for raising all the chickens, otherwise, would be able to raise a bit more chickens, and definitely earn a lot more money.” I said.

“This is not really such an easy matter. The biggest fear while raising chickens and ducks is that of them falling sick. If one becomes unwell, then death comes in large numbers. Even the initial capital invested would not be returned. The batch raised by you last year was completely due to luck.” Grandpa said.

In fact, Grandpa didn’t know that the chickens, ducks, geese and the fish in the pond raised by me, didn’t really rely on luck, rather on the primordial qi that I was able to control. With primordial qi, these chickens, ducks, geese and fish naturally wouldn’t fall ill, and under the incitement of primordial qi, their growth rate also became much faster compared to general poultry.

“Raising this many is already good. If we are able to raise one-two batches in one year, then we can enjoy a profit of 1000-2,000 yuan. In addition, the ducks would always be good several thousand in an year. As soon as the sows give birth, we will have two litters full of piglets and a large sum of money.” Grandpa was already very satisfied with the income, but to me, it felt insufficient. Because I had even bigger goals.

“Grandpa, look. Our house is emitting smoke!” We still had not arrived at the village, but from afar, I could notice the smoke rising from our house.

Grandpa also panicked after seeing this: “Oh no, I’m afraid that at this time of the year, the firewood in the kitchen stove wasn’t covered up properly, so it caught fire due to the temperature.”

I followed Grandpa as we both ran towards home in leaps and bounds.

Arriving at the courtyard, I was stunned speechless. At my house’s entrance, was a person who I had been thinking of day and night.

“Huang Jingyang, what are you gawking at? Come in quick!” The speaker was naturally someone whom I hadn’t seen since winter vacation, Teacher Lin.

“Teacher Lin!” I quickly rushed up, and tightly embraced Teacher Lin. Naturally, with my height I could only reach up to Teacher Lin’s hips, with my head leaning on her belly.

Teacher Lin also embraced me, and gave me a kiss on my cheek: “It’s been so long, I was afraid something bad had happened to you.”

Grandpa arrived in the courtyard gasping for breath, upon seeing the scene before him, he naturally understood what was going on.

My house’s key was hidden in the crack in a wall. Teacher Lin naturally knew. She saw that we hadn’t come back, so she was boiling water to prepare food.

“Teacher Lin, I didn’t think that I would be able to see you again later.” I said somewhat moved with emotions.

“Teacher Lin said that she would come as soon as possible, naturally she would honor her words.” Teacher Lin said with a smile.

Only now did I carefully examined Teacher Lin, compared to before, Teacher Lin’s complexion was much better, and looked much brighter and colourful.

“Little fellow, obviously staring at a girl like that is not very polite behaviour.” Teacher Lin gently blew on my nose.

After Teacher Lin returned, my life suddenly seemed to have turned from black and white television, to coloured television.

“That day…..” I remembered what I had done on that day.

“That day you really scared Teacher Lin. Cui Chenlin returned home, and remained in the hospital for a short while, there was not much else to it. I was originally ready and prepared to come see you, however the heavy snow sealed off the road. Afterwards, I telephoned the village chief’s home, and after hearing that you were already alright, I put down my heart.” Teacher Lin said.

“How come I didn’t hear from the village chief that you had called?” I felt somewhat baffled.

“Maybe he forgot.” Teacher Lin wasn’t bothered much by this insignificant issue.

“Oh no!” I slapped my forehead.

“What happened?” Teacher Lin asked.

“All the delicious stuff in the house, has already been sent off to my parents in Guangdong. In the house there is nothing delicious to eat. I will go catch some fish and come back.” I walked towards the door after having finished speaking.

Teacher Lin pulled me by the hand: “How long wouldn’t that take. By the time you come back from catching fish, my belly would have already gone flat from hunger.”

“Then what should we do?” I didn’t know what would be good to do at the moment.

“Nothing. On my way here, I bought some vegetables from the town. The food is already ready. Take a look at Teacher’s handiwork and see if it hasn’t progressed.” Teacher Lin pulled me to the dining table. On the table, several types of dishes were placed, and the dishes were covered with several small bowls which were placed upside down. Opening one small bowl, the dish in the bowl immediately released steam.

“Woah!” I shouted excitedly. This was my favourite dish. Actually I had never been picky about food, of course, in this day and age, meat was more popular. Especially, in a small mountain village like Ba Jiao Village.

Seeing me so excited, Teacher Lin was also very happy, and served a big bowl a rice to me: “ Eat quickly, eat lots and grow up.”

Teacher Lin brought a lot of books for me, out of which there were many copybooks for seal script.

“Teacher Lin, did that person still come to look for you?” I asked suddenly.

“Children should stay out of the matters of adults.” Teacher Lin gently tapped me on my head.

This sentence struck me hard, I am not a child, I am a man who is ready to grow up to be the man that marries Teacher Lin.

Teacher Lin seeing me scowl miserably, smiled and asked: “What happened?”

“Teacher Lin, you said that once I grow up, you would marry me.” I was very gloomy.

“But you still haven’t grown up.” Teacher Lin again laughed while trembling from head to foot.

I was very worried, how long till I grow up? At this moment, I even remembered that Grandpa had applied 920 to the farm crops. I heard that after application, the crops grow very quickly. Didn’t know that if I sprayed it on my body, would I grow quickly too ?
[Robin: I’m a bit confused about the “920” haha, perhaps Void can elaborate when we wakes up :)]
[TLNote: My guess is that it is some kind of fertilizer brand, because it was written in english by the Author as “920”]

I was still quite worried in my heart, that one day Cui Chenlin would come running over, and take away Teacher Lin from me. However, since that day unexpectedly, there had been no tidings about Cui Chenlin. Actually, something happened in Ba Jiao village, which was beyond people’s expectations.

I had picked up the bronze medal from the Ba Jiao mountains. There were a few other audacious children who had rushed in to them, and brought out several ancient bowls from within the mountains. Although Ba Jiao village was very remote, it was not isolated. A lot of people who had ventured outside for adventure, knew that these ancient era porcelain bowls were called antiques. Antiques were usually synonymous with a lot of money.

The very first porcelain cup was picked up by the Ba Jiao village’s stuttering child Ma Jindong. Ma Jindong’s was born in a family which was foreign to Ba Jiao village. Ma Jindong’s father, Ma Dakun, was a shut-in son-in-law. Ma Jindong’s brother followed his mother, Huang Cuiying’s family name, and was called Huang Jinwu.

Don’t look at Huang Shulang’s fatty body. This fellow was really of dirty reporter material. Remaining well-informed of the news. In the school, Huang Shulang vividly described the matter of Ma Jindong picking up porcelain cup from within the Ba Jiao Mountains.

“I heard some time back that within Ba Jiao Mountain lies the grave of an official from a very wealthy and great family, with are a lot of funerary objects. Possibly due the ground sinking down a bit, these funerary objects are emerging directly from the ground. My father said, these things can be worth a lot of money. Ma Jindong’s luck is really good. If I had picked it up, our family would have gotten really rich.” Huang Shulang was dying of envy.

Because of the thing with Ma Jindong, villagers had all secretly begun going to Ba Jiao Mountain, all in hope of being able to pick up some valuable antique from the Ba Jiao mountain.

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