EOT – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 Your friend’s made it

The noon sun shone on the street and scattered the bleakness of Black Street.

The shop-owner, Yue Qing, spread open a couch in the doorway to sleep in the sun. Generally, he doesn’t get business during the daytime, black street’s most active time, was in fact night time. So, he seldom slept at night. The daytime was used to complete his sleep. This was also the daily routine for most of the shopkeepers on black street.

After gulping down both compressed cakes, Fang Zhao swept his eyes onto the dog lying by his feet. The compressed cake had already been eaten up by it, and the dog was now licking the crumbs on the ground. What can be eaten, what cannot be eaten, these experience-rich stray animals seemed to know very well how to distinguish between the two. One cannot live in the black street without survival skills.

After eating his fill, Fang Zhao felt that every moment of his life was enjoyable. He sat on the side of the road of black street, looking up at the sky. The sky above was like a bright blue ribbon, dazzling sunshine unrestrainedly hung in the sky overlooking the earth. There was no turbidity or bloody colour from the Extinction Era.

“Really nice.”

The end of the world didn’t really bring about an end.

Once the apocalypse ran its course, it became what the new century’s people called the “Extinction Era”. The world underwent a long period of mass killing, experienced the global extinction of species. After that all things experienced a rebirth, seemingly like a nirvana. Mankind still dominated this planet.

The world finally ushered in prosperity again.

Too long, it had been far too long since there had been such tranquility. The inspiration for creation once again began to turn uncontrollably.

Fang Zhao was casually tapping his fingers on his legs. Few people would go to pay special attention to this point. Even if they noticed, they wouldn’t understand what exactly it meant.

Yue Qing stared at it for a while, but couldn’t make out the point behind it. As an ex-veteran, he had also performed many tasks and had learned various types of codes, but he was not familiar with these finger movements of Fang Zhao.

Yue Qing stared at him incredulously for a while, nevertheless in time he gave up and resumed lying down in front of the sun.

Some people do unconsciously tap their fingers while thinking but only those who knew Fang Zhao very well would know that this behaviour of Fang Zhao was in fact a habit of his that appeared when he is struck with inspiration. When Fang Zhao first began composing the apocalypse had arrived. Back then there was little time or space for him to cozy up and compose on a pen and pad like other people.. Therefore, Fang Zhao created his own method of composing. His style and excellent memory put together created a method that was entirely unique. In certain ways it truly was a code, one that belonged solely to Fang Zhao. Only he could understand the code to the musical score.

There was hardly any sunlight left on Black Street, after an hour or so what little light that was left had gradually withdrawn from Black Street.

Without sunshine, the temperature of the black street decreased by a few degrees, it was now the end of May. The weather of Yan continent could be considered moderate. Therefore, some old people didn’t go back immediately after they finished sun-bathing, and remained in place chatting with old acquaintances. This was the busiest time of their day.

Fang Zhao was not going to stay here. He returned the dishes, cups, and chairs to the shop.

At this time, the chattering voices on the black street suddenly became louder. The sound of a flying object approaching echoed in the air.

Yue Qing looked up then smiled flashing a meaningful smile, raising his finger to point at the sky. “Your friend managed to get out of this mess,”  he stated simply.

Fang Zhou also noticed.

What descended from the sky was a flying car.

As far as the people living on the lower floors of the unified construction buildings were concerned, Flying cars belonged to the category of luxurious things. Flying cars were not something everyone could use, the energy that powered flying cars was very expensive.

Moreover, every time a flying car arrived, either it concerns one of those big shots on black street or someone who’s “made it.”.

The elderly of black street were extremely interested in so, after hearing the sound of activity everyone stopped their conversations. Everyone simultaneously looked at the flying car that had descended. They wanted to know who had “made it” and whether or not they knew them. If they recognized them, then they would be able to boast about it for the upcoming ten or so days.

The place where the flying car had landed was already cleared of stools and chairs by the people who were sitting there in order to create a clearing for it.

The flying car had on top of it a gaudy and seven coloured custom icon. This was famous in Qi An city, even the entire Yan Continent.

“Neon Culture’s car?!”

“Has somebody signed with Neon Culture?”

“Flourishing, Flourishing, Neon Culture is wealthy!”

“I remember there was someone from our streets who had been signed by the three majors, and he later went on to become a star, what was his name…..can’t think of it, Aima, anyways he retired in money!”

Qi An City’s three major entertainment companies, Silver Wing Media, Neon Culture and Tong Mountain True Beauty. Even it seems like the company’s car rather than a private car, but this was the famous Neon Culture, well-known as one of the three major entertainment companies, after entering Neon Culture, did anyone still need to worry about money?

The entertainment circle was a golden nest. This was the perception of the masses.

Signing with Neon Culture = Lucky break = Money flows in. This was the belief of the majority of people dwelling on Black Street.

This body’s original master, with six months left to go for graduation had signed up for an internship with Silver Wing Media. His childhood friend who was not studying at Qi An Music Academy and didn’t have too many prominent achievements under his belt was unable to secure an internship around the time for his graduation. However, now things had changed. People change.

Fang Zhao looked at the man who walked out of the car, and the memories in his brain told him everything about this man. Fang Sheng, was the original host’s childhood friend, maybe even his best friend, the original host had wanted to wait until after the Rookie tournament to try and find ways to pull the other person into Silver Wing Media. If he couldn’t become an artist, at least let him start from the assistant, anything so long as he wasn’t unemployed. Ultimately, he was stabbed in the back by this hanger-on.

Nowadays, Fang Sheng had traded his cheap clothes, he was using the flying car for pick up and drops. It was not top quality, but it was still a flying car, it was also Neon Culture’s flying car, this was sufficient to catch attention on Black Street.

Fang Sheng had taken the original host’s hard work, and traded it for his own personal benefit and succeeded in signing with Neon Culture. Seemingly, Neon Culture found the work submitted by Fang Sheng quite satisfactory, otherwise it wouldn’t have sent out the car. There was no talent, but there were means. Fang Zhao had seen many of these kind of people.

As Fang Sheng emerged from the flying car, he relished in the envious gazes of those around him. This kind of attention made him feel as if he suddenly had become a star. This made Fang Sheng feel as his body was light as a feather, until he saw Fang Zhao standing at the door of the shop. His smug and conceited mood from just now sank down suddenly.

Fang Sheng was quite surprised inwardly as he saw Fang Zhao here. As per his understanding of Fang Zhao and the information that he had purchased from that small-time thug of Black Street, Fang Zhao should have committed suicide in his home by now. Even if he didn’t commit suicide, he would surely be hiding in his room trying to think of ways to deal with the Rising Talent Competition, possibly even give up all hope and start despising the heavens, despising the earth.However, he didn’t expect this person would unexpectedly still have the mind to bask in the sun.

This foolish composer has gone crazy?

What was more unexpected was Fang Zhao’s state of mind. There was no dispiritedness, no self-pity, no sign of mad desperation from pressure. On the contrary, he looked as if nothing had happened. As if his achievements hadn’t been stolen, there was no predicament. It caused Fang Sheng to become flustered.

What happened to Fang Zhao?!

Fang Sheng didn’t look over to size him up for long. He dared not look face to face at Fang Zhao. The tranquil sight of Fang Zhao was too unnerving, it gave him the feeling like he was staring at a bottomless sea. Underneath at any time would rush out a monster, it caused him to be absolutely horrified.

However, Fang Sheng didn’t feel like he had done anything wrong. Who didn’t act for himself? If there is an opportunity, why not use it? The friendship born from growing up together since childhood was not worthless, but compared to immediate significant benefits, it’s not really worth mentioning. At least that’s what he thought.

“What are you doing looking at them for? Hurry up and tidy your things so we can go back to the company. No need to waste time here.” The driver said contemptuously as he glanced from the car at the people outside on Black Street and urged on Fang Sheng.

“Eh……Good!” Fang Sheng didn’t tarry any longer. He picked up his steps and hurried over to the elevator on the other side. From the back he cut a sorry figure, as he if was a criminal escaping.

Fang Sheng had stolen three pieces of music from Fang Zhao which had caught the fancy of the Neon Culture’s recruiters who signed the contract. Neon Culture was really satisfied with the score handed over by Fang Sheng. A portion of the remuneration had already been paid in advance and his accommodations were arranged upon his return. Today, Fang Sheng had come over to shift his house. He lived on the fifth floor, which although was a bit better than the second floor of Fang Zhao, it still belonged to the black street unified construction building floors. The conditions were still chaotic, and since Fang Sheng knew he was going to move out he impatiently borrowed the company’s car to help move his belongings.

Fang Sheng appeared somewhat absent-minded, from the start something was on his mind. However, when he came out of the building after tidying up his things, he looked towards the shop to the side and when he couldn’t see Fang Zhao’s figure outside the shop,inwardly,  he breathed a sigh of relief. Then immediately he felt that he was too cowardly, he shouldn’t be so afraid of Fang Zhao.

Earlier he was worried that Fang Zhao would speak out about him stealing his achievements, but in the time that he was packing up his things he pondered a bit. He felt that he didn’t have to fear, the three pieces that he had prior to uploading had already registered in his own name. The copyright had already determined to be belonging to him personally.

Even if Fang Zhao wanted to file a lawsuit, he was not afraid. As early as when Fang Zhao had started composing his music, he had already planned everything. Fang Zhao didn’t have any evidence, how would he tell?

Moreover, Fang Zhao didn’t have any money to accuse him, it was difficult for him to cover the cost of his own food and clothing. It’s possible he wouldn’t even be able to pay next month’s rent, how could he sue him? Would he borrow money from Zeng Huang and Wan Yue?


As far as Fang Sheng was concerned, this was all beneath him, those two were poor as ghosts. There was nothing to worry about. No matter what, as long as he sticks to his statement that those three pieces of work are his own original creations then that would suffice.

Before getting onto the car, Fang Sheng looked at black street. His sight swept over to the second floor residence window of Fang Zhao. The window was closed, there also was no light to reveal anything. It couldn’t be made out whether or not there was a person there or not.

Taking a deep breath, Fang Sheng got into the car. From today onwards, he was finally separated from black street, this kind of rundown place. He had lifted himself out of poverty and struck it rich! He was headed towards the peak of his life!

What Fang Zhao! What Black street! He wouldn’t have to face them again! Anyways, he had already obtained the tickets for the Rising Talent Season! His future was to be among the sparkling and glittering Rookie Ranking List!

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