Xian Ni Chapter 172 – Earth Domain

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He had already spent a large amount of time at the place, following the direction of the movement of the conical stones, all of which had now started to spiralling up. Wang Lin, after half a month of flying, had at last arrived at the top along with the stones.

This, was the final destination of these conical stones. A boundless and gigantic whirlpool, splendidly emerged in the center of the void space. In the end all of the conical stones, sank in it and slowly disappearing.

Wang Lin stared at the whirlpool, then after remaining silent for a bit, with his right hand forming a hand seal, in an instant, a flying sword emerged from his storage bag, floating motionlessly in front of Wang Lin. He swept it with his Divine Consciousness, leaving a trace of it on the flying sword, and with just a swing, the flying sword began flying towards the whirlpool.

Wang Lin closed his eyes, the trace of Divine Consciousness along with the flying sword was flashing forward at a very fast speed, immediately approaching the whirlpool and without any delay, it suddenly rushed inside.

In the split-second that it entered, the flying sword stopped slightly as if it had sunk into sludge, after a while, it slowly flew through the other side. A scene emerged in front it to Wang Lin, it was a world full of light, the ground was covered with thick layers of ice, the sky was slightly darkened but the light still managed to pass through and illuminate the layer of ice.

A breeze would blow intermittently, and after turning a few circles on the icy surface, it was gone into the distance.

Seen from afar, this place appeared boundless, but every now and then, there would be a black pagoda standing one after another. The nearest black pagoda had a height of merely a hundred feet, but the farther one goes, the taller the black pagodas become. Wang Lin could see that a black pagoda standing far in the distance had already surpassed four hundred feet in terms of height.
[TLNote: For those wondering what a Pagoda looks like see http://www.heritage-history.com/books/morris/japanese/zpage197.gif?height=600&width=900&modal=true%5D

The black pagodas were arranged in a single line, with their height increasing in an incremental fashion, it gave off a very spectacular feeling.

Especially, because the entire structure of black pagodas was made up of black rocks, and even under the reflection from the light falling on the layer of ice, it would all be absorbed in entirety without reflecting back even the slightest.

The flying sword after staying there for a while, flew back through the whirlpool and fell into the hands of Wang Lin.

Outside that huge whirlpool, Wang Lin opened his eyes. He recovered the Divine Consciousness that he had imprinted on the flying sword, and put the flying sword back into his storage bag. After a bit of silence, he took out the dragon’s tendon from inside. After shaking it for a bit, the Devil immediately flew out from within. It looked at Wang Lin with his eyes filled with excitement and said loudly:

“Who do you want to kill this time?…Uh…..where is this?” The excited Devil looked around the surroundings and stared blankly for a moment.

It quickly flew around the area and after seeing the huge whirlpool, he looked at Wang Lin and rubbing his hands together, tentatively asked: “You…..You couldn’t possibly want me to enter that right? No, Absolutely not!”

Wang Lin did not say anything, he just pointed at the whirlpool with his right hand and stared coldly at the Devil.

In this place, where there was danger at every step, if he didn’t test it out at least several times, Wang Lin definitely wouldn’t charge in recklessly.

A bitterness appeared on the Devil’s face, as he said resolutely: “Who knows what’s inside, this damned place gives me the chills. Won’t go, absolutely won’t go!”

Wang Lin patted his storage bag and immediately a few soul flags flew out. He had obtained these from others. Wang Lin selected one from amongst those he had taken out, his eyes flashed and after observing a bit, he fiercely grasped it with his right hand. In an instant, the soul of Sang Mu Ya was taken out.

On that day, in the Sea of Devils, Wang Lin had encountered Sang Mu Ya, after obtaining the answers that he needed, he then easily drew out the soul of Sang Mu Ya and refined it into his soul flag.

A group of faint white lights flickered on Wang Lin’s hands, included amongst them was Sang Mu Ya’s frightened face. Wang Lin flicked his right hand, and this white light immediately flew towards the Devil.

The Devil licked his lips, as his eyes revealed an expression of greed and without hesitation he opened his big mouth and swallowed it down. He patted his stomach while shaking his head like a rattle drum, as he said: “Won’t go, Still won’t go.”

A cold light flashed in Wang Lin’s eyes, as his Ji Realm Divine Consciousness suddenly leapt out. The Devil screamed pitifully as blue smoke once again began emerging from its body. After wailing for a while, it quickly begged for mercy. After all was said and done, he unwillingly flew into the whirlpool.

Relying on the Divine Consciousness he had left on the body of the Devil, the moment it entered the whirlpool, Wang Lin could once again see the scene beyond the whirlpool, but his face immediately changed!

This time, beyond the whirlpool wasn’t the Glacial World, but instead was a Sea of Fire. This really was indeed a Sea of Fire, still as vast and boundless as the previous, the colour of flame became darker the farther one went. Looking from afar, at one point, the black flame almost overflowed into the heavens, and even the entire sky had become burned into the colour of crimson red. Bursts of heat waves blew and would brush against one’s face.

In addition to that, there were countless bizarre beasts that seemed to be made of fire, flashing past in the flames. In this Sea of Fire also, similar to the Glacial World, there were numerous tall black pagodas arranged in a vertical line with no end in sight even far off into the distance.

The Devil let out a shrieking cry, it seemed it was very afraid of these waves of fire, as it quickly returned into the whirlpool.

Wang Lin remained silent for a bit, then staring at the whirlpool, his eyes were constantly flickering. His right hand pointed towards the Devil, who immediately became sullen, as it pitifully said: “Give me at least one more soul!”

Wang Lin glanced at it, then bringing out a soul from the soul flag, threw it towards the Devil. The Devil after swallowing it, revealed an expression akin to a martyr going to die for a righteous cause, and once again rushed into the whirlpool.

This time, the world inside the whirlpool had again changed. This place was now a desert, with numerous gigantic cactuses and rows of grey coloured hurricanes could be seen moving slowly far off in the distance.

Similar to the previous two worlds, a vertical row of black pagodas stretched far away into the distance with no limit in sight.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed, and after conducting several experiments, was also able to come across a Mountain of Blades and a Jungle of gigantic trees. If combining all of them, it seemed as they were clearly the domains of the five elements, “Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth”. [TLNote: The word used for Mountain of Blades is 刀山 which can be literally translated as Blade Mountain but is most commonly seen in the idiom 火海刀山 lit. mountains of daggers and seas of flames / fig. extreme danger (idiom)]

Wang Lin suddenly understood why Duan Mu Ji had sought out Wang Qing Yue. Wang Qing Yue had mastered the five elements escape technique, then just by having him, whether it was the Glacial World, Sea of Fire, Desert, Mountain of Blades or even the Jungle, they could be passed through with ease.

From the five elemental domains, if Wang Lin could choose, his choice would naturally be the desert. After all, he is good at the Earth Escape technique and it would help him greatly while passing through it.

Wang Lin pondered a little, then floating forward a bit, dropped onto a nearby stone. Along with the stone, he slowly started moving towards the whirlpool, while he raised his eyebrows and looked at the devil, the Devil sighed then immediately drilled inside obediently.

Not long after, the stone sank into the whirlpool and at this moment, Wang Lin immediately retreated back and stood on another piece of stone, at this point the Devil drilled out from inside the whirlpool and with a crying face, once again drilled into it.

This cycle continued, and after the fourth time that the Devil had drilled inside, Wang Lin’s eyes flashed and without hesitation he immediately rushed inside.

As far as the eyes could see, it was an endless yellow coloured desert, tyrannical desert winds blew from time to time, mad roars of beasts could be heard from a distance, in the distant horizon, innumerable black hurricanes could be seen moving slowly. These hurricanes had an overpowering and majestic appearance, connecting the heaven above to the ground below, with no end in sight, to say that they had covered the heaven and earth would not be an exaggeration.

Along with the wind, it would be those swirling sand grits, if it blew on you, one would get hit heavily.

Wang Lin put away the Devil, squatted down and touched the sand on the ground, then with a light step, he started the Earth Escape technique. His whole body vanished right away and when appeared having already traveled a thousand feets.

Another thousand feet away, was the Earth Domain’s first Black Pagoda. Wang Lin went inside the pagoda and immediately the wailing of the wind from outside stopped, it was completely silent.

After carefully observing the inners of the Pagoda, Wang Lin’s eyes had a solemn look. This Pagoda had a total of three floors. The first two floors didn’t have any decorations whatsoever but on the third floor, there was a table covered with a thick layer of dust. Wang Lin after examining every corner, was just about to go down, when he suddenly stopped, staring at the table, his eyes flashed.

Just a moment ago, he glanced sideways in a hopeful manner, he implicitly saw that there was something concealed within the desk under the dust. In the middle, the height was dissimilar to other places. He came forward to take a closer look, and waved his hands gently. A burst of pleasant breeze swept away, scraping off a layer of dust from the desk.

At this point, a row of tiny letters could vaguely be seen on the desk. Wang Lin, without any hesitation, waved his hands again and after the breeze swept away a few more times, the handwriting on top of the desk gradually became more distinct.

This handwriting was evidently that of the person who came before him, and through the years of accumulation of dust, the text got gradually covered up.

“I entered this place, and leave behind this handwriting as a mark!” These few letters appeared bold and vigorous, letting out an unspeakable hidden aura that blew across one’s face. He quietly looked at it for a bit, then turned around, went down and left the pagoda.

The moment he came out of the black pagoda, the winds began to howl again, the sand once again danced throughout the sky, shrouding the heavens and making the entire sky dark and gloomy.

Wang Lin could only use the Earth Escape Technique to go forward while underground. He did not dare to fly, just in case there appeared some kind of difficult to deal with restriction, which leaves death as the only option for one who flies. He pondered a bit, then patting his storage bag, he took out a flying sword and flung it into the air. The flying sword immediately soared up into the sky, and after flying more than a thousand feet, suddenly a hurricane silently dropped from the sky causing the flying sword to get drawn into it, and in a flash turned the flying sword into dust.

Wang Lin showed no unusual expressions, he had already anticipated the outcome and this flying sword was only a way of verification. He visually estimated that the distance between this black pagoda and the next was about a thousand feet. So after pondering a bit, he treaded lightly, and sinking into the ground, moved forward using the escape technique.

This time, Wang Lin could clearly feel that the desert was putting up a layer of resistance preventing the use of Earth Escape technique. However, this resistance did not amount to much and Wang Lin, after circulating the spiritual force in his body, was able to endure it. The distance of a thousand feet passed by quickly and safely.

Inside the second black pagoda, Wang Lin couldn’t find anything whatsoever. He became uncertain, that whether or not Gu Di, and the others, have also passed through this Earth Domain. Though, according to what they had said before, and their special mention of the Ice Windsail magic weapon, most of them had intended to pass through the Glacial world.

At this moment, about tens of thousands of kilometers in front of Wang Lin, was a very tall pagoda reaching up to ten thousand feet in height. Hunchback Meng, with a very gloomy face, was standing inside of it. Looking outside, numerous hurricanes could be seen surrounding it on all four sides, while bursts of sobbing sounds similar to shrieks and howls could be heard.

The expression on his face was very depressing, and even the toad on his shoulder also looked downcast, issuing tiny and weak confused voices from time to time.

He caressed the toad, as his heart was filled with great hatred. Several months ago, he along with the Six Desires Devil Lord and the other fellows, were being pursued by that Red Aquatic Dragon. Nobody in the group could be a match for the wild beast and even if they were to act together, there would’ve been no effect. Lastly, they could only escape, each to their own.

Everyone’s goal was the whirlpool at the top of the channel, and only at that place, after entering into the first barrier, could one consider to have temporarily passed the crisis, however that Red Aquatic Dragon was in hot pursuit and so the plan that had been prepared beforehand by everyone was completely disrupted.

Originally, they had planned to enter the first barrier together, and pass it by utilizing everyone’s strengths, in this way the difficulty of the first barrier would naturally be greatly reduced, and they would not need to exhaust too much of their spiritual force and be able to preserve it for use in the second barrier.

Unfortunately, the Red Aquatic Dragon was too strong, and everyone found it difficult to cope with its divine powers and techniques, and thus could only escape quickly. Therefore nobody remained atop the whirlpool for even half a second, as they rushed in quickly one by one, which resulted in each person who entered had to face a different environment.

The one Hunchback Meng had actually entered, was the current Earth Domain. The moment he saw the Desert, his heart sank. According to their original plan, this time they were supposed to enter the Water Domain, which was the Glacial World. The last time, it was there where they had suffered countless casualties before being able to pass through, although it could be said to be dangerous, the four had luckily survived. After having experienced it once and coupled with the previously prepared magic weapons, they had the confidence to be able to safely pass through it.

But now, in this Earth Domain, inexperienced, Hunchback Meng could only brace himself and move forward. While moving forward about five thousand kilometers, it was still considerably safe, but after another five thousand kilometers, those black hurricanes which blotted out the sky and covered up the earth fiercely came charging. Especially in these hurricanes, existed a kind of strange and bizarre creature. This particularly type of creature relied on their voice to attack, making it impossible for people to guard against it.

Originally, the quantity of these creatures was not a lot, so when Hunchback Meng encountered them, he used his poison techniques to kill them one by one. However, he did not expect that even killing one after another, these creatures would unexpectedly come together more and more. In the fierce battle just before, no less than several tens of thousands of creatures had roared out in unison.

However, Hunchback Meng’s cultivation was not only, at Spirit Forming stage, he was also skilled at Poison Techniques, so although the Sonic attacks of the creatures caused him to be a little worrisome, he was able to completely and cleanly kill all these creatures. However, he had not gone far before more than a hundred thousand creatures immediately appeared again.

After killing a hundred thousand, another million would appear, then killing a million, there would appear another ten millions of creatures, densely packed together and in endless amounts. Inside each hurricane were innumerable creatures. Actually, the hurricane itself was in fact caused by all these creatures flying together and flapping their wings at the same time.

So, he killed and killed as they came. He himself didn’t know how many he had killed. The spiritual force in his body was in disorder after all of this, unable to bear it, his muscles became extremely weary, only then was he finally was able to create a gap and rushed through the encirclement of those creatures. He hid inside the black pagoda and did not dare come out.

Even though he had the cultivation of Spirit Forming stage and had mastered many Poison Techniques, he killed until he felt numb all over, the quantity was just too much. So much that he had begun to worry, that if he were to kill the creatures outside, then would it not be possible that ten times their number would come flying later.

Especially taking into account that inside this limitless Earth Domain, there were infinite amount of hurricanes. Let alone ten times, even a hundred times, or thousand times, or even several ten thousands of times more would be possible, this made Hunchback Meng’s heart run cold.

The individual strength of these creatures was not that big, but if their quantity exceeded a hundred million or perhaps a billion, and then if they sent out their Sonic attack simultaneously, then even if he had the cultivation of Spirit Forming stage, his Divine Consciousness would get shattered into pieces immediately, even his body would be scattered and smashed, to nothingness.

The more Wang Lin went forward, the more hesitant he became, he had already gone forward no less than five hundred kilometers, but except for some hurricanes sweeping away from time to time, he did not encounter any danger. Only, the resistance in the ground became increasingly greater, so his speed had also slowly decreased. The spiritual force in his body was more or less able to fight the resistance.

This day, Wang Lin had appeared outside a black pagoda, the black pagoda was about a thousand feet high, and reached into the sky. Wang Lin had just entered the black pagoda, when suddenly his expression changed. He stared at the ground on the first floor where there was a thick layer of dust, on top of which there were few small slight traces of footprints as if someone had just breezed across.

Wang Lin slowly walked past, looking around a little with head lowered. Soon after, his eyes flashed and he cautiously moved from the bottom to the top of the black pagoda. On the final floor high up above, he could see that the dust on the ground was all disheveled and messy, trampled by someone.

Wang Lin took a deep breath. He was now sure that there definitely was someone who had accessed this Earth Domain before him and looking at the prints on the dust, this person should not have left too long ago.

Wang Lin, standing on the topmost floor, looked out of the pagoda’s window. From here, he was able to see quite a distance, but aside from the dense and numerous black hurricanes on the horizon, he could see nothing else.

After pondering for a while, Wang Lin immediately slowed down his speed, and used his Earth Escape technique to continue forward at a moderate speed. According to his analysis, regardless of who the person in front of him was, it made no difference to him, if they ran across each other, then he would certainly end up under his control. It would be good if he could keep the distance between them and borrow the strength of the other person to pass through this Earth Domain safely.

Bearing this idea in mind, Wang Lin moved forward at a pace which was neither too fast nor too slow, in this way, three days later he was able to reach five thousand kilometers, during this time, every time he passed by a black pagoda, he would first make the Devil enter it to investigate and only after ensuring it was safe, would he cautiously enter later.

Bit by bit, time passed by and about half a month later, the height of the black pagoda had already reached eight thousand feet. Wang Lin, after having carefully investigated it, was standing on the top floor and looking outwards.

On this journey, it had already became a habit for him to go to the top floor of each pagoda he encountered, in order for him to have a look into the distance ahead. Suddenly, his pupils narrowed, as he saw that all kinds of hurricanes big and small were moving rapidly in one direction as if they had all been summoned.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed and after looking a bit, he went down the black pagoda, and outside the pagoda, sinking down into the ground, he used the Earth Escape technique to move forward.

The resistance below had become very pressing. Wang Lin had to use eighty percent of his spiritual force to resist it, so that the Earth Escape technique could be slowly brought into a full swing. After moving forward for a bit, Wang Lin suddenly stopped himself, as his Divine Consciousness sensed that in the sandy soil in front of him, there appeared to be a faint trace of black light. A faint trace of a pungent odor could be felt slowly coming from it. Wang Lin without hesitation, with a pat on his storage bag, took out the antidote pill which he had been given on that day by Hunchback Meng and immediately, putting it into his mouth, as he himself emerged out of the ground.

This was the first time when he exposed himself out in the open, not in front of a black pagoda.

Once he came out from the underground, the howling winds increased several times immediately, and bursts of residual hurricanes would come and hit his body, causing much pain. However, this time around Wang Lin refused to deal with those. He narrowed his eyes and moving his right hand to form seals, said in a quick voice: “Go!”

Immediately, a strange burst of wind appeared out of nowhere, inserting itself into the residual hurricanes, started moving around quickly in the desert. Gradually, it was as if an invisible big hand appeared in desert moving up and down, lifting up layer after layer, to reveal countless jet black beast corpses buried inside.

This type of species had only a fist sized body and with pair of thin wings, the creature had sharp and pointy mouth, coupled with a grim look.

Wang Lin spread out his Divine Consciousness, and after examining all over, his face turned pale. The corpses of the creatures here were no less than ten thousand, their bodies were all completely pitch black, and were killed by deadly poison.

Wang Lin immediately realized that the person, who, like him had entered this Earth Domain was precisely Hunchback Meng.

Recalling Hunchback Meng, the corners of Wang Lin’s mouth turned into a sneer, but at the same time he quietly raised his guards. With a light step, he sank down the ground and moved forward towards the black pagoda in the distance.

A few hours later, Wang Lin became aware of the black pagoda through his Divine Consciousness, however in front of the black pagoda there was a small-scaled hurricane that was letting out fierce howling noises as it swayed slowly.
Wang Lin considered for a while, then he slowly retreated backwards a couple of feets. While he was just about to pass through and move towards the next black pagoda, at this time, that hurricane immediately began roaming slowly towards Wang Lin’s position. Layer upon layers of sand were set off and after being drawn into the swirl, it was fiercely shot out and amongst them some of it hit the black pagoda making crackling sounds.

Wang Lin inwardly sneered, and swept away with his Divine Consciousness. There was only this hurricane in the surroundings, therefore without hesitation his Ji Realm Divine Consciousness shot out from his eyes and immediately entered the small hurricane. At this instant, he immediately sensed that within this small hurricane there were more than a thousand of Divine Consciousnesses.

Each Divine Consciousness was equivalent to a Jie Dan stage cultivator. As long as they didn’t surpass Yuan Ying stage, they wouldn’t pose a threat to Wang Lin. A sweep with his Divine Consciousness, he immediately shattered a hundred Divine Consciousnesses. However, the remaining of the nine hundred Divine Consciousnesses suddenly fused together in a strange manner and formed a sword shaped Divine Consciousness, stabbing fiercely towards Wang Lin’s Divine Consciousness.

At the same time, the small-scaled hurricane suddenly stopped, during this moment, the rotation force dispersed, revealing the numerous densely packed small beasts inside.

These small beasts were exactly the same as those which Wang Lin had seen just a moment ago. They were inseparably close to each other as they beat their wings, and through their pointy mouths came bursts of wailing sounds.

When this sound and the sword shaped Divine Consciousness appeared, they immediately concentrated together to form a sharp soundwave and together fiercely with the sword shaped Divine Consciousness pierced towards Wang Lin’s Divine Consciousness.

Wang Lin frowned and withdrew his Divine Consciousness immediately. He patted his storage bag and the Devil flew out. Seeing the sword shaped Divine Consciousness, his eyes flashed brightly and without the need for Wang Lin to say anything, he excitedly rushed upwards.

The moment the Devil flew out, the sword shaped Divine Consciousness and the sharp Sonic attack approached. The Devil roared excitedly and his body suddenly turned into black smoke and assuming a cloud-like form wrapped around the aggregated Divine Consciousness of the small beasts. As for the Sonic attack, it didn’t have even the least bit of effect on the Devil’s formless body, just passing straight through it.
At the same time, Wang Lin opened his mouth emitting a ray of light, the flying sword flashed out striking the small beasts. The moment the flying sword flew into the group of beasts, each and every one of them boisterously dispersed, densely and numerously covering the whole sky.

Just at that moment, seeing the small beasts dispersing, at once Wang Lin patted his storage bag and immediately a few hundred flying swords flew out. Wang Lin swept through them with his Divine Consciousness and left small parts of it on each of the flying swords. Relying on the strength of the Ji Realm Divine Consciousness while simultaneously controlling these flying swords like a meteor shower, rapidly cleared through.


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