Xian Ni Chapter 173 – The Second Devil

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Wang Lin had no plans on disposing these tiny creatures, instead he wanted to force them apart. As expected, under the impact of the storm of flying swords, the small beasts began yet again to spread out. Wang Lin saw his chance, immediately flashed and rushed through the gap between the small beasts, moving towards the Black Pagoda. Once outside of the black pagoda, Wang Lin halted, all those several hundred flying swords turned mid-air and returned back into his storage bag.

At the same time, he called back the Devil. The Devil, who was joyfully swallowing the small beasts divine consciousnesses, basically ignored Wang Lin’s summons. The Ji Realm Divine Consciousness flashed out of Wang Lin’s eyes with a cold snort.

As the voice fell onto the ears of the Devil, his body immediately began to shiver and he did not dare to gobble any further. He immediately condensed his body, a turning into a black smoke and went into the pagoda along with Wang Lin. Floating besides Wang Lin, he felt aggrieved as he saw the Divine consciousnesses of the small beasts outside disperse and return back to their respective bodies.

It could not understand, what part of this fiend’s brain was broken, as to let so many enemies roam freely and unharmed, but instead told him to return.

Wang Lin’s eyes had a solemn expression, as he stood on the top floor in the black pagoda staring at those small beasts. There was a reason why he didn’t let the Devil continue to feast upon them. Recently, Wang Lin had thought about it; these small beasts, with their numbers, and tendency of assembling together, would form into hurricanes, what this Earth Domain didn’t lack, was exactly just such hurricanes.

Evidently, the quantity of these small beasts was unfathomable. These small beasts would attack with both Sonic Waves and Divine Consciousness simultaneously, compared to that, their bodies appeared to be very fragile.

Thus, if the quantity of these small beasts was not this excessive, then it seems that they would be quite easy to eradicate, especially with Hunchback Meng’s Poison Smoke-Technique, it would have been really easy. However, Wang Lin couldn’t forget the scene that he had witnessed on the top floor of the black pagoda a few days ago. An endless amount of black hurricanes were all rapidly rushing together in one direction.

This kind of behavior was with intent, as it can be seen that these small beasts actually have a distinctive way of calling, once they are excessively slaughtered, they would immediately cry for their companions, and if one was caught in this cycle, then they could only for wait for their death through these endless hurricanes.

At the same time, due to the massive amount of slaughter in such a short duration, it was possible that those hurricanes which would have likely been attracted towards Hunchback Meng, had been called back, in this way, it wasn’t Hunchback Meng who helped him clear the way rather he was helping Hunchback Meng by obstructing these hurricanes.

In the fight just now, roughly about two hundred small beasts’ Divine Consciousnesses were destroyed by the Wang Lin and Devil. Wang Lin’s eyes glinted as he stared at the small beasts outside. Gradually, these small beasts once again came together and formed a hurricane. Seemingly moving towards the black pagoda that Wang Lin was occupying, and after turning a few laps around the building, not only did it no longer paid any attention, but also shifted around and started moving in another direction..

After the hurricane had left, Wang Lin was relieved, but still couldn’t help but feel a chill in his heart. This Earth Domain was very strange, and made no sense. Regardless of who they were, as long as one was surrounded by these small beasts and witnessed their attack which combined Sonic Waves and Divine Consciousness, along with knowing that they had fragile bodies, perhaps the first idea that would arise in their mind would be to quickly exterminate all of them in order to prevent them from attracting another myriad of beasts. In doing so, as long as one exterminates to a certain degree, even if one single small beast began to summon its companions, then unless one has a cultivation that truly goes against the heavens, they were destined to face their downfall.

Inside the black pagoda, Wang Lin was sitting cross-legged in meditation, calmly taking a little breather, he stared at the dense mass of hurricanes in the distance which was still continuing to move towards a particular direction. He remained reserved, not anxious to get out and instead stayed inside the black pagoda.

He glanced sideways at the Devil, his face was looking quite sullen as he helplessly watched the hurricane outside the pagoda gradually fly far away, and his eyes showed signs of regret.

Wang Lin did not explain, and coldly said: “I don’t care how many you managed to swallow, give me half of them!”

The Devil pondered over it for a long time, thinking that, what if he would rush out of this building, would this fiend chase him down or not? This caused him to be hesitant for a while. Finally, the Devil carefully glanced at Wang Lin and noticed the hostile look in his eyes. Immediately, his whole body shivered and it hastily spit out the Divine Consciousnesses of the small beasts.

After having spat about twenty, he hastily put on a frail look, while he complacently said to himself: “No matter what you are capable of, you still have to eat what I spit out, do it if you dare!”

Naturally, Wang Lin did not know about these thoughts that were going on inside the heart of the Devil, but on his face there was a self-satisfied expression, and thus one could roughly guess it, but regarding this kind of a thing, Wang Lin was too lazy to care about it. Right now, all he was concerned about was the twenty small beasts’ Divine Consciousnesses that were floating about in front of him.

After observing a little, Wang Lin’s eyes flashed and singlehandedly grabbed all the twenty Divine Consciousnesses, as he went up the black pagoda. After reaching the middle of the pagoda, he observed the place to ensure that the size of the place was suitable, and immediately dispersed his Ji Realm Divine Consciousness and wrapped it around the small beast’s Divine Consciousnesses.

The Devil had been following behind Wang Lin, with a self-satisfied look on his face, wanting to see for himself how Wang Lin would consume the drool-covered souls. Suddenly, he found the whole place surrounded by an anti-Divine Consciousness shroud. A red lightning flashed non-stop from every corner, this made him suffer so much pain that he could not bear it anymore. His whole body immediately became weak and listless, and said to himself: “It’s over, it’s over, that fiend wants to eradicate me….”

He was so afraid that he was about to ask for mercy, when he saw that Wang Lin wasn’t looking at him but instead was looking at the twenty small beast’s Divine Consciousnesses. Therefore, he swallowed down the words of mercy which he was about to say and praised his good luck from the bottom of his heart.

Wang Lin was observing these small beast’s souls. These small beast’s Divine Consciousnesses were all at the early Jie Dan stage, you couldn’t say they were powerful, but neither could one say they were weak. If it hadn’t been for him fostering the Devil to have a trace of characteristics of a spirit, then he was afraid that it wouldn’t have been so easy to swallow them, moreover his current level of cultivation was almost equivalent to these Divine Consciousnesses that he was observing.

It was because of the success of creating the Devil, that an idea emerged in Wang Lin’s mind to make another Devil. He realized that his own biggest flaw was that he didn’t have many magic weapons, nor did he have a great variety of them, up till now, he only had flying swords. As for the others, they were all low-level magic weapons and were of not much use.

Apart from the flying sword, he only had the Devil, it had a lot of usefulness. For example a moment ago, if he hadn’t thrown out the Devil to deal with the Divine Consciousnesses, then Wang Lin would have had to waste a considerable amount of time.

Aside from these two, there was also the Dragon’s tendons, and that scroll painting, but unfortunately that aura inside the scroll painting was extremely strange. Wang Lin did not intend to use it before he could completely understand it.

The main point in raising the Devil, regarding the attributes of it’s soul, was because it itself had an inherent Yuan Ying potential, and it was somewhat similar to a wandering spirit. Therefore, under Wang Lin’s forceful training, it finally gained the characteristics of a wandering spirit. But if compared to a real wandering spirit that is able to become a calamity for the spiritual world, then there was a lot of difference.

If it were a wandering spirit, then disregarding any cultivation, it only needed to rush forward and it would swallow the soul, while at the same time absorbing the flesh, blood and other vital parts of the body. Only if it runs across someone with a mighty divine power, can it be annihilated, otherwise, it’s natural enemy was only a Soul Devourer.

However, the Devil created with Xu Li Guo, could only engulf someone of the same level, and if it encountered someone with a higher level, like someone at Yuan Ying stage and tries to forcefully swallow, then the devouring process could fail at any point of time.

[TL Note : For those confused, Xu Li Guo is the name of the person from whose soul the first Devil was created]

Wang Lin started to regard these small beast’s souls highly because of their ability to fuse. This was the first time he had seen so many individual souls actually fuse together and form a single massive Divine Consciousness.

This peculiarity was what had caused the idea of making another Devil to rise in Wang Lin’s mind.

Wang Lin after pondering a bit, patted his storage bag. Several soul flags flew out and began floating on both sides of his body. Within these soul flags, numerous souls were sealed, majority of them were devil cultivators, while a part of it were the souls of creatures from the Sea of Devils.

As he slashed with his right hand, immediately, a Spiritual Force Cage appeared, trapping nineteen of the small beast’s souls, leaving behind only one floating alone in the air, completely motionless.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, stretching his hand towards a soul flag on the side he took out a soul, and after branding it with his Divine Consciousness, threw it out.

Unfortunately, just like Xu Li Guo in the beginning, the small beast soul didn’t know how to swallow at all, and instead looked around seemingly at a loss. However, Wang Lin was not in a hurry, and with the experience of already having raised one Devil, he knew that for a normal soul to obtain the characteristics of a wandering spirit, time was required.

However, he needed to give it a nudge at this first step. Red lightning flashed from Wang Lin’s eyes and the Ji Realm Divine Consciousness immediately turning into a red net, appeared around the small beast and started to slowly contract.

Under this pressure, the small beast’s Divine Consciousness immediately flew towards the interior, seeing the red net getting closer and closer, it paused slightly. It was left with no other option but to fly towards that soul, and gradually it got more and more closer.

Wang Lin closely watched with concentration, when suddenly he saw the small beast’s Divine Consciousness accelerate all of a sudden, and went on to ram into the soul. It did not swallow it but instead began fusing with it. Wang Lin could clearly feel that the small beast’s Divine Consciousness had a grown stronger.

He was quite astonished, he had thought that it would take a lot of effort to make another Devil. After all, Xu Li Guo had also started in a state similar to this, but he did not expect that after just slightly compelling, the small beast would immediately begin fusing voluntarily. Although it did not swallow, but the effect would be the same.

Wang Lin without any hesitation retracted the red net, and pulling out another soul, threw it out after branding it with his Divine Consciousness. This time Wang Lin didn’t need to compel, as the small beast’s Divine Consciousness immediately closed in and began fusing.

As a result, Wang Lin’s interest was thoroughly aroused. His eyes flashed, while he pointed towards the soul flags with both of his hands, which resulted in dozens of souls flying out. After branding them with his Divine Consciousness one by one, he threw them out towards the small beast’s Divine Consciousness.

At this instant, the small beast’s Divine Consciousness suddenly moved, and struck all the souls at an extremely high speed, after bumping into one it would fuse with it immediately, then move on to strike the next one.

In less than the time it takes for one incense stick to burn, the dozen or so souls were completely fused, at this moment, the small beast’s Divine Consciousness had been greatly strengthened. Unexpectedly, it began to show signs of breaking through the early Jie Dan stage and entering the mid Jie Dan stage.

Wang Lin’s interest grew even more, as he grasped the soul flag with his right hand and shook it The remaining hundred souls flew out of it. Grabbing them one by one and branding them with his Divine Consciousness, he threw them all towards the small beast’s Divine Consciousness.

The small beast’s Divine Consciousness immediately let out a fierce howl. This was the first time it had made a sound inside the Pagoda. Immediately, the howling turned into ripples and spread towards the surroundings, Wang Lin’s face lit up and his eyes flashed incessantly.

He knew that he had picked up a treasure. This small beast’s Divine Consciousness for some unknown reason seemed naturally suited to become a Devil. He practically did not have to push, as it voluntarily fused with the souls. Besides that, what surprised Wang Lin was the Sonic Waves that could only be emitted with a physical body, he didn’t imagine that the Divine Consciousness could also release it.

Moreover, he noticed that this Sonic Wave sent out by the Divine Consciousness, apparently seemed to exclusively target souls. After the Sonic Wave appeared, the souls in the surroundings all had their speed slowed down, and unexpectedly began showing signs of collapsing, one by one.

At this time, the small beast’s Divine Consciousness flashed out like lightning and in less than it takes for half an incense stick to burn, gobbled up all the hundred souls thoroughly. Immediately after that, all the souls with a peng sound, turned into a cloud of red mist, spreading approximately ten feet, slowly quieting down.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, as he waved the soul flag, immediately, the leftover nineteen small beast’s Divine Consciousnesses were sucked into the soul flag. After depositing it in the storage bag, Wang Lin intently stared at the red fog. He could feel that the traces of Divine consciousness that he had left on the souls had been fused by this small beast little by little into its own Divine Consciousness.

The Devil on the side was looking dumbfounded at the scene in front of him, as he said darkly to himself: “Relentless! This younger brother is too brutal! This won’t do, I will have to work hard, otherwise that fiend would likely feed me to this younger brother!” The Devil was in shock as he immediately stepped back, and without hesitation sat down cross-legged while floating mid-air, and began to quickly digest the accumulated souls in his body.

This period lasted for three days. During these three days, the red fog remained unchanged. Wang Lin aside from observing the red fog, would also look at the numerous hurricanes from the window. As they howled all around, there was a hurricane amongst them that had a diameter of approximately ten thousand feet, and appeared like an Overlord of the Hurricanes as it moved from one Pagoda to another.

That giant hurricane travelled back and forth for a moment, then faintly paused. Wang Lin immediately realized that the target of those innumerable Divine Consciousnesses who had come whistling and screaming, was not him but the red fog in the pagoda.

However, the moment these Divine Consciousness would bump into the black pagoda, they would be bounced back. That majestic-like hurricane remained silently outside the pagoda for a bit, then slowly left.

Wang Lin clearly realized that the moment that hurricane’s Divine Consciousness arrived, there appeared bursts of fluctuations in the red fog. Regarding this, Wang Lin was secretly astonished whilst he continued to observe carefully.

Gradually, more and more hurricanes appeared. The target of all these hurricanes was in one direction. Wang Lin sneered inwardly, as he did not need to guess to know that in that direction, Hunchback Meng was located.

Hunchback Meng’s face paled, and became tense, in fact, as soon as killing the first wave of small beasts, when immediately surrounded by a second wave of beasts which were ten times more, he had realised his own error.

He had acted in accordance to his previous experience with the Glacial World, where there were also creatures, but they were a lot in quantity, and required them to be killed immediately after encountering, otherwise they would certainly draw out more.

However, this damned Earth Domain was unexpectedly the opposite, and this had made the Hunchback Meng smile bitterly. But things had already reached such a stage, that even if he no longer killed, these small beasts would still pester him, constantly attack with their Divine Consciousness and Sonic attacks.

Eventually, Hunchback Meng’s Devil nature was aroused, and unshackling himself in accordance to his nature, he threw out a large poisonous fog. In this way, the small beasts came more and more frequently, so much that even if he went in hiding inside a black pagoda, the small beasts outside not only did not decrease, but instead increased more and more, until the point where his blood started to freeze out of fear.

Now, he was just standing inside the black pagoda, staring outside at the sight of the endless hurricanes. After almost every hour, the quantity of the small beasts would increase. He had also tried to use the black pagoda as a stronghold by trying to send his poison out through the window. But these black pagodas had a strong restriction in place, which prevents the small beasts from attacking from outside, while at the same time, prevents people from attacking the outside from within.

However, if he was to go outside the black pagoda, Hunchback Meng was no longer sure of himself. He believed that as long as he takes even one step, then what would be lying in wait for him, was no doubts a hundred million or even a billion of small beasts who in all probability were likely to attack with their Sonic attacks and Divine Consciousness together.

Even if he was at Spirit Forming stage, who could with a stomp of his feet could make about ten million cultivators in the Sea of Devils tremble with fear. This time, he had no way of resisting the Divine Consciousness and Sonic attacks of the hundreds of millions of small beasts.

He was silent for a long time, as he caressed the toad on his shoulder. His face showed a trace of viciousness. Without saying anything more to it, this toad immediately dropped down from his shoulder, and lying prone on the ground made gurgling noises.

Hunchback Meng could feel his heart aching looking at the toad, and sighing again, he once again took back the toad. After pondering a little, he took out from his storage bag, a hundred feet long red python, on this python’s head there emerged a horn, and just as it appeared it immediately sent out fiery bursts of qi.

“If the Mythical Heavenly Toad were to be sent in it’s place, then this Old man wouldn’t have to suffer any injuries, as a result, this toad would certainly die. Alas, this red python is of the Middle Grade Peak Spiritual level, and although it can be used instead, afraid that this Old man would certainly get hurt.” Hunchback Meng muttered, then slashed his thumb at the middle, and immediately a drop of blood flew out, as several weird pronunciations came out of his mouth, the colour of that drop of blood immediately faded, and finally it became milky colour as it quickly flew onto the huge python’s head.

Hunchback Meng’s face looked full of concentration, as his hands moved in accordance to the technique, and as he slowly pressed his own forehead, after raising his hand, a trace of bright silk thread was pulled out from his forehead and was slowly imprinted onto the milky white spot on the huge python’s head.

After a long time, Hunchback Meng took a deep breath, and slowly standing up, he threw the python onto the ground. The python immediately upon landing on the ground, coiled up, and continued to lay there motionless.

A vicious look flashed on Hunchback Meng’s face, and without hesitation he took a step outside the pagoda. The moment he stepped out, the roaring of the hurricanes outside was immediately enhanced by several times. All the small beasts within the hurricanes condensed their Divine Consciousness together, and turning into series of lightnings, madly vented about.

At this point, the heaven and earth had become discolored, although the Earth Domain’s sky had restrictions, it did not stop from swaying and issuing loud rumblings of thunder.

Wang Lin was by no means near that place, but he could still feel bursts of the immense pressure. He opened his eyes from meditation, and facing towards Hunchback Meng’s direction.

At the same time, changes began emerging in the red fog once again. Wang Lin retracting his vision, immediately began staring fixedly at the red fog. As he stretched forth his right hand slightly, a lump of blue flames emerged from the center of his palm.

If the Devil inside this red fog were to free itself from his control, then Wang Lin intended to use this icy flame to thoroughly and completely destroy it. If it becomes possible to control, then handling it would naturally be easy.

That majestic Divine Consciousness attacked in an instant, Hunchback Meng didn’t try to dodge, he just lightly flung both of his sleeves, and immediately a large number of black clouds came out from his sleeves.

These dark clouds immediately started spreading out the moment they appeared. Every small beast that they touched would immediately fall from the hurricane and with its entire body spasming would turn into black smoke which in turn would rise and become part of the black clouds.

At the same time, that disastrous and majestical Divine Consciousnesses attacks approached. Hunchback Meng groaned lightly as his entire body gradually turned illusory, eventually turning into a ten foot long horned python, as it rolled in the mid-air. It’s body immediately became rigid, and was shattered by the following Sonic attack, it vanished in an instant along with it’s inner dan.

Inside the black pagoda, that python from earlier, had in this short while turned illusory, and eventually transformed into Hunchback Meng, whose face was pale as he spouted blood. His face showed a bloodthirsty smile as he muttered: “This Old man’s Heaven Destroying Poison, had a reputation in the Sea of Devils as the number one poison, I have let it all out completely, and I do not believe that it would fall short of destroying your entire race!”

He was linked to his black clouds outside the black pagoda, and each and every hurricane that it would hit would collapse immediately turning the small beasts into smoke and becoming a part of the black cloud.

As a result, this black cloud grew bigger and bigger, and the rate of its spread began unfolding crazy fast.

Meanwhile, Wang Lin with a look of concentration on his face was tightly staring at the red fog, as the fluctuations within the red fog became more and more intensive, slowly and gradually the red fog began to shrink. Wang Lin didn’t blink an eye, as the ice flame in his hands issued the sound of flame bursting.

At the same time, red light flickered in his eyes, as he set up an exceedingly strong and stable, Ji Realm Divine Consciousness restriction all around. Even the meditating Devil became aware of the abnormalities, and after coming to its senses it looked around, and feeling very happy in his heart said inwardly: “It seems that this little friend will not be so easy to subdue, it would be best if you both fight until both sides are suffering, and when the time comes, I will swallow you both, Haha! What a great idea!”

The more he thought, the more excited he became, as his eyes flashed incessantly. This Devil Xu Li Guo, although he had recovered some memory, but it was only just a glimmer of it, and the remaining memory had evaporated the moment he was turned into a Devil, and at this point, he was no longer regarding himself as a cultivator, instead it downright regarded himself as a Devil.

Time passed slowly, as that red fog became increasingly smaller, until finally it stopped. The red fog condensed into a red ball which was emitting red light. Only a “Ka Ka”-sound could be heard, before the red ball suddenly shattered and a ray of crimson red gas suddenly spread. The moment this gas appeared, it immediately formed a small beast’s head and a long sharp mouth, emitting a dense breathtaking aura.

It had just started to change form, when it suddenly vanished. Wang Lin was startled, but his eyes remained calm and stay composed, as he continued to stare at the same empty space while his Ji Realm Divine Consciousness flashed out like lightning.

The Altered Devil’s head suddenly appeared in the place Wang Lin had hoped it would, it’s eyes revealed a sight of panic, while it’s body vanished again. For the first time, his Ji Realm Divine Consciousness had ended up empty handed!

From this it can be seen that, this Altered Devil, had a very fast speed. Wang Lin looked as usual and his eyes showed no sign of panic but on the contrary, it had calmness, letting out cold light, his Ji Realm Divine Consciousness fiercely flashed out from behind him.

Immediately a miserable cry could be heard, as the Altered Devil just appeared and had directly bumped into the Divine Consciousness, unable to dodge it, the Ji Realm Divine Consciousness immediately pierced through its entire body.

The body, floating involuntarily, slowly arrived in front of Wang Lin. It’s eyes revealed an expression of horror as it let out sounds of whimpering.

The Devil Xu Li Guo took a deep breath, as he quickly put away the rebellious thoughts in his mind, he did not expect that this fiend would so easily be able to defeat this little friend. After pondering a bit, he could vaguely guess the answer as he cursed in his heart: “Despicable!”


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