Xian Ni Chapter 177 – Poison King Cauldron

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Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, as he stared at the black stone bridge for a long while. These three days, he had been observing the stone bridge, and up until now, he hadn’t even stepped on it .

This dusky world, aside from the stone bridge, it was completely desolate and empty.

Wang Lin was silent for a while, before waving his right hand backwards. Immediately the forty two hurricanes suddenly scattered, and all of them stopped rotating, and turned into approximately ten thousand small beasts, spectacularly spreading around into all directions.

Wang Lin closed his eyes, and began perceiving the small beasts through the Second Devil. The large number of small beasts that had just dispersed, flew out in every directions. Slowly he just listened to the bursts of sharp roars that had reached a far distance, and were now barely audible.

After a long period of time, he suddenly opened both his eyes, and leapt out towards the northwest direction. Along with him flew the numerous small beasts which had drawn close to him from all directions, they gathered behind him and formed into a hurricane.

Not long after, Wang Lin stopped, as he came down, in front of him appeared a three hundred feet high stone tablet. The stone tablet was slightly red in colour and was emitting traces of monstrously evil Qi. A few small beasts, had laid down prone on the stone tablet, while flapping their wings, emitting a buzzing sound.

After Wang Lin came to see, these small beasts immediately flew towards him and integrated into the hurricane. Wang Lin looking at the stone tablet, could see written on top of it, four big words—— Road of No Returns.
[TLNote: Actually Chinese required only three characters 不归路: Which usually means that it’s a path towards death, no regrets or impossible to return]

These four words, also overflowed with a kind of an aftertaste of a veteran’s aura. Wang Lin stared at the words for a bit, when suddenly his vision moved towards the bottom right of the stone tablet and after closely looking at it with rapt attention, he waved his right hand. Suddenly, a strong wind swept, and bursts of dust flew upwards, and on the bottom right corner of the stone tablet, a row of small characters appeared.

“I passed through the Earth Domain, subdued the Beast Overlord, and entered this Road of No Returns, this place is much more interesting, so leaving a message for predestined friends who come here, remember to carefully ponder the two engraved words of No Returns.”

Wang Lin looked calm outwards, but actually he had been quite startled. These small words were similar to the words that he had seen when he had entered that black tower in the beginning of Earth Domain. Obviously, they had been written by the same person.

Thinking of the meaning hidden between the words and lines while looking at it, from the Earth Domain it can be seen that this person was extremely simple and straightforward, even that formidable heavenly hurricane Beast Overlord, was subdued by him.

But then, Wang Lin began to have second thoughts as he narrowed his pupils. If what this person said was true, then how could the Beast Overlord return to the Earth doman. The words of this person were also mostly false, after all meaning of the words to subdue 收服 is really self-evident, while taking only one word 收, indicates a meaning that is somewhat close.
[TLNote: This really needs to be explained better, but I *think* what the author is trying to say is the difference in wordplay, as most Chinese words are made by two letters, example: Washing Machine ( Washing + Machine)]

Certainly it was possible, that this person really did subdue the Beast Overlord, but over the innumerable years, the Earth Domain gave birth to a new one.

Whichever was true or false, Wang Lin didn’t have the interest to thoroughly distinguish, as his eyes once again fell onto the four words “Road of No Returns” once more, while he remained silent.

After a long time, he flew towards the black stone bridge, while the hurricanes closely followed behind him.

Returning to the stone bridge, Wang Lin patted his storage bag, and the Devil Xu Li Guo drilled out immediately. It enviously stared at the hurricanes, while muttering to himself: “Isn’t it just some other little brats, what’s so great about them? I, will never allow some tiny brats following me later!”

Wang Lin pointed towards the stone bridge, the Devil Xu Li Guo immediately suppressed his thoughts. This time he was not as lippy like in the past, instead he was lively and full of energy, as he was feeling proud of himself, he looked at the hurricane with slanting eyes, and thought in his heart: “Can’t you see, this evil Master still prefers me, otherwise, why else would he not let the Second to come and take care of this thing!”

He looked at Wang Lin, while his face reflected an expression of currying favour, and without saying anything further, he flew towards the stone bridge. After flying out very far, he did not encounter any danger, and after turning a few circles, flew back.

Wang Lin frowned slightly, while he stretched out his right hand and immediately from inside the hurricane, a small beast flew out. This small beast lay prone in the center of Wang Lin’s palm, while motionlessly staring tightly at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin flicked his right hand, the small beast immediately flew towards the direction of the black stone bridge, he had barely flown out three paces, when the small beast stopped. Wang Lin’s look became solemn as he stared steadily at the small beast.

The small beast’s entire body could be seen trembling, while it slowly turned around, it’s eyes revealed a fearful expression, while on the stone bridge below it, immediately a vortex emerged, and all of a sudden this small beast was swallowed down, before returning to normal.

Wang Lin remained silent for a bit, by now he had already realized, that passing through this “Road of No Returns” is the only way in this place, after muttering to himself for a bit, he once again pushed forward a few small beasts to fly towards the stone bridge, but the end result was the same.

The only thing Wang Lin could notice, was that if several small beasts fly together, then the abnormal change would occur for only the first one, and as for the rest of the small beasts the accident would happen in turns, and so on.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, as he thought from the bottom of his heart: “No returns……No returns……the idea is that as long as one has taken a step forward, then cannot return back…..”. He remained silent for a bit, and didn’t take any action rashly.

Instead he sat down cross-legged outside the stone bridge, and pulling out two storage bags from his bosom, amongst which one had a black gold thread. This he had stolen from that mysterious corpse inside the War Shrine Shen Dao technique portrayal mansion.

Unfortunately, this storage bag possessed the strength to prevent Wang Lin’s Divine Consciousness from exploring inside, so he couldn’t open it. Wang Lin knew that the opposite party has its Divine Consciousness inside it, and only after erasing it would it be possible to open it.

However, this Divine Consciousness was very strong, as Wang Lin tried feeling it out several times before giving up. However, he wrapped his own Divine Consciousness above it, preventing this Divine Consciousness to come in contact with the outside world, thus this Divine Consciousness’ owner would not be able to get any reaction from it.

Although Wang Lin found it very difficult to erase the Divine Consciousness, but as far as concealing it under his control was concerned, with his Ji Realm Divine Consciousness, he was able to succeed in it.

The other storage bag, was precisely the one that he had taken from Hunchback Meng’s possession. The Divine Consciousness on it had already thoroughly disappeared, from this it could be seen that Hunchback Meng had certainly died.

Wang Lin sneered inwardly, as he opened it to see, his eyes couldn’t help but brighten. It was worthy of a cultivator at Spirit Forming stage who had been accumulating for several millenniums, kept inside the storage bag, counting just the LingShi there are no less than three hundred thousand which were piled up like a mountain. Moreover, these LingShi were all of High Grade.

What made Wang Lin’s eyes shine brightly, was that stored quietly within it were two shining diamond shaped crystal stones. These were actually the rarest of them all, the Highest Quality LingShi.

Wang Lin was palpitating with eagerness, just these two best quality LingShi were worth having taken all this risk to plunder.

Apart from these, there were several bottles and jars, as for magic weapons, there was only the two fragments of the small green cauldron, and aside from that, there was no other magic weapon.

Wang Lin pondered a bit, the immediately understood, that Hunchback Meng had been surrounded for a long time, and certainly would have run out of magic weapons a long time ago.

In fact, he had guessed correctly. Originally the number of magic weapons that Hunchback Meng possessed were not few, and all of them were Yuan Ying level or higher. However, due to continuously rushing out of black pagodas repeatedly, it had caused him to lose his magic weapons in great quantities to the point of exhaustion. In fact he didn’t even hesitate to use more than ten spirit beast substitutes to try and break out of the encirclement, while throwing out a lot of magic weapons, even his cherished magic weapon had exploded which enabled him to try and cut a desperate bloody path through, but eventually he still failed.

It is exactly because of this, that aside from the green cauldron, he had no other magic weapons inside his storage bag.

In addition to these, his storage bag also had quite a lot of Jade Talismans inside. Wang Lin took them out one by one and pressed them to his forehead to examine. The more he saw the more joyous his face became. Most of these Jade Talismans were introductions to all kinds of Pill Refining. Introductions to Device Refining and Spirit Beast were also briefly recorded.

These things, had a great utility at present for Wang Lin. At least it wouldn’t be like in the past where even seeing a precious material, he would have been forced to not know what to do.

Moreover, Hunchback Meng’s speciality was Poison Pill Refining, the Jade Talismans in his storage bag, had detailed introduction in this regard. Wang Lin looked at them for a long time, he was able to gain insights in his mind, more than several hundred times than before.

Aside from these, amongst them there was a dark green Jade Talisman that attracted Wang Lin’s attention. In this Jade Talisman there was a practice method, this practice method only had a one word name, it was called Abyss. [TLNote: No relation to Situ Nan’s technique Abyssal Ascension]

Tentatively named Abyss, this Abyss definitely contained detailed descriptions of Divine Powers which could startle the heaven and earth, and making even gods and demons cry. In order to become a Poison Daoist, there are nine layers. According to the practice method, once practiced up to the sixth layer, then even if someone had the cultivation of the Spirit Forming Stage, he would find it difficult to escape from being captured by this poison.

Only this cultivation method is extremely overbearing. If one practices, then one must have a tolerance beyond an average person, to stimulate inside one’s body various types of poisons and thus attain Poisoned Body state.

Moreover, only if one is able to cultivate up to the ninth layer, the body would be restored to its true state, as the body would discharge the toxins and become capable of cultivating Abyss Poison, thereby regaining one’s appearance, there can be no cultivation before that, while all kinds of variations can emerge in the body, and the most distinct amongst them is the sprouting of pustules.

Wang Lin after looking at it, remained silent for a bit before he gave up on the idea of practicing this cultivation method. Hunchback Meng’s whole body smelled, which certainly was a result of practicing this cultivation method. Wang Lin although does not care about his mortal body, but inside the Jade strip there was stated that with the cultivation becoming deeper and the more time it is cultivated, with the influx of poison, it is possible that the poison gas may enter the sea of consciousness, and it is possible for one to lose one’s consciousness and become a living corpse who only knows how to kill.

This was his real cause for finally giving up on cultivating it. Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, although he couldn’t cultivate this practice method, but amongst it are included several techniques which if coordinated with poison, can become worthwhile to use.

As for refining poison, Hunchback Meng’s whole life worth of experiences were contained in the Jade Talisman, and Wang Lin after carefully looking at it again, felt quite moved from the bottom of his heart.

He took out one of those bottles from the storage bag, and identified them in accordance to the Jade strip one by one. Almost all of them were poisons, and only one of the jade bottles contained the antidote which Wang Lin had taken.

This sort of antidote, according to what Wang Lin had seen in the Jade Talisman, can be classified as medium grade, and only with taking a mild kind of poison, it can achieve the maximum anti-toxin effect.

Wang Lin took out everything in the storage bag, and put all of the things one by one in his own storage bag. Throwing Hunchback Meng’s storage bag onto the ground. Then catching and holding onto one thing, his expressions became solemn.

This thing was precisely, the Hunchback Meng’s cherished magic weapon, the green small cauldron.

Although this cauldron had broken into two, but it was still sending out boundless spiritual force, but this spiritual force was filled with toxins, especially that green fog which could extinguish the Divine Consciousness, which made Wang Lin act extremely careful while examining it.

He knew that if something were to be said to be precious inside the Hunchback Meng’s storage bag, then aside from the Jade Talisman and the Best Quality LingShi, then it would absolutely be this green cauldron. After all this cauldron is Hunchback Meng’s Spirit Forming Stage most cherished weapon which was refined through his body’s inner fire for several thousand years.

Just a moment ago, he had seen the Jade Talisman which introduced the green small cauldron. When refining this, one must have cultivated to the second layer of the Abyss. It also requires that there must be poison cultivated in one’s body to deter the poison of the treasure.

This small cauldron is actually a replica of the famous legendary Divine Treasure Medicine King Cauldron. Although it is a replica, but compared to the real Medicine King Cauldron, the material is not bad, the difference arises from the fact that Medicine King Cauldron has absorbed the essence of several tens of thousands of ling qi plants.

This cauldron would actually be the most precious treasure of a third ranked XiuZhen country. Hunchback Meng after exhausting several hundred years worth of effort, by paying respect to and entering a Mountain sect, eventually utilizing his innate talent to finally become the head disciple. He later took this opportunity, to take the cauldron, kill the teacher and run into the Sea of Devils, making this Cauldron into his most treasured magic weapon.

Stubbornly chasing after Medicine King Cauldron, giving his life to refine the Medicine King Cauldron, if he had not died, then it seemed that with his cultivation of Abyss to the ninth layer, although this cauldron could not compare with the legendary Divine Treasure Medicine King Cauldron, but it wouldn’t be much far from it either, and may be called a genuine Poison King Cauldron.
[TLNote: Author uses wordplay to signify the transition because Medicine’s character can also be read as to mean poison]

Unfortunately, before he could finish mastering it he died, as fate would have it, this cauldron coincidentally fell into the hands of Wang Lin.
[TLNote: Sometimes I feel like I imagine wordplays where there are none, but another coincidence is that the King in the Medicine King Cauldron has the pinyin “Wang”, which is the same, except one is used as surname.]

The description regarding this cauldron provided in the Jade Talisman reverberated in Wang Lin’s mind, while he remained silent for a moment. A treasure of this grade, if he had decided to cultivate Abyss, then after refining to a certain degree would have swallowed this into a foundation magic weapon, but unfortunately, now Wang Lin had determined to not cultivate Abyss, and thus this green cauldron was of no good.

This grade of treasure, but unable to use, Wang Lin wasn’t resigned to it, but to go through so many complications, isn’t it precisely to enable him to become strong. Although he is not yet arrived at the Yuan Ying stage, and this cauldron doesn’t increase the success rate of attaining yuan ying, but if he were to encounter danger and if he is able to use this green cauldron, then his chances of survival would certainly rise greatly.

Wang Lin’s face was like the gloomy darkness, he looked up at the black stone bridge, as his eyes flashed. Without saying anything further, he spit out glittering light from his mouth, the glittering light flying sword immediately flew around in circles and began floating in front of him, emitting a dense cold aura.

Wang Lin looked at the flying sword, his face revealed some hesitation, but afterwards he clenched his teeth and without saying anything further slapped it with a big hand. The flying sword immediately trembled and letting out a sword cry, on it’s sword blade emerged a trace of blood red thread.

These fine threads are exactly what Wang Lin in Zhao Country, had used for blood refining and coagulated into essence blood, although after his flying sword along with his flesh had been broken together, but the blood refining technique is extremely overbearing, and had become engraved onto the sword spirit.

This sword spirit is actually invisible and a non-divine object, but staying within Wang Lin’s Sea of Consciousness for many years, experiencing along with him the development to becoming a Soul Devourer, this Sword Spirit had given birth to a trace of spirit consciousness, and it was this that enabled it to remain intact.

Until the time, Wang Lin using War Shrine’s Object Refining Technique, had again refined for it’s use a Sword Embryo, this flying sword finally completed the transfer of the sword spirit.

It can be said that this flying sword was responsible for establishing the illustrious exploits of Wang Lin, and countless people died under it over time, the murderous aura that had accumulated within the sword spirit had already become a lethal weapon.

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a solemn expression, as he raised with his right hand in the air the sword blade, moving it slowly, following which he waived his right hand, and the blood red threads on the sword began glowing, and after issuing a “Ka Ka” sound, the flying sword actually broke down into fragments fell down onto the ground.

In the air, there was only the blood silk thread left floating, floating amongst it, an illusory sword image, which was faintly discernible.

Wang Lin took a deep breath, and patted his storage bag, the reactor flew out. He pointed at the green cauldron, immediately the two halves of the green tripod flew into the reactor. The instant they they entered, the green fog mist immediately wrapped around the reactor, and began issuing bursts of zi zi sounds.

A cold aura flashed in Wang Lin’s eyes, as he constantly moved his hands to form various hand seals, through the green fog seal onto to the reactor furnace. The body of the furnace immediately started revolving slowly, its speed of revolving gradually got quicker and quicker. The green fog mist wrapped around it was spurred by it, causing it to form a green vortex.

Wang Lin, with a call, the fragments of the glittering sword lying on the ground, all flew onto his palms. He stared at the rapidly revolving reactor for a long time, after which he flung his right hand fiercely, and a fragment turning into glittering light flashed past, and accurately entered the reactor furnace which was rotating at high speed.

The instant it entered, the fragment turned into liquid and was blended inside the furnace.

Wang Lin continued to stare, and flung his right hand again & again, and within an hour, he had thrown inside all the fragments. At this time, he slowly let out a breath, while both his hands let out Ling Qi that struck against the reactor furnace.

At this moment, the reactor furnace’s speed of rotation had immediately and quickly doubled. Only a group of rotating objects could be seen, while the insides were unclear. As for the green vortex above it, at first glance it would see to be standing still, but if one looks closely, then one would find that it is turning too fast, creating the illusion.

“Still not enough!” Wang Lin muttered to himself, he had looked with his Divine Consciousness and could clearly see that the temperature inside the reactor furnace was not high enough for the green cauldron, as this green cauldron had turned only slightly red in colour but had not melted.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, as he suddenly remembered something, immediately a number of things flew out from the storage bag, and looking at all with barely a glance, he grabbed one thing, and tossed it accurately into the reactor furnace.

The instant that this thing fell in, a mass of cyan flames soared out suddenly, the speed of the reactor remained the same but the temperature within it, had suddenly been doubled. The green cauldron had already thoroughly turned into red colour.

However there were still no signs of melting.

Just now, the thing that Wang Lin had thrown in was a special refining material of the War Shrine, it was called the **Blood Stone, and after being catalyzed by spiritual force, it can produce high temperature. [TLNote: ** Present in the raws]

This blood stone, if the quantity were to become excessive then not only will it not increase the temperature, on the contrary, it will immediately reduce the heat, and therefore, Wang Lin after throwing out a few pieces, immediately stowed it away.

At this point, the temperature of the reactor had already reached frightening levels, but the green cauldron had only turned red, but did not melt.

Wang Lin pondered a bit, then threw out in succession, purple soaring moon, fragments of floral stones, blue moon wood, and more than ten of other war shrine refining materials. After these things one by one were put into the reactor by him, a multicoloured smoke explosion emerged, it’s shape was similar to an illusory cauldron.

After this illusory cauldron shaped smoke appeared, it immediately dispersed the vortex of green fog, following which it unexpectedly began emitting in a strange state, and together with the green mist spreading quickly, all of it was retracted quickly back into the reactor.

At this moment, the reactor sent out bursts of thunderous roars, gradually small hints of fractures could be seen emerging, Wang Lin holding his breath stared with rapt attention, and saw that the two halves of the green cauldron had already started to melt, only the speed was too slow and if this progress continues, then it is very possible for the reactor to get disrupted before it is melted completely.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, while he raised his right hand, a lump of blue flame floated upon the palm of his hand. The moment this flame emerged, the ambient decreased immediately, and it was the abyssal ice flame that had resulted from him cultivating the Abyssal Ascension Technique to great completion.

This ice flame had already fused with Wang Lin’s Gold Dan, and it may be said to be endless, but if used excessively, then it would still cause injury to his Gold Dan.

Therefore, until now he had just used it in a manner similar to an assassin’s rapier, and generally did not use it casually.

At this time, seeing that the reactor unable to withstand, and continuing to break, Wang Lin without saying anything further, sent out his right hand forward, the ice flame flying out immediately, quickly ran into the reactor furnace.

Wang Lin’s facial expression showed intense concentration, as he carefully controlled the ice flame to slowly approach, in particular with the spiritual force controlling, there mustn’t appear even the slightest bit of fluctuation, and must stably maintain the low temperature of the ice flame.

At this instant, the cracks on the reactor suddenly increased, but without waiting for the spread further, they were immediately covered with the ice flame which condensed on it immediately.

Barely a few breaths later, Wang Lin was already sweating profusely, this was a risk that he had taken, if he was able to control it good, then it would help in solidly repairing the reactor furnace, if a mistake happens, then the cracks in the reactor could intensify.

At this time, due to the ice flame’s reinforcement, the situation of fragmenting had eased but if the low temperature of the ice flame was not limited, then the green cauldron melting in the reactor furnace could definitely suffer fatal consequences under its influence. Therefore, Wang Lin was extra careful at this time, with all his strength was limiting the temperature of the ice flame for the reinforcement of the reactor furnace and balancing it with not influencing the melting of the green cauldron.

Slowly, the green cauldron gradually melted, during this time Wang Lin didn’t dare to be careless. After an unknown amount of time, the green cauldron finally melted completely and became a dark green liquid, spreading and oozing inside the reactor.

Wang Lin breathed out deeply, the moving his right hand into mudra, brought out spirit light, and imprinted it onto the reactor, immediately the reactor furnace shook, and stopped revolving. Wang Lin grasped out with the big hand, as the green liquid in the reactor furnace began to flutter.

In this spread out liquid, there was an illusory image of a small cauldron, faintly discernable. Wang Lin knew that this was the Poison King Cauldron’s Cauldron Spirit, so without saying anything further, he raised his right hand into the air in a beckoning motion. The floating sword spirit floating in the air, immediately flew out and fused into the green liquid.

At this moment, the cauldron spirit moved immediately and similarly began fusing. Wang Lin’s eyes gained a solemn expression, as these were two different spirit bodies and contrary to Wang Lin’s expectations, did not attack each other to swallow each other. Rather, it appeared that a little while later, the cauldron spirit letting out bursts of green aura immediately drilled into the Flying Sword’s Sword Spirit.

The two rapidly fused together, thus Wang Lin breathed a sigh of relief, while he pointed out with both of his hands, and immediately the liquid began to slowly condense. In accordance to Wang Lin’s thoughts, it turned into a six inch long, dark green short sword.

On both sides of the sword blade, two rows of densely packed thorns emerged, while bursts of green aura flashed from the sword thorns, which looked quite amazing.

At this time, the flying sword had thoroughly congealed its form, it’s entire body was dark green, within it was concealed the Poison King Cauldron’s Poison, if someone were to be touched by it, then even if does not die under the sword, then would definitely perish from the poisoning.

At this time, with this flying sword, even a Yuan Ying stage cultivator if stabbed in a sneak attacked by Wang Lin, then would find it difficult to escape death, after all inside of it is contained the poison of Hunchback Meng’s Poison King Cauldron.

However, after it condensed, Wang Lin also didn’t dare to swallow it, for keeping it in his abdomen, using the Gold Dan to refine it. Even when using it, he would have to pay extreme attention, otherwise if he were to be self-stabbed, then he certainly wouldn’t be unable to escape death.

This Poison King Cauldron’s Poison, fundamentally doesn’t have any antidotes. Apart from Hunchback Meng, no others could cure the poison.

Wang Lin was immensely proud, especially of those sharp thorns on the flying sword. This was his killing weapon, needed only One’s will to use it. Those sharp thorns could easily be ejected , people wouldn’t be able to defend against it effectively.



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