Xian Ni Chapter 174 – Devil Mutation

ObligatoryTLNote: And now the answer to the question you have all been waiting for, “What really happened with the second devil?”.

TL: MeTaL MaX, Void
TLC: Petie
ED: DemonKiller


Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a chilly radiance, staring intently at the Little Altered Beast Devil. His Ji realm Divine Consciousness suddenly parted from his body, transforming into a gigantic Scarlet Aquatic Dragon and roared while facing the Little Beast Devil.

The dignity of a former Soul Devourer, once again emerged. Needless to say that the Little Altered Beast Devil and even the Devil Xu Li Guo, immediately shrank down on to the ground not daring to move, this kind of pressure that came from a natural predator, was making them fearful and apprehensive.

The Little Altered Beast Devil, tried to roar like the previous times. However, compared to Wang Lin, it felt powerless, slowly an expression akin to begging for forgiveness appeared in the eyes of the Beast Devil.

The Ji Realm Divine Consciousness, in the form of a gigantic Scarlet Aquatic Dragon, coldly stared at the Devil for a moment, before it was slowly withdrawn into Wang Lin’s body. Meanwhile, he waved his right hand and took out a soul flag, this Little Altered Devil without hesitation turned its body into red smoke and drilled into the soul flag.

Wang Lin left behind a trace of his Divine Consciousness on the soul flag and then returned it to his storage bag, at the same time, he waved his right hand again and all around silk-like threads started shining. All these were set up before-hand by him by using his Divine Consciousness as a pre-emptive measure to subdue the Devil.

As Wang Lin grasped out with a big hand, the fine threads of Divine Consciousness around him immediately merged together and were collected by him.

The reason why he was able to follow its movement, regardless of how fast the speed of the Little Beast Devil was, was due to these fine threads of Divine Consciousness, through which he was able to detect the Beast Devil’s movements right away. Wang Lin had quietly and passively put the Divine Consciousness Restriction on all sides transforming it into silk threads, and with the dense and numerous distribution, it seemed just like a spider’s net.

No matter where the little beast went, Wang Lin was able to perceive it immediately. At the same time, due to this Devil having fused a lot of souls, the trace of Divine Consciousness that he put on its body also played a great role.

Utilizing the combination of the two, it was not surprising that Wang Lin was able to perceive the actions of the Devil.

After recovering his Divine Consciousness, Wang Lin stood up and following along the pagoda’s window looked outside. After pondering a bit, he suddenly moved and walked down to the entrance of the pagoda. After tidying himself up, he stepped out, followed closely behind by the Devil, who after seeing Wang Lin sinking into the ground, hurriedly followed behind.

Unfortunately, it couldn’t follow for much long, as Wang Lin grabbed it and threw it inside the dragon’s tendons.

At this point, the resistance underground had already become quite severe. Wang Lin almost needed to use 90% of his spiritual force to fight the resistance. Therefore, his speed couldn’t help but slow down.

While slowly moving forward, he dispersed his Divine Consciousness on the ground, as he carefully observed from a distance.

A few days later, Wang Lin’s expression changed slightly. Through his Divine Consciousness he saw a black cloud which was at an extremely far away place, this black cloud’s speed was very fast and was rapidly flying towards him.

Wherever the black cloud passed, hurricanes would disperse one after the other. Occasionally some would be unable to dodge it in time, which would result in them to immediately scatter into the respective small beasts which would then be swallowed by the black cloud. Wang Lin was intently watching this black cloud, immediately he put the antidote pill into his mouth, and slowly sank downward.

Not long after, the black cloud came screaming, behind it approached the Overlord of the Hurricanes. At this time, the Hurricane was rapidly rotating, bringing along countless gale winds along with it, enabling it to move rapidly towards the black cloud.

As the Overlord of the Hurricanes moved towards the Black Cloud, it flashed past Wang Lin who had sunk deep into the ground, moving far off in the distance. Not long after, the Overlord of the Hurricanes returned, this time its speed was fast as it issued fierce roars while it flashed past once again before disappearing into the distance.

After it had left, Wang Lin slowly started moving forward again. He was sneering inwardly, it went without saying that that black cloud was obviously made by Hunchback Meng and seeing its power it seemed like the Overlord of Hurricanes wanted to blow it apart, otherwise once if it spreads, it was afraid that the small beasts would suffer heavy casualties.

He pondered a bit, then his eyes flashed. He thought inwardly that if these small beasts were able to kill Hunchback Meng, then he would certainly have a lot of treasures and immortal pills on his person. Thinking of the treasures that a Spirit Forming stage Great Expert would have with him, Wang Lin couldn’t help but palpitate with eagerness, but soon, he gave up on that idea, as compared to the treasures, he still considered his little life more important.

With a sigh, Wang Lin put away those unrealistic thoughts in his mind, and continued to walk forward, but having confirmed the direction of Hunchback Meng in front, he slightly changed his direction and no longer went in a straight line, instead opted to move around it.

About half-a-month later, Wang Lin had been cautious and prudent as he detoured that patch while using his Divine Consciousness to look around when he suddenly caught a glimpse of a group of hurricanes which caused him to be immediately surprised.

This was a dense cluster of hurricanes, and he was afraid that the small beasts within it numbered more than a hundred million. Wang Lin’s scalp went numb, as he increased the caution in his heart, and finally after another half a month, he was able to pass by.

Fortunately these Hurricanes on the Earth Domain’s ground, were mostly attracted towards Hunchback Meng. Along the way, Wang Lin remained careful as there were quite a few near misses. He was now standing in a black pagoda, turning around and looking behind, he saw Hunchback Meng there!

After sneering a few times, Wang Lin without demur, quickly left the black pagoda and moved forward. He could already see that ahead of him in the sky at a very far off place, there was a huge vortex.

That vortex was exactly the same as the one in the place of nothingness, it must obviously lead to the second barrier!

Wang Lin took a deep breath, and began moving into the direction of the vortex. He was no longer able to use the Earth Escape technique, as the underground resistance was too great. Even if he used 100% of his spiritual force to resist it, it would be difficult to effectively activate the Earth Escape technique.

However, the Earth Escape technique was not restricted to just increasing his speed while underground. Even if one is not underground, as long as one’s feet were touching soil, then although the speed may be slower in comparison to flying swords, but it was quite a bit faster compared to walking.

These past few months, Wang Lin had used the Earth Escape technique almost on a daily basis. At this time, he had become quite proficient in the Escape technique. Wang Lin himself could vaguely feel that the Earth Escape technique that he practiced and the Earth Escape technique described by the Jade strip of shrinking the earth into an inch, and moving five thousand kilometers in a flash outside the purview of divine powers, can only be considered as bullshit and nothing more.

Wang Lin sighed, he did not forget to use Divine Consciousness to cautiously observe all around. The situation was good, most of the hurricanes were attracted by Hunchback Meng. Wang Lin was able to fly all the way around without encountering any danger.

Three days later, the vortex was already quite prominent. Wang Lin just walked along before suddenly stopping, without saying anything further, he immediately drilled and entered into the ground. Suddenly, a huge and violent resistance transmitted from the ground, he straightway drank a big mouthful of lingqi liquid from which spirit power travelled throughout his body giving him strength to resist.

Not far away, suddenly there appeared more than ten hurricanes. These hurricanes came from the place where the vortex was located and their target was precisely the direction where Hunchback Meng was located. Passing through the place where Wang Lin’s figure was concealed, these few hurricanes suddenly stopped and started spiralling around in all directions instead of moving.

Wang Lin’s heart sank, he had tried entering the Heaven Revolting Space before, but after coming here, for some unknown reason he was unexpectedly unable to enter, otherwise, he would have just needed to enter it and he would have been able to pass by safely.

Wang Lin glanced at the whirlpool in the distance, calculating the distance in his mind, he immediately clenched his teeth and patted his storage bag. The Devil immediately appeared, as it instantly became aware of the large number of small beasts, it excitedly rushed out of the ground without bothering to think carefully.

Unfortunately, the moment it’s figure appeared, all around the tens of hurricanes immediately issued an intense howling sound, and the ten thousand Divine Consciousnesses together forming a streak of lightning, came crashing down upon the Devil.

The Devil screamed pitifully a few times, after realizing that the opposition’s combined Divine Consciousness attack, was beyond what he was capable, it’s body shed blue smoke. It was scared and wanted to quickly return to Wang Lin’s side. At this time, the second wave of Divine Consciousness attack approached like lightning once again.

At the same time, Wang Lin activated the Soul Flag, and while it trembled, the second devil immediately appeared. This Devil after coming out of the ground, was immediately startled as it suddenly sent out a sharp cry.

This sharp cry just now caused those hurricanes to be shocked, and actually they no longer rotated, as they exposed the numerous small beasts within as they flapped their wings. These small beasts were alarmed to see the second devil, and even the second wave of divine consciousness attack that was sent towards Devil Xu Liguo was immediately retracted back.

The second devil’s eyes revealed a red light, as it again issued a fierce roaring sound. Those small beasts suddenly dispersed backwards, as looking at this Devil’s eyes had caused them to show an expression of fear.

Wang Lin got quite surprised, as his eyes flashed, and it looked as if he was in deep thought. As for Xu Li Guo, at this time was feeling quite humiliated. It must be said that his memory being restored was not a good thing. At least before his memory was restored, he wouldn’t feel this kind of humiliation. At this time, he said to himself: “Lost too much face, unexpectedly let the younger brother save me, how would it be possible to persuade the fiend that I am still number one…Never! If this trend continues then this fiend would continue to make more and more younger brothers, and each one produced would be more powerful than me, this won’t do, this absolutely can’t happen!”

The Devil gnashed his teeth, as it flew out and drilling into the hurricane, hurriedly grabbed a few small beasts, throwing them into his body, swallowing in one gulp.

Those small beasts immediately panicked and were about to evade, when the second Devil once more made a fierce roar. Those small beasts did not dare to move again, the colour of fear in their eyes was too strong.

The more Wang Lin looked the brighter his eyes became. He could now analyze this situation in his heart a bit. This second devil, in the eyes of the other small beasts should look as if it is between same kind and a different kind. Inside of it there must have occurred some marvellous changes, causing it to dominate its peers, resulting in the scene in front of him.

If that was true, then the reason that these small beasts are able to fuse their divine consciousnesses together, gradually became clear. Wang Lin’s eyes flashed as he immediately drilled out from the ground.

The moment he appeared, although there appeared a colour of alertness in the eyes of the small beasts, they did not panic, and nor did they took the initiative to attack.

At this time the second devil, seeing Xu Li Guo gobbling up, he issued several strange sounds from his mouth, and immediately all the small beast’s started shaking, as one by one Divine Consciousness left their respective bodies, and gathering together in one place, immediately appearing like a series of lightning and targeted Xu Li Guo.

Devil Xu Li Guo forced a smile, as his face showed a flattering expression. He quickly spit out all the divine consciousnesses that he had just swallowed, and quickly returned to behind Wang Lin. After which the flattering expression on his face changed appearing like gnashing his teeth as he ferociously stared at the second Devil.

He muttered“ : Just you wait, just you wait! You force me, I’ll come and kill you later!”

Wang Lin didn’t give a glance to Xu Li Guo, his hands pinched Li Mu Wan’s defensive jade talisman, his Divine Consciousness slowly spread out, observing these small beasts, one after another till the end. He discovered, inside these ten or so groups of small beast, every group had one which associated clearly with Divine Consciousness and was stronger than the rest.

As Wang Lin observed, he realized that those dozen different species, suddenly one flew out and stopped in front of the second Devil, issuing acutely sharp pitched noises from its mouth.


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