Chapter 2: Newbie Village

After wearing the helmet, I immediately skipped over the cutscenes, on the screen only the words 《Second World》 appeared in the background, as a big countdown appeared in the middle.

As time passed by, I kept staring at the countdown, I know that just like me, there are atleast tens of millions in the world who are watching the countdown, I remembered that in the previous game that I played there were some rewards for early entry, at every turn there was an artifact or something, who knows if I get lucky enough to bump into any of them, cannot even say that such a thing exists or not.








The screen flashed, and went straight to the game interface, as the system prompted: “Please build your character!”

“Please enter your in-game nickname!” The system continued to prompt.

I said: “Total Loser” [TLNote: Most names are translated to near english equivalent]

“I’m sorry, this name has been occupied!”

“Heartless Tears”

“I’m sorry, this name has been occupied!”

“Really not my fault”

“I’m sorry, this name has been occupied!”

“It’s hard to take a name”

“I’m sorry, this name has been occupied!”

Choosing a name is really difficult, so carelessly said: “Wei Wei Long” [TLNote: Mighty Mighty Long, where Long is his name as well as means Dragon]

“Nickname selected, now scanning facial contours, you can enhance or degrade your features to a degree of 30%, do you need to change?”

“Finally got one” I gasped.

I looked infront to see a young man looking exactly like me, this would certainly make my acquaintances able to recognize me, might as well modify my appearance a bit, said in a virtuous way with a kingly voice: “degrade appearance by 5%”

“Congratulations, your account has been set up, do you want to enter the game?”

I choose to enter, and immediately the scenery changes and I appear in a run-down village.

“Ding~!” The System prompts:

“You are the 123456th player to enter the game!”

This figure is easy to remember, then the system prompted, with a : “Ding~!” Dear Player, Hello, according to the rules of the game, all players who have entered the game before 00:00 today, have a chance to enter a lottery, would you like to start?”

“Start” Only a fool wouldn’t start.

Then a wheel appears, and about a minute later, it stops on a character referring to a skill, as the system prompts: “Ding~! Dear Player, congratulations, you have gained the talent of concentrated practise.”


Opened the skills menu to see that this thing is a 『Attribute』 bonus skill — Concentrated Practise: Every time the level is increased by ten, 『Attribute』 will increase by a point. [TLNote: Couldn’t think of a better way to describe 『性』]

This skill is interesting, well kind of better than nothing, as I quickly start the game.

After a few seconds, opened the map, “Welcome to the game, your starting location is the 110th beginner village.” This serial number is interesting, as I take a look at the village name, this village is called the village of idiots, shit! What is this crappy name, ah, thinks I am an idiot, eh, I need to start over, at that time, players started coming out from the center of the village, it seems that this time there is a large influx of players.

Looked at my own 『Attribute』 page:


Occupation: Novice

Level: 1

Health: 100

Mana: 50

Attack: 2

Defense: 1

Fame: 0

Luck: 0

Precisely generic newbie 『Attributes』, oh well, need to start levelling fast, first have to look for NPC to get quests.

Then an Old man came over and said: “Hello, Adventurer, I am the village head, although the name of our village is a bit ugly, but don’t make suggestions.”

It would be a wonder if we don’t make suggestions, I then said: “Is there anything I can do for you?”

The mayor said: “Ha ha, you adventurers are too anxious, I’ll explain you the situation, you are too late.”

I said: “Ok”

The mayor said: “Our village has a dark jungle outside, it is the best place to practise for you novice adventurers, but you can also help the villagers.

I said: “Mr. Mayor, what do I need to pay attention to? For example, how do I get to the main city, or how can I become stronger?”

The mayor said: “When you reach level 10, and when you complete the last quest, I can send you from the village, you can go to the temple to choose the right profession to go outside and adventure, but in this village idiot, chances of coming out strong are really slim, only hope that your luck shines, you can stroll around anywhere, need to get familiar with the environment, here in this world, money plays a big role, everything requires money, huh, diligent young fellows try to start making money right from the beginning.”

I hesitated and said: “Making money? How to make? Need money to buy food, to buy 『Potions』, without money, indeed it’s difficult to do anything.”

The mayor laughed out loud: “That’s right, unable to do anything without money……hahaha! Well, good equipments need money, if want to learn powerful moves need money, want to have a comfortable place to sleep, need to spend money, without money, it’s quite difficult to move forward. As for ways to make money, there are too many, you can kill monsters, dig up monster cores and sell them, can also take out materials from monster’s bodies, can also drop equipment, which can be exchanged for money, in addition to that, if you complete quests, with good luck you might encounter a treasure, regarding money and the treasures, you might get more familiar to them as you progress.”

“Simply, all you need to do is to try and make money, and to make yourself more powerful, because the outside world is very scary, you will have to face other adventurers who will challenge you, or horrifying monsters, at that time, you won’t have time to cry, the most important thing, that when powerful adventurers appear and you are unable to compare to them in growth, then you can simply wait for your death to come, and after that you will be kicked out of this world, ok. In this game, those who in the shortest possible amount of time, can become the strongest, would be likely stand on top of the world, who millions of people will look up to.”

I said: “What do you mean more powerful?”

The mayor said: “Before level 30, there is not much difference Adventurer, but after that the gap begins to show, so young man prepare well.”

Then, the mayor touching his beard smiled and said: “If you want to reach your destination, remember my words, first explore the village, get familiar with the place, it would be helpful in making money, then as soon as possible, establish a team, gather formidable partners, which would help you later when you plan on laying siege to a city, but can also help with large-scale missions, the rewards can be very lucrative, also use this beginners period to start laying your foundations, certainly, you can just go kill huge amounts of monsters to grow up fast, but that is just stupid. You need to learn to use your brains, and need more intelligence and understanding, if your wisdom is high, maybe one day, you would be able to comprehend many godly abilities, haha, if not, perhaps all your life will remain an ordinary adventurer. Haha, boy, I hope I am able to see you create a miracle, our Idiot Village ever since birth has been too small, the village has been quiet for too long, too long without a miracle…….” Finally, the Mayor said with a deep sigh.

I said: “I will, although the name is too horrible, but I will definitely create miracles for you to watch.”

The mayor laughed: “Hahaha, you are ambitious kid, I am very optimistic about you, I will give you the first task, I hope you can complete it easily.”

I said: “Sure!”

The mayor said: “Ah, outside the village a lot of troublesome voles have appeared and are damaging the crops that we guys worked so hard to grow, you help to eliminate them, I think this will be a simple task for you.” [TLNote: Vole = Field Rat, not really a chinese term]

I said: “I guarantee I will complete this task.”

“Ding~!” Do you want to accept the mission: Eliminate Voles?”


The Mayor nodded and as I turned away, the Mayor suddenly stopped me and said: “Young man, you are too anxious, what will you be able to do unarmed.”

I look at myself, did not have any weapons, did not speak, but smiled, the Mayor then said: “You go to the weapon shop, find Uncle Li, he would be able to give you some basic necessities.” After hearing, I immediately went to the Weapons shop.

In the Weapons shop, a shirtless man said: “You are a new adventurer, haha, I hope you can create some miracles, tell me what you want me to give, there are two possible equips for new adventurers, what kind of weapon and armor do you want.”

I said: “Give me a sword and shield.”

“All Right.” Then handed over a Sword and Buckler to me, I opened their 『Attribute』 pages.

Ordinary iron sword.

Grade: White

ATK + 5

Sharpness: F

Level Required: 0


Grade: White

DEF + 3

Level Required: 0

Wearing the equipment, I went out of the village to start my task of kill those voles.


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