Xian Ni Chapter 176 – Capturing the Group of Hurricanes

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TL:Void, MeTaLMaX
TLC: Petie
Ed: DemonKiller, Petie


Hunchback Meng’s body who was rolled up by the gigantic hurricane, disappeared into the whirlpool, while his hatred was as if it drowned in the tide.

Wang Lin swiftly managed to escape successfully, and within a blink of an eye he had already managed to put quite a distance between him and the hurricanes. However, there were still some hurricanes scattered all around, these hurricanes at this time were trying to quickly obstruct Wang Lin similar to how they were obstructing Hunchback Meng.

Wang Lin sneered, the tranquil look in his eyes did not become chaotic. The moment those hurricane in the surroundings arrived, one of them suddenly accelerated recklessly and arrived on to the side of Wang Lin, wrapping him up and quickly rushing out from the surrounding hurricanes, flying quickly towards the distance.

This scene happened so fast that the other hurricanes basically did not have a chance to respond, and even if they did managed to react and come, with their level of intelligence, they wouldn’t have been able to distinguish any discrepancy in the area.

With Wang Lin inside the hurricane, it quickly flew towards the giant vortex in the distance. Just before, when he had rushed out of a hurricane, he had already made some preparations covertly and controlled the Second Devil to enter into a nearby hurricane and usurp its control.

The situation at this moment was like ‘where the water flows, a canal is formed’. Naturally, his escape would also be effortless.

The Beast Overlord in the Great Hurricane, swept around with his eyes, and at this time his vision fell onto the Wang Lin in the hurricane in a distance. On his face, a puzzled expression emerged, but soon, it let out a severe roar, and immediately the hurricanes from all directions, began chasing towards Wang Lin’s position.

As for itself, at the moment it’s eyes revealed a grotesque color, looking at Hunchback Meng inside the hurricane, who had been captured by it, it quickly moved while dragging him along towards the direction opposite to the one Wang Lin was moving in, before slowly disappearing.

The disparity between the speeds of these hurricanes was quite huge. The greater the number of small beasts in a hurricane, naturally the greater its speed would be. This way, they chased almost moving in a straight line in Wang Lin’s direction. The Hurricane that Wang Lin had chose, had a decent number of small beasts, so its speed was not slow.

At this time, all though those hurricanes were in pursuit, Wang Lin didn’t even have the slightest worry in his mind. He was at the moment silently calculating in his mind, after staring behind him to see the few hurricanes with higher speed. He spit out a glittering light from his mouth, as the flying sword flashed out from inside the hurricane, and moved towards the hurricanes in accordance to Wang Lin’s thoughts.

With his Ji Realm Divine Consciousness contained within the flying sword, Wang Lin’s target was not the huge number of small soldier beasts, but those who gave out the orders within the hurricane.

Under the influence of his Ji Realm Divine Consciousness, the glittering flying sword became sharp, and could only be seen as a glittering flash. Wang Lin who was covertly observing could notice several hurricanes collapsing and stopped rotating as the small beasts within it dispersed instantly. Each of the small beasts carried a look of confusion on its face.

Wang Lin without any pause, and without saying anything further, pointed out with his hands in the air, and immediately the glittering light flashed out unceasingly within the group of hurricanes, but along the way, from among the hurricanes, Wang Lin noticed, that more than half had collapsed.

At this moment, looking behind him at the pursuing hurricanes he saw secret indications of Divine Consciousnesses aggregating. Therefore, he resolutely beckoned with his right hand, the glittering flying sword immediately flickered and returned. Wang Lin didn’t want to continue killing them, but as a result of this fight, those small beasts were inevitably cautious. Just now he had caught them exceptionally unprepared, but it made them afraid that if this continued, and the flying sword just went out, the other party by aggregating their Divine Consciousness, would have been able to come closer at once.

He did not think the same way as Hunchback Meng, who risked it all on his most powerful magic weapon which eventually broke down into two.

The corners of Wang Lin’s mouth turned into a faint sneer, as he retracted the flying sword and continued to escape. The distance between the two parties began to open up at a very fast speed. The hurricane which Wang Lin had chosen just a while ago, was quite big in size compared to all the others, and its speed was also faster by quite a few points.

Even though all of this took some time to describe, but it all actually happened extremely fast, and within a blink of an eye, the distance between the two sides had already widened. At this time, the Divine Consciousnesses of the beasts had completed their union, and bursts of lightning bolts came out.

Wang Lin’s eyes remained calm, and the instant that the attack of those Divine Consciousnesses approached, he issued a command to the Second Devil through his mind. He could see the Second Devil controlling those small beasts, one by one the leaders quickly rushed to the back lines while repeatedly letting out sharp roars while immediately dispersing ripples along the way.

This sonic attack had set off a qi wave at the same time. Suddenly, Wang Lin’s hurricane pushed forwards fiercely. This sudden acceleration caused the Divine Consciousness attack to fail. By the time it again locked its target and prepared to attack again, Wang Lin’s hurricane had already flown far away.

The giant vortex in the sky could already been seen distinctly. Wang Lin’s vision flashed, and in fact, if he hadn’t intended to rob Hunchback Meng’s treasure then, perhaps he would have already safely entered the second barrier.

Even now, if he gave up on sheltering inside the hurricane, and rapidly rushed out on his own, the there was an eighty percent chance of him entering the vortex safely, however Wang Lin did not have any intention of doing so.

In the end, he did not know how difficult the second barrier was. If he rushed inside by himself hastily, then perhaps he no longer would have the same luck he had in this first barrier again, i.e. letting someone clear the way for him to let him pass.

As a result, being cautious by nature, he couldn’t help but hold his thought of striking against the hurricane leaders that were pursuing behind him. In Wang Lin’s mind, an idea emerged that if he was able to bring some hurricanes into the second barrier, then even in the second barrier he would be able to somewhat secure his safety,

With this plan in mind, he naturally would not rush forward on his own, instead he cautiously turned back to look at the leaders in the flock of hurricanes behind him. After remaining silent for a while, he resolutely clenched his teeth, and passed a command to the Second Devil through his Divine Consciousness. Immediately, the speed of the hurricane slowly came down.

With his speed slowing down, the flock of sharply roaring hurricanes, naturally became faster and pulled closer in an instant, till there were only less than five hundred feet separating, while at the same time Divine Consciousness and sonic attack bombardments came in succession one after another.

At this time, Wang Lin’s hurricane was already extremely close to the giant vortex in the sky, and was about a similar distance of less than five hundred feet away. This distance, if he used the full force of the hurricane to fly, then he only needed one breath’s time.

Thus in other words, if the flock of hurricanes pursuing behind him manage to catch up, then also needed a breath’s time, and if needed to enter the vortex, then needed two breath’s time.

In the first breath, Wang Lin took out a thing from his storage bag, and targeted the aggregating Divine Consciousness of the hurricanes behind him. This time he did not suddenly accelerate, and stopped instead while using the Divine Consciousness of the small beasts in the hurricane to resist.

During this one breath only, more than half of the small beasts in Wang Lin’s hurricane had died.

Wang Lin’s eyes remained tranquil, and there was not the slightest panic. At this time, he had already come close to the vortex. Meanwhile, the hurricanes that were pursuing had also caught up

In the second breath, Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, and his body like an arrow leaving the bow string, decisively rushed out from the hurricane. The flock of hurricanes behind, roared and shouted, as sonic attacks approached at the same time, bursts of sharp roars, came from these hurricanes and with loud bangs as if shrouded the sky and covered the earth.

The moment Wang Lin had left the hurricane, it had completely died with the exception of the Second Devil.

At this time, Wang Lin was already standing inside the vortex, while the hurricanes chased after him and had similarly entered the vortex. Those fast moving hurricanes’ suddenly stopped, after which some of them immediately started intending to retreat.

However, how could Wang Lin allow them to do as they wished. As he stared at the more than forty or so hurricanes which had descended, he immediately shouted in a low tone: “Stay behind me!”

At the same time that he spoke, Wang Lin suddenly circulated his spiritual force and the object that he had taken out beforehand from his storage bag immediately formed a ring-shaped aperture with him as the center point. Suddenly spreading out, it completely enveloped all the hurricanes in the surroundings.

At the same time, a false image of an Azure Dragon came out after transforming from inside the Jade Strip. Under Wang Lin’s control, it began revolving all around along the aperture. At this very moment, due to Wang Lin rushing inside the vortex, bursts of purple electric light flashed. These electric lights fell on Wang Lin, and quickly began pulling him inside along with the entire defensive aperture.

In a flash, along with the defensive aperture and the more than forty hurricanes, all were pulled inside the vortex, and they slowly disappeared without a trace.

At this time, the other hurricanes who were also coming in an almost straight line wanting to pursue, but upon bumping into the vortex, they were fiercely torn open. After the numerous hurricanes had managed to gather, they attempted repeatedly but from beginning to the end, they weren’t able to enter the vortex, and slowly they spread out from each other.

The first barrier Earth Domain, gradually returned to tranquility. Only at some place within it, Hunchback Meng’s badly mutilated and mangled body was floating mid-air. His eyes had a confused expression, while in front of him was the Beast Overlord with an over thirty feet tall body. At this time, on the Beast Overlord’s forehead, a half formed golden coloured finger bone that was flashing at a very high speed, slowly emerged from within.

It was pointed towards Hunchback Meng’s forehead….

Meanwhile Wang Lin, the moment he came out from the vortex, immediately spread out his Divine Consciousness. After cautiously observing and examining, he couldn’t help but be startled. The scene that had appeared before him, was that of a dusky world. Aside from an arch shaped long bridge made of black stone, there was basically nothing else.

Wang Lin withdrew his Divine Consciousness, and turned around to see the Azure Dragon defensive aperture, within it more than forty hurricanes were frantically rotating, while issuing bursts of roaring sounds, while colliding with the aperture in all directions.

With each hit, the aperture would weaken a bit. Wang Lin coldly snorted, without saying anything further, retracted the defensive formation. The aperture and the Azure Dragon’s false image merely vanished, and those forty or so hurricanes immediately started dispersing while roaring out.

At the same time, Wang Lin pointed out with his right hand, and the Second Devil immediately changed shape and went out, facing these hurricanes it issued challenge while letting out sharp roars.

Those hurricanes immediately stopped. From within the hurricanes, a small beast flew out and set out to attack the Second Devil. Wang Lin was calmly watching the scene, as this event was already calculated by him beforehand. The reason that he didn’t have the Second Devil initiate the challenge in the first barrier was because there were simply too many hurricanes chasing behind, and it would have ended up bringing in many more hurricanes. By that time, if the Second Devil were to be defeated in the challenge, then even if he wanted to run, there wouldn’t be any escape route left.

However, now that there were only these forty or so hurricanes, it naturally became different.

Three days later, Wang Lin stood at the edge of the black stone bridge, looking into the distance. He looked behind him and forty two hurricanes were roaring while rotating densely packed together. If one looked closely, then one would see that in the middle of the hurricanes rotating all around, there were fine red threads of electric light, connecting them all to a body.

These were spirit controllers inside the hurricanes, which had already been completely fused by the Second Devil, but under Wang Lin’s force those Divine Consciousness fused by it, were all separated out, and deposited by Wang Lin into the soul flag, leaving them for the sake of using them to make many devils.

This way, he prevented the Second Devil to fuse too much, and break out from under his control measures.


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