Xian Ni Chapter 179 – Studying the Restrictions

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TL: Void, MeTaLMaX
TLC: Petie
Ed: DemonKiller


After obtaining the best quality LingShi, Wang Lin had actually thought of returning back, but at the time in the first barrier, the circumstances were critical. If he had decided to go back, and without Hunchback Meng in the front rear, then he wouldn’t be so sure if he could safely pass through. And even if he were able to go back through pain and hardships, then the chances of him returning back here, would be close to zero. He definitely wouldn’t be able to be so luckily as to pass the first barrier as he did.

With Wang Lin’s character, he refused to gamble rashly, as he couldn’t afford to lose.

However, according to Wang Lin’s analysis, since a thousand years ago, Hunchback Meng’s
group of four was able to return in the end, then there is possibly a Return Transfer Array in this place, otherwise Hunchback Meng’s group of four, out of fear of these events, wouldn’t dare to come back to this place.

Unfortunately, the Jade Strip left behind by Hunchback Meng doesn’t contain any introduction regarding this place, and the legacy objects that they obtained was not in the hands of Hunchback Meng.

Wang Lin thought of something, he believed that if he could get hold of these legacy items, then he would certainly be able to find a way out.

After examining all around carefully, Wang Lin walked forward. Before long, he suddenly stopped and stared at a piece of mountain rock in the distance. The rock was concealed and was emitting bursts of spiritual force fluctuations.

The sky was dark, and like a rock which oppressed the minds of people, this heaviness gives you a feeling of nausea. Wang Lin, after passing through the gap between two restrictions, breathed a sigh of relief.

As he looked below, he had only gone three hundred feet, which took several hours. With every step, he wanted to be absolutely correct before he dared to put his foot down.

Looking up, peak of the mountain was simply out of sight. If this rate were to be maintained, then Wang Lin didn’t know how many years he would need before he would be able to step onto the summit.

He sighed inwardly, if it can be said that he depended on luck to pass the first barrier, then this second barrier, he needed to depend on himself. Wang Lin stayed hesitant for a bit, his complexion had become a bit gloomy. With his present cultivation of Jie Dan stage, this place is actually too dangerous, but even upon retreat, the degree of danger remains the same.

In order to continue living, one can only brace oneself and walk forward. Wang Lin pondered a bit, he came up with an idea. As he didn’t continue to go forward, but instead withdrew several steps, to arrive at the place of the two restrictions which he had just passed, and carefully retreating from there, all the way down the mountain.

At the base of the mountain, he stopped at the place where the restrictions had just started appearing. He carefully examined the restriction while squatting down.

There was a stretch of disorderly underbrush occupying an area of about hundred feet. At the foot of the mountain, this underbrush was in great quantity, but as one progressed upwards, the underbrush was lesser. At first glance, this place looks ordinary, but if one looks closely, then one would discover that the weeds here, which appear to be disorderly, actually contain within them some bizarre rules and regulations.

Wang Lin continue to look, he stared at each and every weed in this pile of underbrush for a long time. Each time he finished examining, he would take out a Jade strip and record down his insights into it.

In three days time, Wang Lin had recorded every single weed in this place, each and every swing, each and every stripe, all had been completely recorded. He had wanted to find a way to undo this restriction.

Wang Lin knew that if he tries to forcefully break through by himself, then he basically had no hope of ever setting foot on the peak, and this matter could be regarded as fundamentally impossible to accomplish.

And the higher up towards the peak one goes, the might of the restrictions would also be certainly greater. Routes of passage through might be very few, and highly likely a situation may arise where there is no way through. Once that time comes, if he hasn’t prepared in advance, then he would certainly meet a dead end.

If want to survive this calamity, then it is important to grasp this mountain of restrictions. To understand it, he must delve deeper and deeper while examining, so that his chances of survival become greater, and apart from this there is no other way.

Therefore, Wang Lin had retreated back from above, and arriving to the side of the restrictions, began carefully researching.

These Restrictions are different from Formation method. Formation method is the usage of a particular means in a particular manner to form powerful spells of varying sizes. This involves matters of incomparable complexity, so many exhaust their entire lives to study, while only managing to get a glimpse into the basics of it.

Restrictions, are actually a kind of formation method, but this spell has flexibility, it can use to full potential people’s minds and change in accordance to their thoughts, in simple terms, restrictions are the study of the divine.

Those with great Divine powers, with just Divine thoughts, and are able to instantly set down restrictions, even after a thousand years, as long as the Divine thought is not extinguished, then the Restriction will continue to operate.

Some restrictions, even after a person dies along with the divine thoughts, will continue to remain in operation forming an independent consciousness.

One can say there are all kinds of variations, and except for practitioners of it, very few people are able to thoroughly and incisively trace it. There are two ways to get rid of restrictions, out of which one is the simply using force to break it. This method requires a strong cultivation, which an average person can’t possess.

The second method, is to study and understand the principles behind the construction of the restriction. After understanding the rules to a certain extent, one would naturally be able to break it.

Wang Lin was using precisely this second method.

After he had engraved the first restriction in the Jade strip, he began to study it. During his time as a Soul Devourer, he had thoroughly studied and researched formation methods, so while studying restrictions he wasn’t baffled.

Time wore on, after ten days, Wang Lin stared at this place, while he suddenly grasped out with his right hand, and immediately the cluster of flowers all around began to sway. By this point, Wang Lin as if was already long aware of the typical changes of these cluster of flowers, as they almost simultaneously swayed.

He sometimes swayed left, sometimes right, during this period of time these two places were the one included, at first glance, it seemed as if his right hand didn’t have any pattern, but if one looked carefully, then can find that his every move, is same as the rhythm in which the cluster of flowers that were touched were moving.

Within a few breaths time, the frequency of the swaying of Wang Lin’s right hand had already exceeded a certain limit, as if his right hand had spawned countless clones, as soon as an afterimage would appear, often another afterimage would also have just appeared, and another afterimage would rapidly disappear.

After ten breaths time, Wang Lin with a look of concentration and a forehead dripping with sweat, he suddenly retracted his right hand. Suddenly, a red light flashed out from the thick patch of grass, and chased after Wang Lin’s right hand.

The moment Wang Lin retracted his right hand, he once again started swaying it, and with that motion, the red light became weaker and weaker, before completely disappearing.

When he had retracted his right hand, he had already lost sensation in that hand. Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, as he stared at the weeds which had already returned to normal, and no clues could be observed.

Here, the restriction’s role was to forcefully kill the enemy, and once one enters inside, then he shall be immediately killed. If there is some cultivator that resists with his moves and tries to run out, then this red light will appear, causing to remain undead without end.

Wang Lin after few days of studying had became somewhat knowledgeable about this restriction, and just now had conducted a slight experiment. The same experiment over these days, Wang Lin tried no fewer than ten times.

When he had started, he would be compelled to withdraw after three breaths and was almost injured by the red light, but now he was able to persist for ten breaths and was able to resolve the issue of red light coming out to chase. Wang Lin believed that given enough time, he could persist for a longer time.

In other words this meant, that he could now enter this restriction, and although he cannot break the restriction, but he could remain safe within the restriction for a period of ten breaths, and if exits it, then even the red light wouldn’t stop him.

There was an expression of excitement in Wang Lin’s eyes, although the restriction in this mountain peak are simple, but Wang Lin believed that if he looked for the right path, and he sticks to it, then passing this second barrier is by no means impossible.

And moreover at the beginning it could be said that Wang Lin’s goal was to research this restriction for passing through this second barrier, but now, he had gained another purpose, the more he studied the more he was intrigued by the marvellousness of the restrictions. Before this, Wang Lin hadn’t thought that if one could master these restrictions then one would be able to wield such powerful force.

For example, this disorderly grass restriction, Wang Lin is now able to pass safely, but cannot lay it out himself. The main reason is that he has not yet fully researched it. As soon as he finishes researching and integrates it within his body, then setting out such a restriction would naturally be no longer of contention.

Although this restriction may not have great power, but it has a bizarre nature and nevertheless it’s not bad.

Wang Lin took a deep breath, and with a trace of excitement immersed himself in the study of restrictions. Time wore on, and until a month later, Wang Lin suddenly put away the Jade strip , flashed into the disorderly patch of grass.

The moment that he entered this area, immediately in a flash, a trace of red mist began to suddenly emerge from all directions, but the weed on the ground, suddenly started swaying fiercely and turning into a sharp weapon all shined out, disappearing into the red fog.

At the same time, bursts of whistling sound came from all directions, as sharp weapon came down like a curtain of rain, venting out in full flow towards Wang Lin.

Wang Lin was calm, his eyes carefully observing, the venting out of the sharp sword was a bit unexpected, but he walked forward as if walking in his own garden, countless sharp swords instantaneously arrived near his body.

Wang Lin calmly and unhurriedly moved his right hands in accordance to his thoughts.. This seemed like a slow movement, but for some unknown reason, it caused those flying swords in front of his body to unexpectedly fall.

If there was a bystander here, then surely seeing such a scene, he would be moved, this clearly is this place’s restriction’s boundary that was touched, just now had been able to grasp the intertwining technique.

Wang Lin did not know about intertwining technique, he just knew that his hands would certainly faster than the sword, and with this thought, it was naturally fast.

With his right hand in a flash, he drew a circle mid-air. This simple action, Wang Lin had become aware of after gaining comprehending through meditating over his research for a long time and although it is simple but while waving in a circle, Wang Lin’s right hand is changing and making thousands individual motions, all in one, without the slightest pause.

After this circle was completed, those venting sharp swords, one by one immediately slowed down, and suddenly turning turning into densely packed disorderly weeds and leaves, began to dance around in mid-air near Wang Lin.

Wang Lin had maintained a look of calmness from the start to finish, from the moment he had stepped into the bushes he did stop for even half a breath, and continued to walk forward, and this time also still without exception.

As we walked, those disorderly chaotic weed leaves spread out in a way so as to not dare to prevent his footsteps.

In this way, Wang Lin passed through all the way, and was about to go out when suddenly from all around, red light flashed out and a few of these red light had appeared. Wang Lin on a whim, raised his right hand with the palm facing the sky, fiercely grasped out.

Suddenly, all the red light as if seized by an invisible hands, under the grasp had been broken into fragments, although they again grouped together very soon, but they threw themselves underfoot, and turned into a red light path, spreading straight beyond the restriction.

Wang Lin looked as usual, as he stepped on it and came out of the restriction.

After he came out, he looking at the sky, issued a long whistle, after consuming so many day’s time, finally he had completely mastered this restriction here, his interest in restrictions had been sharpened to the extreme, as he turned Wang Lin’s eyes flashed and suddenly with a sneer, he made the restriction fluctuate with his right hand.

Immediately inside this restriction, the weeds changed direction immediately, and if one looked closer, then one would find that comparing to earlier, it had become much more complex.

“If someone is coming after me, then you better be careful!” Wang Lin muttered, as just now by virtue of his understanding of this restriction, he had added another layer on top of it.

In other words, if someone steps into this restriction, no matter whichever way he tries to break it, after coming into contact with his second restriction, then if that time is caught by surprise, then it would likely become the cause of his death.

Of course, if he chooses to use the same method as Wang Lin, then the difficulty of researching it would also increase by several times.

A sneer appeared on Wang Lin’s face, as he glanced around him once, then all of a sudden moved downwards to another thick patch of grass, so that the grass restrictions all around the mountain peak, all had their difficulty increased.

After having done all this, Wang Lin pondered for a bit, and still feeling it be not vicious enough, so he blocked all the gaps between the restrictions in the surroundings. This way, if one wanted to enter this mountain peak, then must necessarily walk enter into a restriction.

After all this, Wang Lin lifting his footsteps, and walked upwards.

At this time, halfway up the mountain peak, Six Desires Devil Lord with his eyes staring at a group of thick clouds in front of him, which had been floating here for three days. These three days in the mist motionless, despite how many spells Six Desires Devil Lord casted, it was unable to get it to disperse.

He looked a little gloomy, and on his side, the youth who had been following him stood bewildered as he blankly stared at the fog.

Six Desires Devil Lord’s vision swept across this person, and looked behind him, as his mouth curved into a sneer, he had walked all the way, the first barrier he had entered the Glacial World, and this Glacial World he was already very familiar. Although he did not have the Gu Di’s Ice Windsail, but how could his thousand years worth of preparation fall short.

At that time, when at the entrance to the sea, he had said to everyone that the second half of the first barrier involving this glacial land, can be left to him to ensure everyone passes through. If he was able to say these words, it was because he had a hundred percent confidence.

Indeed, about five hundred years ago, he had obtained a treasure which utilize Water escape technique, and it had an effect similar to Wang Qing Yue’s Earth Travelling Boat.

Thus, by virtue of his cultivation and understanding of the Water Domain, without any unexpected obstacles, he had led this youth through the pass with ease all the way.

As for the Road of No Returns, between the first barrier and the second barrier, although he didn’t waste any energy. When he had first walked this stone bridge in the past, he had nearly died, but after practicing his Six Desires Evil Technique to its limit, he was not worried, and all kinds of fluctuations in mood and ** (I am guessing there should be emotions here in place of these two stars), he had researched to the extreme.

As a result, this Road of No Returns was like child’s play to him, and could pass through easily, if not for the sake of ensuring this youth safety, he wouldn’t have needed to spend any time.

Although for the sake of protecting this person, the speed of travel had been somewhat slowed down, but the end result remained the same.

What truly made him feel anticipation, was this second barrier, which is called Mountain of Restrictions, as the name suggests, it’s entire mountain peak is full of restrictions, and moving upwards from the bottom, the restrictions get increasingly complex and more powerful.

In the past, when their group of four had first come here, they followed closely behind some powerhouses, and had barely passed through but had suffered heavy casualties. Most of which were resulting from those powerhouses in order to probe out the power of the restrictions had sent people ahead of them to die.

If not for Six Desires Devil Lord following his Master, afraid that he would also have found it difficult to escape death.

It was so because his Master had been able to eradicate the bulk of the restrictions. He had spent his life studying restrictions and formations method. All along the way, he had done away with them through studying them, only to stop about a thousand feet from the peak, where they were incapable of going forward. So they reversed their direction, at that place there were restrictions above, and restriction below, with both sides restricting down. A few powerhouses upon a signal, attacked a cultivator of Middle Spirit Forming stage, and by using the spirit veins in his body, were able to forcibly open a thousand feet long passage.

This passage could only be used for three breaths of time. All the survivors scrambled to rush ahead first, and eventually only a few people succeeded to reach the top of the mountain and enter the third barrier, while the others all died.

Six Desires Devil Lord recalling that incident, couldn’t help but feel scared. Now that his cultivation reached Middle Spirit Forming stage, he had dared to come here to explore.

Having passed the first barrier and the Road of No Returns smoothly, Six Desires Devil Lord was feeling confident, and he was considering himself lucky, that the key person for passing the third barrier was in his hands. By way of Six Desires Devil Lord’s years of research, he had decided that this person could definitely help him pass through the third barrier, but the only price needed would be this person’s life.

However, regarding this Six Desires Devil Lord didn’t give much thought unexpectedly.

With him being a thousand feet from the mountaintop, he was thinking of how to pass through this thousand feet distance. Although he had made preparations in these thousand years, but whether it would go well or not, in his heart he only had fifty percent confidence.

These thousand years, he had spent a lot of his mind concentrating on studying restrictions with single-hearted devotion. With his extraordinary memory, the restrictions in the second barrier, even after a thousand years, he had the confidence that all along the way, there is no ban that can prevent his footsteps. All of them were easily cracked by him, but after having finished cracking them, he would immediately restore them back to normal state.

Along with adding a number of restrictions atop it, and now that it’s mentioned unexpectedly it is quite similar to Wang Lin.

However the restrictions in the mountain of restrictions, increased in complexity the higher one went, even Six Desires Devil Lord’s speed also couldn’t help but slow down. Often he had needed to study for a long time, before he could tread further.

For example, this fog in front of him wasn’t there initially as per his memory, and thus had caused him to feel alarmed in his heart.

Meanwhile Wang Lin, after walking ten feet, weeds began to gradually dwindle exposing the outline of black mountain rock. Wang Lin carefully looked for a long time and one more time holding the jade script, recorded them.

This mountain rock’s restriction and the weeds were totally different. The weeds in accordance to grass leafs direction along with some marvellous rules, had enabled to form a restriction.

But this mountain rock was different, excluding some rock patterns on its surface, there were absolutely no abnormalities. If not for it exuding some spirit power fluctuations, simply could not right away determine the restrictions.

Wang Lin looked around in a circle, and found that all restrictions here were similar. If it was earlier, then Wang Lin could have passed through a gap, but currently Wang Lin compared to passing through this place was more interested in thoroughly researching this restriction.

He was fully aware through script list, but if wanted to set foot on top of the mountain, then it must be under the restriction, with a great amount of effort.

With this idea, Wang Lin began carefully studying.

The mountains are timeless, a long period of time seems short, as in a blink of an eye, seven years pass by. On this day, Wang Lin was standing at half-way point up the mountain, drinking ling liquid. In these seven years time, half of his hair had turned white.

Neglecting sleep and food, desperately researching the restrictions, his mind at all times was calculating and thinking. His hair, already four years ago, had started turning white.

However his Divine Consciousness continued to become stronger as he continued to research, even his cultivation had without his knowledge reached Middle Jie Dan Stage and he was one step closer to Yuan Ying stage.

His vision and his entire temperament had completely changed from before. If Wang Lin from seven years ago was a piece of ten thousand years black ice, giving a cold and gloomy feeling which didn’t allow any stranger to come near, now currently, apart from these, he also gave off a kind of unfathomable feeling.

This feeling that was originating from his eyes, made his eyes seem all encompassing, occasionally the sun, moon and stars would flash through. If Duan Mu Ji were to see Wang Lin at this time again, he would certainly not be able to believe his eyes. These are clearly the Eyes of Divine Consciousness that one is able to obtain after achieving a certain level of accomplishment in restrictions technique.

These eyes of Wang Lin, had been born out of his practice during these seven years. He had already experienced countless restrictions. Each restriction would require a consumption of massive amount of time and mental energy, careful research and perfection, which includes several times when he had been almost buried inside.

Especially there were some restrictions, which were clearly different. Fortunately, Wang Lin was always cautious and immediately recognized these restrictions were distinctly different from the mountain’s native ones. Researching them, Wang Lin was already clear that person was also an expert in restrictions.

Looking at the restrictions, and his above mentioned scholastic attainments, it is clearly not a small amount.

However, Wang Lin didn’t have even the slightest fear. As regards this second barrier Mountain of Restrictions, his interest in spending time in this place had already become quite dull, and it seemed to him that this place was something to enable one to progressively learn restrictions technique.

This kind of places, it could even be said to be a very rare and hard to come by opportunity, with restrictions ranging from simple to complicated, from easy to disastrous, this place is really hard to come by.


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