Chapter 12: Protect

I grabbed Teacher Lin and pulled her behind me, Teacher Lin looked at me stunned. She didn’t expect that at such a young young age, I actually had this much strength, making her unable to break free momentarily.

“Jing’er, I have come here for you.” Cui Chenlin scowled, then started laughing grimly all of a sudden..

“You are not here to seek Teacher Lin, you have come here for that Jade pendant. You just want to exploit Teacher Lin, treating her like food cereals for the sake of nourishing that Jade pendant.” I said in a loud voice.

“You actually know?!” This made Cui Chenlin look at me seriously. He naturally knew that someone in Ba Jiao village had helped Lin Jing, but it never occurred to him that that person would actually turn out to be me, a child.

“So, it is you.” Cui Chenlin sneered, even after knowing that I had helped Teacher Lin, he still did not put me in his eyes. Perhaps in his eyes, I was nothing more than a child. Even if I had started cultivating straight from my mother’s womb, it would still amount to only a few years of practice, and he had practiced for nearly two decades. The length of his practice was several times mine.

“It is me, so what about it?” I was very nervous in my heart, and even my breathing had become somewhat ragged. However, I still bravely faced Cui Chenlin. Perhaps that day when Teacher Lin spoke about marrying me, I had already mentally prepared myself to undertake the responsibility of protecting Teacher Lin. I no longer thought of myself as a child, but a real man. Only a man could marry Teacher Lin.

“You talk big! Unfortunately, you are still not qualified!” Cui Chenlin walked towards me sneering.

“You musn’t hurt him!” Teacher Lin had an anxious urge to cry. Although she didn’t understand the matters of Dao Cultivation, but she could feel that Cui Chenlin was formidable. She had been fooled earlier by his graceful words and flowery speech, but now she had genuinely recognized that this person was really dreadful.

“I have been telling you from the beginning to not come to these poor mountain barren fields, you didn’t listen. If at that time you had listened to me, I wouldn’t have needed to take care of this child. However, this child repeatedly disrupts my good deeds, how could I let him off?” Cui Chenlin leisurely pressured me.

I discovered that I couldn’t help but retreat. I had only taken a single step back, before I found myself leaning on Teacher Lin’s body. I clenched my teeth and no longer retreated, because behind me was a person I had to protect. I absolutely had to stand in front.

This was a challenge that I had to necessarily face on the path of my Dao Cultivation. The Path of Dao was not a royal road, there would always be confrontations and one untold danger and challenge after another. The majority of people choose to give up amidst the untold dangers and challenges, or maybe stray away from the Dao, ending up not being able to touch the essence of the Dao throughout their entire lives. Only those possessing great courage are able to reach the other side.

At this very young age, I was naturally incapable of realizing this point, but I knew that I had only one option, to confront. I had already condensed a strand of primordial qi within my hands, and as soon as Chenlin got close enough, I would recklessly attack with this strand of primoridal qi. This won’t do, perhaps this stand of primordial qi will be insufficient, then I shall condense some more.

One stand, two strands, three strands….. I kept going until I had condensed ten strands of primordial qi, when I discovered that I had already reached my limit and could not control any more strands of primordial qi.

Owing to the ten strands of primordial qi, my aura suddenly underwent a great change.

Cui Chenlin stopped abruptly, he could already feel that the dreadful aura on my body was becoming more and more formidable. He was simply incapable of accepting the fact that he was unexpectedly able to feel extremely dreadful aura on my body. How comical and funny thing this was, that he, a nearly thirty year old person, was being intimidated by a first-grader.

Cui Chenlin was unwilling to walk even two steps forward, leaving only a distance of ten feet between me and him. As long as he walks two or three steps forward, he would become able to grabbing me in his hands. However, the ability to sense danger in Dao cultivators is much higher compared to ordinary people. Cui Chenlin was able to feel an enormous threat coming from me. I was also able to feel great terror coming from him. However, I did not cower, because I had something in my mind.

Cui Chenlin could see that my cultivation was not lower than his, he also didn’t want to perish along with me, so he stepped back.

“Good, I will temporarily let you off first. Lin Jing, you are destined to be mine, you can’t escape.” Cui Chenlin sneered as he left. He chose to give up.

I didn’t expect Cui Chenlin to give up, perhaps my actions just now had intimidated him. Perhaps he still has more means. However, after all is said and done, he retreated. I succeeded in protecting Teacher Lin for the first time.

“How could you be so stupid? Why must you stand in front, didn’t you know that what you were doing was very dangerous?” Teacher Lin burst into tears as she said, while tightly embracing me.

Even though my back was sweating due to the fright I had received just now, smelling Teacher Lin’s smell made me forget the danger I had just been in. A strong sense of accomplishment began growing in my heart.

Teacher Lin had an aura that I liked very much. I could feel it the moment I came into contact with her. The primordial qi within my body seemed to have become even more active as if cheering and frolicking for joy. Unfortunately, at that time I didn’t understand what these aura were, and why they had such a great attraction to me, to the extent of even mobilizing the primordial qi within my body.

When I returned home along with Teacher Lin, Grandpa was returning from outside while walking barefoot.

“Grandpa, what were you doing?” I immediately stepped forward and asked.

Grandpa smiled at me and Teacher Lin: “I had gone to the fields to take out rice straws for drying in the sun. At home, we have to feed an ox, now we also have to feed a pig, at the winter time, the pen must be filled with straws. If these rice straws are not dried in the sun, then where would you go get these rice straws from in the Winter?”

Grandpa was almost sixty years of age this year. For a lot of old people in the village, the age of sixty is already their time of twilight. However, Grandpa recently has seemed to be still going very strong. His feet were originally an everyday complaint, but after I massaged his feet with primordial qi, his feet have had no problems at all. I have begun to understand that this primordial qi is really quite advantageous for people. If this primordial qi with white jade-like luster is beneficial for people, then that fiery red primordial qi in the fire would have what effect on people? Moreover, there is that green primordial qi, blue primordial qi, yellow primordial qi, purple primordial qi, etc. Perhaps they all have their own special roles, but I am still unaware of them at present.

“Huang Jingyang, what are you thinking?” Teacher Lin seeing me staring somewhat blankly while doing my homework, shook me promptly.

“No-nothing.” I smiled.

“Hurry up and do your homework.” After Teacher Lin came to live at my house, I had to finish my homework on time every day, and aside from that, I also had to complete additional assignments from Teacher Lin. Practicing writing with the ink-brush had already become a core element of my everyday life. I had already studied about two hundred letters from seal script, but it was still somewhat difficult when it came to writing the seal script.

When I was writing the seal script, unconsciously I allowed a trace of primordial qi to seep into the ink brush. At first I wasn’t very good at writing the seal script letter 天 (Sky/Heaven), unexpectedly, it made me finish forming the letter at once. That 天 character on the newspaper unexpectedly flashed suddenly with a radiant brilliance, unexpectedly this 天 character had a trace of spiritual charm.

“This 天 character is written very well.” Teacher Lin couldn’t help but praise the writing after looking at it. However, that kind of a feeling couldn’t be found even in the least bit later on no matter the efforts. Having continued writing several words, that kind of a feeling didn’t emerge.

“It seems that you got lucky today. Nevermind, today, writing will be till here only. You should also take care of your tasks. Don’t be too late.” The words of Teacher Lin giving instructions, seemed like a sentence spoken by a doting mother, and also like an affectionate wife.

Teacher Lin at the time of picking up the newspaper, was surprised that there were ink marks of a seal script 天 impressively left behind on the table. I had written that character just now, surprisingly going through three-four layers of paper, it got printed on the table.

“This is the legendary ‘Three Fen into the Wood’?“ Teacher Lin muttered to herself.
Apparently Wang Xizhi, also known as the Sage of calligraphy, wrote in a manner that the letters written by him had almost gone one centimeter (three fen) into the wood, which made him even more legendary]

I was walking out, so naturally I didn’t hear what Teacher Lin had said, but while facing Teacher Lin I waved my hand and said: “Teacher Lin I am going to pull out some hogweeds.”

The people in the village need not pull out hogweeds, they use fodder mixed with compatible cereals to feed pigs. This way the pigs grow faster. Only I am able to use hogweed to feed pigs. This way I can feed a little bit of cereal also, but pigs fed this way usually grow slowly. However, the growth of the pigs fed by me is not slow at all.

My house’s pig pen is open all day everyday, this makes it convenient for the pigs inside to come out. My house’s three pigs are different from the other villagers’ pigs. The pigs fed by other villagers are locked in a pig pen. The pig pen is not cleaned everyday, and a rather thick layer of rice straws are spread inside the pig pen. However, the pigs excrements all get piled up inside the pig pen. The hygiene of that pig pen is naturally extremely terrible, and the bodies of those pigs would be dirty. However, my house’s pig pen is open, and when they need to excrete, they would often run out and do it at a place designated for excreting. This way the insides of the pig pen remain clean. The rice straws spread out look neat and tidy, like beddings. If this was seen by people of the village, it would make them stare with their eyes open wide.

When I go to pull hogweeds, black bean would always remain by my side, keeping close to me. When he sees me pulling hogweeds, he very much thinks of helping me, but unfortunately, he could only keep barking and informing me where the hogweeds were.

“Foolish dog, stupid dog, at this place, hogweeds are everywhere, do I still need you to inform me?” I laughed while scolding.

Black Bean refused to acknowledge my reprimand, as he still continued to hop, skip and jump happily.

I was too young, and was unable to carry too much hogweed, naturally Old Yellow had become my good helper. A frame would be put on his body everyday, this frame could hold a bamboo basket on each side. I would wander around pulling hogweeds and putting them into Old Yellow’s baskets, and when the two baskets were completely filled, I would prepare to return home.

The evening time is the eating time for my poultry and livestock. As soon as they hear my call, all poultry and livestock would come rushing over. The three patterned pigs tried to outdo each other in terms of cleanliness and would call out ‘ao ao’ along the way. The chicks and the ducklings would spread their wings wishing they were able to fly. The ten goslings would come waddling, they had developed a gentleman’s demeanour at a young age. Old Yellow would also let out cries of ‘moo moo’ several times.

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