Chapter 9: Show of Strength

Teacher Lin arrived at Ba Jiao Village during the weekend in the afternoon. This was because she had to take class on Monday, so she had to come a day early to catch up with work.

Teacher Lin did not dare sleep alone in the school at night, so she came to my house to ask me to come over in the night and accompany her. Teacher Lin’s look was somewhat pale and sallow. I realised that she probably hadn’t been sleeping well in these last two days. This was because I could sense that the aura of the jade pendant she was wearing was even gloomier and colder than before.

But also, Teacher Lin’s request put me in a difficult spot, because at home there was a major cluster of chickens, ducks, geese and added to that, three black and white identically patterned pigs. “I am feeding a lot of ducks and chicken at home”

Teacher Lin was also in a tough spot, because when I accompany her, she is able to have a smooth and steady sleep. Ba Jiao Primary School is really too remote. She doesn’t dare to live alone for even a single night in Ba Jiao Primary School.

“Can I come live in your home? I would pay your family rent and living expenses for each month. Is that acceptable for you or not?” Teacher Lin asked Grandpa. [TLNote: The ‘You’ used here is courteous version and not informal]

“We don’t need any rent. It’s just that the life of our household is a little difficult, so it’s fine as long as you do not despise the life of our household for being in such a terrible state.” Grandpa naturally couldn’t accept Teacher Lin’s rent and living expenses.

“Then, hereafter I will stay in your home.” Teacher Lin came to a decision.

Grandpa and I quickly went to tidy up a room for Teacher Lin. Although our house only has four rooms, at the moment, Grandpa and I were the only ones living here. Naturally, there would be a spare room.

After tidying up the room, I went along with Grandpa to go to Ba Jiao Primary School, for shifting Teacher Lin’s beddings and other articles together to our home.

Hearing that Teacher Lin had come to live at my house, all the village brats who had never dared to come to my house, couldn’t help but come by.

Huang Shulang was envious to the point of death: “Teacher Lin, how could you come live at Huang Jingyang’s house. Their family’s house looks like it’s about to collapse, whereas our family’s house is a magnificent pavilion. Teacher Lin, you might as well come live at my home. My father is a butcher, there would be meat to eat every day.”

“Huang Jingyang’s house is very good ah, Teacher will live here only. If you all have any questions, you can come later to Huang Jingyang’s home.” Teacher Lin said smilingly.

Even though I disliked that aura on Teacher Lin’s body, and also somewhat feared Teacher Lin’s boyfriend finding our home, after what Teacher Lin said to that big fatty, it made me feel quite happy.

In order to celebrate Teacher Lin coming to live at our home, I decided to go to the river to pick up some nice ingredients. My house doesn’t have a fridge, from the chickens that were being fed in the house, only one was killed at the time of Teacher Lin’s home visit. For the remaining, Grandpa said that they could be left to be used during the Mid-Autumn festival celebrations. Grandpa was going to borrow some eggs from the village.

“I am going to bring some fish back home.” I said.

Grandpa hearing what I said, nodded.

“Want me to come with you?” Grandpa asked.

I shook my head: “I will be taking Old Yellow for help.”

Grandpa helped me in securely tying up the casks on the ox’s back, while I carried a plastic bucket myself.

“Huang Jingyang, I will come along with you.” Teacher Lin said very interestedly.

I was somewhat hesitant, because the way I catch fish is somewhat shocking.

Grandpa was also worried that Teacher Lin, after seeing how I catch fish, would look at me differently, “This Ox has a bit wild temperament, and it’s easy for someone to get hurt, Teacher Lin has just arrived, it’s better to have a nice good rest at home.”

Teacher Lin, who supposedly hadn’t slept well in these last two days, coupled with the long ride so far, let out a yawn: “Ok, Huang Jingyang, you be careful.”

Upon reaching the river beach, I again repeated my old trick. Large shoal of wild fish forming a large group rushed into my pre-deployed trap. I had to use up all my strength to put a 6-7 jin fish into Old Yellow’s cask. This was me, when the fish didn’t struggle even the least bit in my hands, otherwise I simply couldn’t have done anything to hold that 6-7 jin fish steady.

A few fish of small and large sizes were grabbed and put into the cask, filling up both of the tied up casks to the brim. I slapped Old Yellow’s ass. Old Yellow immediately ran towards home excitedly.

Black bean and I chased after while gasping for breath.
After we left, the fish inside the trap again broke out into the river. The villagers, knowing that I had captured the fish in such a peculiar manner, wouldn’t dare come over pick from the readily available.

Except for that six-seven jin great black fish, the other fish were put into the fish pond.

“Was this fish caught by you?” Teacher Lin was finding it somewhat hard to believe her eyes.

“Not fished, it was captured.” I said unperturbed, even feeling a little bit happy within my heart.

“Captured?” Teacher Lin somewhat accidentally looked at my tiny body, and wasn’t very convinced. If the fish were to be lifted up, then I would fall short of it.

“Is it Delicious?” I asked.

“Very delicious.” Teacher Lin nodded.

“If you enjoy it, then in the future I can catch fish for you to eat every day.” I said conceitedly.

Black Bean was extremely responsible and diligent regarding my instructions. Aside from eating, he was also incessantly guarding the chicken, ducks and geese. If only these chickens, ducks and geese could be even a little bit obedient, instead of constantly running around the house. Black bean is kept constantly busy, rushing to bark at those chicks who are not obedient. The chicks scared of black bean scatter in all directions, after that black bean would also run around the whole house, rushing to herd all those scattered escaping chicks together.

“This puppy is really intelligent.” Teacher Lin was almost instantly captivated by Black bean.

“Absolutely stupid, not even the least bit intelligent.” I was extremely dissatisfied with Black bean. Because this fellow had almost stolen my thunder.

While going to bed at night, Teacher Lin said to me, “Huang Jingyang, I am somewhat afraid of going to sleep alone at night, I always have nightmares, every time you accompanied me, I was able to sleep well. Can you accompany me while sleeping?”

“If you don’t wear the Jade pendant you won’t have nightmares.” I couldn’t help but say.

“Jade pendant?” This was already the second time Teacher Lin was hearing about the matter of the Jade pendant. She must also be recalling that she started experiencing nightmares in the night around the time she had started wearing that jade pendant. Therefore, regarding my words she was already in somewhat half-believe and half-doubt state.

Teacher Lin took out the jade pendant from her bosom, I was astonished to discover that the jade pendant had already turned into an almost pitch-black colour. It seemed as if it was capable of absorbing all light.
“Why?” Teacher Lin looked at me. Wanting to hear my explanation.

“This Jade pendant is getting darker and darker.” I said while pointing to the jade pendant.

“Man raises Jade. Is it it not normal for the colour to change?” Teacher Lin asked.
[TLNote: Apparently there is a chinese saying Man raises Jade, Jade raises Man, which means that person by wearing the jade puts his impact onto the jade, and the jade by being worn puts its impact onto the person, the respective impacts differ based on interpretations but basically they affect each other by staying close to each other]
[Robin: Remember guys, this is a SCHOOL TEACHER, who thinks a jade randomly changing colors is normal xD]

I didn’t know what kind of a principle ‘Man raises jade’ was, but I could feel that cold and gloomy aura hidden within the Jade pendant.
“The jade pendant, is very cold. Is disconcerting.” I said.

Teacher Lin’s face changed, clearly she had also felt these sensations while sleeping.
“What should I do?” Teacher Lin was obviously anxious to the point of passing out, unexpectedly forgetting that I was only a seven year old, first grade student.

“Why did your friend give you this Jade pendant?” I asked.
“He didn’t say, he just said that this Jade pendant suited me. However, from the day I put on this Jade pendant, I have been having nightmares incessantly. At first I thought that it would be better to come to a rural environment for a bit of change. Did not expect the situation to take a turn for the worse.” Teacher Lin said.

“Why not give the Jade pendant back to him?” I asked baffled.

“I……” Teacher Lin was clearly in somewhat of an internal conflict.

During the night I accompanied Teacher Lin to help her feel better. However, as it was my own home, I slept very peacefully in the night. Teacher Lin also slept very soundly.

Because the fish were being raised, and the pigs had to be fed, moreover the chicks, ducklings and goslings were being raised, I got up very early in the morning. The fish grass also had to be bought, I also had to fetch pig fodder, and also needed to feed chicks, ducklings and geese. I hurried about alone without rest. Grandpa didn’t interfere in these things. Perhaps he also had some doubts regarding this plan of mine.

I didn’t even have enough time to practice from the secret martial arts cheat manual that Grandpa bought from the town for three yuan.

Breakfast was quite simple compared to yesterday, to the point that Teacher Lin had adapted relatively to the insufficiency. Because Teacher Lin was living in my home, the Ba Jiao Village’s first grade brats, had been emboldened enough to run up to our house and walk alongside Teacher Lin to the school.

I didn’t like the noisy whisperings of these people. However, Teacher Lin straight up pulled me along with her to go to school.

“Huang Jingyang, you need not become proud of yourself, I have already talked to my Papa, about letting Teacher Lin stay in our home for a few days.” Huang Shulang didn’t like my prideful look.

By the time classes got over, I was bored senseless, and at once, in accordance with the illustrations in 《Xing Yi Quan Five Fists Illustrated》, began performing the entire set of movements. Some movements were indeed a bit tricky. Unintentionally, I set into motion the primordial qi stored within my body. With the use of primordial qi, those comparatively difficult to perform movements became simple.

The spiritual qi within the world began to flood inside my body while I was shadow boxing, it was as if it had opened a new Dao for me.

Different movements are able to attract different attributed primordial qi types. Different types of primordial qi enter different locations within the body. I didn’t intentionally guide them, these primordial qi types easily found the places where they had to go on their own.

The more I struck out the more excited I became, but in the eyes of others, my actions were very ugly. Even uglier than the Eighth set of Radio Calisthenics. I had become the laughing stock for all the teachers and students in the school.
[TLNote: For more info, Wiki is your best friend

Headmaster Han ruthlessly beat a copper sheet hung in the cafeteria with a hammer, with ding dong sounds echoing from each strike. Teachers and Students at once returned to the classrooms. However, I was immersed in Xing Yi Quan Five Fists, and didn’t hear even the slightest bit of sound.

Mr. Han walked right next to me and suddenly shouted: “Huang Jingyang, what are you doing?”
I turned a deaf ear, which made Mr. Han fly into a rage. He walked towards me as he was in the midst of preparing to directly push me down, he didn’t expect that as soon as he came into contact with my body, a mishap occurred.

I suddenly moved, my body was like a strong bow which had been abruptly plucked and Mr. Han who had just come into contact with my body was thrown tens of feet away just like a bag of straws.

As Mr. Han’s butt landed on the ground, the rage that was filling his heart had completely vanished, and within his heart there was only fear, and out of fright his face had become somewhat cyan.

“Headmaster Han, what happened to you?” Teacher Lin hearing Headmaster Han had been calling out my name loudly outside, and seeing that my seat was vacant, she came outside. However, looking at Mr. Han sitting on the ground, she promptly came over to quickly help him get up.

“Nothing, I just accidentally slipped and fell.” Mr. Han took advantage of the opportunity to stand but covered up the events that had trespassed.

“Huang Jingyang, what are you still doing here?” Teacher Lin called out to me.

I stopped shadowboxing dazedly, I had no idea what had transpired just now. Grasping my head, I at once walked towards the classroom.

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