Xian Ni Chapter 175 – Scrambling for Treasure

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The Second Devil’s eyes flashed red, not saying anything further as it went and charged against it. That other specie was also quite fearless, not only didn’t it dodge, on the contrary its Divine Consciousness jumped out and supposedly welcomed the opposition.

The two immediately merged together. Wang Lin, by the means of his Divine Consciousness inside the Second Devil immediately noticed the changes going on. The dangers of the fusion were countless, only one of them would persist. If it wasn’t the Second Devil who would be swallowed then it would be the other type who were fusing.

Soon, the corners of Wang Lin’s mouth turned into a smile, as he himself was a Soul Devourer, and the devils he produced had the characteristics of Wandering Spirits, how would the other species even compare.

As the two Divine Consciousness fused in an attempt to swallow each other, gradually the Second Devil came into view with a fierce expression. Eventually, the Divine Consciousness of that other species slowly dimmed and eventually completely fused with the Second Devil, becoming a part of its body.

The moment the fusion succeeded, a flock of small beasts, immediately flew to the side of the Second Devil, wrapping him up amongst them, forming a hurricane together. Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, the reason that these small beasts were able to perfectly fuse together was because there would always exist a dominant Divine Consciousness. This Divine Consciousness may even gobble up these small beasts and may even fuse, as all of them had a great deal of linkage.

At this time, the Second Devil roared out a few times, and the hurricane rolled down rushing towards a different species. Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, and snorted lightly. Suddenly, the Second Devil’s attack became sluggish, actually the hurricane had immediately stopped rotating, turning into small beasts again.

Wang Lin could clearly see, that the flock of small beasts which were surrounding the Second Devil, all had their faces revealing expressions of bursts of pain, and looking into Wang Lin’s eyes, a deep fear had emerged in them.

Wang Lin sent out a Spiritual Thought through his Divine Consciousness. The Second Devil hurriedly let out a fierce roar, and all the surrounding small beasts hastily surrounded Wang Lin. Wang Lin looked the same, with eyes calm as water, and regarding the small beasts that were flapping their wings to his side, he didn’t have even the slightest unusual expression.

These small beasts after flying close, did not attack and instead raising up their body, once again transformed into a hurricane.

The Devil Xu Liguo hastily tried to follow him, but he was maliciously flung down by the hurricane after bumping into it. He roared hatefully again and again, as his heart was bursting full of grievances. Wang Lin stretched out his hand from the hurricane, after which Xu Liguo drilled inside.

Inside the hurricane, Wang Lin basically did not need to fly himself. He had several small beasts underfoot, which were acting like a flat ground to tread on. Aside from that, these small beasts had condensed together their Divine Consciousness to form a powerful Divine Consciousness shroud, which made it very difficult for outsiders to use their Divine Consciousness to probe inside.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, as he commanded the Second Devil, immediately this hurricane began flying towards the direction of Hunchback Meng. After that, the other hurricanes slowly followed behind. In this manner, tens of hurricanes howling and roaring swept away, and soon arrived at that group of hurricanes which had originally made Wang Lin feel fearful and apprehensive.

The moment they came in flying, a big Divine Consciousness came sweeping towards them. Wang Lin immediately tightened his heart and soul, that Divine Consciousness without stopping anywhere, swept away.

Apparently that Divine Consciousness did not look too closely, and only with a slight glance, couldn’t find any abnormality.

Probably it seemed impossible to it for the hurricane to change fundamentally. Wang Lin from inside the hurricane, was staring at the distant Overlord of the Hurricanes, while he sneered inwardly. Needless to say that the Divine Consciousness obviously belonged to the Overlord of the Hurricanes, who had sent it out.

At this point, he had gained some understanding regarding these creatures, in each hurricane there would be a comparatively stronger existence, which would gather the small beasts together and give out orders.

This would be just like the difference between soldiers and the general. The ordinary small beasts were the soldiers, while those which are slightly stronger were generals. As for that exceedingly great hurricane, it was the Overlord!.

After approaching closer, looking outward through the hurricane, he could see that amidst a group of hurricanes, there was a black pagoda that went straight into the skies, and obviously Hunchback Meng was inside it.

Wang Lin was in no hurry, as he let the Second Devil take him there. It is because he realized that this way he could silently approach, so that he would be able to take action according to the circumstances. He didn’t have any expectations of being able to kill Hunchback Meng, but regarding taking the treasures on his person, then it would be possible as long as it is handled carefully.

The Divine Consciousness that he had left in the Second Devil’s body, differed in comparison to the one inside Devil Xu Liguo, after all Devil Xu Liguo had undergone a long period of evolution. Wang Lin had been able to achieve a subtle control of the Divine Consciousness. As long as Wang Lin wished, then he wouldn’t even need his Ji Realm Divine Consciousness to annihilate it. However, he wouldn’t in ordinary circumstances choose to use the Divine Consciousness to attack, and instead choose to leave it behind as for later means.

Usually, he would rely on his Ji Realm Divine Consciousness as the primal source of threat, supplemented by his subtle manipulation. When all’s said and done, there is a significant difference between a common Wandering Spirit and Xu Li Guo, who had been able to recover a trace of his memory.

But this was not the case for the Second Devil, although Wang Lin’s Divine Consciousness had not been branded deep into its body, but actually in an imposing manner it had rapidly occupied all vital body parts, and did not allow the other party to have any chance of resisting.

The reason was that he had not let the Second Devil fuse with other hurricane leaders before, was because if the Second Devil were to swallow too much, then it could potentially make Wang Lin’s Divine Consciousness in its body weakened. In this way, it would certainly come to bite back, and Wang Lin was adamant on not letting this kind of phenomenon take place.

Someone as stubborn as Xu Li Guo, was made docile by Wang Lin, needless to mention this Second Devil who had been refined out of small beasts souls.

Hunchback Meng’s face looked really bleak and gloomy. He was bitterly looking at the hurricanes outside, in particular he stared at the overwhelming hurricane which covered almost half of the skies. His eyes showed signs of uneasiness. The Divine Consciousness in that colossal hurricane was almost equal to all the other hurricanes added together. His Heavenly Malevolent Poison was pushed down by its Divine Consciousness, and after breaking it abruptly, it was driven very far away.

In these past few days, he had used up all his spirit beasts which were stored in his storage bag one by one, every time he would use the spirit beasts to substitute him, before flinging it out through the pagoda with his technique. Although he was able to destroy large swarms of small beasts, often just a while later, many hurricanes would come flying in from a distance.

It was simply impossible to kill them all!

However, if he was even the slightest bit careless, and was hit by the attack of the combined Divine Consciousness of these innumerable small beasts even once, then even if he was at Spirit Forming Stage, then certainly if not death then he would at least get life-threatening injuries.

This injury, would not be a normal injury, but an injury severe enough to make his cultivation greatly decrease!

As for magic weapons, he used quite a few of them, although they were somewhat effective, but the end result remained the same.

At this time, he had already arrived at a situation of a mountain with no water. It’s not that he didn’t think of rushing out, he even tried to put it into action. That time he used tens of spirit beasts to substitute in for him, as he rushed out directly, and had almost broken through the siege when the gigantic hurricane suddenly struck him with a fierce blow causing him to fall short by a tiny margin. Not only could he not rush out, rather he got heavily injured instead. [TLNote: I probably butchered the ChengYu/Idiom, but essentially the thing with mountain with no water, means being in a situation with no way out, or being in dire straits]

“Don’t tell me that today’s the day I am going to die! This old man had concealed his cultivation, and by now finally reaching the mid level Spirit Forming Stage, had thought that by taking the Ying Bian pill from this place, he would be able to directly jump to the Ying Bian stage, but…..” Hunchback Meng couldn’t help but think bitter thoughts, as his mind couldn’t help but recall the group of persons who had come here a thousand years ago, with the result being that aside from four people, all had been buried here.

The people who had come inside, all had profound cultivation, but in the end still found it difficult to escape death. His four people through some coincidence, were lucky enough to survive.

After a thousand years of preparation, he had already jumped from Late Yuan Ying Stage to Mid Spirit Forming Stage. The reason for such fast speed was because he had taken away a valuable treasure of the Giant Devil Race tribe, The Heart of a Devil Ancestor!

This was also why Giant Devil Race had put out a warrant for his arrest and the reason that they had been trying to track him down!

Hunchback Meng showed an unwilling expression, as he clenched his teeth while his eyes moved onto the toad, this mythical heavenly beast had accompanied him for a thousand years, without leaving or abandoning him. He had been looking after him since he was a Low Grade Spirit Level Beast, all the way till it reached Peak High Grade Spirit Level Beast, and could already be classified as Inferior Mythical Level. If he had a few more thousand years, then with the assistance of a few spirit potions, it could very likely reach the Mythical Level!
Only now, Hunchback Meng’s eye revealed that he had made his decision. He stroked the toad, whispering to himself : “ This damned place, would not be in such a trouble if teleportation could be used. Heavenly beast, this time, I will have to depend on you !”

With that, his right hand suddenly stretched out and entered the toad’s mouth. The toad revealed pained expression and its body trembled endlessly but yet it didn’t resist in the slightest, only looking calmly at its master.

Hunchback Meng closed his eyes, but soon afterwards opened his eyes. His eyes revealed ruthless expression, with a deep voice : “Mythical Heavenly beast, forgive me !” . His right hand firmly grabbed it and from within the several stuffs, he took out an object, a fist sized ink colored Yuan dan which emitted fluctuations of waves of powerful spirit force.

Mythical Heavenly beast toad’s body was now crooked. It weakly collapsed on the ground, producing a faint sound. The bulges on its back, one after another began to crack, foul black liquid flowed out which soon covered its body. Even that gurgling sound now appeared weak and without strength.

Grabbing the Mythical Heavenly beast toad’s Yuan dan, not saying anything further, Hunchback Meng threw it inside his mouth. His body immediately twitched, black gas, followed by several more, emerged from his face, tightly catching hold of him. He let out a low roar, all the pustules on his face immediately shattered, the poison liquid within those pustules sprayed all around the pagoda walls, sending out waves and waves of black mist.

The Spirit Beast’s neidan are divided into many kinds . Only in the body of the spirit beasts having both the required grade and talent, can a genuine neidan form. As for the other beasts, neidan can also appear in their body, but merely a fake dan. Only by storing the spirit power within the body temporarily and condensing it successfully, will it increase the storage of spirit power.

A genuine neidan has an enormous effect containing all of the spirit beasts fundamental magical power . Reaching low grade spiritual rank, its neidan transforms, same as cultivators jie dan. But even though there is extreme resemblance, cultivator’s jie dan still differs in some extent.

When it reaches Mid Grade Spirit level, the Dan changes into Heavenly Dan. Upon finally reaching High Grade Spirit Level, the Heavenly Dan changes into Yuan Dan. At this moment it would be only one step away from becoming the Yuan Shen of the Mythical Wild Beast.

Only after entering the realm of the Mythical Wild Beasts, the Neidan would be transformed into a Yuan Shen. From that point onwards, it’s strength would jump to become a formidable and incomparable beast of the world of wilderness.

The black qi on Hunchback Meng’s face became dense, as he lied down prone on the ground, while using his right hand to capture the mythical heavenly beast toad and after capturing immediately let out a low roar while pressing it to his forehead.

The lump on the back of The Mythical Heavenly Beast Toad, began oozing more and more quantities of liquid. This liquid following along the pustules on Hunchback Meng’s face slowly entered his body, and eventually the whole toad turned into black water, and was absorbed by Hunchback Meng.

Hunchback Meng’s humpback, suddenly swelled greatly, and numerous granular bubbles appeared. These bubbles spread rapidly throughout his entire back. At this time, Hunchback Meng when looked from afar would look quite similar to the toad.

Hunchback Meng at this time, shut both of his eyes, while the black qi on his face slowly coagulated between his eyebrows, forming a vortex. Afterwards, he fiercely opened his eyes, and the pupils on both of his eyes had become triangular, revealing a cruel expression.

Hunchback Meng immediately clenched his fists, suddenly bursts of crackling black lightning appeared from within his fists. As he took a deep breath, he said in a hoarse tone: “This Ancient Devil Technique is really miraculous, with the aid of high grade spirit level mythical heavenly beast toad, unexpectedly can enable me to reach peak Spirit Forming stage in such a short period, with this, I would definitely be able to rush out! Such a pity, that it had such a high cost, unless I had no other alternative……alas!”

With that said, he slowly came out from inside the Black Pagoda. The instant he appeared, the condensed Divine Consciousness suddenly crashed down like a flash of lightning as Hunchback Meng’s face revealed a ferocious expression, he let out a green fog from his mouth. The lightning like Divine Consciousness immediately drilled into the green fog, and after entering slowed down at once. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Hunchback Meng leapt out and drilled into a hurricane.

Immediately, the hurricane stopped rotating and the small beasts inside it scattered, but they had not gone out far, when one by one they started exploding to death, filling the sky with a rain of blood which dispersed in all directions.

A ruthless expression emerged in the eyes of Hunchback Meng, as he quickly rushed towards the next hurricane.

But immediately after that, innumerable divine consciousnesses suddenly fused together to form a pike shining with an ominous aura, which silently appeared in the sky, and rapidly shot with enough power to destroy the void. [TLNote: RIP Me]

This pike left destructive afterimages in the mid-air. Just a second ago, while wielding this tremendous power, had already in another second appeared in front of Hunchback Meng. All along the way, the restrictions in this Earth Domain’s land were stirred up, letting out booming gigantic thunder rolls.

Wang Lin’s hurricane was a bit farther away, so he wasn’t affected much. He firmly stared at Hunchback Meng, that person but not a person, ghost but not a ghost like appearance. His eyes flashed as he paid extra attention to the storage bag on his waist.

As for the Divine Consciousness formed Pike, Hunchback Meng only glanced at it, then immediately forming his hand into seals, spoke several complex and difficult to express words from his mouth. Immediately, his mouth opened wide, and a four footed small cauldron emitting a thick murky green qi, flew out from the mouth.

After this cauldron appeared, immediately the thick murky green qi emerged in great quantity, while the pike came crashing down at the same time. The place where the two hit each other, suddenly tens of feet thick qi waves were formed, which immediately spread in all directions like in a frenzy. Even the hurricanes couldn’t help but fly backwards. Some weren’t able to fly back much far, and were directly impacted by the qi wave, turning all the small beasts within it into ashes.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, he had withdrawn along with the other hurricanes, but his eyes stayed put on Hunchback Meng, as he didn’t blink an eye.

At this time, the small green cauldron in the sky issued a pow sound, and breaking into two fell down from the sky onto the ground. However, it had already hit the pike, and the pike starting from the tip, began turning green. Within a blink of an eye, the entire pike had turned completely green. The Pike suddenly started trembling and then turning back into Divine Consciousness dispersed in all directions.

It was at this time, that a strange scene appeared. After the Divine Consciousness dispersed, above each one of them, or at least above most of them, was a trace of green aura. This green aura soon spread like crazy, and in a span of several breaths, the Divine Consciousnesses had all fused together into a Pike like before which had become entirely green.

The moment Hunchback Meng’s green cauldron shattered onto the ground, he immediately dropped down, whilst continuously spraying out essence blood from his mouth. That green cauldron had been his most prized magic weapon, and at this time by utilizing his temporary cultivation level of late Spirit Forming stage, had been able to endure the attack of the hundreds of millions of divine consciousnesses before finally breaking down into two.

Hunchback Meng did not have time to grieve about it, as he stared with red eyes, at the green aura of the divine consciousnesses which was filling up the entire sky, while he laughed crazily and said: “My, most treasured magic weapon cannot be destroyed without paying a huge price, even if it breaks, it will drag you down along with it to die, so explode for me! Explode! Explode ! ! !”

Each and every green aura infected Divine Consciousness started exploding one by one immediately. The Divine Consciousness upon exploding would immediately turn into LingQi and scatter to all directions. Once the Divine Consciousness shatters, naturally the body would also die at the same time.

As the Divine Consciousnesses started exploding one by one, within the hurricanes all around, the small beasts had suddenly become less than half. The hurricanes had stopped rotating completely, as the small beasts fell down from the air one by one.

Hunchback Meng grasped out with his hand, and retrieving the two broken halves of the green cauldron put it back into the storage bag. He without saying anything further, taking advantage of this opportunity, quickly rushed towards a distant place, and the direction in which he was going was exactly where Wang Lin’s hurricane was.

At this moment, the Overlord of Hurricanes from the sky sent out a violent roar, as the entire hurricane suddenly paused and stopped rotating, only to reveal in it’s center a flying beast with a thirty feet big body!

The size of this beast, when compared to it’s peers, can be said to be incomparably huge. However, in Wang Lin’s eyes, it’s size is far less than that of the wild beast aquatic dragon from the channel.

This beast roared as it leapt out, while issuing howls from its long and sharp mouth which created ripples along the way. Wherever these ripples went, space rifts appeared in the Earth Domain, from this it’s power can be seen.

At the same time, all around the hurricanes which had not dissipated, one by one started flying towards Hunchback Meng, in particular, the hurricane that he had forcefully intruded into, which were trying to recklessly obstruct. Divine Consciousness attack and Sonic Attacks together were enough to make a person feel his eyes go dim and his brain become confused, but it couldn’t stop Hunchback Meng from walking at a half-pace. Each and every obstruction that the Hurricane struck and crashed down with a bang before dispersing, making it mortally dangerous.
Only with each and every hit, the black vortex between Hunchback Meng’s forehead, would get thinner somewhat. He was cursing in his heart, because he knew that the cultivation which has temporarily increased would soon abruptly come to a halt, and if at this time he stops, then he would immediately be hit by that Overlord’s sonic attack from behind, which at it’s high speed would rush all the way and strike directly.

Wang Lin possessed excellent vision, the moment that the Beast Overlord dispersed the ripples, he noticed that on it’s forehead a gold light shined, and from within it gold coloured finger bones were revealed hidden beneath.

He didn’t have the leisure to reflect on that, at this moment Hunchback Meng was approaching closer. Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, as he sneered while patting his storage bag and immediately the Dragon’s tendons appeared in his hands. He threw it out with his right hand, the tendons tightly twisted with each other, and spawned several branches which also twisted with each other, eventually becoming very thick!

At this moment Hunchback Meng had finally approached, actually it was his hurricane, rapidly dodging to the side, at this time numerous obstructions were laid down to prevent him from moving by hurricanes. In this way, he was seeming to attract much attention.

The moment Hunchback Meng flashed to the side from the hurricane, Wang Lin threw out the dragon’s tendons. He had just ran into a hurricane, and suddenly became aware of spiritual force fluctuations in his surroundings. However, his cherished magic weapon had just before destroyed numerous divine consciousness turning them into spiritual forces flooding the heaven and earth, thereby concealing the fluctuations within it, and unless one examined carefully, they would be very difficult to monitor.

At this point, Hunchback Meng was feeling anxious in his heart, wanting to flee. Although he had become aware of it, but he didn’t pay it much mind. He basically couldn’t even think that, aside from him, there wouldn’t be any other human cultivator in this place.

But his right leg suddenly felt a strong pull, causing his face to finally change. He did not need to ponder, with his experience, he immediately knew that this was a beast’s tendon type magical weapon, but in this place those small beasts did not have the ability to use these kind of magical weapons, leaving only one possibility, and that is a human cultivator!

If it were in the past, then Hunchback Meng wouldn’t have even needed to pay any mind to this grade of beast tendon magic weapon, and just casually spreading his spiritual force, not only would he have been able to shatter it, but also at the same time poison the user of the magic weapon to death.

But now, surrounded by numerous hurricanes which had come to obstruct, facing continuous stream of Divine Consciousness and sonic attacks, he was struggling to cope with them. With all the LingQi recklessly circulating despite colliding inside his body, and especially when his treasured magic weapon had been shattered, this had shaken up his mind. If he had not been relying on Ancient Devil Technique to combine with the Mythical Heavenly Beast Toad, then he was afraid that he would have died a long while ago.

At this crucial moment, he didn’t put the dragon’s tendons in his eyes, as it was similar to a divine talisman pressuring continuously left a mark on his body, Although the dragon’s tendons shattered into inch long fragments upon impact, but the force of the impact was enough for him to not help but slow down!

Just at this point, the sonic waves which were in pursuit had suddenly appeared right behind him, and the attacks of the surroundings hurricanes had suddenly intensified by several points.

The straw cannot kill the camel, but it can become the critical point towards breaking down the camel’s back.

At this moment, this Dragon’s tendon’s role was that of that straw!

The instant that Hunchback Meng was hit by the sonic wave from behind, he spurted blood from his mouth while he was sent forward. At this time, a hurricane flashed to his side, and an arm stretched out from the hurricane and grabbing at the storage bag on his waist, and moved on instead of tangling.

At this moment, Hunchback Meng could vaguely see through the hurricane, and seeing Wang Lin’s sneering face, he was angry to the core as he again spewed out blood. This blood after coming out emitted bursts of qi enough to make a person feel dizzy, as it chased towards Wang Lin’s hurricane.

After Wang Lin had grabbed the storage bag, without saying anything further, he controlled the Second Devil, and with great speed flew into the air towards the direction of the distant vortex , where the entrance to the second barrier lied.

As for the blood, it was blocked by the small beasts rotating on the outside of the hurricane. However, the toxin in this blood was no child’s toy, and Wang Lin had always been cautious, so without saying anything further, the moment it hit the hurricane, he immediately flashed out. Following behind him immediately the two devils also flashed out rapidly from the hurricane.

Wang Lin landing onto the ground, immediately activating the Earth Escape technique, began quickly running forward. As for that hurricane, after being infected by the blood, all the small beasts within it had died.

If you were to describe everything it would take some time, but it all actually happened extremely fast, and almost in a blink of an eye, the storage bag on Hunchback Meng’s waist had disappeared without a trace.

Hunchback Meng had been hit by the sonic waves, immediately after it, the blood fusion separated, as numerous large swollen bubbles immediately broke and bad smelling black liquid immediately began flying to strike in all directions. Any small beast that bumped into this liquid, had body spasms before dying immediately.

He saw that the blood attack was blocked, and Wang Lin taking his storage bag had managed to escape. At present he was not aggrieved about his storage bag, but towards Wang Lin he had a feeling of hatred down to his core which was full of monstrous killing intent, if it had not been for this Wang Lin, he would have already broken out of this encirclement by now, and perhaps may have already reached the second barrier.

However, all of this changed completely because of the appearance of Wang Lin. With Hunchback Meng’s mind, he immediately realized that the other party had relied on him to pioneer forward and drag along all the hurricanes, otherwise with his cultivation of Jie Dan stage, how could he have passed safely and unharmed throughout the first barrier!


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